The after effects, the Party

The next part of the saga

By Wendy A

The house was looking almost back to normal but we spent a lazy afternoon working on some of the stains in a final effort to repair the damage.

At about 5.30 I said that I was off for a shower, Hugh jokingly asked if he could join me, I turned to face him put on my favourite curious look and replied “of course.” He almost shot out of his chair and came over to me, kissing both cheeks then full on the lips. “Sandra was almost giggling and said “I will be up to check in a few minutes whether you are being good and well behaved, any nonsense and you will have sore bottoms, off you go and you have been warned.”

We went upstairs and rather than going to my room to collect shampoo, etc., Hugh led me by the arm to his room. He went into the bathroom to put the shower on, I had not seen his bathroom before, it was spacious and had a large walk-in shower; you could have got five or six people in. He came out and we both stripped off, any inhibitions that I might have had vanished. We went into the bathroom and he opened the shower door for me, ever the gentleman. We must have spent nearly half an hour under the shower, sprays came not only from the roof but also the side walls and the whole room was filled with steam.

Hugh was very gentle, it was more like a massage as his fingers roamed all over my body. For my part I could not resist touching his manhood, I could feel it react to my touch. This was the very first time in my life that I had touched a man in this way.

We were enjoying the closeness of each other’s bodies and were totally in a world of our own when we heard a loud voice.

“What are you two up to in there?” It was Sandra. “You really have earned a sound spanking.”

We just giggled and opened the shower door. “Want to join us?” I said.

Sandra declined and left. We dried ourselves off and Hugh asked what I would be wearing that night. I replied: “Just wait and see, you rampant stallion.”

I left Hugh to get dressed and was returning to my room when I heard Sandra. Her bedroom door was ajar. I knocked and she said to come in. She was fully naked and about to have a shower.

“I was just wondering whether it would be appropriate to wear my mini-kilt in the Italian restaurant or whether I should wear trousers until we reach the Dennings?”

She smiled and said: “No, wear your kilt. Hugh will be like putty all evening. You will be his princess and he will worship you.”

I giggled at the thought of being worshipped.

I went back to my room to get ready. Once dressed, I turned to the mirror to take in the full effect of my outfit. I felt a little exposed; the skirt was far shorter than our sports skirts at school and even tugging at the hem I felt that my panties would be displayed by the slightest movement.

On leaving my room I heard music coming from downstairs. Before going down I checked on Sandra’s room; she called to come in. She was just putting on her kilt, like mine it was ultra-short, and she looked a million dollars or at least that is what she would charge if she was street walking. Just looking at her made me even more conscious of the way I also looked.

“Are you sure that I can go to a restaurant like this?”

“Sure, Hugh will be the envy of every man there and nobody could mistake you for a tart. Just look at you, you are immaculate and have that bearing of being totally in charge.”

We went downstairs together and into the lounge. Hugh turned, his eyes opened, his jaw dropped, and he slightly staggered. “Oh my god, blood pressures will be high tonight.”

“Just you be careful when you get your kilt on,” I said as I blew him a kiss.

He fetched glasses of wine for me and Sandra and I sat next to Hugh on a sofa. A couple of tugs to the hem of my kilt did nothing to reduce the amount of leg on display. Hugh could not keep his eyes off me.

Hugh had organised a taxi for 6.30 to take us to the restaurant and we would call a taxi to go to the Dennings for 9.00. Sandra was being collected by a guy who was also going to the party, Graham, and we would meet up at the Dennings.

The doorbell rang on the dot of 6.30; it was our taxi. Sandra had lent me a long wool coat that reached almost to my ankles and a woolly scarf. Suitably attired we went out into the cold night and a twenty minute taxi ride.

It was shortly before 7.00 when we arrived at the restaurant; only a couple of tables were occupied. The waitress went to take my coat and again I was conscious of how short my skirt was. The other guys there did a double take, much to the annoyance of the girls they were with.

We had a fabulous dinner, split a bottle of wine between us, held hands across the table, and chatted about the future. We both agreed that a bond had been formed between us over the last year and that this had now developed into more than just friendship. Neither broached the subject of the longer term, but we both wanted the relationship to continue and strengthen. One slight dampener was how we would cope with our feelings at school; could we really spend three months together without contact?

We were disturbed in our thoughts by the waitress who announced that the taxi had arrived; it was 8.45 and we were due at the Dennings at 9.00. As I went to pick up the bill intending to pay my share, Hugh quickly covered it and said: “This is a small present from me for helping tidy up the house.” He settled the bill and we left.

There were a couple of cars in the drive when we reached the Dennings. Hugh paid the driver and without ringing we went into the house.

Jenny came rushing towards us, almost knocking Hugh off his feet. She gave Hugh a full-on kiss and kissed my cheeks several times. I need not have felt embarrassed at the length of my skirt; hers was microscopic. “Right Hugh, your kilt is in the dining room. There is a choice and more than one should fit you.”

He went off in the direction of what I assumed was the dining room. She turned to me to take my coat which I had been unbuttoning. She stood back to have a look at my outfit. “God, Hugh is a lucky guy to have you as a girlfriend. Those legs are magnificent, must be all the running around the hockey field.”

At that, Hugh exited the dining room. I had often seen him in sports shorts but the kilt seemed to accentuate his knees. “Oh what kinky knees you have!”

Jenny was about to lead us through to the lounge when another couple arrived. She greeted them as she had greeted Hugh andI.“Hugh take Wendy through to the lounge and introduce her, I am sure you know the others.” Rather than taking my arm he put his arm round me. I felt his hand on my hip and I reciprocated ,except my hand ended up more on his bottom than hip.

Sandra was already there and she introduced me to Graham. He was relatively short but looked fit and I thought must have been quite a few years older than Sandra, perhaps thirtyish. Next was Tom, Jenny’s boyfriend. He greeted me like a long lost friend. Next in line was a couple, Bob and Sue. They looked about Jenny’s age and could not stop touching each other.

Within a couple of minutes Jenny came in with the last couple, Tim and Trish. Again they both looked about the same age as Jenny. “Right guys, now we are all here you had better get some drinks served or it will cost you sorely.” They seemed to jump to attention and hurried to the side-table where drinks were set out. Hugh was back in a flash with a glass of wine.

We stood around in small groups and I took stock of the assembled crowd. All the guys had full kilts on, sporrans, shirts of varying colours, long knee socks and either black or brown shoes, some did not exactly go with the kilts and looked out of place. All the girls had mini-kilts. Jenny’s was the shortest, the others had kilts on that were about the same length as mine except Trish. Her kilt was more the length of a school sports skirt. Hugh and I were clearly the youngest there and Graham seemed the oldest by quite a few years.

Chat started with questions like what one was doing, what had happened recently, general chat about mutual friends, etc. Most seemed to be at Uni or college. Graham worked inLondonbut it was never mentioned at what, and Sue was taking a gap year working in her Father’s business.

I was asked several times whether I had been to one of Jenny’s parties before. When I answered negatively I got some strange looks. They seemed to be asking themselves whether I knew it was a spanking party and wondered how I would react to being spanked. Clearly Jenny had not told them of my experiences. At one point Tim came over to me and asked whether I had been to one of Jenny’s parties. On replying negatively he asked whether I had ever been spanked. I put on my cheeky grin and said: “Oh yes, with a cane.”

He hurried off presumably to inform the others and put their minds at rest. I must have been the subject of much talk as to how I would react when the spanking started.

After another drink or two Jenny went to a cupboard in one corner, took out a leather paddle and smacked it against her palm. “Right boys and girls, you have all been an unruly bunch, drinking too much alcohol, not sticking to the rules, and far too much physical contact.”

At that Bob burst out laughing. She turned to Bob with a broad grin on her face. “Bob, you stay there. The rest of you, take your seats, girls this side and boys opposite.”

It was only then that I noticed that the seats had been set out in a horseshoe shape. She told Bob to move to the open end of the horseshoe and bend over. Once he was bent over she raised his kilt revealing his bare bottom. “For that outburst you will get two whacks.”

She then proceeded to give him two hard whacks, one to each cheek. He was then told to take his place on one of the sofas.

I was fascinated by everyone’s reactions. The guys found it awkward to sit down wearing kilts and spent some time adjusting their kilts before they felt comfortable. All except for Graham, who I assumed had worn a kilt on previous occasions. Again, apart from Graham, the guys did not seem aware that they should keep their legs together, particularly when sitting on a low sofa. By contrast, the girls were almost able to avoid showing off too much panty, all except Jenny in her micro-kilt. I, without thinking, regularly tugged at the hem of my kilt.

Jenny had organised various games. First up was Twister, girls first. Clearly it would not be long before any modesty that we had left would disappear. The boys took turns at spinning the wheel and we were soon in contortions, arms and legs twisted and bottoms in the air. Sue was the first to fall over. Jenny passed a bowl to one of the guys who drew out a slip of paper and announced the name, Hugh. Hugh stood up, was handed the paddle by Jenny and told to give Sue two whacks. This he did with relish on her bottom which was barely covered by skimpy black panties.

Next up were the guys. They looked so stupid once they were on all fours and were pushing and shoving each other. Jenny intervened and told them that any horseplay would be punished; they did become somewhat better behaved after that. Bob collapsed in a heap and Jenny handed me the bowl to pick a name out. It was Graham. Bob bent over, Graham lifted his kilt and gave him two hard whacks on his bare bottom.

The four remaining girls were next and Sandra ended up getting whacked by Tim. The guys resumed, Graham fell over and my name was drawn. I took the paddle, went over to him, lifted his kilt onto his back and gave him two good whacks. Tom was next and was whacked by Sandra. Then it was my turn, someone pushed me and I fell in a heap. Jenny’s name was drawn. As I bent over my mind returned to the Headmaster’s study only a little more than a week earlier. She lifted my kilt clear of my bottom leaving my white panties fully on display. She did not hold back and gave me two resounding whacks.

Hugh was next and Trish did the honours. It was the first time I had seen Hugh bending over for a spanking. I hoped that my name would be drawn next time he was due to be spanked. Next it was Jenny’s turn with Bob whacking and then the final pair with Tim being spanked by Trish.

The next game was one that Jenny called ‘one eyed poker’. It consisted of each of us drawing a card and placing it on our foreheads without looking at the card. Seeing the cards of all the others we then had to decide whether our card was higher than everyone else’s; we could then play or fold. In the same way as poker there was considerable bluff by trying to get those with high cards to fold. Play continued for three rounds at which stage all the cards were displayed, the one with the highest card got to spank the other players who still had cards, two whacks each. The un-spanked players continued to subsequent rounds until finally there were just two players left.

Jenny announced another round except this time the girls would be spanked on the bare. I made it to the second round. All I could see were relatively low cards and was convinced I must have a high card. After three rounds only Tim, Sandra and I were left in. Tim had a six and Sandra a five. When we declared I found that my card was a two. Sandra went first, he lowered her red panties and there was a clear intake of breath from the others, the cane marks from two evenings ago were clearly visible, Tim gave her two hard whacks and then asked her: “Would you rather I use the cane next time?”

He turned to me, I bent over and felt him lift my kilt. Then next his fingers were pulling my panties down. It seemed that the previous spankings had covered any remaining marks on my bottom as there was no reaction from the others, two hard whacks were administered to my bare bottom.

A commotion followed as everyone wanted to know who had caned Sandra. She briefly told the story and I suspected that some of them had been to the party the previous weekend and could well believe Hugh’s anger at seeing the mess. After that the game continued until all but one were spanked.

Next was a truth or lie session. The questions started off with things like ‘who did you first kiss on the lips?’ but ended up with much more intimate questions. Each of us took a turn, drew a question, put the answer on a paper pad out of sight of the others and then had to answer questions. After a couple of minutes there was a vote and the majority held sway of either true or a lie. If you were guessed right you got two whacks with the paddle. Jenny kept a score sheet so that anyone already whacked was not whacked again till the second round, the more intimate questions.

In the second round the whacks were increased to four. I did get my chance to whack Hugh, he was guessed and my name was drawn. After he had bent over I lifted his kilt right over his back and admired his tight but rather red bottom. I gave him two hard whacks on each cheek. When it was my turn, Sandra’s name was drawn so she to some extent got her revenge.

At the end of the game Jenny suggested that we go for a swim. Glasses were filled and we trooped off to the pool. Clothes were discarded and ten red bottoms entered the pool. We spent the next hour or so in the pool or chatting at the side.

It was strange being completely naked in front of people I hardly knew and seeing so many naked people, especially the guys. I had seen Hugh and Tom naked and some pictures of naked guys. In my simple way I had always assumed that the male sexual organs were like peas in a pod, all identical. How wrong I had been.

Some of the girls set about teasing the guys, particularly Sue who could not leave Bob alone. Bob was clearly excited and did not seem at all embarrassed. As I discretely looked around I noticed that all the guys, even Hugh, were in a state of excitement. I found my chance. On getting out of the pool I noticed that all the seats were taken. I went over to Hugh, put my arm round his neck and sat down on his lap and kissed him fully on the lips. His arms were round me in seconds and he pulled me towards him. We stayed in that embrace for ages until we were rudely interrupted by Jenny who gave me a hard slap on my bare bottom. “Come on, Wendy. Stop monopolising that big hulk of a man.”

As I stood up she said to Hugh: “Who’s a naughty boy then? Up you get and bend over. Here Wendy, take the paddle and give him six hard whacks.”

I could hardly refuse and did as I was beckoned.

Some of the others were drying off and getting dressed. We joined them. It was clear that some of them intended to stay the night. Hugh suggested that we should go back to his house rather than stay. I agreed. Hugh went off to call a taxi at which stage Sandra came over to me. She planned to stay the night and in case I left for my train before she got back she wanted to thank me for everything I had done and “yes I mean everything.” I kissed her on the lips and thanked her for her company.

Hugh returned to let me know that the taxi would be ten minutes. We collected our things, said goodbye to our new found friends with much kissing and patting of my bottom until a horn announced the arrival of our taxi.

It took less than fifteen minutes to get back to Hugh’s house. We went in and Hugh offered me a drink. I replied that I would love a mug of hot chocolate. He indicated that I should go into the lounge while he disappeared into the kitchen.

The ride back in the taxi and being alone in the lounge gave me a few minutes to reflect on the evening. It had been a whole series of firsts for me; being totally naked in front of strangers, seeing so many guys naked and of course being spanked for ‘fun’. Apart from my recent encounter with the Headmaster, I had never been spanked in front of others. I had certainly never volunteered to be spanked.

I recognised a difference in emotions to those I felt when whacking kids at school. It is difficult to describe but the whole body is involved in the various stages. Knowing that a whacking was inevitable, would it be sooner or later, how much would it hurt, how exposed would I be, and how long would the burning in my bottom last?

The emotions of the spanker are much more concentrated on the actual punishment and are far less acute. As I was thinking about when I would next be spanked, Hugh returned with two mugs of hot chocolate. We chatted about the evening and he asked how I felt about being spanked in front of the others. I explained the emotions I had felt and how strong they had been compared to a real spanking when I was terrified or when I was whacking some kid at school.

It became apparent that, although Hugh felt some of my emotions, they were far less strong than those I felt. He seemed more interested in seeing the girls being spanked and embarrassed. He asked whether I would go to another spanking party, to which I hesitatingly replied: “Yes.”

We drained our mugs and Hugh said: “Time for bed?”

We both stood and I made my way to the staircase while he locked the front door and put the lights off.

When we reached the first floor landing he asked: “how about a quick shower?”

I readily agreed. We stripped off and went into his bathroom; the water was soon lovely and warm. We soaped each other and cuddled and kissed. We were not long in the shower. On exiting, he threw a towel round me and took his time to pat me dry. I readily reciprocated.

He took me by the hand and we went through to his bedroom. It seemed natural that we ended up in his bed. I pulled him to me and enjoyed being next to his body. We kissed and cuddled for what seemed like ages but was probably only a matter of minutes.

When I awoke we were still clutching each other. It was a lovely feeling being next to him. He woke soon after me and gave me a long kiss. I wanted him so much, I wanted to devour him. My whole body ached for his manhood. I surprised myself when I asked: “Do you have a condom?”

He grinned and his eyes shone. “Oh yes, I do,” he replied. Moments later I was in heaven.

After making love we lay next to each other for a while. I wondered whether I had done everything that he expected of me. Had he enjoyed it as much as me? I also wondered whether he had made love to other girls before me. He rolled over and said: “Breakfast?”

We both put on dressing gowns and headed downstairs. I felt my legs were a little unsteady, a little like before and after my caning.

Hugh produced a fantastic cooked breakfast. We were both ravenously hungry and cleared our plates. We cleared up and after another mug of coffee went upstairs for a shower. This time I went to my own room, dressed and packed my things for the train journey. I headed downstairs to find Hugh in the kitchen.

We chatted for a while about the previous evening. Hugh then raised a subject that had been nagging at my mind. “How are we going to dampen the feelings we have for each other when we get back to school? You know the rules, no touching, no kissing and sure as hell no love making.”

This echoed my own thoughts. “I think we just have to be extra careful not to openly demonstrate our feelings. We may find a few private moments when we are free to express our feelings physically. I certainly do not want to be caned again in the Headmaster’s study. A few whacks of the paddle from you is another matter.”

Hugh retorted: “Got hooked on spanking then? I will have to watch out and be a good boy.”

With uncertainties in my mind about the months to come, Hugh used his Mother’s car to take me to the station. A long kiss and a wave and I made my way to the platform. He waited till the train came, a final wave and I was on my way to spend Xmas with my folks.

Wendy A

“The winter term begins” follows soon.