The series continues

By Wendy A

(I started this chapter several months ago and had intended to shelve it. By request I have reviewed it. Let me know through Kenny if you would like me to continue.)

We were tidying up after lunch when Sylvia announced that she was off to change. A thought crossed my mind. Jenny had never caned anyone before and should have some practice.

“I’ll come with you to fetch the canes.”

We headed off, she opened her bedroom door and we entered.

She handed me the canes and said: “I want a real caning like the one you had at school. I want you to treat me like any pupil.”

With that I left and returned to the kitchen. Millie and Jenny had finished clearing the lunch dishes and we headed for the lounge.

We briefly discussed where she would be bending over and set up a chair in the chosen spot. I found a large cushion and set it up on the chair.

“Right, Jenny, you will need some practice before you wield the cane for real.”

I handed her one of the canes and demonstrated with the other how she should line up, swing with the arm and, just before impact, flick her wrist. For someone who had never caned before she quickly got the hang of it.

“If you ever become a headmistress, I will expect a fee for my expertise.”

It was then that I realised we were still in our dressing gowns and with only bikini bottoms underneath.

“We’re not dressed appropriately for a beating. It’s almost 2.45. Shit! We don’t have time to change.”

At that there was a knock at the door.

“Come.” I shouted.

The handle turned and the door opened slowly. There was Sylvia looking every bit the smart secretary or business lady. She was wearing a white blouse with a silk scarf at the neck. She had on a black skirt that hugged her figure. As she turned to close the door we all noticed how the skirt clung to her bottom. What a target! She had on stockings with a seam and black medium high heeled shoes. Her appearance made me even more conscious that she had made an effort for her role but we had not. How silly I felt.

“Sorry but we were so carried away, we have only just noticed that we forgot to change. Can we delay the start for 10 minutes while we put on something more appropriate?”

She declined our offer and just smiled, a rather wicked smile.

I took charge. “Right, Sylvia, you will receive 6 strokes of the cane on your bare bottom. We will each give you two strokes. I must warn you that once you are bent over you must remain in position; if you stand or try to prevent any stroke you will receive extra. If necessary, the other two will hold you in place. Are you ready?”

She replied with a rather whispered: “Yes Miss.”

“I doubt whether that skirt can be lifted up clear of your bottom. First, remove your skirt.”

She complied, she pulled down the zip and unhooked the waist, she then slid the skirt down over her bottom, it was a tight fit, and then stepped out of it.

The full glory of her figure was displayed. For a woman of her age her waist was slim and only accentuated her bottom. She was wearing black panties and a black suspender belt. The black panties and stockings highlighted the soft pale skin at the top of her thighs. Her legs were slim and shimmered in the silk stockings.

“Sylvia, you will stand by that chair, lower your panties to your thighs, bend over and place your hands flat on the seat of the chair.”

She did as instructed; she moved slowly to the chair, slid her fingers in the waist of her panties and lowered them. She bent forward and placed her hands flat on the seat of the chair. The rear straps of her suspenders splayed slightly as she bent and encased the target area.

I picked up one of the canes and moved to the left of my target. I patted her bottom twice; it indented only a little, there was clearly little fat. I brought the cane back and let go with a full strength stroke. A second later there was a gasp for breath and a white line appeared slightly lower than half way down her rear. I waited a full 30 seconds and brought the second stroke down slightly lower than the first; again an intake of breath and a little grunt, a second line appeared.

I stood back and handed the cane to Jenny. I whispered: “Aim for the middle of her bottom.”

Jenny took up the same position as I had done, then two gentle taps and she let go with a stroke that was equally as hard as the ones I had given. A third line appeared just above my first one. She turned to look at me and I nodded. She waited for up to a minute before she gave her the next one, it was very close to her first one. Sylvia grunted louder and waggled her bottom. The first lines were now turning red.

Jenny handed the cane to Millie. Once in position, Millie gave her a couple of stronger taps that provoked an intake of breath. It seemed that Sylvia already knew that the last two would be the hardest. Millie drew back the cane and swung it back towards its target. Within a fraction of a second there was a squeal from Sylvia. The cane had struck her low down on her bottom close to the top of her thighs. Again a couple of taps to an area between the last stroke and my second one, and Millie let go and was rewarded with a full scream from Sylvia. The line appeared at the exact spot where she had tapped the cane. Millie withdrew and all three of us stood in a semi-circle admiring the striped bottom before us.

“You may get up now, Sylvia,” I said.

For a moment she did not move and then slowly raised herself holding on to the chair for support. She turned to face us and shook our hands in turn adding a kiss to each cheek.

“Thank you Miss,” was said to each of us.

She then leant forward and retrieved her panties. She was careful not to scuff the skin of her bottom as she pulled them up.

“Would you please apply some cream to my bottom?” She asked with a grin on her face.

She led the way and we followed her to her bedroom. She stopped by her bed and lowered her panties. With a wiggle of her hips they fell to the floor where Millie helped her unhook them from her ankles; she also removed her shoes. Next she unhooked the suspender belt and the clips. She then knelt on the bed and stretched out face down on the bed.

She pointed at a pot of cream that she must have positioned before coming through to the lounge. I took the pot and sat on the bed. I dipped my fingers into the pot and started to apply cream to her damaged bottom. Millie sat in front of me and Jenny went round the bed and sat by Sylvia’s legs. We took it in turns to apply the cream while Sylvia just lay there motionless. Millie finally stopped.

Sylvia said: “Please don’t stop, just continue.”

Who were we to refuse a wounded lady in distress, or perhaps not quite as distressed as she should have been?

Finally she asked us to help her to her feet. She kissed each of us full on the lips and thanked us. We helped her undress and put on a nightdress that was on the pillow.

“Can you wake me in one hour?”

We agreed and left closing the door behind us.

We then went to the kitchen and poured drinks. “Should I take one through to Sylvia,” I enquired.

We then went to the kitchen and poured drinks.

“Should I take one through to Sylvia?” I enquired.

The others thought it was best to let her rest, and we went out onto the terrace. It was still warm and so we removed our dressing gowns. We all agreed that we had enjoyed the whole episode, the way she was dressed, that gorgeous bottom, the caning and finally the massaging of her bottom. It only took a few minutes for us to agree that we should go to my bedroom.

It was Jenny that suddenly said: “It’s 4.30, some of them will be back soon.”

None of us wanted to move, but then none of us wanted to be found having our own orgy. We showered and changed. I put on a short skirt and wool cardigan. We went to the lounge and resumed our drinks, the sun was setting and it was cooler now. We woke Sylvia, she said that she was still sore but would survive. Sandra and Stuart were first back, followed by the guys a short while later.

Sylvia suggested that we go to the pub and called to book a table. She also called a local taxi company and booked a minibus for 8.30. We had an enjoyable evening; the guys had enjoyed the match and I guess that Stuart was the only one that had had a rather mundane afternoon. I could not help glancing at Sylvia and wondering about the state of her bottom. She put on a good performance. Nobody would have guessed she had been caned. She later told me that she had worn four pairs of panties under her thick wool skirt.

We had a nightcap when we returned to the cottage and went to bed.

The next morning, Sylvia left after breakfast. It was again warm and the terrace was inviting. There were the usual admiring glances from the guys as we took our tops off and lay soaking up the sun.

Hugh asked: “Jenny, do you have any plans for today?”

She replied: “I have some ideas. To start, what about going riding?”

Hugh called the local stables and they had enough horses for all of us. We four girls decided to prepare a picnic and we set about making sandwiches. We filled a couple of knapsacks with the food and some drinks.

After changing, we set off. The walk to the stables took us nearly half an hour. The stable girls had prepared the horses and we set off for the hills. Hugh said he knew of a small lake and we could have our picnic there. We had been riding for about an hour when we emerged from a small forest and there before us was a lake with the sun glistening on its almost mirror-like surface. There was a small beach. What amazed me was that there was no rubbish; we could have been a million miles from any habitation. We allowed the horses to drink and then tethered them in the shade.

Millie and Jenny were, as usual, the first to strip off to their panties. The rest of us followed their example and lay out in the sun.

Hugh broke the silence. “How about a swim? It’ll be cold but we’ll dry off quickly in the sun. Last one in will get spanked.”

In unison we all got to our feet and took off our bottoms. It was Hugh who was last in the water.

The water was cold and we played like a bunch of kids, chasing each other and dunking heads below the water. I doubt whether we had spent more than 15 minutes in the water when some of us needed some warmth on our bodies. We went up the beach to a grassy area and lay down. It was not long before each couple was in an embrace and caressing the bodies of their partners.

James brought an end to the cuddling and said: “I think we have some unfinished business.”

He went over to a young sapling and broke off a slender branch. He removed the buds and little leaves so that it was smooth.

“Here, Wendy, you can do the honours. Six should be enough.”

I swung the branch a couple of times; it was far lighter than the canes we used at school. It would not mark badly but would certainly sting.

“Right, Hugh, over here and bend over clasping your ankles.”

He dutifully complied as the others gathered in a semi-circle facing his expectant bottom. I took up my position and swung the branch. There was little sound as it struck its target but Hugh certainly felt it strike. He let out an ‘ouch’ sound and bent his legs slightly. I continued to whip him and his bottom became quite red with the thin traces of the branch across his cheeks.

After the sixth one I moved closer to him to admire my work.

“How does that feel?” I enquired.

His answer was given by him standing, then turning to face me as he landed a full kiss on my lips.

Tom said: “I will definitely be the last in the water next time.”

We all giggled.

We sat in the sun eating our picnic. We had all become accustomed to being totally naked in front of our friends; all thoughts of modesty had disappeared. After lunch we lay on the grass and resumed our close embraces. We must have been cuddling for over an hour when Hugh decided that we should make tracks back to the stables. We dressed and mounted our horses, being careful to tidy up any litter. The ride back seemed much quicker than our outward journey.

The stables kindly offered to drive us back to the cottage.

It was suggested that we should eat in that evening so Stuart drove Jenny and Sandra to the nearest shop for supplies. The rest of us showered and changed into kilts for the evening’s fun. Once Stuart returned they also showered, meanwhile the rest of us started preparing dinner.

All eight of us devoured our dinner after our exertions of the day, and we must have consumed more alcohol than usual. When I stood to clear the plates my legs felt wobbly, unfortunately the others noticed.

Sandra had a broad grin on her face when she said: “I think Wendy has had too much to drink. That deserves a severe punishment. What do you think, Hugh?”

He took a few moments to reply. “I think she needs a good old-fashioned spanking over my knee.” At that he moved his chair back from the table and patted his lap.

I could feel my excitement rising as I took the few steps towards him. It was a little awkward bending over his thighs and he needed to guide me. Once in place I felt him lift my short skirt up over my back. He then slipped his fingers in my panties and eased them down with a little help from me as I raised my bottom. He then started with gentle spanks, alternating between each cheek.

Sandra said: “Come on, Hugh, she deserves a harder spanking than that!”

The others agreed.

Encouraged by the others, Hugh started to spank me much harder. I could not keep quiet and let out little squeals as each blow landed. My bottom was soon on fire. I do not know how many hard spanks he gave me or how long he had taken. It was like diving over a waterfall and waiting to enter the cooling water of the pool below. Finally he stopped just as the water of the pool engulfed me. I lay there for what seemed ages until he took my arm to help me to my feet. Even if the guys were not aware of my present state it was clear that the girls were; all three were smiling and eyebrows were raised.

Jenny spoke first: “I don’t think that Wendy is the only one who has drunk too much. You see that line of tiles? We should all take the walk test, then we will have the fingers on nose test. The others will judge how drunk we each are.”

Jenny went first, followed by Millie and then Sandra. Of the three, Sandra was the most steady but she totally failed the nose touching test.

“I doubt if you guys are yet in a state where you would fail such a test. We will assume that you will enjoy spanking us and therefore deserve a few whacks of the paddle.

“Let’s get started, Wendy you start on Hugh.” Jenny handed me the paddle. “Give him as many as you want, he really spanked you hard after the first few smacks.”

Hugh removed his kilt, no underpants, and bent over holding his ankles. I wondered how many I would give him, he really had blistered my bottom and I was sure that he had enjoyed it. I decided on 10 whacks, 4 medium and then 6 hard ones. He took them well and judging by the waggling of his bottom he felt the last few.

Jenny was next. She went over Tom’s knees and took a hard bare bottom spanking. Tom stood up and bent over for his own paddling.

Sandra was next and clearly enjoyed Stuart’s attentions, after she gave him as good as she got. Finally Millie went over James’ knees. He lifted her kilt and eased down her panties; she really had the most spankable of bottoms. As James started to spank her I was jealous. I would have loved to spank her myself. Last, James bent over and Millie demonstrated her prowess, he surely felt the paddle.

We then had a break for drinks. Chat was mainly about our emotions when spanked and spanking. It was clear that all the guys enjoyed spanking a girl and even watching someone else spank a girl. We girls seemed more turned on being spanked. Jenny suggested that we girls put on a show for the guys; we would spank each others’ bare bottoms over our knees.

I had already caned Sandra and the thought of spanking Millie and Jenny filled me with apprehension. Jenny went first; she spanked Sandra then me, followed by Millie. We each got 10 hard spanks.

Sandra went next. She started on me and seemed to enjoy her revenge for the caning. Next was Jenny, then Millie.

Millie was next. She started with Jenny then Sandra. Lying there over her knees, I felt like a naughty girl totally dominated by her. I felt her lift my shirt and then lower my panties. She started gently and then let go with full force.

When she had finished she helped me up. Not only were my bottom cheeks very flushed but also my face.

Finally it was my turn, first Sandra and then Jenny. I saved Millie for last. As she came towards me she had a broad grin that said: “I know how much you will enjoy this, me too.” I helped her over my knee and lifted her skirt. I took a moment to admire her bottom before lowering her panties. Her bottom was already bright red. I would have preferred to have started with a blank canvas. I forgot to count the spanks.

Finally, Jenny had to intervene. “Come on girls, you can’t stay like that all night.” I found out after that I had spanked her 25 times instead of 10.

Another drink and we headed for bed.

When Hugh closed the door he held me and gave me a huge hug.

“You really enjoyed yourself this evening, especially with Millie. Would you rather spank Millie than me?”

This took me totally by surprise. I was still elated and had not given a thought to the spectacle we had made of ourselves.

“Oh dear, was it that obvious?”

He replied that when being spanked by Millie or spanking her it had been like I was in a trance. “You know when we were discussing emotions this evening it was clear guys were more turned on spanking a girl or watching her being spanked. For girls, or at least some of us, the emotional level of being spanked is much higher than when we are spanking. In the case of Millie, it is slightly different. When I spanked her I knew just what she was feeling and had the same feelings myself.”

“I find it embarrassing to express these feelings to you. Don’t be mistaken, I do love you. I love everything about you. I want you to be close to me, to cuddle, to kiss, and to make love. I like Millie and would hope that we be friends for ever. We have one pleasure in common; spanking. When I was caned before Xmas she came to my bedroom and applied cream to my bottom. I found it very erotic. Similarly when she was caned with James I reciprocated, her feelings completely reflected my own.”

“I know that you enjoy spanking me. True?”

He nodded.

“Would you also like to spank Millie?”

I had reversed the tables. He finally admitted that he was really excited when James had spanked Millie.

We were both lost in our thoughts till he took my hand and suggested we go to bed. I said that I would have a quick shower but he said that we should get into bed as we were. We both stripped off and climbed between the warm sheets. A brief cuddle then I felt his hand run down my body to between my thighs.

I whispered: “I now have no secrets,” and kissed him full on the lips. We made love that night as we had never made love before.

The End

© Wendy A 2015