Despite the Headmaster’s announcement, some students never learn.

By Pat Greenham

Julie Richards wasn’t the only one. (See Pat Greenham’s earlier story – ‘A Smoking Problem’)

Julie had been the infamous girl that had been caned on the very day the Headmaster of Runsfield College announced smoking was to be added to the list of offences that merited a mandatory caning. Her Housemaster, Mark Hudson, had done the honours and Julie had received a very solid six-of-the-best. From what Julie had said to her fellow pupils, everyone knew that Mark Hudson was not only dashing, but a fearsome wielder of the cane, and the ‘behind the swimming pool block’ morning smoking sessions soon stopped.

However, a few weeks later two more sixth-form pupils were caught by the Deputy Headmistress smoking. Not this time behind the swimming pool block, but stupidly waiting at a bus stop on a Monday morning. Unluckily for them, the Deputy Headmistress was driving to school and spotted the pair, a girl, Alison Moore, and boy, Scott Banks, were blatantly puffing away. The Deputy pulled up sharply and reversed back. Alison and Scott knew they had been caught but tried in vain to destroy the evidence, throwing the offending cigarettes down the drain. It was however all too late. They had been seen smoking in school uniform and the Deputy actually regarded it as more serious being seen in public as opposed to hiding away in the school grounds.

Later that morning, both were told to report to the Deputy Headmistress at the lunch break. Neither were looking forward to the meeting; they both knew what the likely outcome would be.

At 12.30, whilst they were both waiting outside the Deputy’s office, Mark Hudson arrived and went straight in to see her. Moments later they were both summoned in and told to stand together. The Deputy stayed seated whilst Mark Hudson stood to one side.

Alison and Scott were given the most almighty dressing down before being told they would each be caned. The Deputy Headmistress added they would each receive six strokes, and that she had asked Mark Hudson to administer the punishment. Scott had been caned before, but Alison had not and was dreading what was going to be a very painful experience. She was also shocked that she was going to be caned by a male teacher and remembered what Julie had said to her about how hard he used the cane. It also seemed that her punishment would be in front of her friend. When asked if she wanted to go first she replied that she would prefer to go second.

The Deputy Headmistress had asked Mark to carry out the canings as he had gained something of a reputation for giving fair but hard beatings. Mark knew both pupils well, but was particularly taken with Alison who could easily pass for a woman in her early twenties. She was medium height with a very nice figure, and secretly Mark was looking forward to thrashing her bottom. But first he had Scott to deal with.

Mark Hudson picked up the cane that lay on the Headmistress’s desk and told Scott to take off his blazer and remove everything below the waist except his underwear. As Scott undressed he was exceptionally self-conscious in front of the Headmistress and Alison, but was soon standing in just a brief pair of pants. After he was told to bend over the desk Alison could at least appreciate his bottom, which in her eyes was quite cute. The Headmistress then came round behind him and pulled his pants up making sure they were nice and tight. Mark picked up the cane and beat the young man’s bottom six times, each stroke being about thirty seconds apart and each coming from over his shoulder and being exceptionally severe. This caning did not compare with his earlier experience and was much harder, but Scott took his punishment stoically although he could not help making some grunts as each cane stroke hit home.

Alison was horrified as she watched the caning, knowing it was her turn next. After Scott’s final stroke, he was told to stand and move to one side as the Headmistress told Alison to take off her blazer and skirt.

After putting her blazer on the chair Alison undid her skirt knowing, to her horror, that she was wearing quite skimpy knickers. She was mortified she was having to undress in front of Scott and the highly fanciable Mark Hudson.

Stepping out of her skirt, Alison was told to face the Headmistress who enquired about her non-regulation underwear which, apart from being skimpy, was also partly see-through at the front.

Alison could say nothing but apologise, to which the Headmistress simply told her that she would soon regret her choice of underwear. Alison was told to bend over in the same position Scott had recently vacated, and as she did her knickers tightened across her bottom and Mark could clearly make out both cheeks through the thin material. Things were going to get worse for Alison as the Headmistress, as she had with Scott, came round behind her and pulled her knickers up even further with the result that the middle and the lower half of her bottom was uncovered.

The Headmistress told Alison: “All canings at the college are given over one layer of clothing, but your choice of underwear means that, as an extra element to your punishment, you are effectively going to caned on your bare bottom.”

Alison was appalled as she lay over the desk, with her bottom displayed for Mark and Scott to see in all its glory, as she was told to remain still whilst being caned and that she would be beaten in exactly the same way as she had witnessed her friend a few minutes ago.

Mark decided that four of the strokes would be to the middle or lower part of her bottom, which was effectively bare. The other two would be slightly higher and partly over by her knickers, although Mark knew that they would hardly afford any protection.

If Alison was worried about what was going to happen, when Mark Hudson delivered a stunning whack to the centre of her bottom it caused a genuine screech from her as she could not believe what had just happened. Her bottom was on fire from just a single stroke, that had struck below her knickers on the exposed part of her bottom and the pain was much worse than she had ever imagined.

Mark watched with interest as a red stripe formed across the middle of her bottom. Alison was now aware of just how painful the cane was, and the second stroke hit a little higher and at a point that had minimal covering by her knickers. It caused another screech. Mark waited another thirty seconds before bring the cane down from high for the third time, striking Alison’s bottom just above the crease between bottom and thigh and causing yet another scream.

The Deputy Headmistress was watching this caning with some satisfaction knowing that this girl absolutely deserved what she was getting. Two weeks before, the Headmaster could not have been clearer and both Alison and Scott had blatantly ignored what had been said.

Scott was still standing in a state of some undress as the pain in his bottom started to mitigate and he had to admit he was enjoying watching his female friend receive the same punishment. He was also being treated to the site of her almost bare bottom bent right over the desk as a result of the Deputy Headmistress yanking her pants up into the crack of her bottom.

All Alison knew was that there was no way she could take another three of Mark Hudson’s blistering cane strokes, but what alternative was there?

Mark aimed the fourth stroke higher, again hitting across the part of her bottom very slightly protected by her knickers. She emitted a loud grunt. It was all she could do to remain bent over as her instinct would have her flying up and rubbing her tortured bottom, but she knew that that would risk extra strokes.

There were now two obvious gaps for Mark to finish off, both on completely exposed parts of her bottom. The fifth hit half an inch above the third cane mark and was a beauty, although not necessarily for Alison as she held onto the far edge of the desk whilst letting out another scream.

Thirty seconds passed as it became time for the final stroke which Mark brought down from high to strike half an inch below the very first cane mark and causing Alison to again screech out in agony as the enormous pain of the hardest stroke of all sank into her bottom.

The Deputy Headmistress told her to stay in position as she came round to admire the very clear six stripes, four completely visible, the two higher ones visible on either side of her pulled up pants and through the see-through material of Alison’s knickers. She complemented Mark on delivering two first class canings.

Eventually Alison was told to stand and, together with Scott, told to face the Deputy. She was also told not to even think about touching her bottom. With her skimpy pants having been pulled right up, Mark could clearly make out her pubic triangle and had to admit that he had enjoyed caning another sixth former that had as nice a bottom as Julie Richards.

The Deputy Headmistress spoke to them in no uncertain terms and told them that if there were ever a repeat they would be caned in front of the whole sixth-form.

It was now nearly ten minutes since Scott had been caned, and although his bottom was still very painful, the intensity was reducing. For Alison, it was way too early and her bottom was on fire and she was mortified about the whole experience. The embarrassment of taking her skirt off in front of her friend and the male teacher had been awful, and, although she had kept her knickers on, she was under no illusions that after the Deputy Headmistress had pulled her pants tight she had effectively bared her bottom. But none of the shame of all this compared with the incredible pain of getting six really hard strokes of the cane from Mark Hudson.

The End