A spanking at school means more trouble at home

By Kelly DiMarco

As I turn the corner onto my street, I see Mom’s car parked in the driveway. Uh oh. I always get home before her, she might know something’s up. Or Ms Radley might have told her. They called the other time I got spanked at school. That was the only time Dad ever gave me the belt, but that was in 4th grade, and it was for getting in a fight. Of course they called. I’m 17 now, and this isn’t as serious. Not even close. So hopefully she doesn’t know. But even if she does, it won’t be as bad, right? I take a deep breath and open the door.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi Kayla. You’re home late. What happened?” asked Mom.

I walk into the kitchen and start to make myself some popcorn. “I missed the bus. I had to walk home. It took awhile.” Hey, I’m not lying.

“Oh, okay. How was your day?”

“It was fine. I’m glad it’s the weekend.”

“Fine, huh? Even Spanish?”

My heart skipped a beat. She knows. Why do parents always know everything?

“No, I got in trouble. So she told you?”

“Yeah, she told me. Not the best way to end your week.”

She said this nonchalantly as she spread hummus on her sandwich. “No, definitely not.”

“So did it hurt a lot?” she asked.

“Yeah, it hurt really bad. It still hurts a lot. I got it at the end of the day, and she coaches the softball team.”

Mom smirked at that, but didn’t say anything. I better just ask her.

“Mom, are you going to spank me?”

“No. I think you’ve had enough for one day. But you are grounded for a week.”

Ordinarily that would be great news under the circumstances. But not this week.

“Hey Mom? Do you remember that surprise birthday party that me and Sally have been planning for Amanda?”

“Yeah.” She looked up from her sandwich. “It’s on the 10th, right?”

I wish. “No. It’s this Sunday.”

She furrowed her eyebrows. “I see. Well that is unfortunate timing.”

“Yeah.” Well I guess it’s time to start begging. “So can I go to the party? Please? Maybe I could start being grounded after, or something. Me and Sally have spent the last month planning it; it’s really important for me to be there.”

Mom sighed. “I’m sorry, hun. I know this was something really special. But there’s nothing more important than you trying your best at school and getting a good education. I can’t just let this go. Sometimes life is tough and you can’t just make things you don’t like go away.”

I want to scream at her, or start begging again. But what’s the point? So instead I storm upstairs to my room and start to cry for the second time that day. Life is tough? Doesn’t she think I know that? Sally and Amanda were the ones who spent most of last summer in the hospital with us while Kevin was going through chemo. They brought Mom dinner while she was sitting next to him, praying that her son would live to see his 10th birthday. They were the only good part of the worst summer of my life. And now I’m letting them down because of one stupid mistake. Stupid, stupid. I sit there and cry for what feels like hours. As my tears finally start to wane, I look around and think of what a mess my room and life have become. As I look through the mess, I stop at a collage of photos on the wall. Two of them stick out. A picture of me, Amanda, and Sally. And a picture of Kevin licking cookie dough off of a wooden spoon. And I think I know how to fix this.

I walk slowly down the stairs, back towards the kitchen. I can’t believe I’m going to ask her this. But it’s the only way.

“Hey Mom?”

She starts to get up, but then pushes her chair back in. Her eyes are full of pity. “Yeah?”

“I can’t miss this party. I just can’t. So, what if you spanked me instead? Could I go then?”

She raised her eyebrows. “Huh. I didn’t see that coming.”

“Yeah, me either. Well, not until I saw that picture on my wall. The one of Kevin eating cookie dough off of the spoon.”

Mom chuckled. “Hey, if you have cancer raw cookie dough is the least of your worries.”

I laugh through my watery eyes. “Especially if you’re nine. Somehow I don’t think he would be too concerned about cookie dough even without cancer.”

“Yeah you’re probably right.” She pauses and looks at me intently. “Are you sure you want to do this? We haven’t spanked you in months, so having two spankings on the same day would be pretty tough.”

Seriously, what is with people saying the word ‘want’ when they ask me about spankings? Ms. Radley said it too. It’s bizarre.

“Yeah I’m sure. I know it will hurt a lot, but then it will be over and I can go to the party. And I won’t let my friends down.”

Mom gave me a small smile. “Okay. Go upstairs then. I’ll be up in a few minutes.”

I go upstairs and sit on my bed. I see snot that made its way onto my blanket. Well, there will be more where that came from.

I heard a soft knock on my door. That’s weird. She doesn’t usually knock before she spanks me. “Come in.”

Mom opened the door and she was holding the spoon. “Are you ready for this? We could wait, you know. As long as we have a date set, I’ll still let you go to the party.”

For a moment, the offer sounded tempting. But then I remembered waiting through the school day for the paddle. Best to get it over with.

“No thanks.” I said. “I just want this to be over.”

“Okay.” She sat down at the chair by my desk. “Come here,” she said.

I got up and stood in front of her. She undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. She then motioned for me to lean over her lap. After I did, she tugged at my underwear and pulled my panties down too. She tapped her hand lightly against my butt.

“So, was using your phone during class worth it?” she asked.


“I didn’t think so. This isn’t a position you want to be in.”

“Definitely not.” I wish she would just start. I’m so nervous already. It’s humiliating lying on her lap with my bare butt in the air.

“You need to think before you act. I’d better make sure you remember this the next time you feel like texting during class.”

She tapped her hand a few more times, then SMACK. She started spanking me full force. Owww. My butt felt reignited from the very first smack. How long had it been since I got paddled? Two hours? Three? Owwwww. I started to cry. Usually I could hold out for longer but I was already sore from earlier. It felt like her hand was everywhere at once. Then suddenly it moved down to my thighs. That was always a tender spot. I started to thrash my legs wildly but it didn’t help. She just kept spanking and spanking. Then there was a brief pause. For a second I thought it was over. Until…

SMACK. The spoon began to collide with my butt. It went on and on, and it felt like it would never end. Through the pain, I somehow felt my jeans slip off my ankles. Owwwwww. It just kept getting worse and worse. Who knew one little spoon could do so much damage? She might as well have been slamming flaming logs against my butt. Will it ever end? But just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Not that I even realized it at first, I just kept crying.

“It’s over now.” Mom stroked my hair as she said this. “That was pretty brave. Taking a spanking so you could throw your friend a surprise party.”

Right, I thought. The party. That’s why I got spanked. And because of the phone.

“Why don’t you go wash your face?” suggested Mom.

Oh yeah. I’m on her lap. She’s trapped here until I get up. I slowly got up, pulled up my underwear, and walked towards the bathroom. The cool water felt soothing against my skin.

“Come downstairs when you’re ready. We’re having pizza for dinner. But clean your room first!” she said from the hall.

Like I’d ever be able to finish cleaning my room before the pizza went stale. But as I started to clean I stopped on the photo collage again and smiled. I couldn’t wait to add some pictures from the party to it!

The End

© Kelly DiMarco 2019