A girl’s lack of self-discipline is firmly corrected by her coach/boyfriend

By Paul S

Eugenie was a pretty ash blonde, 19 year old, rising Canadian star in the tennis world, and gaining much critical acclaim for her rapid rise to prominence in a largely male dominated sport. She had fought her way to the semi-finals of a major ATP tournament in her first year of going professional after being junior champion.

Eugenie lived with her boyfriend and coach, Matt, who had taken over from her previous junior coach at age 18 to mentor her to achieve greater things in the world of tennis and sports promotion.

Eugenie had a classic 36-26-36 figure and was very athletic, and was physically fit which attracted attention not just from other tennis players, but the media and advertisers too who saw a great opportunity to sell their products.

Everything was going swimmingly until one day Eugenie was scheduled to play an unknown Korean girl who was a wild card entry in the Canadian Open championships.

Eugenie talked to her friend and colleague, Kerry, who had recently played this unseeded girl, Kim, 18, from Seoul, seeking some tips.

Kerry said: “She’s good but if you stick to your game you shouldn’t have too many problems, although she is very good at returning serve for a youngster and very fit for her age.”

Eugenie started the match well, and soon breezed into a 4-2 lead after 20 minutes. In half an hour she had wrapped up the first set 6-3 and everything seemed fine.

She breezed around the court on a fine spring day in the sunshine, in her red top and short white tennis dress, and tight fitting short white cotton briefs.

The second set was a different story. Eugenie started well but the Korean girl, Kim, caught up as Eugenie double faulted twice. She could hear her coach calling to say ‘concentrate’, but her mind was wandering off the game, and she became easily distracted.

Kim then had several lucky line calls, putting her into a 5-4 lead, and when her return was adjudged to be out, Eugenie completely lost it and smashed her racquet on the ground and screamed out in sheer frustration. The judge gave her a verbal warning for her conduct, and said she could forfeit the match if there was a re-occurrence.

Her coach, Matt, was visibly furious, saying: “What are you doing?”

Eugenie tried to concentrate but had allowed Kim to get under her skin. She faltered and conceded the match with some poor returning into the net, and eventually lost the match 3-6, 6-4, 6-4.

Eugenie shook hands with the judge and Kim after the match, but knew she was in big trouble with the CTF and her coach, who was not at all happy with her performance.

Eugenie signed large tennis balls for fans and admirers, then returned to the dressing room. She emerged to a verbal tirade from her coach and boyfriend about her poor performance and complete loss of self-discipline on the court.

Matt said: “We will talk about this when we get back.”

They said their goodbyes to the other players and coaches, packed up their gear into the tournament 4 x 4 taxi and headed back to their hotel.

When they arrived, Matt unloaded the car and took the gear into the reception and up to the store room, then sorted out the washing for the machine, and tennis gear needed for their next games, including the mixed doubles.

Eugenie went into the kitchen for a glass of water, then went into the bedroom to change.

She changed her sports bra and top, and took off her skirt.

Just then, Matt walked in the room and said: “We really need to talk what happened out there today.”

Eugenie acted sheepishly and tried to explain, but could see Matt was disgusted just by the look on his face.

Matt then said: “2 million people were watching that match live on TV, and it was a great chance to progress in a prestigious tournament. Instead, we threw it away and handed victory on a plate to an unknown Korean girl, and could face sanctions or a ban now.”

Eugenie tried to make excuses, but Matt said: “You lost your self-discipline out there today, and need to get it back quick, young lady, or your career will be very short lived.” Matt sat on the bed and said: “Come here.”

Eugenie looked concerned and said: “What are you doing?”

Matt said: “Restoring your self-discipline, the traditional way.”

With that, he pulled Eugenie across his lap and gave her 20 firm hand spanks across her skimpy cotton briefs which were pulled tight across her very shapely teenage backside.

Eugenie said: “Ouch!” She tried to struggle, but Matt held her firmly in place with her arm behind her back. He then relented and she got up rubbing her warmed up shapely bottom.

Matt said: “Have you been properly spanked before?”

Eugenie said: “No, not really.”

Matt said: “Well, there is always a first time,” and put her across the edge of the bed, this time lowering her knickers to half-mast.

As she struggled to keep them on, she said: “Matt, no, please. I won’t behave like that again, I promise, please.”

But Eugenie was already bent over the edge of the bed with her panties at half mast. Matt reached into a drawer for a 14 inch leather strap he used for sharpening his razor.

Matt lined the strap across Eugenie’s shapely bare rear end and it fitted perfectly. He pushed her head into the counterpane, bringing her bottom up, and brought the strap down, causing her to rear up and reach out and yell: “Ouch!”

Matt held her hand behind her back, and told her she needed to be taught a lesson, as that sort of behaviour on court was unacceptable, and she could also get a serious fine.

The strap was brought down firmly and repeatedly across Eugenie’s backside, resulting in her squirming and crossing her feet to try and absorb the pain. Matt also noticed her clutching her buttock after each stroke, then pushing her bottom out to absorb the stinging pain.

This was repeated after each stroke, with Eugenie’s ash blonde hair flying into the air after each stroke and a short ‘Ugh’ and gasp for breath.

This continued for 20 strokes, when Eugenie said: “Matt please, can we stop as it’s getting really sore?”

Matt said: “Another 5 then,” and proceeded to bring the strap down firmly, with Eugenie’s head and hair flying upward after each stroke, with an ‘Ugh’ and gentle gasp. Her buttocks would clench, then be pushed right out to try and absorb the increasing pain.

Matt then released Eugenie who got up rubbing a now very sore bottom.

Matt said: “That was a vintage spanking for that virgin bottom of yours, young lady.”

Matt went to get a drink and returned, and was surprised to find Eugenie bent over in front of the mirror, displaying a bright red bare bottom with no shame and rubbing her seat with both hands. The strap marks were clearly visible to Matt, completely criss-crossing her now red hot backside.

Matt said: “What are you doing?”

Eugenie said: “Rubbing my seat, as it really stings.”

Matt said: “Go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head, and leave your knickers down for 10 minutes. Perhaps it will teach you a lesson. Every time you have a tantrum on court in future, you will get the strap from now on, young lady. And every time you lose, you will get a hand spanking as motivation. Is that clear?”

Eugenie said: “Yes, sir.”

Eugenie has since managed to improve her on court demeanour since that day, but recently lost to another wild card entry at an ATP event.

Although she wouldn’t say anything publicly, her training partner Kerry confirmed that she got a spanking that night to motivate her, and is now heading for the semis with her boyfriend as her mixed doubles partner.

Kerry also said Eugenie is a lot less argumentative these days, and is much more focussed on her career.

The End

© Paul S 2017