A Sequel to ‘Old School’. Rachel’s adult life takes a surprising turn.

 by Katie Hammond

Rachel Claire Hampton normally woke up tired, and this January Saturday morning was no exception. She glanced at the red numbers of the digital bedside alarm clock beside her. It was already well over an hour past the time when she had planned to get up. She looked at the ceiling and sighed. It didn’t have to be like this, she thought. The tiredness, the stress and general malaise that had hovered over her for a couple of years now was nearly always with her. She knew the reason for it but found it hard to get out of the rut she was in.

She had parted with Paul, her boyfriend of eight years, a couple of years back. It was Rachel who instigated the split and, although she still thought it was the best thing to do, she was very much burdened with guilt. She also had a very demanding job and, despite being a very capable woman, still found it hard.

Her twin sister, Melanie, who she had gone to Oxford with, was now married with a daughter in New Zealand. Naturally, she was overjoyed for her sister and loved being an auntie to her niece, Rebecca, but the fact that Melanie had got married and was living on the other side of the world made Rachel feel that she had somehow missed out. Rachel had managed to buy her own two bedroom house in the West London suburb where she used to go to 6th form school, and lived a five minute drive from her parents.

‘Maybe I need to move away for a fresh start,’ thought Rachel as she prepared to get up. ‘Or take a year or two out and travel the world.’

Then Rachel’s mind turned to James, who she knew from work. They had gone on a friendly lunch together a few weeks back and during the hour it had turned purely from a friendship thing into a slightly more romantic encounter. They found they liked each other’s company and had a lot of common interests. James could make her laugh as well. It was a good start, and Rachel had rung him after to tell him how much she had enjoyed lunch with him. He hadn’t got back to her yet, so Rachel was going to leave it like that.

‘A guy like him probably has quite a few women chasing him,’ she mused, slightly resigned and naturally disappointed. ‘Anyway, things will have to change. I can’t let them go on like this,’ she thought as she lazily got out of bed and adjusted her pyjamas. She drew the curtains and was surprised to see bright January sunshine streaming into her bedroom. She smiled. It put her instantly into a better mood and it somewhat helped to put things in perspective.

‘I’m only 28, good looking enough, with a good job and solvent. The world should be my oyster,’ she thought to herself.

As she made her way down the stairs she promised herself that today would be a good day.

Despite the sunshine, it was still very cold. Looking from the kitchen, the thick frost seemed painted onto the evergreen shrubs in her small back garden. Rachel made some breakfast and decided that she wouldn’t bother doing many of the small jobs she had planned to do before her friend was due to arrive. Today she would take it easy and relax.

She went back up stairs and, after showering, put on her blue jeans, white and blue striped t-shirt and red cardigan. Rachel turned the central heating to continuous; it was definitely getting colder and she didn’t want her friend to be cold. She cleared up after breakfast and had just enough time to do her accounts and write a few cheques before Polly arrived a few minutes before eleven. Thankfully the house had warmed up by then.

They gave each other a hug in the porch as Rachel welcomed her guest in, Polly commenting on how cold it was getting and how nicely decorated the house was, which instantly delighted Rachel, of course, especially given the amount of time and money she had spent on DIY. Rachel made some tea and they chatted about work, mainly. Polly was new at the organisation but she had instantly clicked with Rachel. Rachel guessed Polly was around forty, married and knew she had children, but that was about it. The conversation covered the normal subjects; family, weather, summer holidays, and how expensive everything was getting, before getting onto schools.

“Emma, my eighteen year old, has just started at Pepys for her final year,” said Polly. “You went to Pepys, didn’t you Rachel?”

Rachel nodded replying: “Yes, I did,” remembering she had already told Polly this at work.

“What sort of thing did you wear for gym?” Polly asked.

Rachel instantly became slightly unsettled as her mind raced at this question. She wasn’t expecting having to rekindle memories of a day she would never forget.

In Rachel’s day, the girls wore a yellow t-shirt and a jumper if it was cold, and green gym knickers and gym skirt. This was bad enough. However, often the skirt had to come off, leaving the girls running around in sports knickers, often in front of boys. Rachel was ambivalent about the matter at the time, sometimes hating having to take her skirt off, other times not caring much about it, and at other times quite liking it, although she would never admit this to anyone.

It was this latter feeling that led to a spanking incident all those years ago, that would be hugely embarrassing to relive. Slightly flustered, Rachel had to answer Polly before it before obvious answering the question was a problem.

Rachel, slightly embarrassingly, told Polly the truth and was very surprised to hear that the same kit was still being worn. Rachel thought it very old-fashioned in 1985, let alone ten years later. She remarked: “Well I’m gobsmacked they are still wearing that; it must be the only school left in the country that makes girls run around in knickers, although if there was one school that did hang on to that until the very end, it would be Pepys. It’s so old school.”

Polly replied: “Well, it’s probably not as old school as you think.”

“Why?” asked an inquisitive Rachel.

“Did you know Mrs Piconici when you were there?” said Polly.

“Yes, I remember her,” said Rachel, who was not going to mention that she remembered that January 1985 spanking like it was yesterday.

“Well, she got chucked out six months ago for having an affair with a parent,” said Polly somewhat gleefully.

Rachel smiled. This was interesting. “So, do they know who he was the parent of?” she asked.

Polly laughed and said: “He? Don’t you mean she?”

“Oh my god!” was all a stunned Rachel could think to say.

“Yes, it was Linda England. She had a daughter at the school. Gina, I think her name is. The affair had been going on for years. They are now running a bar in Greece; in Lesbos, as a matter of fact,” stated Polly.

“Jesus Christ!” was Rachel’s response before she burst out laughing, but she wasn’t going to say anything about the spanking, or the fact she had known Gina, albeit briefly.

Rachel had always wondered if the key to the cane was really missing and today’s news only added to the feeling that Mrs Piconici fancied a bit of skin on skin action.

While Rachel was letting that sink in, Polly asked: “Do you still have your gym kit, Rachel?”

“Er, yes, I think I do. I remember throwing some stuff out, but not that. It’s been ten years, so I could be wrong. I’ve got so much stuff up there that needs sorting out. It’s a bit embarrassing really.”

Polly laughed and said: “Go on, have a look and see if you’ve got it.”

“Ok,” replied Rachel, and she got up and walked up the stairs.

She went to an old wardrobe in the spare bedroom and, after a ten minute hunt, finally found her old gym kit. The yellow jumper and t-shirt, green skirt and those legendary knickers were folded neatly at the bottom of a black bin liner. She pulled them out and, once in her hands, stopped. Should she tell Polly she had found them? She made her decision in a second and rushed down the stairs with the kit in her hands.

“Got it,” she announced to her friend, smiling.

A beaming Polly asked: “Great! Go on put it on, pretty please.”

Rachel was slightly taken aback at this request, but smiled. It might be a laugh, she thought. She looked back at Polly and, still smiling, said: “OK.”

Rachel climbed the stairs and went into her bedroom. The adrenaline was pumping around her body as she took her jeans, cardigan and then t-shirt off.

‘This really is a bit weird,’ thought Rachel as she put on the yellow t-shirt and jumper, not worn in a decade.

She smiled as she pulled on her gym knickers and looked in the mirror. She was very pleasantly surprised how well they still fitted, and then, looking over her shoulder, she saw her bottom had got slightly bigger but still fitted the garment well. She laughed as she saw her normal blue knickers peeking out from the outer green sports knickers. It always amazed her at the time how tiny they were and that she was expected to wear them as an 18 year old. She stepped into the green gym skirt and felt happy that, unlike the last time she wore it, no one could tell her to take it off.

“Rachel! You there?” called Polly.

“Yes, won’t be a moment,” replied Rachel, still smiling as the adrenaline kept pumping.

Rachel’s mind raced back to January 1985, possibly the last time she ever wore that uniform without a skirt. That afternoon played back in her mind: Being one of the last to arrive at the changing rooms, putting on her brand new white Nike trainers, fatefully deciding not to wear the skirt, running up Beatty Road passing Gina England, then asking Dean Walker and his friend to carry her over the muddy un-tarmacked path, saving her new trainers.

What happened next, Rachel would never forget. As she was lowered to the ground, her gym knickers caught the shorts of the lad on her right, exposing nearly all of her right buttock. But as she stood up, she didn’t rectify it and jogged slowly away, giving the lovely Dean and his friend a sight she hoped he would enjoy. He most certainly did, but unfortunately for Rachel, Gina England had spotted this cheeky piece of flirting and had put her on report and marched Rachel back to the school, where Mrs Piconici had bare bottom spanked her with Gina in attendance. It was the most embarrassing incident of her life, especially having to tell her parents all about it that evening when she got home.

The mere mention of Mrs Piconici and Gina England had unsettled her, but she was sure Polly wouldn’t have known them that well, much less well enough for them to tell Polly anything about that day.

“Rachel, you ok?” said Polly loudly, breaking into Rachel’s daydream.

“Yes, sorry, coming,” said Rachel as she descended the stairs.

As she reached the front room, Polly stood and said, beaming: “Wow! Very nice, Rachel, give us a twirl.”

Rachel laughed. This was definitely getting a bit weird, she thought, but it was fun and different, exactly what she needed. Rachel twirled around.

“Lovely,” said Polly.

Rachel blushed, but soon composed herself and they both sat down. They talked again for around half an hour about normal topics of conversation.

Polly, looking at the fruit bowl on the table, then said: “Er, Rachel, those pears look nice. Mind if I have one?”

“Of course not, that’s what they are there for.”

Rachel also took one and they both started eating. Suddenly Polly stopped and said: “Rachel, sorry, I hope you don’t mind but I really have to tell you something.”

Rachel nodded, thinking Polly had remembered she had to be home early or something like that.

After a slightly longer than was comfortable silence, Polly said: “I have to be honest with you, I know Mrs Piconici. In fact, I’m her sister and I know Gina England.”

“What!” exclaimed a stunned and slightly angry Rachel.

Polly could see how this news had affected Rachel, and quickly said: “Rachel, please, let me explain.”

Rachel nodded as Polly continued.

“I spoke to my sister last weekend on the phone and was telling her about my new job and colleagues. Anyway, I started to describe you and she asked me if I knew your name, so I told her and then she told me that you were known to each other through school. And, erm, well, she said she wanted to apologise for the incident and hoped you didn’t hold it against her. I thought I would tell you now as I don’t want to hold any secrets from you, or tell you any lies.”

Rachel nodded again and said: “Ok, thank you for that, I guess. And no, I don’t hold it against her, or have any ill feeling towards her. In fact, I quite liked her, but she was never my teacher.”

Rachel let out a sigh and continued: “So, you obviously must know that she spanked me, don’t you?”

Polly gently nodded. “She wouldn’t normally have told me, but she wanted me to apologise to you so she had to tell me.”

Rachel again nodded before Polly continued. “And Gina wants to meet you again.”

“Oh god! Really?” was all Rachel could manage to say.

“Yes,” replied Polly.

“Where is she now then?” asked Rachel.

“Oh only in The Manor,” said Polly.

“Blimey,” said Rachel, surprised how close Gina was, given that ‘The Manor’ was the adjoining suburb, albeit slightly less well heeled to the almost exclusive area Rachel resided in.

“Do you mind if I use your phone? I could give her a call now, if you like,” posed Polly.

Rachel’s heart raced and the adrenaline increased further. This was turning into an absolutely bizarre, but exciting, day.

Rachel agreed and Polly dialled and then spoke. Polly held the receiver away from her face and said: “Gina can come over now, if you like. She would love to see you, Rachel.”

“Yes, yes, why not?” offered Rachel, these four words changing her life in a way she couldn’t yet imagine.

During the next half an hour, Rachel was apprehensive, happy and excited; those three emotions running around in her brain at full speed for the first time since she split with Paul.

Soon enough, a dark blue Volkswagen Golf pulled up outside and out stepped a long legged blonde woman wearing blue track suit bottoms and a red coat, with her blond hair tied in a ponytail. The doorbell rang and Rachel got up and pulled the front door open. Rachel smiled as the tall woman standing in front of her grinned broadly before embracing her.

“Oh god, Rachel, how are you?” exclaimed Gina as the front door was closed.

They chatted in the porch for a few seconds, both looking at faces last seen a decade earlier. Both, of course, had aged, but neither of them looked their 28 years. Gina was surprised at how little Rachel had changed. She still had the blond permed hair and her athletic but trim figure, and Gina was sure she still was that very polite kind and rather sweet girl.

Rachel herself was impressed at how Gina looked, tall thin and straight, with a fresh face. She’d only met Gina a handful of times; one of those times being, of course, that fateful day when she was spanked, but she had liked Gina although Rachel suspected they were completely different types of person.

Rachel led Gina through to the front room, slightly embarrassed after recalling the spanking. Gina greeted Polly and the three women sat and chatted, Rachel thinking what a strange relationship Polly and Gina had; Gina’s mum in a lesbian relationship with Polly’s sister. Rachel had to stop herself laughing out loud at the thought of it.

Over coffee and biscuits, the conversation continued with them all agreeing that it was strange Rachel and Gina hadn’t bumped into each other at least once in the last ten years, given how they only lived a few miles apart. The conversation turned to relationships, with Rachel admitting she had found it hard since she broke up with Paul, and Gina saying she had gone out with guys but was now single and a confirmed lesbian. This didn’t come as a complete surprise to Rachel, who always suspected this about Gina when they were at school, and she also thought the Polly might be ‘the other way’, but what did it matter anyway?

‘This is 1995, not 1959,’ she thought, although she knew that lifestyle would never be for her.

After finishing her second cup of coffee, Gina took an envelope out of her handbag and gave it to Rachel, saying: “I think you should have this.”

Rachel opened it up and saw it was her report card from the day of the spanking. Opening the pages, she smiled as she read the charge as breaking rule 34 by speaking to a boy without permission and exposing her bottom, before reading the punishment as ‘ten bare bottom spanks’, and Mrs Piconici’s signature at the bottom along with Gina’s and the date.

A piece of paper fell out of the report card and Rachel picked it up. It was a copy of the letter she had to give her parents informing them of the misdemeanour and punishment. She read it, smiling. ‘Attempting to gain the affections of a young man by flashing her buttocks at him.’

No wonder her Mum was angry. As she put the letter back into the report card, she glanced at the date on the letter and then did a double take. 28/01/85. Wow! It couldn’t be. That’s ten years ago, to the day. Rachel told this to both Gina and Polly and they couldn’t believe it either, both of them looking at the letter to verify.

“Well, you’ve certainly dressed for the occasion,” stated a smiling Gina in reference to Rachel’s school gym kit attire.

Polly explained how she had asked Rachel to wear it and said that Rachel had even given her a twirl.

“Go on, Rachel, give me a twirl please,” asked a smiling Gina.

Rachel stood up and twirled energetically. The skirt lifted, giving Gina and Polly a split second view of her gym knickers. By the time Rachel stopped and subconsciously put her hands on her skirt as she sat down, she was starting to feel a little sexy for the first time in months. Rachel thought Gina had tried to look up her skirt a couple of times, and the twirl was definitely a tease. Rachel was aroused enough now to want to keep this gentle flirting going; she was enjoying teasing Gina.

Rachel stood up and looked out of the window. It was now overcast and cold; the first signs of dusk had already come and she guessed it was now or never.

She turned back to the sofa and said: “Girls, I’ve got an idea. It’s exactly ten years ago today that I was wearing this. The school is only a couple of minutes away by car. Let’s do a re-enactment.”

The suggestion caught Gina and Polly by surprise, but they both instantly agreed. A few minutes later, they hurriedly got into Gina’s car.

Gina started the car, saying cheerfully: “This is mad.”

Polly laughed and nodded in agreement. They made it to Pepys school five minutes later and parked next to the school entrance, where Rachel had exited the school that infamous day. The wide road, lined with trees and large houses, was empty. It was now very cold and almost dusk, so the chances of coming across anyone were fairly low.

Rachel said: “Ok, we will run up Beatty Road, through the park, to the dual carriage way, and back again. That won’t take long.”

But it would be enough for Rachel to relive the event and perhaps exorcise the demons.

“Cool,” replied Gina, with Polly offering to stay in the car.

Rachel got out of the car and looked around. Most of the houses had their curtains drawn and the jog would only take less than five minutes. With the light fading, she felt she would never get a better time to do this. Gina got out and joined her. They both nodded to each other in tacit agreement to start, and Rachel prepared to start jogging.

Gina raised her hand in a ‘stop’ gesture and said: “Take your skirt off!”

Rachel couldn’t believe it and was almost going to refuse, but then remembered exactly ten years ago she had decided not to wear one. Rachel instantly liked the way Gina had told her, not asked her, to take it off.

Not wanting Gina to have to say it again, Rachel quickly replied: “Yes Miss,” as she stepped out of the skirt, putting it on the back seat of the car. Now skirt-less, Rachel felt vulnerable and sexy; the dynamic had changed after Rachel had addressed her as ‘Miss’ in a serious tone. The track-suited Gina was in charge.

They began their jog up the gradient of Beatty Road in silence, Rachel wondering what Polly in the car was thinking. Rachel felt so exposed and vulnerable that she had to pinch herself to believe they actually sometimes made the girls run in gear like this. After a two minute jog, they came to the place where the then prefect Gina stood and watched Rachel pass ten years ago.

Passing this landmark, they both smiled at each other and Rachel playfully said: “You’re not going to put me on report again, are you Miss?”

“I’ve got nothing to put you on report for yet, Hampton,” replied Gina, who was absolutely loving Rachel being submissive.

They turned off the road and into the wooded park, keeping on the tarmacked path as they continued to the dual carriageway. They reached the dual carriageway a minute later but stayed next to the bushes to avoid being seen by the speeding cars, and then turned around ready for the three or so minute jog back to the car.

As they started on their way back, they could see the figure of a twenty or so year old girl dressed all in black walking a small white dog. As they got nearer, they could see her smile at the sight of Rachel’s exposed legs.

As they passed the girl, Rachel stopped and, turning over her shoulder, shouted: “Miss.”

The girl stopped and looked back. A second later, Rachel pulled both pairs of knickers down and mooned at her. The girl was shocked, and then shook her head before bursting out laughing and continuing her walk. As Rachel pulled her knickers back up, she noticed a small post at the side of the path and, looking down, see could see the join where two pieces of tarmac game together. This was the exact spot where, ten years earlier, the lads had lowered her to the ground after carrying her over the then un-tarmacked mud.

Rachel’s heart was racing as the adrenaline coursed through her body. This was the most exciting day she had had for years.

As they continued the jog back to the car, Gina turned her head and said in a serious tone: “Right, Hampton, you’re on report for that!”

“Yes Miss,” replied Rachel with fake despondency which couldn’t mask her excitement and anticipation of what could lay ahead.

They picked up speed on the downhill section and made it back to the car, the girl the only person they had seen on the run. Gina relayed the events to Polly who shook her head in mock disapproval, and the remainder of the journey took place in silence.

They arrived back at Rachel’s house in minutes, and Rachel wondered if and how this school type role play would continue. Despite being nervous and a bit embarrassed, she most definitely wanted it to continue.

They went back into the front room and, before anyone sat down, Gina said: “So, Hampton, it seems you haven’t learnt your lesson from ten years ago, have you?” her voice giving no indication that she was playing.

“No Miss,” said Rachel nearly believing she was being genuinely chastised.

Gina looked at Polly and then at Rachel saying: “Well, it appears to me you need another spanking to try and put you back on the right track.”

“Yes Miss,” replied Rachel who noticed how seriously Polly seemed to be taking this.

“Take your gym knickers and your blue knickers off!”

Rachel almost gasped. Until now, this whole day didn’t seem real. What she was being asked to do now was very real. She paused. Her heart was telling her to do it, her brain was telling her to do it, and two seconds later her fingers pulled at her waist line as she took her knickers off and put them on the coffee table. Gina came over and held her right hand.

Seconds later, Polly held her left hand and said: “Bedroom.”

“Yes Miss,” came Rachel’s reply as the three of them walked towards the stairs.

Rachel was by now being blown away by how good it was, having two women in charge of her that were shortly going to give Rachel and her bottom the time of their lives. As they climbed the stairs, Rachel thought it funny she still had her jumper on, but on second thoughts her bum was the offender not anywhere else.

They helped Rachel gently up the stairs and Rachel felt secure, happy and desired. Rachel led them to her bedroom where she was as told to lay face down on the double bed. Polly moved up to the head of the bed and Rachel was instructed to edge down so Polly had enough room to sit at the headboard of the bed, just in front of Rachel’s head. Polly started stroking Rachel’s light brown permed hair before holding each hand and she unexpectedly kissed Rachel’s forehead. All thoughts of embarrassment about having to meet Polly at work had gone; it had gone too far now for that.

Rachel tried to inch forward to kiss Polly but couldn’t, because Gina was removing her trainers and socks. Polly unlocked her hands and bent down, kissing Rachel on the lips. The exchange last three of four seconds before Polly pulled away and re-locked fingers with Rachel again.

As Rachel was writhing slighting in frustration of her uncompleted kiss, Polly softly said: “Calm down, good girl; calm down, good girl,” with the mannerism of someone comforting a child or dog in their care.

Rachel could feel she was no longer wearing socks or trainers as Gina hands gently stroked her buttocks before starting very light slaps, alternating between each buttock. Rachel wanted to explode, this was so divine.

After a minute or so Gina said: “I’ve warmed you up enough, Rachel. Now I will commence my ten spanks as punishment.”

“Yes Miss,” replied Rachel instantly.

WHACK! The first spank hit across both of Rachel’s buttocks and was more of a surprise than anything, and Rachel took a deep breath, tightly gripping hold of Polly’s hands.

WHACK! The second spank again hit across both of Rachel’s buttocks, this time slightly harder.

Rachel let out an: “Arggg!” exhaled into the pillow and said: “Miss.”

Polly, continuing to hold Rachel’s hand, leant forward and asked: “Are you ok honey?” genuinely concerned.

“Yes Miss,” replied Rachel, grateful for Polly’s concern, and then added: “Thank you.”

Gina placed her hand on Rachel’s left buttock and gently ran her index finger down it, admiring Rachel firm buttocks that she had last seen ten years ago. Gina then quickly raised her hand. It crashed down hard with a WHACK! on Rachel’s right buttock.

“Arrgghh! God Miss, please,” cried Rachel.

Gina smiled and replied: “You must learn your lesson, young lady. You have such a nice bottom that you must stop flashing it to anyone other than your Miss.”

“Yes Miss, sorry for being a bad girl, Miss,” came Rachel honest reply. She was absolutely loving the thrill of being punished and exposing her bare bottom to another woman again.

Gina moved her hand to Rachel’s right buttock and ran her index finger down it. Rachel swallowed and closed her eyes in anticipation of the delightful sting. She didn’t have to wait long as Gina’s hand hit hard across her left buttock and Rachel gritted her teeth and pushed her head into the pillow. Polly released her hand and Rachel lazily opened her eyes. Rachel smiled at the pear in Polly’s hand, which was now lowered next to Rachel’s mouth.

“Take a bite. Miss wants you to be a healthy girl,” said Polly.

Without a word, Rachel leaned forward and took a bite. Just as she started chewing another WHACK! crashed down on both cheeks, this time slightly lower than the previous smacks, and the hardest yet.

“Aggggghhhhh!!” She managed to cry with a mouthful of fruit as she tensed her buttocks in an effort to dissipate the pain.

Polly then offered the pear and Rachel took another bite. Gina pinched Rachel’s right buttock and SLAPPED her left buttock, the two sensations momentarily confusing her, but they were lighter than before and Rachel was grateful for that.

Without any further words, Rachel’s left buttock was SLAPPED again, lighter than the previously heavier spanks. Polly then offered the pear again and Rachel took a bite. Polly also took a bite, left the core on the side table and again locked fingers with Rachel.

“Why are you feeding her pears?” Gina asked Polly.

She replied: “Oh, I had one earlier and it was delicious,” then added: “Got to keep this girl healthy.”

Gina laughed and Rachel picked up on the fact this was a conversation about her, in her presence, but it didn’t include her input at all; a sure sign her new status, at least in this bedroom anyway, was recognised maybe even subconsciously by Gina and Polly.

Gina raised her hand and WHACKED it across all of Rachel’s lower bum.

Rachel cried: “Arrrgghhhh!!” as Polly held their interlocking hands tight. Polly leaned down and gently kissed Rachel’s forehead.

Rachel looked at Polly and said: “Thank you Miss,” very softly.

Just as she said this, Gina pinched Rachel’s left buttock before her hand crashed down on Rachel’s right buttock with a SLAP.

“Arggghhh! Arrggghh! Aarrgggh! Fucking hell, Miss,” Rachel said between gritted teeth, uncharacteristically swearing.

Polly said: “Don’t say words like that, Rachel, or your Miss will have to do this all again.”

“Yes Miss, sorry Miss,” Rachel responded. She was getting into this so much, her subconscious mind already now processing this as real. It was such a bizarre situation and one she couldn’t have dream of when she woke up that morning.

“Can I have a go?” said Polly.

Rachel looked up, smiled, and was just to give her approval when Gina spoke.

“Yes of course.”

Rachel was stunned that she wasn’t the person being asked, but found it very erotic that Gina actually had become her ‘Mistress’, well, during this roleplay anyway.

Polly and Gina swapped places and now it was Gina who stroked her hair and interlocked fingers. Gina unlocked her fingers and kissed Rachel. She couldn’t resist it even though it was meant to be a punishment as they held hands.

Gina offered reassurance by saying: “Good girl, good girl.”

Rachel looked up and smiled at Gina. Rachel hadn’t felt this happy in years and neither had Gina, who returned her smile. Rachel felt Polly’s hands on each of her buttocks, knowing she couldn’t resist a bum feel, then suddenly Polly’s hand THUDDED both of Rachel buttocks really hard.

Rachel squeezed Gina’s hand and closed her eyes as she let the pain subside.

“Please Miss, I can’t take much more of this,” she said to both of them.

“This is nothing. The last one’s going to really hurt!” stated Polly.

Rachel closed her eyes, she had had enough now.

Gina said: “You’re not going to flash your bum anymore, Hampton, are you?”

“No Miss, I’m not. I’ve learnt my lesson.”

“Good! I don’t want to be having to do this ten years later again,” replied Gina in a slightly schoolmistress type voice.

The tenth and final SLAP across both buttocks was light and playful, and Polly then put both her hands on Rachel’s bum before laughing and giving each buttock a playful pinch. Rachel closed her eyes, thankful that the promised last hand spank wasn’t hard.

“That’s it done,” said Gina, and they all stayed still for a couple of minutes just trying to take in what they had happened and trying to come down from the almost orgasmic high they had experienced.

Polly announced she would have to leave to pick her daughter up. They all got up and walked downstairs and said their farewell to Polly who said it had been a fantastic afternoon and that Rachel had been such a good sport. It was testimony to how good the spanking and roleplay session was that it was only after she had left that Rachel realised she was only wearing a jumper.

Before Rachel could think any further about what had just happened, Gina said: “Right, young lady, some aftercare is required for you.”

Gina offered her hand and Rachel took it as Gina led the way back into the bedroom.

“Face down on the bed,” Gina commanded.

“Yes Miss,” said Rachel, hoping to continue the roleplay further.

Gina got out the after spanking cream and explained to Rachel what would happen. Few words were spoken and for the next twenty minutes Gina’s fingers gently caressed every inch of Rachel’s slightly red buttocks, Rachel closing her eyes in ecstasy. She had never got anywhere near this when she was with Paul for all those years.

After the gently bum massage ended, Gina asked: “Can I lay next to you?”

Rachel came out of her trance and replied to the question which had caught her by surprise. “Yes, yes of course.”

Gina faced Rachel and they kissed and held each other for the next hour, Gina asking for Rachel confirmation that she was fine about everything that had taken place. Rachel laughed and replied that this had topped everything she had done, ever. Gina now had to leave due to a family party, but asked if she could ring Rachel tomorrow to talk, which of course was fine. They kissed and held each other for probably more than was appropriate for friendship, but it is was more than that now, at least for today. They said goodbye, both not sure if this would ever happen again.

After Gina had left, what had happened started to seem unreal to Rachel, who started asking herself questions. Of course it had happened, and she had loved it, but would Gina and Polly ever want to do it again? How did it start? Did I want to start it? Was it Gina who wanted to start it? What if I had never suggested going on the run? What if I had never agreed to wear the gym kit for Polly? What if Gina was out when Polly called her? What if I had refused to take my skirt off? What if I had never flashed my bum to that girl? What if I had kept my knickers on when Gina had told me to take them off? What if I had never called Gina ‘Miss’?

It didn’t matter now anyway, thought Rachel as she made some tea and sat down with her bare bum on the sofa to watch Match of the Day. She put her feet up on the coffee table and noticed the pairs of knickers flung down all those hours ago. ‘Those gym knickers have caused me so much trouble,’ thought Rachel. ‘I might have to have a ceremonial gym knicker burning in the garden tomorrow,’ she laughed and then admitted those gym knickers had also brought her some fun times.

She picked up the remote control and switched on to ‘Match of the Day’. Several football matches had been postponed due to the bad weather so the late film came on earlier, the announcer saying: “And now it’s back ten years to 1985 with the classic ‘Back to the Future’ starring Michael J Fox.”

Rachel smiled now, almost sadly. An incident from 1985 had brought today but, unlike the film, would there be a future for the things that had happened today?

‘I’m probably overthinking this. I’m going to bed,’ she decided as she took the last mouthful of tea.  As she climbed the stairs, she thought: ‘Well, this time I hope mum won’t be getting a letter about today,’ the thought of it making her giggle almost uncontrollably. She brushed her teeth and took her jumper, t-shirt and bra off. For the first time in ages, she went to bed naked.

For the first time in a long time, Rachel had a deep refreshing sleep and woke with a feeling of positivity lacking in recent years. She put her hands to her buttocks and couldn’t feel any pain. However, the act of touching her buttocks instantly rekindled the erotic feelings of the roleplay and spanking. After breakfast and a shower, Rachel decided that she would have to do some of the jobs put off from yesterday.

She looked at her jeans and cardigan, but couldn’t resist putting her PE kit back on, this time with the skirt. The skirt was missing, and after a two minute search she remembered she had left it in Gina’s car. She really did hope Gina would call and she decided that she would call her Mum later.

Rachel started her tasks, but couldn’t get the spanking off her mind, or the fact that she had started to feel like she would die if she wasn’t spanked again soon. By mid-afternoon, Gina hadn’t called and it looked like yesterday was a bit of a one-off; it felt so good and special, but obviously not to Gina. Rachel was almost getting tearful thinking about it. Then Rachel heard a call pull up and a door close. Rachel looked out of the front window and, ten seconds later, Gina appeared walking up the front path with a bunch of flowers.

Instantly, Rachel felt so much better and she couldn’t suppress the broadest grin she had ever had. The doorbell rang and Rachel opened the door. Gina hugged Rachel as soon as she entered the porch and Rachel kissed Gina on the cheek.

“You couldn’t resist!” Gina said, looking at the PE kit.

“No, I couldn’t,” replied Rachel honestly.

“Well, here’s your skirt,” Gina said, offering the item of clothing to Rachel.

“Thanks,” said Rachel as she stepped into and put it on. Gina offered the flowers and Rachel accepted them with delight.

After a coffee, they both sat down and Gina said: “I hope you don’t mind me dropping in on you like this but there are a couple of things I need to say.”

Rachel guessed this was the bad news bit. The ‘what a great time we had yesterday but I think that’s where we should leave it’.

Gina continued: “Firstly, I owe you a big apology from school which I intended to give you before I left school but never got the chance.”

Rachel could tell Gina was getting quite emotional as she continued. “I always used to think you were quite, sort of snooty and posh and when I saw you break the rules and talk to the lads I grabbed my chance to punish you, but before I got a chance to pull you up for that, you also had the misfortune with those knickers.”

Both Gina and Rachel were glancing at very same pair being worn by Rachel now.

Gina sighed and continued: “I should never have pulled you up for that either. It was a totally accident and, to be honest, I loved the bum flash, and by putting you on report there and then knew, I would probably get the chance to see the whole of your bare bum when you were spanked.”

Gina cleared her throat and continued: “Of course, I loved watching Mrs Piconici spank you, but by the time she had finished I realised what a nice, sweet girl you were and I went home in tears that night thinking about what I had done to you.”

By now Rachel was very close to tears.

“Oh god, Gina, it’s ok. Please don’t make me cry.”

Gina looked relieved but still close to tears. “So, do you forgive me?”

Rachel laughed. “Of course I do, I never held it against you in the first place. In fact, I always like you, Gina. You seemed cool to me.”

Gina managed to smile and said: “Friends?”

Rachel smiled back and said: “Yes, friends,” which then prompted Gina to come to the second thing she needed to tell Rachel.

“Rachel, I really hope you don’t me asking this, and I will only ever ask it once, but…” Gina’s voice trailed off.

Rachel looked at Gina, tacitly asking her to continue.

“Would you ever consider going out with me?”

After yesterday, Rachel was half expecting this, and, if she was honest with herself, she really hoped Gina would ask. After years of singleton boredom and the fact she liked Gina and what she did, Rachel had already made the decision.

“If you’re asking me out on a date, then of course, Gina.”

They stood up, kissed and cuddled, tears coming from both of them. By now they were on the sofa in each other’s arms.

“There is one more thing,” added Gina, trying to get the right moment.

“Ok,” said Rachel matter-of-factly.

“Did you like what you called me yesterday?” asked Gina.

Rachel sniggered. “Yes, very much so.” When Gina looked at her, she added: “Miss.”

Gina smiled and said: “I loved that dynamic. I guess I want to be your girlfriend and Mistress.”

Rachel almost purred. “Mmm, yes, so do I.”

After an hour of more hugs, kisses and tears on the sofa, Gina and Rachel both stood up and looked at each other, eye to eye.

“Take your skirt off,” commanded Gina.

“Yes Miss,” replied a beaming Rachel.

“Knickers!” demanded Gina.

“Yes Miss,” Rachel replied, quickly debriefing herself before putting them on the coffee table.

Gina held her hand out and Rachel took it, walking just in front of her girlfriend to the stairs. Half way up the stairs Rachel came to an abrupt stop and reached for her waist line, the yellow jumper was pulled off quickly followed by the yellow collared t-shirt. Gina was standing a few steps below and her face was directly in line with Rachel’s bum.

‘What a fantastic pair of shapely legs, and her toned athletic bum is heavenly, and all mine,’ Gina mused, smiling.

Just as Rachel’s hands were going behind her back, Gina commanded: “Stop.”

Gina then moved up one step and gently undid Rachel’s bra, releasing her small firm breasts.

“Thank you, Mistress,” replied Rachel softly as she threw the bra on the stairs.

As they reached the second floor landing, Gina placed her hands on Rachel’s hips and said: “On the bed on your back.”

“Yes Miss,” replied Rachel as she got in position as demanded by Gina.

As Rachel lay back on the bed she lifted her legs up so they rested on Gina’s shoulders, Rachel finding the position very erotic.

‘How’s she going to spank me like this?’ thought Rachel.

Then all of a sudden the answer phone came on: “You have two new messages, message one. Oh hi Rachel, it’s Mum just making sure you’re alright. Melanie called last night and sends her love. Make sure you turn the central heating up, it’s so cold and I don’t want you walking half naked around that house of yours. Speak later bye.”

Gina then reached down and each hand grabbed one of Rachel divine pieces of fleshy bum and squeezed, then said: “Mrs Hampton, I don’t think your daughter is half naked, she’s butt naked.”

Rachel and Gina both broke into uncontrolled laughter, Rachel then thinking the more serious thought of: ‘How do I tell Mum I have a girlfriend?’

Gina took Rachel’s legs off her shoulders and said: “Turn over.”

“Yes Miss,” replied Rachel, who complied immediately, smiling.

“Message Two, Oh hi Rachel it’s James. Thanks for the call and I’m really pleased you enjoyed lunch. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I went trekking in India on the spur of the moment with a couple of friends. Yes, would be great to go out for lunch, or, erm, perhaps a drink in the evening sometime. Let me know what you think. Cheers, James. Messages complete.”

There was an embarrassing silence for a couple of seconds before; WHACK! Gina spanked Rachel’s bum completely by surprise.

“Tell him you have a girlfriend now,” said Gina, a little jealously.

“Yes Miss, I will,” replied Rachel honestly, but in that moment Rachel mourned the fact that she would never find out how it would have gone with James and the fact that she could never be a mother to her own children in this relationship with Gina. Rachel closed her eyes and told herself to forget about it. Little did she know that she would in fact marry James and be the devoted mother to their two children, but that was ten years later.

The End

© Katie Hammond 2018