Tania’s Dream Spanking

Is a teacher being manipulated?

By Douglas Ramsey

Tania Thompson thanked her Housemaster before leaving his office, closing the door quietly behind her. She had spent the last ten minutes or so draped across Mr Peterson’s lap with her skirt over her head and her knickers around her ankles. He had given her bottom and the top of her legs a thorough spanking. Not one square millimetre of her rear end had avoided his expert attention. Her bum was aglow.

As she wandered back to her dorm it suddenly dawned upon her that her behind didn’t really sting and the spanking hadn’t hurt that much. Instead it had been a bottom warming applied with thoroughness and pin-point precision.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed, nervously looking around to see if anyone had heard. She had enjoyed the spanking – she had enjoyed it very much. It had been an extremely erotic experience lying across his lap with her bare bum exposed. What’s more she felt as hot as she had ever felt; it had really turned her on. Shame she wasn’t seeing her boyfriend that evening as he would have had the time of his life.

Back at her room she found her best friend Kate Brooks, with whom she shared, lying on her bed engrossed in a French book. Kate casually glanced towards her and said: “Hi,” immediately returning to her reading. A moment later she looked again at Tania. “Wow, you look fabulous! Your cheeks look lovely, you look so healthy. Anything happened?”

Tania laughed. “Actually my other two cheeks are a pleasant shade of pink too. I have just spent ten minutes bare bummed across Peterson’s lap. And it was great!”

“What! You enjoyed it?” Kate looked and sounded surprised.

“You know, I don’t think he tried to punish me or hurt me in any way. I am sure he tried to warm my bottom and excite me and I must say he succeeded. Come to think of it I’m sure that he was pretty excited too – I think I felt a growing bulge in his trousers as I lay across his lap.” Tania giggled.

“I’m not surprised,” said Kate. “It would be any man’s dream to spank a gorgeous eighteen year old girl on her bare behind. Wow, even I would find it exciting!” Both were in fits of laughter by now.

“Kate, I am so hot, any chance you could do me with the strap-on?”

“Of course, my dear, as long as you do me afterwards.”


An hour or so later they lay naked on Tania’s bed, exhausted from their activities. They felt fabulous.

“Kate, I am going to try for another spanking before we leave school in a couple of weeks. What do you think?”

“Go for it, if it turns you on so much. I’ll just wait here and enjoy the sex afterwards.” Kate looked as if she meant every word. “I never asked, what did you do to deserve today’s pleasure?”

“I just forgot to hand my classwork in twice running. I can’t do that again so I’ll need a new reason for him to spank me – I’ll think of something.”

* * * * *

A couple of days later, as the class left an English lesson, the English Mistress asked Tania to remain behind for a moment. “Tania, you never stopped talking throughout the lesson. Take this note to Mr Peterson at 7 pm this evening; I am sure he will know what to do.”

“Yes Miss.” Tania feigned a look of despondency but inside she was nervously excited that her plan to earn another spanking had worked.

At 7 pm sharp Tania knocked on Mr Peterson’s door then entered when invited to do so. “Ah Tania, you again!’ What is it this time?” Mr Peterson smiled.

“Sir, I was asked to give you this.”

Mr Peterson opened the envelope and read the note inside. The smile disappeared from his face. “Do you know what this says, Tania?”

“Not really Sir, but I admit that I was a bit chatty in class today.”

“It asks me to give you a spanking, Tania, and I have to agree. Shall we get on with it? I think you know what to do.” Mr Peterson sat on the chair in front of his desk and patted his lap.

“Do you mind if I slip my skirt off Sir? I found it awkward when you spanked me a few days ago?”

“If you wish.”

Without ado, Tania reached to the side of her skirt and undid the zip, letting the skirt fall to the floor. She stepped out of it, bent down and picked it up before carefully folding it and placing it on his desk. She was deliberately taking her time and moving in a most provocative way. Without being asked she slipped off her knickers and placed those too on his desk.

Mr Peterson looked somewhat surprised but said nothing, again tapping his lap. Slowly Tania took up the position, ensuring that her beautiful bottom offered an enticing target for him. She waited, but she didn’t have to wait long. The spanking started slowly then gathered speed and rhythm. He was working his way up and down her rear then from side to side. Nowhere was being missed. Now it was the top of her legs. It hurt a bit more there but nothing to worry about.

Her bottom became warmer and warmer as the spanking continued relentlessly. Tania had lost track of time but surely she had been across his lap for at least ten minutes. She could feel a bulge growing in his trousers – gosh, he felt big. Still the spanking went on and on. She was aglow inside and out then, oh no, she couldn’t stop herself, a feeling of release and ecstasy flooded through her body. Then again, and again… her body shook with the strength of the feeling.

Mr Peterson stopped spanking but held her firmly in place across his lap. “Did what I think just happened happen?”

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir.”

“No problem, Tania. Your spanking is over now. You may get up.”

As Tania slowly rose from his lap she clumsily, but quite intentionally, placed her hand on his lap – there certainly was a bulge there and it felt enormous. She blushed. “Sorry Sir, but spanking me seems to have excited you too.”

“It is difficult not to be excited spanking a beautiful bottom like yours.”

Without saying a word Tania turned and bent forward across his desk, offering herself to him. She gasped as he entered her…

* * * * *

Kate was waiting for her back in their room. “Well what happened?” She asked excitedly.

Tania told her exactly what had taken place without leaving out one detail. “Kate, he felt enormous inside me. He was so expert he brought me to orgasm after orgasm before he took his own pleasure. Not like my boyfriend who just enjoys himself!”

“Tell me about it,” said Kate. “My boyfriend is just the same. Are you too tired or can you handle some more with me?”

“Of course I can but maybe I’ll do you first this time, OK?”

Some time later they lay cuddling each other. “Tania, would you mind if I engineered a spanking from Peterson?”

“Of course, go for it. I’ll wait here for a change.”

They went to sleep.

* * * * *

The next day Kate was handed a note at the end of the French lesson. She had ensured that her homework was deliberately sub-standard. She was perplexed as to why the French Master had asked her to meet Mr Peterson in the gym at 7 pm and not his study but, no problem, she would be there.

At 7 pm Kate wandered into the gym, full of anticipation. She was shocked to see Mr Peterson standing by the vaulting horse holding a long cane. She walked towards him and gave him the note. He looked very stern faced as he read. Kate was terrified – this wasn’t meant to happen.

“Kate, you’re a clever girl. Next year you will be at university studying French literature and you must be very self-disciplined to do well. This work is simply not good enough and I am going to ensure that your work improves. Strip then jump up on the vaulting horse and hold onto the handles on the far side. I suggest that you hold on tight as I am going to cane you as hard as I can.”

Kate looked at him in disbelief; she was in a state of shock. “But Sir you just spanked Tania across your knee!”

“What? I haven’t disciplined Tania for a couple of years and then it was the cane. I always use the cane. Now get ready.”

He sounded very cross. Kate slowly dropped her skirt then took off her panties. She hesitated before getting onto the vaulting horse when Mr Peterson shouted: “I said strip, blouse and bra too! Off with them.”

This was a nightmare. Surely this wasn’t happening, but Kate did as she was told. Kate was a stunning young lady, a picture of beauty standing there fully naked, a sight noticed by Mr Peterson. He used the cane to indicate that she should assume the position for her beating.

“I will administer six strokes to your bare behind. I will take a ten pace run up before applying each stroke. If you try to stop me or get up from the position I will strap you in position and double your punishment. Do you understand?”

Kate’s head was in a spin. “Do you understand?” He repeated.

“Yes Sir,” said Kate meekly. She had to jump to get onto the horse then stretch to grasp the handles on the far side. She clung on to them with all her might.

‘Oh my god, he is wearing hard sole shoes.’ She listened as he walked slowly to the start of his run. This was torture not punishment. She waited, then, one step, two, he was running now! Swooooosh, craaaaack! The cane cut across the centre of her behind. “AAAAAAAAArgh,” she had never felt such pain.

He was slowly walking back again. Here he comes, oh god no, whoooosh, craaaack! “Yeeeeeow.” Kate could hardly control herself. She had been caned before but this was something else.

He was on his way again. This time he missed and the cane slashed across the middle of her thighs. She screamed in agony and sobbed uncontrollably.

She heard him walk back to prepare for the next stroke. This was too much. She let go of the handles, jumped down from the vaulting horse and fled from the gym. She ran, fully naked, through the school corridors, across the grounds to her room. It was odd that nobody was around – not a soul.

As she ran she remembered what Mr Peterson had said – he had not spanked Tania recently, so what was going on? She found Tania asleep in bed. Angrily she shook her. “Tania, Tania,” she yelled.

* * * * *

“Tania, Tania, its breakfast time. Get a move on.”

Tania slowly opened her eyes to find Kate peering down at her. “Kate, are you alright? That was a terrible caning you just had, let me comfort you?”

Kate looked at her in bewilderment, “What! What are you talking about? I haven’t been caned! It’s time for breakfast. We had better go otherwise we will be in trouble.”

Tania blinked looking back at Kate in astonishment. “Mr Peterson spanked me and we had wonderful sex, then he beat you mercilessly.”

“Who’s Mr Peterson?”

“He’s our Housemast… Oh no, we have a Housemistress don’t we?”

“Yes sweetheart, we do!”

“God, it must have been all a dream – it was so real. Do we have a strap-on?”

“What? No we don’t, but we could always get one.” Kate laughed. “Now come on, let’s go to breakfast and you can tell me all about it, and don’t leave out anything!”

The End