The third part of the Griswald Academy trilogy

Jim Welch

I thought that I had completed my story line about the Griswald Academy but as fate would have it there is another chapter. I do not particularly care for the circumstances of this part of the story but I feel as though it must be told in order to put the whole thing to rest.

I (Thomas Jefferies) am the disciplinarian of the Griswald Academy and was hired by Anna Griswald the executive director and owner of the establishment five years ago to take care of a growing discipline problem that had become the school. I have totally fulfilled that obligation and still have another 5 years on my contract but with an out clause if I decide to take it. Well as stated earlier fate intervened.

John and Anna Griswald are not your typical rich people. They have nothing but compassion, care, and a true desire for the well being of all the people they encounter. John is a prominent tax and real estate attorney who has handled cases for the rich and famous as well as the destitute, all with the same integrity and concern for the well being of his client. He is the exact opposite of what is perceived to be an attorney as he is honest and has ethics and integrity as well as a tremendous working knowledge of the tax laws of not only the United States but a lot of Foreign countries as well. He knows the loopholes but will not allow his clients to use the ones that may border on unethical or just not right even though they are legal. Anna is equally adept and has the same moral values and integrity as her husband. They are also a rare couple as the openly express their love and passion for each other even in public but are not at all vulgar. They are more like starry eyed teenagers who have just discovered love for the first time. John has confided in me that Anna is a very sexual woman and pleases him immensely and he the same for her. They do not do the party scene nor have either ever strayed from their vows as their love is as strong today as it was when they married. And after having had the occasion of applying the cane to Anna earlier this year I can say without a doubt that she is all woman and even at the age of 48 she has the body of a woman in her early thirties as she works out regularly and watches what she eats. She does dress conservative and has a smile that can light up the darkest room.

This all being said it is with a great deal of sadness that I have to say that this storybook romance may have come to an untimely end. About a week before the Chrismas holiday season as John was driving to a meeting across town, he was broadsided on the driver’s side by a drunk driver who ran a redlight. John suffered major injuries and is paralyzed from the neck down. He was in a coma for 2 months and has since regained some of his ability to speak but remains in a bad way. There is speculation that with enough time he may recover some of his movement but how much is simply not known. Anna has been at his side constantly since the accident and has not appeared at the school for 5 months. She did summon me to the hospital where John is still a patient and upon my arrival I was totally surprised to see that she is in good spirits and still has that amazing smile. John was also in good spirits and allowed how he was going to make a complete recovery regardless of how long it takes.

Anna wished to present me with legal papers that made me the sole proprietor of the Griswald Academy, which I was very reluctant to accept. She indicated that the recovery period could take several years or just a few months and she wanted the school to be in good hands. John also conveyed the same feelings regarding the school and I was and still am very humbled that they would make such a gesture to such an undeserving person as me. I informed them that I would reluctantly accept but only until John recovered enough for her to return to her place as rightful owner. They both said together that this was to be permanent and I could do whatever I wanted to with the school. Anna did say that upon John’s recovery and if she was not too old she would apply to work for me at the academy but it was my business now and neither would interfere in any way. The only thing they would do is provide financial backing to any endeavor I could not appropriate funds for.


So here I sit in my office as the sole owner of this place and the first thing I did was to close the wing that held the executive office of Anna Griswald. It will remain closed until such a time as she is back in her rightful place.


In the meantime right after receiving this gift I had the occasion to apply my form of discipline. The very next day I witnessed on video a horrible argument between Mrs. Pearce, (our Economics Instructor) and Aleshia Smith. Aleshia is an honors student with no disciplinary problems at all. I immediately summoned both of the ladies to my office to sort this out. It appeared to Mrs. Pearce that Aleshia had cheated on an exam. Given the fact that I have video and can easily check these things out I can attest to the fact that she did not cheat in any way. All Mrs. Pearce had to do before confronting her in front of the whole class was simply page me or stop by and check the video. She chose not to do that and the result was now she and the student are in trouble. Mrs. Pearce is in trouble for not checking and for bringing it up in open class and the student for not simply ignoring the accusation and after class checking for herself. I told Aleshia that arguing with her teacher was not acceptable regardless of the reason and that she had not made an adult decision. I gave her the option of immediate expulsion, 5 days suspension, or 12 strokes of the cane. I also gave her 10 minutes to decide which she would accept and dismissed her to the outer office while I dealt with Mrs. Pearce.


Mrs. Pearce immediately informed me that she was not ever going to be disciplined like a child as she was a grown woman and expected to be treated as such. I informed her that since she wished to engage in an argument in front of her class in a childish way then the treatment she received would be appropriate. I told her she had options. They were really simple, immediate termination, 10 days suspension without pay, 5000 dollar fine to be assessed on her next pay check or 18 strokes of the cane. I gave her 15 minutes to decide and had her wait in the outer office.


I summoned Aleshia back in and she told me that even though she did not think she was at fault in defending herself that she would take the suspension and have her parents seek a school elsewhere for her to finish out her education. I informed her that the fault assigned to her was not making a good decision and lashing back escalating the argument. She still disagreed so I told her to call her parents to come and pick her up . She would be welcomed back in 5 days if she changed her mind but all her classes would give her a zero on all of her assignments and that would dramatically alter her final gpa. She left the office to make her phone call.


I called Mrs. Pearce back in to get her decision and to my surprise she opted for the cane. She apologized to Aleshia as she was leaving and then to me upon coming into my office. She said she had acted like a child and there was no excuse. I told her that the caning would be on her bare bottom and she accepted and asked me what she needed to do. I explained the part about not letting go of the desk or rising before time and that we would start over at one if that occurred. I then instructed to her strip from her waist down and bend over the desk. While she was doing this I went to the cupboard where the canes were and took out the senior cane. Mrs. Pearce has a slightly larger bottom than Anna and it is not as firm. The first stroke I placed across the middle and I decided to make it a real stinger. She gasped but did not move but the cane did sink into the flesh as she is plumper than the students I cane. The second stroke was not as hard but was about an inch up from her thighs and she gave a little wail. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth strokes I gave in rapid succession and she wiggled her bottom to ease the sting and pain. I instructed her to remain still so she obeyed. I then gave her a pretty good stroke for number seven and she almost let go of the desk , and she did cry out. The tears began to flow on the next series of 8 through 14 as I waited about 10 seconds between each one and her bottom was like mass transit line of railroad tracks covering from the center to just above the thighs. She was crying immensely and calling me all kinds of names that I cannot mention here. I originally was not going to gate the last two but since she was calling me what she was I decided to gate them and make them the hardest yet. She did move one hand from the edge of the desk but immediately put it back on number 17 so I relented my aforementioned penalty of starting over and acted like I did not see it. Upon giving her the last one she cried and wailed and I knew it hurt and she began to stomp her left foot and really wiggle her bottom. I gave her a few seconds to calm down and then told her she could get dressed. She kicked off her panties from around her ankles and just replaced her skirt. She picked up her panties and put them in her purse. I told her she could use my private restroom to tidy up before she left my office. She accepted and five minutes later immerged looking refreshed but a little frazzled. She did not know how her husband was going to feel about this but she would deal with that. I told her she could go see the school nurse for first aid treatment and take the rest of the day off is she desired. She said thanks for the nurse but no thanks to taking the day off. It was her job to teach and she was going to do her job even if it meant standing the rest of the day today and tomorrow. I did inquire if she had put her panties back on as neither student or teacher is allowed to go without underwear on the school grounds. She gave me a funny look at my question but raised her skirt enough for me to see that she had indeed put them back on, to which I thanked her. She thanked me for allowing her to keep her job and apologized again and managed a smile as she left my office.


Thinking my task was done I was surprised to see that Aleshia was still in the outer office. She asked to speak with me so I summoned her in. She wondered if she could reconsider her options again and I said I did not know. I had never had a student wish to be caned after choosing suspension or expulsion. She said she did not call her parents and wished to remain in school and take her punishment. She realized that she had made a hasty decision and wanted to recant it if possible. I pondered for a few seconds and told her that she would have to take 18 strokes instead of 12. She gave a deep sigh but then said ok and asked what to do. I informed her that this would be bare bottomed and she replied that she knew that and had already taken her panties off and placed them in her purse. All she had to do was flip up her skirt. I told her to bend over the desk and gave the usual speech about letting go. I decided to use the smaller junior cane as it is more whippy and stings more since I was going to give her 18 strokes instead of 12. When I returned she was already bent over with her bottom exposed and waiting. She has a very firm and well developed bottom for a school girl of 17. I gave her a real stinger for the first stroke and it did not even solicit a moan or sound of any kind. I proceeded to give her 5 more rapidly and that too did not elicit a sound. Her bottom was covered with 6 very distinct tramlines and she had not even wiggled or made a sound. I gave her the next 6 with an interval of 10 seconds between each one and still not sound or movement. I figured maybe I should have used the senior cane. Number 13 was a real stinger about one half inch up from her thighs and still no movement or sound. I gave her the next 3 in a real flurry. I had decided not to gate the last two because this young lady was a real trooper. I had never had a student or teacher take a caning in absolute silence or with no movement at all. I did give the last two really hard but it made no difference. I waited a full minute after administering the last stroke before allowing her to rise. She stood up and her skirt fell down, she looked at me without so much as a slight tear and thanked me for allowing her to change her mind. I did have to inquire as to if I had any impact on her at all. She said she was in a tremendous amount of pain and that her bottom felt like it had been stung by a million bees and prodded with a hot iron, but that she deserved this punishment and was going to act like an adult since I insisted on treating her like one. I gave her the option of seeing the nurse and she thanked me for that. I did tell her she could not leave my office without putting her panties back on as that was against school rules for a student to not wear underwear. She took them from her purse and when she bent over to put them on and pull the up she burst into tears as the pain really got to her. I offered her my private restroom to compose herself and left her. I returned in 10 minutes as she immerged with a face freshly made up and a smile. She left and returned to her classes after a visit with the nurse , and will graduate in a couple weeks with honors.


The next day I did get some really good news as Anna called me and said that John had gotten some feeling back into his right hand and the doctors now thought that the paralysis is temporary and he could make a complete recovery in a year or two. I inquired when she would be returning to work and was informed that her new job was taking care of her husband and fulfilling all his needs and wants.


So here I am the reluctant owner and operator of the Griswald Academy and it will always bear that name and will be run in a manner that will make both of them proud.

The End


P.S. John, please hurry up and recover and send Anna back here where she belongs. THANK YOU