A girl bravely chooses to take responsibility for a broken window.

By Jo Green

It was a week before the end of another school year, back in 1967. The upper sixth form had left school, exams were over for the term, and spirits were high. Next Tuesday a coach would take the 35 lower 6th girls and 2 teachers to the seaside and the funfair there, and everyone was really looking forward to it.

Anna and four of her friends were playing with a hard rubber ball as school ended on Thursday afternoon, throwing and kicking it around the nearly empty sixth form playground behind the science block. Joanne threw the ball to Sally, who threw it to Beverly. She dropped it, and Sheila volleyed the ball back to Joanne, who caught it one-handed. Joanne tossed it to Anna who kicked it towards Michelle. Unfortunately, Michelle was only 5′ 2″ tall and the ball went sailing way above her head and her outstretched hand. Two seconds of silence was punctuated by a loud smash and the tinkling of glass.

“Scarper!” yelled Michelle, and the five girls disappeared in all directions, seeking cover behind the bushes before heading home.

Anna was worried all evening. She was normally the sensible one out of the group, so something like this was totally out of character for her, notwithstanding the accidental nature of the window being broken. That said, there were 2 foot high letters on the wall below the now broken window clearly stating, ‘No ball games to be played in this courtyard’. Surely someone must have seen them? She slept badly that night and met her friends in the playground the next morning. They stood scratching their heads. The window was perfectly intact and no broken glass could be found.

“I don’t understand,” said Michelle. “Surely, it can’t have been repaired so soon.”

“Presumably, someone has been out and fixed it because it would have been a security issue, and possibly dangerous,” said Anna as the bell for morning registration rang. “Let’s go and see if Mrs Bullock, our school headmistress, has anything to say on the matter.”

The girls filed into the sixth form common room and Mrs Worral took the register. The room was very spacious now the upper sixth had left, and the girls were well spread out. As the final name was being called out, the door swung open and Mrs Bullock stood menacingly.

“Now girls, before you go to your first class or study time, Mrs Bullock would like to have a word about an incident last evening,” Mrs Worral announced. She stood back, inviting Mrs Bullock to take her place.

“Thank you, Mrs Worral. Now girls, one of the windows of the science block was broken last evening with this.” She paused for effect, holding out a black, hard, solid rubber ball. “Needless to say, I take this very seriously indeed. There are two-foot-high words on the wall specifically precluding the playing of ball games to stop this very kind of event from happening. I think everyone in this room can read, so it is wilful ignorance of a clear instruction. The caretaker heard the noise and came out to investigate. He saw the window completely smashed and glass shards laying everywhere. One girl disappeared into a hedge near the south gate. Fortunately, there was no one about to be injured by the glass, and Mr Palmer, by sheer good fortune, had a suitable piece of glass which he cut to size and made a very tidy and speedy repair.” She paused again and looked at every girl in the room.

“I expect whichever of you was responsible to come forward. Not now, but to my office at 4.00 pm sharp this afternoon where we will discuss this further. Should no one own up, then you will all be punished. I will cancel the trip to the seaside next Tuesday. Now, get to your lessons.”  With that she turned on her heels and marched off towards her office.

The common room was silent. The five girls involved in the breaking of the window deliberately did not look at each other as they all filed out to classes. The following 75 minutes passed very, very slowly, especially for Anna who was ultimately responsible as she had kicked the ball last, though obviously they were all guilty of playing with the ball.

Finally, the bell rang and the girls filed out into the playground. Small groups discussed what the headmistress had said, and the 5 guilty looking girls gathered in a huddle in the corner.

“What are we going to do?” asked Michelle guiltily, as she had missed catching the ball last evening.

“I don’t know,” said Sheila. “We are all partially responsible. Perhaps we should all put our hands up and face the music. Whatever happens, we can’t let the trip be cancelled. It’s not fair to everyone else.”

“It was an accident, though,” Beverly said, full of trepidation.

“I’ll do it! It’s alright, I kicked the bloody thing,” said Anna glumly. “I’ve been worried all night about it,” she added.

“We can’t let you do that, Anna. That’s not fair!” Michelle exclaimed.

“Look, if we do nothing, the trip will be cancelled. Correct? If we all go to Bullock’s office, chances are we will all end up over her knee getting our backsides tanned, and that is if we are lucky. It could possibly be the slipper, or even the cane. I kicked the stupid ball, no one else. Yes, we were all there and playing, but I smashed the window at the end of the day,” Anna said dejectedly.

“We can’t let you, Anna. It’s not fair on you,” Joanne pitched in.

“Do you want a spanking, Joanne? Or maybe the slipper or the cane? Do you really? If we all go, I will get punished. If I go alone, I will be punished. What is the difference, for goodness sake? Either way, I get a sore bottom for the weekend. Are you honestly telling me you want to join me over old Bullocks knee or desk? Do you really?” Anna said, getting a little emotional.

“It just doesn’t seem fair on you, Anna,” Michelle countered.

“No, it probably isn’t, but there is no point in you four getting whacked for something I was mainly at fault for. I am going alone. If any of you are stupid enough to come as well, I can’t stop you. If you really want a good hiding, be my guest, but I strongly advise against it,” Anna told them.

The girls all looked sheepish, but agreed to allow Anna to face the headmistress alone. The bell rang and the next lessons began.

Anna’s day would otherwise have gone well. No homework was given out, the lessons were straightforward, but the day dragged and dragged as the clock very, very slowly passed 1.00 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm, and now was showing 3.50 pm. The final bell rang and the girls all filed out into the courtyard.

“Are you sure about this, Anna? Going in by yourself, I mean.” Michelle enquired again.

“Yes, Michelle, I am sure. But you four now owe me big time, and I mean big time, if I am to take the spanking for you all.” Anna spun on her heels and went back into the school.

Some of the other girls, who were still milling about outside, were astonished to see Anna go inside, clearly indicating she was the culprit.

Anna walked to Mrs Bullock’s office and was now wiping her sweaty hand repeatedly on the back of her short pleated school skirt, which hung at about mid-thigh height, as was the fashion at that time. As the clock in the corridor clicked over to 4.00 pm, Anna knocked on the heavy oak door.

“Enter!” came the call from inside the office.

Anna slowly opened the door, not for dramatic effect, but just out of fear of what was about to come.

“Anna, I am shocked to see you here. This is about the window, isn’t it?” Mrs Bullock was slightly flustered as Anna was one of the better behaved girls.

“Ye-yes, Miss,” stammered Anna. “I am so sorry, Miss. It was my fault,” she said, a little more strongly, trying to be convincing.

“Are you sure it was you and you alone, Anna? You are not protecting anyone else, are you?” Mrs Bullock could tell Anna was not telling the whole truth.

“Yes, Miss, it was just me. I was waiting for a friend who was just sorting something out with a teacher, and I started bouncing the rubber ball against the wall. A bird flew just over my head and distracted me and, well, you know the rest. The ball didn’t go where I intended. It smashed the glass, and I ran for it. My friend heard the sound and saw me running, so she left by the front entrance to avoid implicating me, Miss,” Anna explained, almost plausibly.

“Well Anna, I am not totally convinced. That said, you are here and no one else is. You are indeed a good friend if you are facing the music alone for others. At least you will all now get to go on the trip on Tuesday,” Mrs Bullock added.

“What, Miss, even me?” Anna said in slight disbelief.

“Of course. You won’t be punished twice for the same offence, unless there is something you are not telling the truth about, that is?” she pressed.

“No Miss, nothing,” Anna insisted.

Anna was pleased to be going on the trip with the others, but when the headmistress told her she wouldn’t be punished twice for the same offence, any hope of avoiding any punishment at all was lost.

“Very well, ” Mrs Bullock said, standing and coming out from behind her ample wooden desk. “This is the first time I have had to discipline you in your 6 years at this school, and I am sad to have to do so today. That said, you were doing something you shouldn’t do, and that was written in 2 foot high letters directly in front of you.

“It was an accident, of that I have no doubt whatsoever, but a totally avoidable one. Had it been one of your friends, Sheila or Joanne maybe, standing in front of me today, I would have been somewhat less surprised. Indeed, had it been one of those two, I would be reaching for this.”

Mrs Bullock held up a black gym shoe she had taken from a drawer in her desk.

“However, as this is your first offence, I will ask you to bend yourself across my lap and I shall spank your bottom with my hand. Don’t be fooled, I have had to smack naughty girls’ bottoms of all ages and sizes over the years, so don’t think this is a soft option.”

Mrs Bullock took hold of one of the carved wooden chairs from in front of her desk and moved it into the clear space next to where Anna was standing. She sat herself down on the chair and smoothed her tweed skirt, then turned her head and looked at Anna.

“Alright Anna, please bend yourself over across my lap,” Mrs Bullock instructed.

Anna had been spanked a few times at home, but this was usually a quick smack on her behind or the back of her legs whilst she was standing. Only twice had her mum put her through the indignity of being spanked over her knee, and both times had involved being pulled over against her will and without prior warning.

Now she was being told, asked almost, to position herself so her bottom would be in the correct position to be spanked. She didn’t know how long or how hard the spanking would be, yet she was expected to do this willingly. At least the other girls were not going to witness this, even though she would have presumably watched their bottoms being spanked in return.

Sensing the hesitation, Mrs Bullock gently took hold of Anna’s hand and eased her forwards across her lap and down into position. Once down, Anna braced herself for the inevitable pain of the first spank landing on her bottom. Before that happened, she experienced another sensation; that of the material of her skirt being lifted up and over her bottom and across her back where it was held in place by the headmistress’s left hand.

A second or so later, she then felt the warmth of the other hand on her bottom as Mrs Bullock smoothed and stretched her school regulation white panties across her bottom. Mrs Bullock did not as a rule get to spank many sixth form girls. The few she did have to punish usually got the slipper or the cane.

Satisfied all was in order, Mrs Bullock turned her head slightly and told Anna, “Hold tight, this is going to hurt!”

Anna suddenly felt her bottom go cooler as the headmistress’s hand lifted off, but a second later that all changed very much for the worse as the hand swung down and connected hard with Anna’s panties, which offered no protection other than to her modesty. Anna’s bottom, firm as it was, radiated ripples of flesh as the impact of the first spank worked their way out. Anna was literally stunned; the sharp pain numbing her senses completely. She did not even yelp or grunt.

The second spank landed on the other side of her bottom, and this time she did yelp quite sharply. A third spank landed, then a fourth. Anna was starting to squirm and Mrs Bullock used her strength to hold Anna firmly in place.

Unlike some teachers, Mrs Bullock got no pleasure out of spanking her pupils’ bottoms. Early in her career, she had been reprimanded for being too kind-hearted, but as headmistress it was part and parcel of the job, so she performed the role to the best of her professional abilities.

Soon Mrs Bullock had Anna sobbing quite openly, but the spanking continued. The distinctive red glow she had seen so many times before on countless other backsides was forming under and around Anna panties. After a few more moments, Mrs Bullock decided Anna had indeed learned her somewhat painful lesson and concluded the spanking with two firm blows in the centre of the girl’s buttocks.

Leaving her hand in place for a few seconds after the final spank had hit its mark, Mrs Bullock said in a soft, kind tone, “I hope that has taught you a valuable lesson, Anna. I do not enjoy punishing my young ladies, but there are times when no other option is available. You may stand up and make yourself respectable. Take your time, but you may leave as soon as you are ready to do so.”

Anna did not move, but lay forlornly across the headmistress’s lap sobbing.

“Come on, Anna, up you come. There’s a good girl. Dry your eyes. It’s all over, and now you have a wonderful trip on Tuesday to look forward to,” she urged.

Slowly, Anna stirred and, helped by the headmistress, regained her feet. Her skirt fell back over her white panties and aching bottom. Her tears finally stopped flowing, but her eyes were red and puffy.

“I am very sorry for my actions, Mrs Bullock. Thank you for sparing me the slipper.”

“Have a nice weekend and put this all behind you,” Mrs Bullock said kindly.

Anna left the office and started making her way to the school gates, subconsciously slipping her hands under her skirt and holding her sore bottom briefly before she realised what she was doing.

At the gates, Anna’s 4 friends waited for her, and her heart sank. The last thing she needed was a grilling. However, they were most sympathetic and gave her a huge mass hug, which started Anna crying again.

“How was it?” asked Joanne.

“Not pleasant,” Anna replied, curtly.

“Did she give you the slipper or put you over her knee?” Joanne pressed.

“Because I hadn’t been spanked before, unlike some I could mention,” Anna looked hard at Joanne. “She put me across her lap and spanked me with her hand on my panties. You’d have likely got the slipper.”

“Well, thank you again, Anna. We are all very, very grateful. Are you still able to come on the trip on Tuesday?” Michelle asked kindly.

“I bloody well am!” Anna said, smiling at last.

“Then you will want for nothing all day!” Joanne announced. “Will she, girls?”

“Nothing at all,” they said in chorus.

Tuesday came and the weather was perfect. 35 girls and 2 teachers set off for the 60 minute trip to the coast. Anna was lavished with ice creams, candy floss, cockles and whelks, and all her rides at the funfair were paid for by her friends. The day passed all too quickly and it was soon time to go back to the coach. The 5 friends walked up, line abreast with arms linked, to the coach park.

When they arrived, Mr Grey, the driver, was standing outside looking quite embarrassed, along with Miss Long, one of the teachers.

“If you can just wait outside for a moment, please,” Miss Long asked the girls, politely but firmly.

The girls, slightly bemused, did as they were asked. After a short while, they found out why.

“Oww! Oww! Oww!” a voice from within exclaimed immediately after a dull slapping sound.

This sound and its response continued to be repeated for a couple of minutes or so, and then the sounds stopped abruptly. The girls then heard the sound of footsteps and sobbing from within the coach. Mrs Worral appeared, looking slightly red in the face and looking quite cross. She was followed by Annette, a generally stroppy young lady who was rubbing the seat of her shorts furiously. Her face was tear-stained, and her eye red and puffy.

The girls found out later Annette had been seen smoking near the coach by Mrs Worral, taken back to the coach and Mr Grey had been ordered outside whilst Mrs Worral gave Annette a severe lecture before sitting on the back seat. Mrs Worral then pulled Annette’s elasticated shorts down to her knees before applying a spanking across her French knicker covered bottom. Had it been at school, it would certainly have been 6 with the cane as smoking was a big offence with Mrs Bullock.

The End

© Jo Green 2022