Take Down Your Knicks in Room 66

By Dick Templemeads

The next part in the ‘Swishing Sixties’ series

Moira O’Shea, principal of The Latimer Independent School for Young Ladies, looked down at the target in a mood which combined anger and frustration with a surprising and somewhat grudging admiration.

The target in question was the shapely bottom of Chloe Richardson, a lean and pretty eighteen year old brunette who, not for the first time in recent months, was bent over in Room 66, the head teacher’s study, hands on knees, skirt raised above her waist and her knickers, today a dainty lilac pair, arranged around her ankles.

Mrs OShea eyes the bottom already etched with seven red welts and delays the eighth and final stroke which she plans to be the hardest that she’s ever delivered. Yet even as she waits to receive, and despite the pain she must surely be experiencing, Chloe shows no signs of emotion, just a very slight wiggle of her bottom and a slight tensing of her well-striped posterior as the head draws back the senior cane to above her shoulder and whips it down onto the waiting cheeks of the pretty girl. Chloe’s bottom bounces as the weapon lands, but she does no more than gasp, remaining in position, as the Head returns the cane to the rail on which it hangs along with its other thinner and less punitive partners, in a cupboard long reserved for storing canes, several slippers and two thick rulers kept for lesser offences.

Instructed to stand, Chloe draws her knickers up her legs and with an almost disdainful action draws the forefinger of each hand under the legs of her panties and snaps them into place. She then lets her skirt fall into position and replaces her blazer. Her face is blushing red, but there are no signs of tears.

The head addresses an errant yet otherwise brilliant pupil. “Chloe, as I explained, I’ve exceeded my authority by delivering eight strokes. If you misbehave again I shan’t be able to cane you. It will mean suspension or expulsion, which would probably mean you not making Oxford.”

With what Mrs O’Shea reads as a look of disappointment, the girl responds: “Thank you, Miss, I don’t want to jeopardise my place at Oxford. You won’t have any more trouble from me.”

“I sincerely hope not, Chloe. You may leave.”

The pretty young woman exits. Once she has closed the door behind her, she places her hands to her bottom. This is not to ease the pain, but a sub-conscious desire to advertise to any passing pupil, staff member or indeed visitor that she, Chloe Richardson, has just been caned again. She returns to her locker, collects her satchel, and then sets off for her rendezvous with friends Amanda-Jane and Sarah, both of whom have also just visited room 66.

Meanwhile inside room 66 Mrs O’Shea has just entered in the punishment book, ‘Chloe Richardson, persistent misbehaviour, 6 strokes on bare bottom, for disruptive behaviour plus two additional strokes for insolence to Miss Hilton’, thus covering herself as the official maximum punishment is six strokes.

Mrs O’Shea, who became headmistress just under two years ago in September 1962, is not a prolific caner, and the punishment ledger reveals far fewer entries than by any of her predecessors, yet she wears a furrowed brow as she looks back over the entries for the past four months, when Chloe’s name appears for the first time; three strokes across the knickers for rudeness to Mrs James, then just two weeks later and the next entry in the book, again the name of Chloe Richardson, four strokes across the knickers for further rudeness to Mrs James.

There is another girl’s name after that, then Chloe’s appears again, this time six strokes across the knickers for late arrival at school on three successive days.

Chloe’s next entry is two weeks later again, six strokes across the knickers for disruption. She was joined on that occasion by two friends, Charlotte Pearce and Caroline Redford, each of whom were given three strokes for the same offence.

Just three days later and Chloe’s name appears again, six strokes on the bare bottom for swearing, and now today’s episode in which, yet again, two of her friends were also involved and punished. Their names ,Amanda Lawson and Sarah Hollingshurst, each appear between Chloe’s entries, each having received four strokes, with Mrs O’Shea for the for the first time ever applying a first time caning to the bare bottom, so exasperated is she.

She’s beginning to sense that Chloe, the cleverest girl in the school, actually enjoys being caned, something she can’t fathom herself having hated the two occasions when she received a caning  as a girl, and is thinking that Chloe is egging her friends into experiencing it too. That seems to be the only conclusion she can come to. And indeed Ms. O’Shea is correct in her reasoning.

When, following her rudeness to Miss James, Chloe was summoned to room 66 and ordered to remove her blazer, lift her skirt and then bend over hands on knees, she was, like all first timers, a nervous and anxious young lady.

Yet as she bent over and waited for her first ever stroke she felt a surge of excitement, and the stroke when delivered quickly produced a line of fire in her bottom. She took that and the remaining two strokes stoically and then, once dismissed, made a beeline for the toilets where she slipped down her panties just far enough to be able to study the damage in the mirror. Her bottom felt on fire, and later started to throb, yet despite this she felt aroused and that evening fell asleep in sensuous pleasure.

So much so that she deliberately erred again a fortnight later when once more she was in room 66 and punished harder than before, yet the end result was the same, fear and pain mixed with excitement and later ecstasy.

A third punishment, this time the full six of the best, was then contrived and no matter that the caning was far more severe Chloe still felt the same. So much so that she recruited Charlotte and Caroline, two of her three best friends, to join her in a disruptive incident, which led to all three being bent over. Both Caroline and Charlotte cried when punished but whilst Caroline was ambivalent to the effects of a caning, Charlotte was rather fired up like Chloe and seriously considered transgressing again. However on the day the next incident was planned, when Amanda has also agreed to join in, Charlotte had an interview and so Sarah, not really a close friend, was recruited.

Sarah was probably the best behaved girl in the school and was constantly being teased and harangued about being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, so Chloe gives her the opportunity to shed that tag which, much to the surprise of Chloe and indeed to Sarah herself, she accepted.

Thus Amanda and Sarah preceded Chloe to room 66. Amanda, a vivacious blonde who sings in a local band, took Chloe’s lead and adopted a relaxed air whilst the plain and slightly dumpy Sarah now wished she hadn’t agreed, especially when she realised that canings were recorded on the school report. Thus her straight-laced and very prim mother, who has brought her up single-handedly since her father died eight years, would find out and possibly punish her also.

A clearly furious Mrs O’Shea addressed the pair of eighteen year olds.

“I am sure Chloe is behind this, and in a few moments time she will receive eight strokes on the bare bottom. As for you two, I’m deeply disappointed. Amanda, although I don’t approve of your singing in clubs and pubs, I can’t stop that as it is in your own time. I accept you are a talented singer and your behaviour has been good over the years, whilst you, Sarah, I’ve considered you the best behaved girl in the school, but now look.”

She continued. “Normally when I cane girls for the first time they receive three strokes across the knickers but, given that I am so exasperated with the antics of Chloe and her friends, the two of you will receive four with your knickers down!”

At this point Sarah burst into tears, as Amanda was summoned to remove her blazer, lower her knickers to her knees and then bend over. The pretty blonde hung her blazer on the spare chair, lifted her skirt above her waist, then eased her pink and white embroidered panties to her knees, and bent over ready to see if her experiences in the face of the cane mirrored those of her friend Chloe.

Meanwhile, Mrs O’Shea selected one of her crook-handled lightweight canes from her punishment cupboard. When Chloe presents her bare buttocks in a few minutes time, Mrs O’Shea will exchange the lightweight for her heaviest cane.

Mrs O’Shea lined up her target and then brought the cane sharply into Amanda’s bottom. The girl felt nothing for a moment then a line of fire infested her bottom. Amanda did no more than gasp, although her friend Sarah had progressed to sobs, knowing that in a few minutes it would be her adopting the undignified pose currently assumed by Amanda.

Mrs O’Shea delivered the second stroke harder than the opener but again Amanda remained stoic though now there are two brands across her bottom which was burning and stinging more and more by the second.

The third made Amanda’s bottom ripple but, with lips sealed tight, she uttered no sound and her jaw remained fixed. Mrs O’Shea delayed the final stroke which, when it was delivered, slammed hard into the pretty eighteen year old’s exquisite bottom. Amanda gave a faint moan, but no more, and realised her punishment was over, though her bottom was hurting more and more all the time.

Finally, in response to the head’s command, she rose, eased her knickers back up very gingerly and then replaced her blazer. In the meantime, the sobbing Sarah was ordered to take up her position for punishment.

Sarah is a slightly plain dumpy girl who is intelligent, quiet and shy in equal measure. Unlike both Chloe and Amanda, who have liberal relaxed parents, Sarah has been brought up by her widowed mother, a reserved prim and rather starchy lady who expects her daughter to follow suit.

As Sarah prepared herself to face the cane, an example of her mother’s approach was seen straight away. Sixth formers are not required to wear regulation underwear but, unlike Chloe and Amanda who both have to lower diaphanous and fetching undies, Sarah’s mother insists that until she goes to university she wears regulation navy blue pants on all seven days of the week, and thus the quiet sad girl was lowering a baggy pair of knickers, before and while, still sobbing, she bent over for retribution.

Despite Sarah’s excellent conduct record, Mrs O’Shea was determined not to go gently on the girl and as the cane was brought down for the first time Sarah emitted a blood curdling scream. Already she was wriggling and writhing, and being so taut made it harder for herself. The second stroke was harder than the first and the stricken victim’s pained response was consequently louder. She stood for a minute and was ordered to get back into position on threat of an extra stroke.

The penultimate stroke lashed down but Sarah was now a mess of tears, pleas to be spared and sobs. She was so anguished she almost forgot the fourth stroke would be the last, and it was certainly a stroke to remember as Mrs O’Shea whipped it in at the crease of her bottom. Sarah just remained bending, sobbing and twice having to be told to pull her knickers back up.

Eventually she was re-dressed and the two, Amanda with a stinging burning bum but with dry eyes and set jaw, and the still sobbing Sarah, were dismissed. Amanda took Sarah to the toilets where they both used the loo, then Amanda cleaned Sarah’s face, and the pair set off for the agreed meeting place where soon they would be joined by Chloe.

*     *     *

The agreed meeting place was a secluded glade a mile or so away from the school and set below road level. Amanda and Sarah had to wait about ten minutes for Chloe to arrive, upon which and once certain that they can’t be seen from the road, she was quick to lift her skirt, lower her panties and display eight vivid welts of which she was clearly proud.

Amanda was equally keen and once Chloe’s knickers were back up, Amanda had hers down to show four sore weals which still stung with a throbbing pain now developing.

“Wow,” Chloe exclaims. “A real good set for your first time, Mandy!”

Sarah was far more reluctant but after much pressing she slipped her baggy blue knickers just below the cheeks to reveal four very painful stripes. Clearly Sarah’s tensed attitude made her caning more painful.

“That’s an even better set than Mandy’s!” Exclaimed Chloe, adding: “But do you have to wear those bloomers, why not trendy drawers like ours?”

Not for the first time, Sarah has to explain her mother’s view and Chloe, not wishing to upset the girl further, did not press the matter. Instead they left the glade and set off towards home.

Chloe asked if either companion was feeling any glow yet.

Amanda said her bottom was throbbing and the glow was not yet noticeable, whilst Sarah was simply fearful of going home. Chloe reassured her that in a few hours both she and Amanda would feel a glow of desire. Sarah, who was very innocent, was then given a quick explanation by her two friends of how to indulge herself if she felt the ‘glow’ to which Chloe kept referring.

Amanda, however, was very buoyant and was due to perform on stage that night.

“I hope the throbbing has stopped by the time the gig starts,” she said before starting to sing an adapted version of the Nat King Cole Classic ‘Route Sixty Six’ which the Rolling Stones had recently covered.

“The three of us were naughty today,

and so were caned by Mrs O’Shea,

We had to take down our knicks in room 66.


You have to lower your panties,

Bend over hands on knees,

The cane  it strikes your bot,

It stings and sure feels hot!

It really hurts like hell

It makes you cry and yell!


So if your’e making plans to be bad,

Just think, you’ll get the punishment that we’ve just had,

You’ll have to take down your knicks in room 66

Yes,  you’ll have to lower your knicks in room 66

Said you’ll be dropping your knicks in room 66!”

Even Sarah smiled for a moment as Amanda sang. A lady of about their own mothers’ age was passing and commented that they seemed happy.

“Yes,” replied a very ebullient Amanda. “That’s because we’ve just been caned!”

“How odd,” the lady replied. “Being caned made me cry,” and she walked on bemused.

*     *     *

The three young ladies had very different evenings. Chloe’s mother, who understood her daughter’s desires more than she’d care to admit,  recognised the signs and said: “Another caning, then Chloe?”

The girl nodded and smiled, and no more was said.

Chloe went off to shower and change as she was joining her parents for a meal in the local Italian Restaurant.

Amanda’s parents merely smiled at her escapade, but Sarah’s stuffy mother was incandescent.

“Sarah, you are supposed to be well behaved. Why do this? And why mix with Chloe and Amanda? Now I must punish you as well, get up to your room!”

Sarah sadly went in front as her mother stopped at her own room and took a large rosewood backed clothes brush from her dressing table.

In Sarah’s room, the normally so-good daughter was once more instructed to lower her knickers and this time to bend over her bed. Her mother, seeing the damage inflicted by the cane, said she would defer the punishment for one week, but at the same time next Friday the girl would again be bent bare-bottomed over the bed. In addition she was barred from attending guides that evening, her one social event, and sent to bed after dinner where she fell into a restless sleep.

Meanwhile, as for her friends, Chloe had a delicious meal with her parents, while Amanda, singing under her stage name of Amanda-Jane, produced a faultless performance at the Dog and Duck, where Chloe and her parents called to watch her perform her final few numbers, including the correct rendition of ‘Route 66’.

*     *     *

Did all three of the girls experience that later melting feeling that Chloe predicted they would?

Sarah had gone to bed more ashamed than elated. She had not even inspected her bottom in the mirror. But then, just after midnight, she turned over in bed and felt the ridges on her bottom. Slipping out of bed, she turned on the bedside light and, tiptoeing across the room, lifted her plain cotton nightdress, and noticed the marks for the first time. Her bottom, as Chloe had remarked, was heavily welted. She’d not been still enough while being punished.

Suddenly that feeling arrived. Slipping back into bed she followed her friends’ guidance and soon was experiencing a pleasure not previously known. Suddenly it felt worth having been caned and with her mother’s spanking due next week perhaps she’d feel like this again?

Amanda always felt on a high after a gig so she was already elated when returning home. Her fun arrived next morning when, after lowering the briefs of her baby doll nightdress, she re-examined her still bright red wounds. As Chloe had predicted sensuous pleasure followed.

And what about Chloe herself? She’d experienced her normal pleasure but there was also a tinge of sadness and regret. She’d achieved her objectives, forcing Mrs O’Shea to administer eight strokes to her bare bottom, had enlisted her three friends, Amanda, Charlotte and Caroline plus Sarah into joining her club and experiencing the dreaded cane, now it was all over. If she transgressed again then her punishment would be expulsion or suspension not the cane, and this would jeopardise her place at Oxford, which she would not do.

How then, she asked herself, would she ever again experience that heady cocktail of fear, excitement and pain and that subsequent warm glow that followed later?

She didn’t think undergraduates were subject to the cane, but then one never knew. In three months or so perhaps she’d find out.

The End

© Dick Templemeads 2014