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January 25th, 2017

Evening Visitors

Two girls from a neighbouring school make a night time visit to Queen Anne’s and discover a discipline regime very different to their own.

By Tara Patterson

The two St Marys pupils climbed over the five bar fence into the grounds of Queen Anne school, Ambleside. Below them, beyond the hockey pitches, the school, its lights twinkling in the water and, to the left, the ugly brick boxes of the two twin boarding-houses was a dark October night. A strong breeze blew large threatening clouds quickly across the sky.

“It’s over there,” said Zoe Kennedy, pointing her small torch in the direction of a small stone boathouse on the edge of the lake far below them at the bottom of the playing field in the shadow of one of the boarding houses.

January 14th, 2017


A dormitory prank sparks a memory

By Tara Patterson

Queen Anne sixth form girl, Meryl Taylor, walked into her shared dormitory dressed in her nightie and dressing gown; she felt happy and relaxed after her weekly bath. Outside, it was almost dark on this June Friday evening. It was still muggy after a hot day and it was going to be an uncomfortable night. The school was starting to fall quiet. Many of the girls liked this peaceful time between curfew and lights out.

Inside the room, most of Meryl’s roommates were in bed. Two of the younger girls sat on a bunk close to the window and were both looking at music magazines. Rebecca Morley, still wearing her gingham summer uniform dress, her leg in plaster after her fall from the window a few weeks earlier, sat upright on her bed reading a paperback and making notes in an exercise book. Above her, Milly Robinson was already fast asleep. Meryl took off her dressing gown, kicked off her slippers and climbed up into her top bunk.

December 30th, 2016

Found in the Archives

Another story in the series. Jennifer returns to Queen Anne’s to do some research but Meryl discovers a painful reminder of her Past.

By Tara Patterson

The summer holidays were well underway. Retired deputy headmistress, Jennifer Hapwood, walked up the familiar stone steps to the main entrance of Queen Anne School, Ambleside. After pressing the button on the intercom she turned to admire the view. Out in the lake a large white pleasure steamer eased its way away from the pier with another load of tourists. Suddenly the heavy door opened and Jennifer’s old friend, Matron Meryl Taylor, stood in the doorway. As usual, she was wearing her dark blue uniform and a pair of white plimsolls.

February 27th, 2016

Abuse of Power

It’s 1995 and we discover Under-matron Patterson didn’t have a happy time as a schoolgirl.

By Tara Patterson 

“And that gymslip looks too short, Patterson,” snapped sixth form prefect Jayne Turner. “Don’t you know the rules? I think we ought to check. On your knees, sprog, hands on your head!”

Fifteen year old Tara Patterson knelt down on the hard dormitory corridor floor. As she knelt, she saw a smirk on Jayne’s face. She hated the way this prefect picked on her. ‘And why is it always me?’ She thought.

“Just as I thought, it’s too short,” said Jayne laughing. “Your hem should touch the floor when you kneel down. I’ve got just the job for you, up you get.”

February 9th, 2016

Back To School

A New Pupil joins Miss Meanwood’s A level English class but can she adapt to life in the sixth form?

By Tara Patterson

“Okay, class, settle down!” Miss Meanwood’s voice boomed out as she swept into her classroom.

The twenty-five lower sixth girls instantly leapt to their feet and stood in orderly rows behind their desks. Like most things at Queen Anne’s School, Ambleside, the interior of Miss Meanwood’s ground floor classroom was very traditional. Light streamed in from three large sash windows. The pupils sat in pairs behind wooden desks. Miss Meanwood’s large imposing desk was at the front and behind it a large rotating blackboard. The view from the windows was quite scenic as the room over looked Lake Windermere and, beyond that, the impressive Lakeland hills, but woe betide anyone caught looking out of the window during one of Miss Meanwood’s English lessons.

January 27th, 2016

Caught Stealing

A girl is tempted by what she finds on her Physics teacher’s desk

By Tara Patterson

Katie England felt well and truly fed up. Two weeks into the spring term of 1986, she had already had enough. The school bell rang; she miserably dragged herself out of bed and reluctantly put on her uniform. As she pulled on her navy blue knee socks she looked with envy at the other sixth form girls in her room as they rolled black stockings up their legs.

“It looks like another cold one,” teased her roommate, Rebecca Staffe. “Just the weather for stockings don’t you think girls? I wouldn’t want to be wearing knee socks on a day like today, and with it being Saturday who’s coming into town this afternoon? Oh sorry, Katie can’t, she’s grounded again.”

January 24th, 2016

Matron is Away

Matron Taylor accompanies a group on a school trip but will the girls take advantage of her absence

By Tara Patterson

Hannah Philpott MP rushed from her office through the corridors of power down to Westminster Hall. Through the crowd of MPs and media crews she spotted the group she was looking for; twenty schoolgirls all dressed in navy blue blazers, gymslips and wearing straw boaters. Hannah paused for a moment as she saw the group leaders and nervously checked her appearance. She needn’t have worried; Matron Taylor saw Hannah and smiled. She greeted Hannah warmly and was amused that Hannah was wearing a school tie under her grey suit jacket.

January 6th, 2016

Aunt Meryl

Matron has some time away during the holidays but is disappointed by her Goddaughters attitude. The next in the series.

By Tara Patterson

The two members of the medical staff of Queen Anne school, Ambleside were relaxing in the Matron’s sitting room. It was getting near the end of the Christmas term. It had just gone lights out. The school was quiet. Sixty-five year old matron Meryl Taylor kicked off her white plimsolls and took off her uniform belt. She gave a long sigh as she stretched out on the floral sofa.

“You look tired Meryl,” said her colleague, under-matron Patterson, as she brought in their evening coco. “Are you going away over the holidays or are you staying here? I’m looking forward to a few weeks at home. It’s my turn to cook Christmas dinner this year; it gives Mum a break.”

December 29th, 2015

Detective Work

There is still an atmosphere between Meryl and Jennifer as they are called to investigate reports of wrong doing in the local town.

By Tara Patterson

The Cumbrian wind and rain rattled against the window; Meryl felt cold as she wrapped her maroon gym skirt around her waist. She quickly snapped shut the fastening and picked up a maroon cardigan lying on her bed.

As she put on the cardigan over her white polo shirt, Meryl muttered to herself: “I must have been mad when I said ‘yes’ to this crazy idea. Cross country in December! One of these days I’ll stand up to that Jennifer Hapwood.”

November 28th, 2015

In Hot Water

A new girl’s attempts to improve the living conditions in CJ house backfires.

By Tara Patterson

Holly Elliot felt like a fish out of water. At the age of eighteen, she was the new girl starting as a border in the upper sixth form at Queen Anne’s School, Ambleside. Her father worked for a large American manufacturing company and, after successfully turning around the Peterborough factory, he had suddenly been transferred to Iowa to work his magic on the company’s failing tractor plant. This surprise move meant a total relocation for all of the Elliot Family except Holly. Although Holly’s father’s company were very generous in paying a relocation package to the family, Holly was unable to continue her studies in the local girl’s grammar school as her family were unable to fund accommodation in the nearby town. However, a twist in the corporate expense rules meant that the Elliot’s were able to enrol Holly as a border at Queen Anne’s to complete her A levels. Holly was quite tall for her age, she had an athletic, slender figure with short straw blonde hair. As she was a little short sighted she always wore a pair of geek glasses.