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January 24th, 2018

Not-So-Jolly Hockey Sticks

A girl’s hockey career is helped on, whether she likes it or not. By a new writer to us

By Sarah Jaynes

“Training is next Tuesday night on the Astro-turf, same time, same place.”

A flurry of movement and muted murmurings could be heard as the players began to disperse.

“Katie Allen, please wait behind to see me.”

I froze; a rabbit well and truly caught in the headlights, eyes wide with baited breath held. What this time? What could I have possibly done to warrant yet another one-to-one with my newly found nemesis, Mr Shanks?

It’d been only two weeks since our regular coach, Mrs McGinnis, had left the county scene on maternity leave and a better hockey coach one could never have asked for. She was firm but always fair, we used to call her the ‘witch in the wardrobe’, an affectionate name that reflected her no nonsense attitude to players who missed practise or who were found to be lacking in application.