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July 27th, 2013

Middlesex High – The Marathon

Three girls and a boy are in trouble with the Dean

By Ricky Smarts

Bob Perkins, the Boys’ Dean at Middlesex High, arrived at work a bit early. He needed to clear his head for the full day ahead of him. Holly, his 21 year old secretary, came in shortly after him and gave him a big hello. She was at the age where she could take him on twice a day and still need more. Perkins was very happy to have her around, even more so to be able to accommodate her appetite a few times a week, but on occasion, even he needed a rest.

July 8th, 2013

Missy Johnson Meets the Dean

Late in her education, a girl moves to a new school

By Ricky Smarts

Missy’s mom, Denise Johnston, had just upset her daughter’s world. They were moving at the end of the month, two counties over, to a new school district; one well known for turning out well-behaved and productive graduates.

Missy’s dad had died eight years ago, when she was ten. He had handled the domestic discipline as needed until that point. At those tender years, all it took was the announcement of a spanking and two or three slight taps on her padded young bottom to bring Missy to tears. Even then, she was very free-willed and those spankings, by a loving father, had little effect. As she got older, her mom realized she was unable to give her cute and spunky daughter the attention she needed, and her misbehavior proved it. With working two jobs, as a secretary during the day, and a waitress several evenings a week, her time for domestic discipline was limited. She also dreaded having to do to her daughter what her parents did to her. Despite the unpleasantness of periodic spankings over their laps, Mom realized the immediate pain and embarrassment was far outweighed by its by-product; turning her into the proper woman she was.

June 17th, 2013

In The Principal’s Office

A girl wishes she’d stuck to the rules. By a new writer to this site.

by Ricky Smarts

Bonnie Anderson was the very domineering principal of Middlesex High, a well known all girls school in a large southern city. The school had a fine reputation for turning out well-behaved graduates that both their families and the community could be proud of. Many young women, not thrilled with that reputation, went there because their parents were attracted to the discipline Miss Anderson offered. Many of their mothers had been students there before, and while not happy going over the knees of the prior principal, realized that young ladies needed guidance in their formative years. Middlesex High offered that guidance, although the students did not appreciate it until many years later.