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May 18th, 2016

Inquisitive employee

A girl discovers a female colleague was caned at work, and wants to find out more


“Is it true that you caned Jenny before Christmas because she tried to have dinner with her boyfriend at the company’s expense?”

Louise was chatting with Mike (the Boss) at a company drinks party and had always wanted to ask the question, but it took a couple of drinks to loosen her tongue. The boss looked at her and asked how did she knew, to which Louise simply said that Jenny had mentioned she had better keep her nose clean or the boss will use methods in line with what the company does for a living and mentioned that she knew that from personal experience and hinted at her pre-Christmas caning.

March 23rd, 2016

Serious Trouble

A school end of term party causes problems

by PG

“It is indeed a precedent to cane pupils two days before they leave the school.”

Alison Palmer and James White had been ‘going out’ together for nearly a year, and as they stood before their Headmaster, they knew that they were in very serious trouble. They had taken their A levels and were both hoping to get the required grades for their university places. It was Wednesday July 15th and the last day of term was the Friday, only two days hence. They had been ordered to report to the Headmaster immediately after assembly.

The problem the two sixth formers faced was that they had been accused of bringing cannabis to the annual seniors end-of-term party the previous night and they had no choice but to admit their guilt. What made the situation so much worse was that they had shared their drugs with many others at the party, effectively ‘distributing’ drugs.