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January 23rd, 2014

The Hen Party

A chance for three women to relive their schooldays

by Pat Greenham

At school, Jane, Joanne and Julia had been known as the three J’s and it was certainly true they had a reputation for getting into trouble. On more than one occasion they had been sent to their Headmaster, and it seemed that when they were in trouble – they were all in trouble together.

Spanking was a subject they often talked about as they remembered, almost with affection, receiving corporal punishment at school. The Headmaster, who had been an old-fashioned Public School Head, had retained corporal punishment right up until it was outlawed in the private sector and had whacked each of them four times in their final years and they all knew that they had absolutely deserved everything they got.

November 30th, 2013

Paula’s Trip to Asia Goes Wrong

A round-the-world trip comes unstuck.

By Pat Greenham

At the age of 26, Paula found herself unemployed for the first time since leaving school, and having recently broken up with her boyfriend she made a big decision. After school she had gone straight into work whilst all her friends either took a gap-year or went to university. Secretly she had envied those that had gone off round the world for a long trip and decided that with no job on the horizon and with money in the bank she would embark on a six month trip and see some of the world.

Her travel agency suggested she buy a ‘round the world’ ticket that could be changed as her trip progressed. A week or so later, all by herself, Paula left Heathrow for her first stop in Asia. Initially she was apprehensive, but quickly met other young female travellers and made friends. Her second stop was on a beautiful small island in Asia, and she found some basic but perfectly acceptable accommodation near a seaside resort and very near the beach. Again there were lots of young people and Paula quickly fell into a group of mainly girls. They would spend most of their time together and used to go down to the beach after dinner for a smoke and a few drinks.

July 19th, 2013


A girl dreams

By Pat Greenham

Another caning with a difference for Julie Richards (A sequel to ‘Smoking Problem’)

Sitting outside Mark Hudson’s room at Runsfield College, Julie was feeling both excited and nervous. There was inevitability about what was going to happen next and knew she had brought this on herself.

Moments later she was standing in front of him as he asked her why she had done it. Why, oh why, had she been caught smoking again? Julie had no answer and simply watched as the teacher she had so often fantasized about stood up and went to his cupboard to select a cane.

July 13th, 2013

That No-Smoking Rule

Despite the Headmaster’s announcement, some students never learn.

By Pat Greenham

Julie Richards wasn’t the only one. (See Pat Greenham’s earlier story – ‘A Smoking Problem’)

Julie had been the infamous girl that had been caned on the very day the Headmaster of Runsfield College announced smoking was to be added to the list of offences that merited a mandatory caning. Her Housemaster, Mark Hudson, had done the honours and Julie had received a very solid six-of-the-best. From what Julie had said to her fellow pupils, everyone knew that Mark Hudson was not only dashing, but a fearsome wielder of the cane, and the ‘behind the swimming pool block’ morning smoking sessions soon stopped.

June 27th, 2013

A smoking problem

A senior girl doesn’t like her school’s clampdown on smoking, and appears unconcerned about the penalties. Told from two perspectives.

by Pat Greenham

The Headmaster of Rumsfield Collage had an important announcement to make during morning assembly early in the Summer Term to the pupils concerning the almost epidemic levels of smoking which seemed to be completely unchecked, with most of the staff almost ignoring the fact that smoking was very much against the rules. The Deputy Headmistress had been nagging him for ages to something about it and, in consultation with other senior staff, he had decided that the only way to stop the practice would be with draconian measures.

June 25th, 2013

Full Force Solution

A headmaster is asked to assist with some marriage guidance

By Pat Greenham

Chris and Louise Johnson have now been married for over twenty years and have two children both now in their late teenage years. By any estimation their marriage has been successful. Chris is a Main Board Director of a bank in the City, Louise gave up a successful career to bring up the children, both of whom have excelled at both their academic studies and on the sports-field.

However not everything has always gone quite so well, and Chris and Louise both know that back in 1986, their marriage came very close to being over before it had really started.

June 16th, 2013

Four prefects and Mrs Becker

Four girls are in trouble, but there’s an unexpected twist when a boy looks down on them.

By Pat Greenham

It was morning break at Grinsdack College and four prefects were waiting outside the office of Mrs Becker, the Deputy Headmistress. To say they were nervous would be an understatement as the previous day they had been caught smoking joints in the Prefects Common Room. It did not take long for Mrs Becker to open her door and summon the prefects into her study, instructing them to stand in a line facing her in the middle of the room.

Mrs Becker was calm, which in itself was a worry as she asked them if anybody wanted to say anything to explain why was it that they had taken the extraordinary decision to smoke in the common room which in itself was a serious breach of school rules – but that they were smoking drugs which she understood to be know as ‘joints’.

April 29th, 2013

The price of deception

Two girls get caught out and have an agonising decision to make

by Pat Greenham

Dr Pulson, the Headmaster, was finishing his daily address on a Friday morning in July to the pupils of Ashbourne College when just after 8.55 he hesitated and said: “Louise Graham and Sarah Brown will please report to my study immediately after this morning’s Assembly.”

Louise and Sarah were best friends and looked at each other in horror, and both had the same thought. Had they been rumbled?

Five minutes later they were sitting in the Headmaster’s Secretaries’ office waiting to be called. They did not have to wait long as Dr Pulson appeared and summoned them into his study. He returned to his chair behind the very large oak desk whilst instructing them to stand and face him.

April 7th, 2013

Maggie Moves Into a New World

Maggie decides to try a new experience

By Pat Greenham

It was during the early part of Maggie’s third year at University that she posted a letter she had been thinking about for a while. Over the past five years Maggie had become addicted to the cane and could barely go a month without asking Neil Lancaster, a Tutor that she had met in her first year, to give her a thrashing. It had been almost two years before when Maggie had first told Neil about her experiences at school where she had received the cane five times, at least three of which were engineered by Maggie herself. Then at the Burns Night in January where, with a ‘loosened’ tongue, she discovered that Neil had been a House Captain at Eton and had administered canings that she asked him to give her a thrashing.

February 28th, 2013

Maggie Chapman goes to University

Continuing from the earlier story, The Curious Case of Maggie Chapman

By Pat Greenham

Maggie had left Rathenhall Collage and during her summer holidays she received her A level results that were good enough to get into her first choice university in Central London to study Science. Earning money was always important to Maggie, and during her Summer Holiday’s Maggie had worked both in a newsagents in the day and a pub at night. As such she had earned enough to pay for a holiday with her new boyfriend to Greece and have a bit left over to help supplement her grant.

She looked back at her time at Rathenhall with a mixture of feelings, but by far the most powerful memories were the five times she had been caned. Nobody in the sixth-form, boys or girls, had come close to having been caned so many times, but Maggie knew that at least two and probably three of the occasions had been engineered by her to satisfy her curious relationship with the cane.