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February 12th, 2016

School Secretary Mends Her Ways

Going to work for the headmaster of your old school can prove awkward

By Pat Greenham

“Perhaps I should cane you again.”

The Headmaster was cross with me as I again arrived late and just before he was due to go into the 9.05 assembly. For a full three minutes he gave me a massive ‘telling off’ saying that, after initially being a diligent secretary, I had slipped into bad ways, reminding me that my hours were 8.45 to 4.45 in the afternoon.

The reason for arriving in good time in the morning was to make sure that everything he needed for assembly was ready. He reminded me that my predecessor, Mrs Higgins was always in by 8.30 and had a cup of tea on his desk by 8.45 with the briefing for assembly. He also added that recently he had noticed mistakes in the letters that I gave him for signing which he now felt duty bound to check, something that he had not had to do with Mrs Higgins.

January 19th, 2016

The Au Pair

In charge of two boys, a young au pair makes mistakes

By Pat Greenham 

“I am going to cane you for this.” 

I already knew that I was in serious trouble and also knew the only alternative was dismissal, so I told him that I would accept and was sent to his study to wait. 

This was over twenty years ago and remains a very powerful memory. At the time I was employed as an Au Pair by an author who worked from his home in Southern Ireland. My employer had two boys and they had sadly lost their mother to a terminal illness; my role was to look after the boys, take them to and from school and run the house doing the shopping, the cleaning and preparing the meals. 

December 24th, 2015

Festive Memory from Twenty Years Ago

An office worker looks back

By Pat Greenham

“Take off everything below the waist please.”

I knew I had only myself to blame having been told earlier to see the Boss after everyone had gone home. I looked at him as he repeated: “Take off your trousers and knickers, and get into position over the stool.”

It was earlier in the day that I had an uncomfortable meeting with the Boss who asked why the bill for the staff Christmas Party included a meal for two at a date in October, which added over a £100 to the total. I had been well and truly caught.

November 29th, 2015

Rebecca’s side of the story

This is a fictional story to follow the True Recollection ‘Punishment at work’

by Pat Greenham

My name is Rebecca, and I noticed that my ex boss, James Turner, recently told the story of the punishments he gave me during my employment at the fertiliser company in the South West, four years ago. I thought that you might be interested in my side of the story.

I applied for the job as a graduate straight from university. James initially interviewed me and he came across as a nice chap but was strangely a little nervous. He was also a little flirtatious which I did not mind. I have always prided myself on fitness and knew that I have a figure to be proud of. I was invited back for a second interview with him and one of his colleagues, and was delighted to be offered the job, which I accepted. I had studied History at University and had fully expected to go into teaching, but toward the end of my third year I made the decision to change direction and try the commercial world.

October 2nd, 2015

A School Secretary Asks

Having to witness a boy being caned, the secretary is reminded of her own schooldays.

By Pat Greenham

The first part of this story is based on an incident that took place in the early seventies. The second part is entirely based on my imagination.

There were several mandatory crimes that led automatically to being caned by the Headmaster at my school. These included bullying, truancy, stealing and usually smoking. Additionally, if you were sent-off in a competitive game of rugby the result was always an instruction from the Rugby Master to go directly to the changing room, remove your boots and report to the Headmaster.

March 24th, 2015

A Very Short Sharp Shock

A girl’s parents and school collude to issue a firm warning

By Pat Greenham

The Headmaster of Brathenhall College had three sick notes in front of him and one request for absence to attend a family funeral. They were all for Sarah Langton, an eighteen year old in the upper sixth who had been at the College for six years. Sarah was well liked but the Headmaster was aware that recently she had shown some rebellious behaviour. The problem he faced this morning was that the handwriting on the three sick notes was different from the letter requesting absence for the family funeral, despite all supposing to have come from Penny Langton, Sarah’s mother.

November 25th, 2014

Monica’s Debt and Sally Tells All

(a sequel to Monica Caught Red-handed)

By Pat Greenham

It had been almost three months since Monica had been caned at the Tennis Club in the most amazing circumstances. She had been caught red-handed stealing money from behind the bar by Roger Havant, the Chairman of the Club and a PE Master at a local Boys Private School. Obviously she should have been reported to the Police and expelled from the Club, but as she was one of the best female players at the Club the Committee had found an alternative punishment, which Monica had leapt at. After all, the tennis club was her life and the thought of the Police horrified her, and she was genuinely ashamed.

October 12th, 2014

A Secret That Burned Inside

A fanciful dream is fulfilled. This story was inspired by a recollection received from Julie Baker

By Pat Greenham

Louise had held a secret for a very long time. It was about an incident that happened when she was nineteen and working as a maid in a Stately House in Ireland. Louise had thought about the incident pretty much every day for more than twenty years but had not told anyone, not even her loving husband about the incident. For all this time the memory had been burning inside her – the punishment itself, the shame, the feeling of being dominated and the total authority of her chastiser and finally how she had felt after being thrashed when the pain had started to wear off. She wished she had told her husband early in their relationship, but how could she now admit something when he would obviously want to know why she had never told him?

August 6th, 2014

Monica caught red-handed

Stealing from the tennis club gets a girl a well-smacked bottom

By Pat Greenham

Monica Jarvis had been caught red-handed stealing money from the till of the bar at The Tandhall Tennis Club. Money had been going missing for a few months; small amounts, but at least twice a week more than ten pounds was missing. It was late one night that the Chairman of the Committee literally caught Monica with the till open putting money into the pocket of her jeans. She had thought she was alone and had not heard him walk into the bar, but the game was up and Monica now found herself up before the Committee of three men and three women the following evening.

May 12th, 2014

A slight problem for Mrs Dickens

A drunken night out gets two girls in serious trouble.

By Pat Greenham

It was Monday morning, and Mrs Dickens had just come off the phone from the Chairman of Governors of the PickmanSecretarialCollege. She also knew there was unpleasant conversation to be had with the local police before an even more unpleasant meeting with two of her seventeen year old students.

The morning paper had carried a story with the headline: ‘Two girls from Pickman spent Saturday night in jail’. With the Collage’s name in the headline, it could only ruin its reputation. Mrs Dickens had been Principal of the College for over ten years and had never before been faced with such a situation. But first she wanted the facts, and rang a contact she knew at the police station. Evidently the two girls had got very drunk, were barred from any more drink in this particular pub, had daubed the outside with graffiti and when approached by the police had been abusive – ending up with being arrested for a breach of the peace, wilful damage to property and abusive behaviour to the police. It could not be any worse.