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March 3rd, 2015

In Loco Parentis



by Megan L

D’ya know Kate? Goes t’ our school,

an’ thrice she’s broke th’ “Tardy Rule.”

Thus, old Coach Trautman ordered Kate

t’ come see him ’bout bein’ late.

Coach scolded:  “Missin’ Last Bell means

three Good Hard Licks ‘cross seat o’ jeans!”

(See, Chum, three late arrivals here

spell mandatory swats on rear.)

Kate’s been eighteen a month t’day

so, Quite Grown Up, she tried t’ say:

“Get spanked? Gee, I ain’t some dang kid!

Detention’s fair for what I did.”

Nope! Mister Trautman shot back: “Why?

Eighteen or eight – same rules apply!”

An office gal was buzzed right in

t’ witness Kate atone for sin:

a twentysomethin’ redhead, Jane,

who’d twice felt this-here paddlin’ pain!

Kate had t’ grab her ankles there,


October 18th, 2012

Summer School

Two girls paddled at a US school. Previously appeared on the old site.

By Megan

Both Barb and Nicole had been at their desks, heads down, waiting for their discipline session at two o’clock with Mr Baker when Mrs Woolsley arrived to escort them down. She was a tall woman in her early thirties, pretty in a severe sort of way, except when she smiled. Today she wasn’t smiling.

“Come with me,” she said, leading them to the Girls’ Washroom. Once inside, she told them both to pull down their cut-offs. Puzzled, they obeyed. After a quick inspection she told them to pull their pants back up. “Some girls get hold of an extra pair of panties or two and put them on so the paddle won’t hurt quite as much,” she explained as they accompanied her downstairs to Mr Baker’s office.