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September 26th, 2017

Order on a Greek Holiday

A motoring offence in a foreign country lands a woman in trouble.

by Kenny Walters

Adapted from an story related during a travel programme on mainstream British TV during the 1980s.

“Helen, this is not a big town. It must be somewhere.”

“I know that, Sally! But these Greek road names are just so confusing, and I’m sure this map isn’t accurate. For a start, that little road shouldn’t be there.”

“Oh, for Heaven’s sakes! I’m going to turn into that road and see for myself.”

Helen Parkinson impatiently swung the little Fiat into a small side road and slammed on the brakes. She snatched the map out of Sally Wilkins’ hand and studied it.

September 25th, 2017

Best of Enemies

An altercation between two prefects has painful consequences. Another story from the archives

By Kenny Walters

I tapped gently on the door to Mrs Peters’ office. This wasn’t strictly necessary since she was the school secretary and her office was generally considered open to all, but Mrs Peters was nice and friendly and it seemed only polite. I pushed the door open and looked in before she had a chance to respond.

“Oh, Stephanie, come in.”

I pushed the door open wider and went in. Mrs Peters looked a trifle hesitant when she saw me, nervous even, and the usual smile was missing, but that in itself wasn’t enough to suggest anything untoward.

September 21st, 2017

A School Secretary Muses

Having to witness punishments gets a secretary thinking. A story from some years ago

By Kenny Walters

Whoever it was outside in the corridor would not have realised from the undisturbed sound of practiced hands on the computer keyboard, but they scarcely needed to knock politely on the door other than for simple courtesy. Mary Matthews knew they were there.

“Come in.” The school secretary called when finally her office door received the gentle tap she knew was coming. “Can I help you?”

“Julia Watkins.” The slim, dark haired girl closed the door carefully behind her and came to within a couple of feet of Miss Matthews’ desk before revealing her name. “I have to see the headmistress.”

March 13th, 2017

The Texas Saddle

A night out drinking gets two girls into trouble. A story from the archives.

By Kenny Walters

Emily Carter slammed the Jeep Grand Cherokee into a vacant slot right across the street from the Tacahoosa Sheriff’s office, flung the door open and stepped out into the morning sun. The tall dark-haired woman’s white broad-rimmed Stetson, freshly laundered white blouse and smart gray pin-strip pants might have looked out of place in some parts, but not in this affluent township with its fine houses and outlying horse ranches.

A horn beeped just as Mrs Carter began to cross the street. Looking round, with more than a thought to giving the driver a piece of her mind, she saw a dark blue Ford pick-up pulling in behind her Jeep.

October 1st, 2016

Justice by Appointment

A woman gets the telephone call she has been dreading.

By Kenny Walters

The telephone rang. Jane Crowther hesitated, but after eight rings she answered.

“Mrs Jane Angela Crowther?”

“Yes.” Jane nervously fiddled with her collar length blond hair.

“It’s Marion Peterson at the Criminal Penalties Office. I believe you’re expecting my call?”

“Oh, yes.” Jane’s voice trembled as she sat on the arm of the sofa she’d just been vacuuming.

“Now let’s see, Jane. May I call you Jane?”

“Um, yes, I suppose so.”

“Good! Call me Marion. No point in being unfriendly, is there?”

“Um, no.”

“Now, Jane, looking at your file, you’ve paid the fine of £250 and you’ve attended the ‘Drink Driving Awareness’ course. Is that correct?”

July 29th, 2016

Miss Witlow’s Cane

Disgraceful conduct in class gets two girls up before their headmistress

By Kenny Walters

“Come in, Abigail.” Eleanor Witlow responded to the three gentle taps followed by her study door being pushed open just enough for the visitor to peer round the edge and be recognised.

“Sorry to bother you, headmistress.” Abigail Carter, a rather shy, rather nervous English and French teacher spoke quietly as she approached the large desk.

“It’s no bother, Abigail, no bother at all. How can I help?”

“Well, it’s all rather, well, embarrassing, actually.”

“Then you better sit down and tell me all about it. Cup of tea?”

“Oh, no thank you, headmistress.” Abigail said, nervously sliding herself onto one of two upright chairs placed in front of the desk.

January 3rd, 2016

Surprise Visitor

When a friend turns up unannounced, a housewife is in for a nasty surprise. 

By Kenny Walters

The doorbell rang and Jane Vincent’s heart missed a beat. She put her pen down on the kitchen work-surface, gave her hands a quick rub on the towel hanging near the sink and went to the door. With heart pounding, she carefully pulled the door ajar.

“Oh Susan! I’m sorry, I was expecting… oh, never mind. Come in!”

“How’s things?” Susan Carter let her friend close the front door and then followed her through to the kitchen.

“Oh, well, you know.” Jane answered. “Coffee?”


Five minutes later, Jane Vincent, a forty-three year old mother of two was sitting in her own front room with a friend, Susan Carter. They had first met when Jane’s youngest boy had started school at the same time as Susan’s only daughter. That was eight years ago, and through various school and social activities they had become friends, if not close friends.

January 1st, 2016

A Discreet Alternative

A sixth form girl is indiscreet, but the remedy most certainly is.

By Kenny Walters

“Oh, Sophie, could I have a word please?”

Sophie Harrington-Smith looked up and saw Jessica Evanshaw standing in the doorway.

“Of course, Jessica. There’s coffee in the pot. Help yourself.”

“Actually,” Jessica looked pointedly around the upper sixth common room. “I was hoping we could have a private little chat somewhere. Perhaps my office?”

Now all the half dozen or so upper sixth formers currently in the room looked up, intrigued by what the Head Girl had to say to Sophie Harrington-Smith that was so private it couldn’t even be whispered in a corner of the common room.

December 9th, 2015

In the Headmistress’s Study

A different take on the traditional visit.

By Kenny Walters

“Hi, darling!”

“Hi, mum.”

Mary Challoner looked up and saw her daughter, Stephanie, drop her leather case at the foot of the stairs and disappear into the kitchen.

“Coffee, mum?” Stephanie’s face appeared round the corner.

“Yes, please.”

Listening to the sound of the kettle being filled, coffee mugs being placed on the counter and coffee being measured out, Mary Challoner knew instinctively something was not quite right.

“Good day at school, darling?”

“College, mother! I go to sixth form college.”

“Sorry, darling! Did you have a good day at sixth form college?” Mary answered, before muttering under her breath: “Which is not part of school although it’s in the same grounds and has much the same name.”

July 3rd, 2015

Late seeking justice

A professional disciplinarian gets an unusual call

By Kenny Walters

Samantha Livingstone looked out from her kitchen window down the mews garage lined street below. Rain was lashing down and washing over the old cobbled road. Her phone rang.

“Mistress Samantha!”

When the caller didn’t answer immediately, Samantha remained silent. New clients did sometimes take a few moments to work up enough courage to speak.

“I’m sorry…” The caller hesitated.

“Can I help you?” Samantha enquired gently, rather surprised by the female voice.

“I, um, saw your advert.”

“My advert? Yes.”

“I was wondering, would you be prepared to see me?”

“Yes, I can see you. You’ve been a naughty girl, presumably?”