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March 18th, 2019

Text at Your Own Risk

A spanking at school means more trouble at home

By Kelly DiMarco

As I turn the corner onto my street, I see Mom’s car parked in the driveway. Uh oh. I always get home before her, she might know something’s up. Or Ms Radley might have told her. They called the other time I got spanked at school. That was the only time Dad ever gave me the belt, but that was in 4th grade, and it was for getting in a fight. Of course they called. I’m 17 now, and this isn’t as serious. Not even close. So hopefully she doesn’t know. But even if she does, it won’t be as bad, right? I take a deep breath and open the door.

March 15th, 2019


The moments of a girl’s school paddling. By a new writer to us.

By Kelly DiMarco


My head snapped up and I knew I was doomed. Ms Radley had stopped the class and had her hand outstretched. It was waiting for my phone. As my heart pounded, I got up and walked towards the front of the room and gave her my phone. Ms Radley then continued the lesson as though nothing had happened. But it wasn’t over. Not for me.

The next 45 minutes dragged by. How could I have been so stupid, I wondered. I should have waited. Telling Sally about Marc finally calling would have been even more exciting in person. I began to sweat despite the cold January winds running through the poorly ventilated building. Finally the class came to an end. The volume in the room began to rise as eager adolescents began to chat about weekend plans. Ordinarily my voice would have been among them. But not today.