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March 1st, 2016

Kelly’s Story

A woman finds herself a disciplinarian

By Kane Strokes

For as long as she could remember, Kelly had a fascination about spankings. As a child she only earned the odd parental slap, never spanked. She always questioned her friends about their last spanking: Who? Why? When? How? Now in her thirties, she understands she has the spanking gene. Her interest in how others are spanked has deepened; she now understands likes a degree of pain, she now has a desire, a yearning, a need to be properly spanked.

She had met many who promised her the spanking she craved, but all failed to live up to their promises. Then, by chance, she met this woman on the internet. Always a cynic where the internet is concerned, Kelly thought her new friend to be a fake, like so many she had met before. But her friend invited her to Skype, where Kelly saw for herself her new friend, Liz Fordson, was indeed a woman, and who held up to the camera the hairbrush she bragged she could use with the utmost efficiency.

February 24th, 2016

Caned for Laziness

A caning described, but there’s a twist

By Kane Strokes

She stood in front of the headmaster’s desk, the cane out and laying on his desk.

“Go to the secretary’s office and ask her to come in and act as a witness.”

” Please sir,” she said. “Can’t we do this privately, after school?”

“That would be most irregular, I’d have to ask you to sign a disclaimer, and state no impropriety happened.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed.

“Four o’clock, don’t be late,” he told her.

The day passed slowly. She looked at the work she’d neglected; her laziness was now to cost her six of the best. She told her friends she was staying late to work in the library. Her stomach churned at the thought of her appointment later that afternoon as she watched the clock tick slowly to the agreed time.

February 13th, 2016

No Rum

Working in a social club with military roots causes a young lady some discomfort.

By Kane Strokes

It’s 1966, and twenty- three year old Penny Archer got off the bus, crossed the road and entered the main doors of the Seaman’s Welfare and Social Club. The club had a long history dating back to Victorian times, set up to look after ex naval service personnel. Since then, the club had evolved to include any one who had a connection with the sea, Royal Navy, Merchant Navy, Trinity House or the Lifeboats, but the Royal navy traditions hold firm within the club, there are no ranks, no officer can pull rank on anyone, they are all seafaring men.

February 7th, 2016

Morgan Event

A girl yearns for past times. By a new writer to us.

By Kane Strokes

It was mid week, and already Liz was feeling stressed, and stressed was the number one thing Liz didn’t want; she had turned that corner. No longer was she prepared to allow work to cause her stress or any other health issues. She picked up her time sheet, here we are, midday Wednesday, and already she had worked enough hours to take her to Thursday evening. I’m taking some time off now, she decided.

Liz locked her computer, left the office and walked out of the museum, telling Stuart on her way out she’d be gone for at least two hours. Stepping outside the museum, Liz took a deep breath of what she hoped would be fresh air, to be disappointed that the air was a mixture of fumes from passing vehicles. As she walked around the city streets she came across a newly opened motor museum. Although a busman’s holiday, Liz decided to go in, maybe introduce herself to the curator, but to start with, get an idea of the museum from their exhibits.