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February 24th, 2019

When Mary Met Margaret

A woman meets a new neighbour and finds her background very interesting.

A prequel to ‘Into the New Year’ published two years ago.

By Kane Strokes

Mary, leaving for work, closed the front door of her house in the quiet cul-de-sac, walked less than 100 yards before turning the corner into the access road. Her heart sank as she saw the bungalow where old Mrs Scott had lived had a ‘For Sale’ board outside. Mary knew this was coming, as Mrs Scott had moved into sheltered accommodation. Mary hoped the new owners would keep as much of the old world character as possible, and not rip the place apart.

February 28th, 2017

The Shoe Shop Girl

A mother and employer team up to teach a girl a good lesson

By Kane Strokes

The early months of 1969, and nineteen year old Cathy Fuller arrives for work at ‘Treadz’ shoe shop just as the shop was about to open. The manageress, Mrs Helen Grant, looked at her watch.

“Sorry Mrs Grant, I got a bit delayed.”

“Your time keeping is going to have to improve, Cathy.” Mrs Grant admonished her. She liked Cathy, always bright and cheerful, but the girl could be a little cheeky at times. Now, if she was her daughter!

Cathy went out the back of the shop to the staff room, took off her coat and returned quickly to the shop. There were two other members of staff, both ladies, and both in their 40’s, Vera Grist and Maureen Taylor, and both thought the same about Cathy’s cheek, although neither said anything about it. It was the way of the world these days, but if she was their daughter!

January 17th, 2017

Memories of a Headmistress

Thoughts of a headmistress as she deals with an errant pupil

By Kane Strokes

I read through the report on my desk; Elizabeth Porter, caught smoking behind the bike sheds. From her records, I can see she has kept her nose relatively clean; the occasional classroom caning or slippering, but nothing that has brought her to my door before. Well, young Miss Porter, that is about to change.

My secretary sent a note to the girl’s class. She will see me at midday. Smoking is an automatic caning. In these cases, I always keep my desk clear. The cane stays in the cupboard until I’m ready to use it. I want any miscreant to listen to the lecture rather than have their eyes drawn to the cane.

December 21st, 2016

Into the New Year

A New Year’s party leads to much more

By Kane Strokes

She finished her shower and walked naked into her bedroom. Before her, on the bed, was her fancy dress outfit for the evening’s party. From her ‘smalls’ drawer she found the briefest, thinnest pair of knickers she possessed. She pulled them on and looked at herself in her full length mirror. She did a twirl and looked over her shoulder. She felt as naughty as her knickers looked.

Her bra was just as bold, plunging and uplifting. Another mirror check; this time she leant forward. Despite her age, her cleavage would be a male attention grabber. She put on her suspender belt, then slowly and carefully pulled her sheer black stockings over her legs. Once more, she looked at herself in the mirror. Underneath her outfit she would be all woman.

September 15th, 2016

The Spanking Challenge Part Two – The Masterclass

Continuing the series, the contest is over and the show’s producers now extend it to include advice to the public.

By Kane Strokes

The studio signal light flashed ‘OFF AIR’, the compere put his arm around Helen’s shoulder.

“A celebratory glass of champagne?”

“Not yet, I have my friend to attend to. She is as much a part of this final as I was.”

The compere was insistent. “The girls will take care of her.”

His tone infuriated Helen. “You take you arm off me or I’ll be using this on you!” She said swishing the trophy cane.

Shocked, he stood back, as did the two attendants. Helen thrust the cane at one of them.

August 30th, 2016

The Spanking Challenge

A wonderful idea for a new sporting event.

By Kane Strokes

Just two days before going on air with the new series, minnow TV company DARE, leaked details of the series to the tabloid press. For once the tabloids were undecided which way to lean. Should they be outraged at the idea, or stir up titillation amongst their readers? Was this a way to demonstrate skills we’re losing, or was the show ‘The Spanking Challenge’ just a showcase for perverts?

The show went on air, recorded six weeks earlier. In the studio were ten contestants; mums, dads, aunts, uncles, girlfriends, boyfriends, all who believed in the benefits of corporal punishment. They had all made it through secret, yet well publicised in the right places, local and regional competitions.

July 7th, 2016

The Old School House

A letter causes a few surprises

By Kane Strokes

Despite Stuart having left the museum some months back, Helen was still expecting him to be standing there. Now she had Doug, and Doug appeared to have all the social graces of a stereotype museum person, more intent on peeling away the dust to find some historical trinket or artefact than peeling away the thin veil that hid the sensual woman that is Helen.

As with Stuart, she tried mildly flirting; a low cut top and some interesting perfume. Helen also made sure she bent over right in front of him. Alas, he kept his hands to himself.

June 8th, 2016

The Landlady

Two student lodgers learn the hard way they need to obey their landlady’s rules

By Kane Strokes

Many months had past since Helen’s daughter had left home as a married woman. Pleased and happy for her daughter, Helen missed the noise, the chatter and laughter that young women bring into a house, and this house was demanding those features of life.

The house was ideally set, less than fifteen minutes walk from the university, but only yards from open country and, better still, only a short drive to sun, sea and sandy beaches, when there was a summer to enjoy such features.

Helen no longer had to work. She filled her days doing the things she wanted to do, gardening, walks in the country, days out to places of interest, and of course some retail therapy. It was on such a therapeutic day, taking a break with morning coffee, she over heard a conversation between two students sat behind her. Their language was colourful, to say the least. When you stripped away the expletives, their topic of conversation was the high price of lodgings in or close to the university. An idea was born.

April 29th, 2016

The Artist

An accident leads to an opportunity

By Kane Strokes

In the small village of Prim Lacey, Jack Birch was the main topic of village gossip, or he would be if anyone could find out any more than what everybody knew. The villagers knew he had bought the isolated cottage at the end of the village that stood in its own large grounds. No one knew if there was a Mrs Birch. They knew about the high fence that had been built around the rear of the property by Ron Black, the village handyman, and old Freddy Pierce tended the gardens. If Jack Birch had anyone come in and clean for him, it was no one from the village. They knew he had money, he always paid cash, even for the fence Ron Black had built.

April 18th, 2016

School Reunion Part 2

Two more ‘old girls’ are confronted by their vengeful  former headmistress

By Kane Strokes

Mrs Roberts opened the door to the headmistress’s office for Liz and Angela to enter; they walked in. Mrs Hepworth was sat behind her desk; there were no other chairs in the room, so Liz and Angela stood in front of her desk.

“Hi, Mrs Hepworth,” Liz said cheerfully.

Mrs Hepworth frowned at the pair of them.

“I’d like you to cast your minds back 15 years to the day you left this school. When I drove away from this school it seemed like every car in the country was hooting it’s horn at me. I wondered why. I soon found out as then pupils unknown to me had placed very rude signs and banners on my car, carefully placed so I wouldn’t see them, which unrolled as I drove for the motoring public to see and laugh at.”