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February 16th, 2016

Kirsty’s Horse Play

Taken from a true story, a girl makes a silly mistake. 

By Julie Baker

My name is Kirsty Wilson and I was born in October 1985 in Peterborough into a solidly middle class family. I have a brother who is two years younger than me and we both went to local schools in the city. My brother’s passion was football and mine were athletics and horses. I am a tall and strong girl with naturally blonde hair and an attractive personality which has never left me short of friends of both sexes. I was well behaved at home and school, with only the occasional chastisement, and never found myself in any serious trouble. I lost my virginity at 17, which was a lot later than most of my friends, and found that experience fabulous. Enjoying sex has come easily to me and, although I am choosy over who I go with, this rapidly became an important part of my life.

January 25th, 2016

Debt Repayment

A girl feels she owes a debt and her offer is not refused

By Julie Baker

My name is John Blake and I’m a happily married man living in the north west of England. I am aged 54 and I have a daughter who is 25 and two sons aged 21 and 20. I have a good job in senior management and all of my children have been privately educated. We live in the country and I commute daily to my office which is in a small market town about 20 miles away.

I would have to say that I have had very few involvements with the world of corporal punishment. I went to prep school in the early 1970s and I was occasionally slippered by the headmaster. It was administered to me fully clothed and I remember it stinging a bit. I didn’t find it a wholly unpleasant experience and it maybe played some part in my wife and I experimenting in some gentle spanking play later in life.

December 19th, 2015

The Long Wait

Not all punishments are administered immediately, as one girl discovers. Based on a true story.

By Julie Baker

I was born in early December 1955 and I was christened ‘Helen’ after my maternal grandmother who had died the week before I came into the world. I have always liked the name I was given. I then acquired a brother, Simon, who is two years younger than me. We were bought up in Primrose Hill in London where my father worked as a corporate lawyer. Both my brother and I were academically bright and loved all sports. We initially went to day schools in London but when we were 13 we were both sent away to boarding schools. My brother went to my father’s old school in Leicestershire and I was sent to a well known girls school in Surrey.

December 1st, 2015

Hannah’s Story

A girl seeks temporary work and gets a surprise

By Julie Baker

My name is Hannah and I was born in Sheffield in January 1993 into a prosperous middle class family. I have two older brothers, and we all went to fee paying day schools in the city. I was academically bright and represented South Yorkshire at hockey in every school year from the age of 14. I studied English, Maths and Drama at A level and achieved an A grade pass in each subject. I accepted a place to study English at Leeds University and I graduated two summers ago with a 2:1 degree.

March 30th, 2015

The Last School Caning?

This fact based account first appeared on our sister website (otd-memories)

by Julie Baker

My dubious claim to fame is that I might well be the last school girl in England to be legally caned.

I was born into a strictly Catholic family in Nottingham in March 1981. My family has Spanish blood in its ancestry, as evidenced by my maiden name which was Martinez. I was christened Lucy and inherited black hair with dark colouring, presumably from my father’s side of the family. I have two older brothers who also have olive skin colour and we were all regarded as tall, strong children whilst we were growing up. I have always loved sports and have always kept myself in good shape. It’s not for me to say but I think I was generally thought of as a pretty and attractive girl during my early years with no shortage of male attention!

October 23rd, 2014

Satisfying A Curiosity

A young woman visits a professional for punishment. By a new writer to us.

By Julie Baker

My name is Sarah Costa and I was born in London in 1981. My mother is English and my father is Portuguese although he has lived in the UK since he was 10. I am an only child and I was brought up speaking both Portuguese and English. My mother is a teacher and my father works as an IT technician for the Foreign Office in London.

I was considered to be a bright pupil at school and good at all sports. I played a lot of hockey in the winter and tennis in the summer. I have been lucky to have been blessed with a slim physique and dark, attractive looks. I have quite an adventurous personality but didn’t like being in major trouble at home or at school. I was popular with the kids of my own age and had a wide circle of friends, so when I came home one day, when I was 16, to be greeted with the news that my father had been posted to Brazil on a two year assignment I was not particularly pleased.

October 5th, 2014

An Interview between Julie Baker and Kenny Walters

Following the publication of Julie Baker’s account of being caned while in the employ of a Scottish lord, Julie and Kenny Walters enjoyed a regular exchange of emails. Readers may find some of the questions and answers of interest.

KW: You stated that by the time you were 16 you had not experienced any kind of corporal punishment, either at home or at school. Was that simply because you hadn’t been in that degree of trouble or was it that CP was not used in your home or school?

JB: It was because I was a well behaved girl! I don’t think my parents would have physically punished me under any circumstances and I was broadly a child who didn’t like being in trouble. Getting the slipper was a common punishment for the girls who deserved it during my school years. I can remember at one time feeling a bit left out, having not experienced it, but it did seem to be quite painful judging by the tears afterwards from the other girls. Of course, the cane is worse than the slipper and I did get some experience with that implement later after I left school, as you know!

September 28th, 2014

After Clathy Castle – A Short Career In Modelling

Julie’s account of being caned by her employer was followed by a brief career in modelling where she encountered a different aspect of CP

By Julie Baker

During an exchange of emails between Julie Baker and Kenny Walters involving the publishing of the Clathy Castle account, it became known that Julie had enjoyed a short career as a model in London around the same time as Kenny worked there as a photographer although they never met.

While Julie mostly turned down work that had a punishment theme, she did accept a small number of assignments. Further enquiry revealed an interesting story.

Julie writes: 

I have already given an account of my time working at Clathy Castle in the mid 1970s when I received a short caning on my bare bottom from my employer (Caning at Clathy Castle). About a year after this incident I left that job and started work as a model. There was one assignment in particular that I’ll tell you about although this day was not one of my proudest moments.

August 4th, 2014

Caning at Clathy Castle

An unfortunate accident leads a young lady to make a difficult decision

by Julie Baker

My name is Julie Baker and I was born in Edinburgh in March 1956 and subsequently brought up in the same city. My father is Scottish and was a well known GP in Edinburgh before he retired. My mother is Swedish and came to the UK in the 1950s to train to be a nurse. I was an only child and I benefited from a solidly middle class upbringing and the stability provided by two loving parents. From the age of 12 my parents sent me to a private day school for girls in Edinburgh. I was not academic but I excelled at sports, representing the school in netball, hockey and badminton. I was very rarely in any kind of trouble at home or school and by the time I was 16 had not experienced any kind of physical punishment.