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February 21st, 2017

A Picnic by the River

Two sisters go too far, and then their mother finds out.

By Julie Baker

I was born in March 1966 and my parents called me Sophie. My sister was born almost exactly a year later and they named her Alice. My mother was a fashion model before she got married and my father was a professional footballer with Southampton, in his early playing career, and then at Plymouth Argyle. We were born just after the move to Plymouth, but within two years of the move he and my mother had parted company. Shortly afterwards he went into football management and moved to Birmingham with his new girlfriend. They eventually married and had two children together; a boy and a girl.

January 23rd, 2017

Justice Done

A girl is slippered, but it doesn’t end there.

By Julie Baker

My name is Jennifer Todd and I was born in London in October 1965. My parents were both lawyers and money was never in short supply, particularly given that I was an only child. My early schooling was unremarkable, but at 13 I was sent away to my father’s old boarding school which was in the Midlands and had recently gone co-educational. I was in the second batch of girls to be admitted and we were firmly in the minority. I made friends easily, applied myself well to my studies and was good at most sports, so the environment suited me very well. I got good O level results and opted to do English, French and Geography for A levels. I did make a conscious effort not to get too involved with any of my fellow male pupils.

December 14th, 2016

Jill’s Story

A holiday on the Isle of Man goes wrong

By Julie Baker

My name is Jillian Scott and I was born in Liverpool in March 1956. I am an only child and I was brought up in a happy middle class household in Bootle. I was academically able and attended a well respected mixed grammar school in Liverpool from the age of 11 onwards. I stayed on to take A levels in Geography, History and English which enabled me to eventually read Geography at Sheffield University. I also loved sport representing my school at both netball and hockey. My school days were happy and I was blessed with many good friends and a busy social life. In those days I was tall and slim with, in my later school days, a steady stream of boys wanting to take me out. What I want to share with you is something that happened to me shortly after I had taken my A level exams. I am not proud of it but I now realise it was a chain of events that couldn’t happen today and I also acknowledge that there are a number of people who have an interest in matters concerning corporal punishment. This is evident from the popularity of certain books and films on this subject and on this basis I am sure that there will be some interest in the details of my experience.

October 21st, 2016

The Full Set

A girl’s past adds spice to a relationship. 

By Julie Baker

We are Mark and Stephanie aged 29 and 26 respectively. We have recently got married and this is the story of how we met.

Stephanie McGregor’s Story

I was born in 1989 in Harare, Zimbabwe to white parents of Scottish stock. I have always been known as ‘Steph’. We lived on a farm two hours drive north of the city and up to the age of 12 I was educated at home along with my younger brother and two children from a neighbouring farm. Although I have known nothing other than an independent Zimbabwe, where white farmers are often targeted, we were fortunate because my father had a great relationship with his workers and the local population and we were left to run our affairs in relative peace and safety. This changed later, but in my early years I had a very good life.

September 18th, 2016

No Alternative

A headmistress tells about the time she used her cane on a girl. 

By Julie Baker

My name is Sally Johnson and I was born in Sheffield in March 1957. I was schooled through the state system and I was head girl in my last year. I achieved three straight A grades in my A levels and won a place to study geography at Cambridge University. I enjoyed my time there and when I graduated I got a place on a teacher training course at Durham University. One year later and I was applying for teaching posts in a variety of state and private schools. I took a position in a small private all girls school in Leicestershire as a class room teacher. Within three years I was head of their geography department and by the time I was 29 I was appointed to be Deputy Head.

August 8th, 2016

Charity Work

A novel way to make money for charity 

By Julie Baker

I was born in Newcastle in 1991 and my parents called me Roxanne, although I have always been known as Roxy. My Dad is a lorry driver and my Mum works at the local hospital as a cleaner. I have no brothers or sisters. We live in a village in County Durham in an ex-council house that my parents bought shortly after I was born. I still live at home. I have had various boyfriends but nobody who was able to tempt me away from my happy and secure life under my parents’ roof.

June 30th, 2016

The Film Extra

An opportunity arises for a student to make some extra cash

By Julie Baker 

I am a twenty-one year old student in my final year at a central London university studying English literature. My name is Melanie Speight and I come from Bath. I am one of five but I am the only one from my family to go to university. We are what you might call a working class family and my parents both work long hours at the main hospital in Bath to provide for us all. My mother is a nurse and works mainly night shifts, and my father is a porter. We have had a great upbringing and are a very close family.

April 30th, 2016

After the Hockey Match

Twin sisters, and one lures the other into trouble. 

By Julie Baker

My name is Amanda Johnson and I was born in London in March 1954, half an hour before my twin sister, Victoria. We have always been known as Mandy and Vicky and have been inseparable since the day we came into this world. Later in life I married a farmer from Berkshire and went on to have three children of my own. Vicky married a film producer. They had twin boys and, after some time living abroad, currently live in London. We are identical twins and even now people have difficulty telling us apart. Vicky is still my closest friend and there are very few days when we don’t speak to each other on the phone. What is different between us, though, are our personalities. Vicky is quite cautious in what she does whereas I am more adventurous and inclined to take chances. Because of this I have always tended to be the leader and I have generally had the feeling that I needed to look after my younger sister.

March 27th, 2016

Sophie and the Riding Crop

A temporary job leads a girl into an interesting situation 

By Julie Baker

My name is Sophie Wilkinson and I was born in Pickering, North Yorkshire in March 1993. My father is a farm manager for a large estate and I grew up as very much part of the local farming community. I went to school locally and did well in both sports and my academic studies. I wanted to be a vet and was offered a place at the School of Veterinary Medicine at Glasgow University conditional on my grades in my A levels. I worked incredibly hard and was delighted when I was successful.

March 6th, 2016

Spanking Games

Friends socialising leads to some spanking good fun

By Julie Baker

My name is Carla Jenkinson. I am 32 and a stay-at-home mum looking after two small children. What I want to tell you about happened to me five years ago when my life was very different.

I met my husband, Mike, in my last year at Durham University. We were both studying Law but had only vaguely known each other in our early student days. We then embarked on a whirlwind romance and married in the July after we graduated. We both got jobs with law firms in London and rented a flat together in Fulham. Our careers developed rapidly and after three years we were able to buy a house on the outskirts of Harpenden. We commuted in to London each day during the week and developed a great social life with new friends we had made in the town.