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October 22nd, 2014

Aunt Maria

Family problems mean a girl has to stay with her aunt’s family, where the rules are rather different.

By Joanna Jones

About halfway through my upper sixth my grandmother fell ill and my mother went south to the coast from our home in London to look after her. It was agreed, with very little input from me, that I should move in with her sister, rather than look after myself. My dad was away on business much of the time.

My two cousins, Jim and Rob, were no doubt less than pleased to see me; 10 year old Rob having to move in with his 13 year old big brother, to give me his room for the couple of months I was to be spending with them.

October 8th, 2014

Kicking the Habit VII: One Puff

The next in the series, and two girls experience the results of smoking in school

By Joanna Jones

Seventh in a series of stories where painful experiences, coupled with potentially worse sanctions in the future, lead to girls getting the impetus to give up tobacco, though in this case it is only partially successful.

Have I ever smoked in my life?

Well technically the answer must be yes, I suppose. I have in my entire life taken exactly one drag on a cigarette.

That drag was taken behind the bike shed (hardly novel but it was one of the places where those that smoked would go) in my girls’ grammar school. That single puff of tobacco led to ‘consequences’. Consequences that I recall here.

September 19th, 2014

Revenge Served Cold

Punishment, when deserved is one thing, but sometimes a pupil feels particularly hard done by.

By Joanna Jones

My worst experience at school was at the hands of my Headmaster, a bad tempered man with, to my mind, a vicious streak when it came to punishments.

During my school career I was caned twice by him; one was harsh, but I was in the wrong so I could live with it. The other was, to my mind, totally unfair; I was literally just in the wrong place at the wrong time and for reasons best known only to him he caned me, adding extra for my impertinence in protesting my innocence. I had nothing to do with the incident, and it was the most upsetting and painful experience of my school career.

September 7th, 2014

Daddy’s BMW

A novel way of dealing with a careless driver, told from several perspectives.

By Joanna Jones

A story inspired by a number of communications with an internet friend, for which I am very grateful.

The Prologue: Monday Evening.

Jack Tompkins

I was furious as I stomped into the house, having seen the deep scratches in the front passenger side corner paintwork and of course the absence of the passenger wing mirror. My darling daughter had clearly had another accident.

“Sally-May,” I hollered, stomping in through the door. “Downstairs, now!”

Sheepishly she appeared in the kitchen where I was now standing, arms folded, at the sink having had a quick glass of water to calm me down.

September 3rd, 2014


A second by second account of a girl being caned.

By Joanna Jones

The moment I walk in I know I’m doomed. My fate is sealed, I am done for.

I knew it anyway, had been anticipating the dread call all morning, but it is still awful to see it so starkly confirmed.

It’s the chair that says it all, sited oddly with its back against his desk.

Sited for me to mount I am sure.

My mouth is dry as I hear Miss Frobisher close the door behind us. Clearly she is staying here. I guess that is why I had to wait, wait till she was on a free period.

May 11th, 2014

The Praetorium

Girls experience tough justice in a boarding school that had once been all-boys.

By Joanna Jones

A story based on a plot developed in collaboration with an internet friend who wishes to remain anonymous. My thanks for the advice and input in developing the general plot and the paragraphs that start this story and for the suggestions to improve the completed version.

Josh Evans woke up dreamily that morning with the vague feeling that today would have something special to offer. As the haze of sleep evaporated so it came back to him with a start. Yes, indeed, today was THE day. The day when Laura Frankland and Abi Hunt were to appear before the Praetorium!

May 4th, 2014

The Babysitter and the Boyfriend

A girl thought babysitting was an easy job with good pay and benefits when her boyfriend joined her until she discovers painful consequences

By Joanna Jones

Betty came happily in from a trip shopping on Saturday afternoon, looking forward to an evening that promised to be fun. Her boyfriend was taking her to the cinema that night, and she was going to see him on Sunday too. While her parents would not let her spend the night with him, despite her being nineteen, with his parents out all day she was sure that Sunday would be a passionate day. She hoped he would like the new lingerie that she’d just splashed out on.

December 21st, 2013

To Witness, To Experience

A thoughtful look at how a girl might satisfy her fascination with the cane

By Joanna Jones

How many times had she done this now, she wondered? Maybe about sixteen or so, and for probably more than 25 girls. Everything from some tough first year, who’d answered back to a teacher once too often, to a couple of her fellow upper sixth colleagues, caught smoking inside the school on a cold, wet February morning.

She remembered that latter episode particularly well, given she would count them as friends, if not close friends. She recalled them, sentence having been already passed, glancing sickly at her from their positions facing the wall, hands clasped nervously in front of them, near the door as she entered the headmaster’s study. Unlike some of the younger girls she’d seen in that predicament, neither were in tears, at least not at that point.

December 16th, 2013

Of Courts and Canes IV – Promotions and an Expulsion

Part four of the series and the last to be transferred from the old site.

By Joanna Jones

Apart from a very ‘romantic’ day with Derek and a brief long weekend away to South Devon with my parents, there was little to comment on during the Easter Holiday. Then it was back to school again, more or less now in my mind a second home. One of the first things that happened was Mr McKendrick had a meeting with his senior prefects. He also invited Katie.

He had clearly been exercised by a number of issues revolving around what had happened to Mary. In short he was clearly deeply unhappy that she had been teased and that a prefect (or prefects) who could never realistically be identified had shown such loose tongues. There was some discussion between us all about how this could be resolved. Finally it was agreed that all future punishments were to happen in the smaller ante-room, with only Derek, Tom and Ian present for a boy, and Katie and myself in the case of a girl. The same rule could be adapted if it was a prefect who had misreported.

December 9th, 2013

Secret Santa

‘Secret Santa’ will be enjoyed in offices, factories, schools and colleges around the world this festive season, but one girl finds it rather less enjoyable.

By Joanna Jones

It was a tradition of Raggington High every December. Each year all the class put their names in the hat and then drew them out. You then chose a Christmas present for the name you drew. There was a limit of 20 dollars on the purchase, and there was an unwritten rule not to get anything the school would consider inappropriate but otherwise you were left to decide. A key element was to think about a classmate you did perhaps not know so well and to work out what they would really appreciate.