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April 3rd, 2019

Opportunity Knocks

A chance meeting on the internet provides an unexpected work opportunity.

The beginning of a new book/series from a new writer to us

By J D Knight

Eighteen year old Tina Elizabeth Burnett lived at home with her parents in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Much like a lot of working class girls typical of her age and background, she found herself at an awkward crossroads in life confused, frustrated and struggling to find a viable worthwhile future path to pursue. She had no qualifications or discernible skills on her CV to speak of. The school she attended (sporadically) was one of the worst in the country and, despite being relatively bright, she was often let down by her attitude and volatile temper. She was expelled from secondary school and unable to find another school in time to sit her exams, which she didn’t stand much chance of passing anyway. The same happened again at college after one too many arguments with the staff and fights with other students, when she was expelled once more. Having given up on further education, Tina also found her attitude and behaviour to be somewhat undesirable to prospective employers in the job market. She didn’t respond well to authority figures and her employers didn’t have the patience for her antics, so Tina was currently surviving on minimum wage, menial, ad-hoc temporary agency work with most days spent idling about in her bedroom just waiting for the phone to ring.