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February 16th, 2015

Valentine’s Day

Four girls who think they’re above the school rules are finally brought to book.

By Henry Jones

It was the fourteenth of February and there was the usual Monday morning chatter as twenty eighteen year old girls changed for their PE session. The sporty ones chatted about their activities over the weekend, the studious ones fretted about lost study time, while others giggled together about what they had got up to with boyfriends and boasted about how many cards they’d received. There were four girls, however, who didn’t join in with any of this; they just changed into shorts and vests in morose silence.

August 6th, 2014


When the behaviour of two twins, a boy and a girl, becomes too much a new service is approached. By a new writer.

By Henry Jones

“Good afternoon, Corporal Punishment Service, my name’s Melissa. How may I help you today?”

“Hello, er, Melissa. It’s my nephew and niece, they’re twins and they’re driving my wife and me mad. They don’t want to go to college, all they want to do is sit around all day, claiming benefit and we’ve had enough!”

“Yes Sir, however, before we go any further, I do need to ask you some questions. Now, how old are the twins?”

“Eighteen, but you’d think they were thirteen or fourteen, the way they behave!”