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January 3rd, 2013

Room Thirteen – A Cautionary Tale

A little more poetry

By Harry Lewis

The school bell’s ring, on other days

Would bring delight to Carole Hayes

But today she’s feeling green

It means a trip to room thirteen.

Why ever did she play that trick

On Mrs Scott, she feels quite sick

At eighteen plus she’s never been

To pay a call to room thirteen.

She doesn’t know what fate’s in store

Behind that heavy old oak door

Girls at this place are never keen

On talking about room thirteen.

They say maybe she’ll get a whacking

She’s never had a bottom smacking

Perhaps they won’t be quite so mean

It’s her first trip to room thirteen.

Now up the stairs, she’s nearly there


January 3rd, 2013

The Loophole

Everyone involved wants to, but the law forbids it. Or does it? This does not refer to UK law.

By Harry Lewis

Janet Peters put her pen down and sighed. As Headmistress of Grayfords, one of the most traditional schools for girls in the city suburbs, she found herself having to deal with the occasional problem with, as she regarded it, one hand tied behind her back.

She had been in her post for a few months but already realised that her year in the USA had demonstrated that, in Ohio at least, corporal punishment could be an effective sanction. So when she considered that Karen Compton was waiting outside her study for punishment, she wished she could deal with the matter in a method which was now deemed illegal.

January 3rd, 2013


A little poetry for a change

By Harry Lewis


She trembles slightly, standing before the big black door,

Shivering as though touched by some unseen breeze,

And yet the day is warm, the air is still,

She wonders to herself again

‘Why am I here? Can this be true?’

Her mind goes back in time, to that time,

It now all seems so long ago, when she replied,

On some impulsive, self destructive whim,

To that e-mail. She read it and some deep and awful force

Told her the time was now.

Where did it come from, how long had it been there,

Dormant like some sleeping ogre,

Dormant until that message on the internet