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January 5th, 2013

Jenny’s Appointment

A girl’s punishment is watched

By H. Davenhill

“Davenhill! Pay attention!”

We’re in a Maths lesson with Mr Morris, what a boring prospect! But what’s this? Jenny White in a very short skirt and she sits close to me too.

Thank goodness the bell’s gone. I couldn’t concentrate properly as Jenny looks very attractive in that short skirt. It may be called a ‘wrap-over’ skirt, but it didn’t hide much of her thigh when she sat crossed legged.

I wondered why everyone’s gone quiet? No wonder; Miss Thomas is hanging about outside and she’s talking to Jenny. I’ll just pretend to remove a stone from my shoe and listen. She’s really laying into her for bunking off yesterday afternoon; apparently Gregory saw her in the park.

November 18th, 2012

Miss Hanson’s Ruler

A simple account of a girl’s punishment

By H Davenhill

“Settle down girls, there is far too much noise! This is a history lesson, if you need reminding!”

Miss Hanson is being tested by the Sixth Form girls. She has been at the school for just one month and the girls want to see how far they can go, probing for any weakness they can exploit.

One girl in particular, Pauline Rowley, always pushes a new teacher that little bit more.

“Rowley, isn’t it?” Miss Hanson looks pointedly at what she regards as one of the main protagonists.

“Yes, Miss,” replied Pauline in a somewhat cheeky tone.

“Well Rowley, I’m keeping my eye on you, girl.”

November 18th, 2012

A Slippered Schoolgirl

A school slippering from the teacher’s perspective

By H. Davenhill

Today has seemed like an eternity, but being the deputy headmistress you have to expect days like this I suppose. I’ve a free period to catch up with some of my non-teaching duties.

“Miss Thomas can I have a word with you please, it’s quite important?”

“Very well, Helen Peters, my door is always open to anyone with a genuine problem. I hope you aren’t wasting my time though.”

“No miss, I accidentally bumped into Jenny White and she attacked me pushing, me into a corridor window. My elbow broke a pane of glass.”

“Are you cut, girl?”