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April 8th, 2014

Susan Asks For A Spanking

A girl comes of age, but her strict regime doesn’t.

By Frances Stephenson

Susan was really rather anxious. She had just passed her eighteenth birthday and her parents had promised a more severe punishment regime to start after this watershed birthday. There had been talk of a cane being introduced and she shuddered at the thought.

Both parents secretly enjoyed spanking Susan’s pretty bottom and were somewhat reluctant to subject their daughter to the punishing welts delivered by a cane; a well spanked bottom, red and sore, seemed ample retribution for the various misdemeanours which warranted punishment.

Both parents resolved that they should continue spanking their daughter but refer to the presence of the cane and the possibility, or maybe probability, that it would be used on their daughter. She might even plead to be spanked rather than endure a swishing.

March 7th, 2014

Mr Lewis and His Cane

A short story reminding us how it used to be

By Frances Stephenson

A short story from a friend of the author

In the late 1950s we lived in a quiet road. Our father was working abroad on a long term contract, leaving our mother to look after my sister and myself. I was just eighteen and my sister a year younger. We were often told that we were very pretty girls and, on examining myself, I must admit that I had little to complain about. Juliet, my sister, also seemed to have inherited this pleasing aspect. We were both of medium height with soft brown hair, mine being blonder than Juliet’s, We both had slender and shapely legs, naturally small waists, good bottoms and breasts and enviable soft dewy skin. Neither of us lacked admirers and the front door bell was seldom quiet.

March 6th, 2014

Miss Charlotte and the Midshipman

A fascination with naval discipline leads an admiral’s daughter into problems of her own.

By Frances Stephenson

My elder brother is an avid Hornblower fan and, when I was younger, these books came my way and I, in turn, became a fan, much to my mother’s chagrin as she wanted me to absorb a more feminine path. Although it is many years since I last read one, the ‘creaking ships’ remain as evocative as ever. FS

His Majesty’s good ship Themistocles was making its sedate way en route for the West Indies. The period was the Napoleonic War and England’s considerable Navy was either deployed in fighting the enemy or in protecting its trade routes. There was expected to be a mix of both of these activities in the West Indies and the officers and men of the Themo, as it was known by the crew, were kept on their toes by frequent practice and by keeping their ship in tip top condition. The officers and a dozen or so Midshipmen saw to it that the Captains orders were followed with brisk precision.

February 25th, 2014

The Disciplining of Lady Alice – Part Two.

Continuing the series. The lady of the manor is in trouble again.

By Frances Stephenson

Life continued to unfold at Mayton Manor. Lady Alice continued to busy herself with some enthusiasm and an onlooker would have noted evidence of a stronger bond between his Lordship and his Lady.

The regular canings had ceased as there did not seem any point in continuing such a regime when there had been such a marked improvement in Lady Alice’s attitude and behaviour. The threat of a caning, however, remained an ever present possibility.

Lady Alice, herself, had an ambivalent attitude to being caned. Part of her hated the sharply stinging pain but part of her rather welcomed it. In any event it had worked wonders for their sex life with them both becoming very stimulated by Alice’s caning. This alone seemed to make the attendant pain worth it. Although she was not now being caned regularly, Alice found that just thinking about the caning scenario was stimulating and was pleased to learn that her husband was of a like mind.

February 15th, 2014

The Disciplining of Lady Alice

The lady of the manor is dealt with by a younger housekeeper

by Frances Stephenson

Lady Alice Mayton had become the mistress of Mayton Manor some two years ago. She was now aged 27 and was an attractive lady without being exactly beautiful. She had an excellent figure, soft light brown hair, lovely skin and big violet eyes.

Alice had never really bothered with young men of her own age, preferring older, more mature and experienced men. In addition, she found that experienced and rather strict men attracted her and appealed to her latent masochistic desires.

She had met the middle-aged Lord Anthony Mayton whilst on holiday in the South of France. A chance meeting saw the foundation of a relationship which prospered over the next few months, culminating in a marriage some six months later. The marriage developed with Alice responding to her husband’s rather dictatorial personality. She found she was happy with this state of affairs.

January 20th, 2014

Twerking at St Kilda’s – (with illustration)

A liking for a new craze meets with opposition from religious leaders

By Frances Stephenson

(Illustration by kind permission of

This short story is intended as a tribute to Anton, the artist who published the picture some years ago in the well known spanking magazine, Janus. I was so impressed by Anton’s skill and by his composition that I decided to weave a short story around it.

 Anton. If you read this please be in touch with me via OTD. The use of your drawing is meant to be a tribute to your skill and composition. I have spent some months trying to track you down but with no success.

November 16th, 2013


A girl has confused feelings about a former teacher and gets help to plot his downfall

By Frances Stephenson

Julia Stannard started to clear her desk at 7.30 in the evening. It had been a busy week and she carefully sifted through her papers putting aside some of her more urgent work which she would take home with her and polish them up at the weekend, and also start to prepare herself for the next week which was shaping up to be a busy one.

Julia was a Senior Director at a well known Investment Bank. As a highly qualified graduate she had then become a PhD in Economics specialising in the rarefied and complex world of financial derivatives. She now had a successful team working for her and her own formidable work ethic had ensured that she was extremely well rewarded.

November 7th, 2013

Charlotte Miller Gets Into Trouble Thrice Over

Continuing the stories of The Girls of St Mary’s

Three stories by Frances Stephenson with kind permission of Penny Morton

Monday Break in the Prefects Common Room and there was the usual few girls dressed in their games shorts awaiting the slipper. Amongst them, surprise, surprise, was Charlotte Miller. Vicky, the Head Girl, was present.

“Not you again Charlotte,” she exclaimed. “Anybody would think you enjoyed having the slipper; you seem to be here so often.”

A reply was obviously needed. “No, of course I don’t enjoy it, Vicky,” said Charlotte. “But I seem to be caught more than others.”

“Don’t forget that I am authorised to use the cane and, if you carry on like this, you will be in line for a dose.”

October 28th, 2013

Merlin – The light-weight American paddle

A short story about the traditional American implement.

By Frances Stephenson

My name is Merlin and I am an American lightweight correctional paddle. I reside in a small alcove in the Master’s study. Immediately above me is a small black chalkboard. The significance of this small blackboard will soon become apparent.

I am eighteen inches long by three and a half inches wide and half an inch thick and am made of dark American walnut. The paddle part of me is interspersed with holes, making me easier to deliver a more forceful spanking and guaranteed to make a naughty bottom smart, especially the soft bottoms of errant young ladies.

October 27th, 2013

Eleanor’s Tough Justice

A woman breaks a traffic law and finds painful justice

By Frances Stephenson

Assistant Head Teacher Eleanor McKay falls foul of new and stringent Anti- Drink and Drive Laws

Eleanor had an hour to kill before her appointment. She was truly dreading the visit; she felt sick and her stomach was churning. Her appointment was at the Government Correction Centre where she would receive the second of two canings to which she had been sentenced.

The year was 2017 and a brave and far-sighted Government had introduced the ‘Short Sharp Shock’ legislation. The major component of this legislation was the re-introduction of corporal punishment. It was rightly felt that miscreants being so dealt with would take the strain away from the overcrowded Prison service. The scheme was to work in conjunction with the recently introduced National Identity Cards with every UK citizen being required to be included in this identity Databank.