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November 1st, 2014

Lady Alice and the Pink Cards

After a brief flirtation, Lady Alice is in trouble again. The next in the series.

By Frances Stephenson

Although Lady Alice had been taken to task, quite severely, for her original flirtation with Jeremy Hayes Weston, this affair had not progressed but nonetheless there was a definite tug of attraction between the two of them. It had been many months since they last met but they happened to run across each other in a town which neither of them usually visited and it was in fact some 30 miles away from Mayton Manor.

Alice had been visiting a shop renowned for its stock of exotic foods, spices and the like. She had in mind to organise a full-blown curry evening at the Manor and wanted to buy some of the products that were not readily available locally. It was good to browse around the shops as this usually threw up all sorts of new ideas.

October 20th, 2014

Jenny and Jane

A mother deals with her daughter’s rebellious streak in a time honoured manner.

By Frances Stephenson

The Danby family had come to stay for a week or two. Julia had known Delia Danby for ever and they had been friends at school and had kept in close touch ever since. Delia had a daughter Jenny who was just a bit younger than Julia’s daughter, Jane. The two girls had been friends since they were born and although maybe not close friends they shared many interests and similar views.

Jane was now just over 18 and had matured into an attractive girl with soft brown curly hair and lovely hazel eyes; she had filled out over the last six months or so and now showed off a fine figure, she was also blessed with a lovely pale soft skin and she had a slightly vulnerable and shy look, her legs were well shaped if very slightly stocky and the whole picture was rounded off by an impudently jutting bottom.

October 18th, 2014

The Correction Centre Revisited

A girl is convicted of a motoring offence and receives a harsh penalty. A follow-up to an old story.

By Frances Stephenson

“Welcome to Ebchester Correction Centre. My name is Julienne and I will be looking after you today. Hold on, don’t I know you? Susie Brackenshaw? Yes, of course! I thought I recognised the name, but now I have seen you I am sure I do.”

“Yes, you do.” Susie admitted shyly. “You ushered me through the system about nine months ago.”

“Yes, it’s all coming back to me now,” gushed Julienne. “You were given eight strokes for a speeding violation, is that right?”

“Perfectly correct,” said Susie blushing slightly. “I was caught speeding and admitted to not concentrating. Therefore two strokes were added to the usual six.”

October 1st, 2014


Drinking in the lunch hour gets two office girls into trouble.

By Frances Stephenson

Mannerings is a small Private bank and certainly something of an anachronism in this modern day and age. The structure alone made it stand out as it was run as a Partnership with a Managing Clerk, four senior clerks and the rest of the staff simply being termed as ‘clerks’.

Although the bank had been quite slow to adopt to modern practices and business methods it eventually always did so although sometimes there was a considerable delay. In the old days high sloping desks and high chairs formed the mainstay of their general office and clerks were expected to keep the relevant ledgers well up-to-date in a clear and well formed copperplate handwriting.

September 25th, 2014

Amanda and the Punishment chair – Part 2

Amanda has another meeting with Fiona’s ladies

by Frances Stephenson

Amanda woke early the next morning and decided to have a brief time to herself and to think about the day ahead. She remembered she had invited Fiona Fairchild and her husband to dinner that night. She had already planned the menu and all three courses and the cheese board were set out neatly in her fridge. There was really nothing for her to do other than the normal housewifely chores so she fell into a reverie thinking about her relationship with the commanding Fiona. She wondered, briefly, what Fiona’s husband would be like and, more importantly, had she told him about the recent escapade where Amanda had been severely slippered by Fiona in front of four or five of her lady guests. Although very painful, the slippering had been strangely satisfying and Amanda’s bottom was still warm and quite sore when she climbed into bed with her husband that evening.

August 19th, 2014

Amanda and the Victorian Punishment Chair

A newly married girl re-discovers her masochistic leanings

by Frances Stephenson

John and Amanda were rummaging around an antique shop. This was nothing new as they both found this a splendid way to relax and, in addition, a good part of their new home was furnished thanks to this agreeable pastime.

They were married some six months ago and were pleased to find they both shared an interest in antique shops. John was especially good with his hands and was very keen on wooden furniture, in fact anything made of wood. His darling wife was very keen on china and unusual artefacts.

Amanda was looking at some handsome Masons Ironstone plates with the pretty Formosa pattern. They all seemed so badly chipped but four were fine.

June 19th, 2014

Lady Alice – Part Four

The tables start turning

By Frances Stephenson

The two maids at Mayton were relaxing after a busy day. In truth they were not really tired and always seemed to get through their work ‘coasting’. They were good friends and covered for each other. Beverly was nearly twenty-one and Jean about six months younger.

They were both bursting with exuberant youth and robust good health and made a more than attractive pair. It was to be expected that both girls should have many admirers and indeed their company was much sought after at the regular dances and parties organised at the Village Hall.

Although very discreet, the girls had become bolder as the months passed and an interested onlooker would have noticed two men’s bicycles regularly hidden in the laurel bushes thirty yards from the back door. These belonged to Arthur Woods and Jimmy Tiptree, two lusty and adventurous young swains.

May 10th, 2014

Lady Alice – Part Three

The next instalment.

By Frances Stephenson

A further disciplinary episode in which a new cane makes its appearance

It was 11.15 am at Mayton Manor and Miss Richardson, the youthful housekeeper at Mayton Hall, had just settled herself into a comfortable armchair preparatory to enjoying her mid-morning cup of coffee. There was a long brown cardboard parcel but she knew what this contained. The initials AJ&BTS confirmed this supposition. The Singh Brothers of Maida Vale in London had sent her two more canes.

Miss Richardson’s eyes gleamed in pleasure as she thought about the purchase and, more importantly, her Mistress’s delectable bottom which would, she hoped, soon make the acquaintance of these new purchases. She would examine the canes later.

April 27th, 2014

Elin the Housemaster’s Daughter

When Erin catches a boy smoking at her father’s school, she takes the law into her own hands, and then pays the price.

By Frances Stephenson

Elin Powell was a thoughtful sort of girl, but definitely not a swot; in fact she was very sporty and her enthusiasm for every type of sporting activity showed in her excellent figure and toned body.

She was not a conventionally pretty girl but her face was animated and there was something very taking in her expression and her well-opened brown eyes shone with health and interest.

She was eighteen years of age and lived with her parents in a large Edwardian house. The family lived in an apartment on the first floor and the remainder of the house was occupied, in term time, by some 30 senior boys. The house was a satellite of a much larger house which, in turn, formed part of St Edwards, a large and well known boysPublic School.

April 21st, 2014

Lucy and Her Green Tennis Knickers

A petulant lady tennis player is offered assistance

By Frances Stephenson

Lucy Carlyle had just turned eighteen years old. She was a stunningly pretty girl and all the good fairies must have been queueing up to bestow their favours on her. She was 5 feet 4 inches tall with a lovely body and slim but certainly not overly so.

The palest ivory skin with a matt like quality; her body seemed to hold promise of soft and sensual delight. She moved well and with an inbuilt elegance. Her most startling feature was a mane of stunning red hair, not bright aggressive red, but thick darker red with mahogany undertones as well as a suggestion of coppery flame red; it was slightly curly and just contrived to look both arresting and elegant.