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August 29th, 2016


A puzzling antique from a junk shop has mystical properties.

By Fenton Creek

I’d been working late and was on my way to the station when I stopped at a ramshackle junk and second hand furniture store, picked up a couple of paperbacks from the stand outside and wandered in to pay for them. A grey haired woman was sitting behind the glass topped counter.

“You’re open late,” I remarked.

“Oh,” she said with a smile. “I’m going to supper just around the corner at 7, thought I might as well stay open. Just those, is it?” She indicated the books I’d put down on the counter.

May 18th, 2014

Women’s Hour – Episode One

 A radio journalist investigates procedures when birching is re-introduced into prisons.

By Fenton Creek

Sally Horton (presenter): Punishment using the birch was, until this week, only ever used on the Isle Of Man until 1976 and in prisons until 1962. In both cases, only male offenders were punished in this way.

Sally:  With several recent changes to legislation, the birch has actually made a come-back. I am here at EastwoodPark women’s prison in Gloucestershire and with me is Governor Clare Andrews.

Sally: Clare, this is a new development, how has it affected you here?

Clare: Well Sally, staff are broadly in favour. The birching procedure is fairly straightforward and takes up far less time and paperwork than other sanctions. We do, still, of course use other punishments such as loss of privileges, but the birch is proving to be a useful tool.

May 14th, 2014

School Strip Cell

A new punishment is introduced at a girls’ school

By Fenton Creek

Ruth and I knocked at the School Secretary’s door. A cheery: “Come in,” came from inside.

As we entered her office, Miss Marston looked up from her desk. “She’s running a bit late, you may need to wait a while.”

There was another girl in the room whom I didn’t recognise; a blonde girl in her school jumper and blouse, black knickers, socks and shoes but no skirt. Two jackets and two pleated skirts were hanging from a chair in the corner.

On the Headmistress’s door, a red light was showing. From inside her study we heard the muffled voice of Mrs Wilson followed a few seconds later by a soft: “Owww!” then a longer yell, then another. A few seconds of silence then the light on the door turned green, the door opened and one of the younger girls walked out. She too had no skirt and was wearing pale blue knickers. After rubbing her bottom with one hand and wiping a tear from her eye, she then picked up a skirt from the chair and began to get dressed.

April 21st, 2013

Rule Nine – Part Two

The series continues

By Fenton Creek

Having already breached school dress rules, Talia is in trouble again.

Clad in just blue knickers, Talia Mbanefo was on her knees. Her large breasts swayed as she picked through the pile of clothing on the floor. Shaking her head she stood up and rifled through the garments hanging in her wardrobe.

Giving up, she opened the door and called: “Mum! Where’s my school skirt?”

Silence. Damn.

Talia stepped out on to the landing, skipped down the stairs, her bare breasts bouncing, and opened the kitchen door to find her mother cleaning the work top.

“Mum! Where’s my school skirt?”

“Talia! Put some clothes on. You can’t walk about the house like that.”

January 30th, 2013

Early Morning Punishments

A nasty surprise awaits the girls as they wake up

By Fenton Creek

When the dormitory lights came on I looked at the clock. It was six-fifty, ten minutes earlier than usual.

Penelope Molton, the Head Girl, stood at the foot of Sengeeta’s bed next to mine, while a prefect walked up and down the dormitory rattling beds and poking at feet crying: “Everybody up!”

There were yawns, groans, an occasional whispered: “What’s going on?”

Sengeeta clambered out of bed in her long white cotton nightie, rubbing her eyes.

“Stand by your bed Sengeeta,” commanded Penelope. “The rest of you, gather round.” Seven girls clad in various nightwear gathered around the bed.

January 6th, 2013

Auntie Clare

A girl staying with her friend has a decision to make.

By Fenton Creek

This story is based on a letter published in ‘Men Only’ magazine in the 1970s about a girl and her friend who were punished by her friend’s father in front of the rest of the family. Here is an all-female version.

It was the start of the summer holidays and I had gone to stay with my friend Janice. Janice has no parents and lives with her sister Carol and their Auntie Clare. Auntie used to be married to Janice’s late mother’s brother. She also happens to be a friend of my Mum.

October 30th, 2012

Rule 9

A girl finds her school does not appreciate her jewellery.

By Fenton Creek

The changing room was full of half-naked pupils getting dressed after PE.

“Hurry up girls!” Chided Miss Willow, the PE teacher. “You’ve got classes to get to.”

Clad in just white knickers, Talia Mbanefo was looking for her bra. Her large breasts swayed as she searched through her clothes.

As she located the missing garment she realised that Miss Willow seemed to be looking in her direction, a small frown on her face. Talia glanced around to see if the teacher was looking at somebody else. When she looked back Miss Willow had gone.

October 30th, 2012

Hunan Province

A woman relates her account of punishment by a Chinese court.

By Fenton Creek

My name is Jing-Wei and I live in the city of Chenzhou in South East China.

It is a Thursday. The air is warm but a very light rain is falling. Along with four other women and girls I am being escorted across the car park at the back of the Magistrates court and into the Correction Building.

We have been convicted of various offences. Some, like me, have just been fined. Two will go on to a short prison sentence. In common though, we are all to be flogged as well.

October 29th, 2012

New Girl

An interesting little story of a girl’s punishment. From the old website

By Fenton Creek

A new girl gets into trouble and gets very anxious talking to her classmates. She knows it will be the cane or strap – but will she be allowed to keep her knickers on?

“…I am going to consider your punishment, Camilla,” said Mrs Blackburn, the Headmistress. “One of the prefects will come for you later on today. Now, back to your classes.”

“Yes Miss.” I turned and opened the door through to the school secretary’s office, taking care to close it carefully behind me. Miss Jennings, the secretary, smiled sympathetically at me as I passed over the punishment chitty. She read it then said: “Right, you’ll get sent for later – probably this afternoon.”

October 29th, 2012

Shoplifters’ Unofficial’ Caning

A story about life in India. From the old website

By Fenton Creek

In parts of India it is not uncommon for offenders to be given an ‘off the record’ caning for minor offences. Records of the crime are then conveniently lost but a blind eye is turned as this reduces police paperwork and court time.

This article, from the Old Delhi Times, is an interview with a young woman caught stealing from a market stall in an undisclosed Indian city.

Old Delhi Times: So, tell us how it all started?

Nita (name changed): I was in the market with my friend Vara (name also changed) and saw some nice fabric. My Masi (aunt) wanted to make a dress for my little cousin and the cloth was just right, but I could not afford it. So while Vara distracted the stallholder I took it and slipped it into my bag.