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November 4th, 2013

Richard and Juliet – Part 1

A new relationship reveals school memories

By Dick Templemeads

I was thirty-six and beginning to think I’d never meet the right woman. Sure, I’d had plenty of girlfriends in the past and indeed had been engaged once, but every time the relationship faltered and fell apart. Perhaps I’d worked too hard at my career as a lawyer and never given the relative girl enough attention? Whatever the cause I thought I’d end up single.

Then I met Juliet. I’d only moved into my new house two months previously, surprising my neighbours Terry and Sue that a single man should buy a four-bedroom Victorian villa, but I liked the house and was now keen to live outside of London, even if it meant a long commute.

October 27th, 2013

The Wait

Many reading this will recall the dreaded wait outside the office

by Dick Templemeads

Friday afternoon on a sunny day, late in May, the school bell has just sounded, signifying not just the end of another week at Cuthberts High for Girls but also the start of half-term.

Already a large throng of girls are streaming through the gates heading for home, some with the exciting prospect of a week’s holiday in warmer climes. About 5 per cent of the students remain on the premises for various reasons.

The sporting types are playing tennis or swimming in the school pool, the drama group is rehearsing a forthcoming play, and those who assist in the library are tidying up the books and returning them to their correct order on the shelves. In room 12 about three dozen miscreants are serving an hour’s detention, as punishments for various infringements of the school rules. Meanwhile one girl who has transgressed more seriously than those serving detention stands forlornly outside the Headmistress’s office.

October 16th, 2013


A girl thinks back to a bad day at school

By Dick Templemeads

It was as Bobby Goldsboro wrote, a hot afternoon the last day of June and the sun was a demon.

I had spent half an hour cooling off in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, and now lay on my sun bed. A combination of the heat and the glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc which I had been sipping had a soporific effect and I drifted into a deep and dreamful sleep.

I’d probably been asleep for only a few minutes when I awoke with a sudden start. My bottom felt as if it was on fire. Thinking I’d been stung, I thrust my hands down the back of my bikini briefs, much to the delight of the young man walking past at that point. Then I realized my bottom hadn’t been stung at all, it was just that the dream had been intense and had taken my memory back to a  previous hot afternoon, 30th June 1969, to be precise.

September 26th, 2013

Jam Session

Three girls defy their headmistress’s instructions

By Dick Templemeads

Spring 1981 and eighteen year old Melissa Forbes-Blake is working towards the certain straight A grade A levels which will earn her a place at Cambridge to read medicine, just as her father, the eminent surgeon Sir Paul Forbes-Blake, had done thirty years earlier.

However, whilst Melissa’s academic brilliance is revered by her Headmistress, Miss Leslie, for whom educational attainment is the be all and end all, Melissa’s parents have become concerned that their daughter’s dedication has become too one-dimensional and that she needs to relax a little.

Both Sir Paul and Melissa’s mother, Lady Sarah, a leading economist, had mixed their undoubted intellect with active social lives, as had her brother Richard, himself an economist. Indeed all three’s intention to live a little had led them to painful retribution at school. Yet Melissa, apart from the occasional playing of her piano, focused purely on her school work. Indeed, even Miss Leslie had considered her too introspective to make her Head Girl despite her obvious brilliance.

September 11th, 2013

Friday Morning Assembly

Three girls get their allotted punishments

by Dick Templemeads

The alarm rings but I am already awake, having endured a rather restless night.

Normally on a Friday morning I wake with a sense of brightness, aware that the weekend is fast approaching and, although there will be plenty of studying to do, there are also the weekend pleasures. Friday night at the pub, now I am eighteen, I can have a drink; my Saturday job at the local branch of a well known bookshop is always enjoyable.

Also on Friday at school there is Friday morning assembly, and the sideshow of the punishment session which provides us with a sideshow, and thereby hangs the reason for my restless night, for this morning I shall for the first time be among the so-called miscreants reluctantly taking part in the punishment session.

August 24th, 2013

Punctual Pat

A woman is reprimanded for at work, and her mind drifts back

By a new writer to us,

Dick Templemeads

I earned the nickname ‘Punctual Pat’, as I have always insisted on arriving everywhere on time. This quality was a factor which contributed not only to my becoming both Head Girl at St Josephine’s academy, but also to my recent promotion at Gilbert House publishers. However as with the headmaster played by John Cleese in the film Clockwork, there are times when even the most pedantic of timekeepers can be late, and disastrous consequences can result.

Today is Friday, and until Wednesday I had never been late in my five years at Gilbert House, yet now I’ve been three days late in succession. It therefore came as no surprise when Mr Gilbert rang down and asked me to see him.