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March 17th, 2015

Missile Crisis

The latest in the Swishing Sixties series

by Dick Templemeads

The summer of 1962 had been a wonderful time for me. In early August I’d celebrated my 18th birthday while on holiday with my parents in the South of France. Then on my return I’d met Dominic, a 22 year old pharmacist who’d moved into the area.

Soon Dominic and I were very serious on one another; our courtship was progressing wonderfully and I knew that very soon I would be surrendering my virginity to him, and I even contemplated not going to university. But my parents were insistent that I should go, and so the end of September saw me commence the nerve wracking experience of applying for places and attending universities for interview.

October 15th, 2014

Flowers in the Rain

A girl with a foolproof plan still manages to get caught.

(The Next in the Swishing Sixties series)

by Dick Templemeads

Christine Latimer woke with a start, it was 8 O’clock on Sunday 17th September 1967 and she had just been woken by the sound of the newly acquired electric lawnmower from the garden of her next door neighbour, Mr Jones.

Christine was 19, and for six days each week she commuted from the small market town of Lanesbury to London where she worked in Hatton Garden as a trainee diamond setter. Thus she looked forward to a Sunday morning lie in, but it seemed that early every Sunday, at least in summer, that wretched man, a passionate gardener, disturbed the peace before then, self righteously toddling off to church at 10.30.

August 14th, 2014


(Part of the Swinging Sixties Series of short stories)

By Dick Templemeads

(With apologies to anyone unfamiliar with cricket)

The villagers of the picturesque Yorkshire village of Upperdale said that there were just three passions in Seth Uttershawe’s life.

In third place was the Yorkshire ale which he regularly supped in the saloon bar of the Batsman’s Arms, while they could not decide whether Glenda, his beautiful raven haired 20 year old daughter whom he’d brought up single handedly since his wife had left him for some ‘fancy Dan’ Londoner 15 years earlier, or cricket came top of his affections.

But a fly on the wall of Seth’s Cottage on Saturday 15th August 1964 would have witnessed a scene which illustrated this conundrum.

June 20th, 2014

They Think It’s All Over, It Is Now

The next part of the ‘Swishing Sixties’ series

By Dick Templemeads

It was 3rd August 2012 and Jessica Richardson had just witnessed Great Britain’s exit in the quarter final of the Ladies’ Football in the Olympic Games.

Jessica had viewed the Ladies’ football in a state of mixed emotion. Disappointed that the host nation had just fallen short of the medal positions, she also experienced a sense of pleasure and regret in equal measure.

Pleasure, that over the last few years Ladies’ football, cricket and rugby, had started receiving the recognition which they deserved, being taken seriously as competitive and entertaining events. Regret, that she had not been born forty years later, for in her time Jessica had excelled at football, winning 35 England caps.

May 25th, 2014

Take Down Your Knicks in Room 66

By Dick Templemeads

The next part in the ‘Swishing Sixties’ series

Moira O’Shea, principal of The Latimer Independent School for Young Ladies, looked down at the target in a mood which combined anger and frustration with a surprising and somewhat grudging admiration.

The target in question was the shapely bottom of Chloe Richardson, a lean and pretty eighteen year old brunette who, not for the first time in recent months, was bent over in Room 66, the head teacher’s study, hands on knees, skirt raised above her waist and her knickers, today a dainty lilac pair, arranged around her ankles.

Mrs OShea eyes the bottom already etched with seven red welts and delays the eighth and final stroke which she plans to be the hardest that she’s ever delivered. Yet even as she waits to receive, and despite the pain she must surely be experiencing, Chloe shows no signs of emotion, just a very slight wiggle of her bottom and a slight tensing of her well-striped posterior as the head draws back the senior cane to above her shoulder and whips it down onto the waiting cheeks of the pretty girl. Chloe’s bottom bounces as the weapon lands, but she does no more than gasp, remaining in position, as the Head returns the cane to the rail on which it hangs along with its other thinner and less punitive partners, in a cupboard long reserved for storing canes, several slippers and two thick rulers kept for lesser offences.

March 1st, 2014

The Swishing Sixties-Waterloo Sunset

The next in the series. A girl lies to keep out of trouble.

by Dick Templemeads

Julie was, to say the least disappointed, the eighteen year old, who worked at the Foreign Office, had been delighted when the allocation of leave dates had meant she could accompany he best friend Sophie on their first ever all girls holiday.

This being 1967, Julie and Sophie were only going to Butlins in Minehead, Club 18-30 not yet having been invented. But, at least this meant she would not have to make the annual dreary pilgrimage to the same old Devon campsite that her parents had dragged her to for the past ten years. Moreover, with her parents away at a different time to her, she’d have the house to herself and be able to bring Terry back. She wouldn’t be daring enough to allow him to stay the night, the neighbours were too nosy, but at least they’d have some time and privacy to take the final steps in their dating.

February 7th, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

The next instalment of the Swishing Sixties series

By Dick Templemeads

On Saturday 18th July 1964, Alice Mariner was once again feeling miffed. She’d recovered from the trauma of being caned on her hands on her final day at school the day before, and then being given a bare-bottomed six of the best from her mother that morning for the same offence. Indeed she’d enjoyed her boyfriend Mark surreptitiously rubbing the wounded area that evening; however when she arrived back home at 10.30 in the evening her pleasure rapidly evaporated.

Alice wasn’t in trouble this time, indeed her parents were in a good mood. Just after Alice’s mother had caned her that morning, Alice’s mother’s sister, Rebecca, a widowed civil servant, had phoned and asked if her daughter, Samantha, who was five days older than Alice, could come to stay at her aunt’s for a week, as Rebecca had been summoned as a last minute speaker at a conference in Spain.

January 14th, 2014

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Punishment at school means punishment at home

by Dick Templemeads

(The next instalment of ‘The Swishing Sixties’ series)

Seven O’clock on a warm sunny evening on Friday 17th July 1964. Alice Mariner looked in her dressing table mirror and liked what she saw.

‘For the last four hours,’ she told herself. ‘I have been a young woman of eighteen and am no longer a schoolgirl.’

Alice had finished at St. Winifred’s Independent School that afternoon, and in two month’s time was expecting to go up to Oxford to read History as her father had done before her.

She turned back to the mirror and rechecked her appearance, her white blouse complimenting the plain black mini skirt, and her shoulder length brunette hair neatly groomed as ever, though tonight had been uncomfortable brushing her hair.

December 15th, 2013

Walking Back to Happiness

(Part One of  a new series – The Swishing Sixties)

Fun in the snow lead to a breach of the headmistress’s rules

by Dick Templemeads

The 1960s, the “Swinging Sixties”, were the decade when it is generally believed the social fabric of Britain changed for ever. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Kinks to name but three, brought us a new style of music, fashions changed dramatically and the permissive society was born.

Yet despite this new liberal attitude, corporal punishment remained a likely form of retribution to which parents or teachers would resort. Perhaps its use had declined in comparison to earlier decades; certainly the “Roaring Twenties” were also considered the “Spanking Twenties”, but throughout the land a boy or girl bending over or holding out his or her hand for a painful application of ruler, belt or cane was still a daily event in many schools.

November 16th, 2013

Richard and Juliet – Part II

The concluding part of this story. (Warning – f/m only)

by Dick Templemeads

On the morning following her spanking, Juliet’s bottom still sported a rosy hue, although by the evening this had disappeared. We dined at the Italian restaurant on the Saturday evening and had a wonderful weekend.

The spanking was not referred to again until the evening of the following Thursday, the last day of the school year, when Juliet told me that on the Monday morning she had informed all the school in no uncertain terms of the standards expected and the serious consequences that would befall any who erred in the future. She added that there had been no further trouble for the rest of the week, and that she was sure that if she let standards slip in the future, then she would have to pay another visit across my knee.