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April 29th, 2012

Memoirs of a Headmaster

Includes both an introduction and the first instalment of a fascinating series.

By David Wright


Mexbury is one of those traditional English boarding schools, originally for boys only, founded in the 19th century heyday of the British Empire to educate the sons of the military and professional classes stationed overseas. I had the privilege of being Headmaster of Mexbury from 1960 to 1985 during a period of major transition, one aspect of which, namely the admission of girls to the sixth form from 1970, is to be the focus of these memoirs.

By and large we did not allow the inclusion of 17/18 year old girls into our community to change the way things were done, but there were inevitably some unforeseen consequences of applying this ‘no change’ policy. One such consequence had a considerable effect on me personally and will I believe be of enormous interest to my readers. I make this assertion with some considerable confidence which I think will be borne out if I now describe a particular incident that occurred and give just a little more background.