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November 17th, 2016

Jane’s New Career

Redundancies lead three women to seek an alternative career. By a new writer to us.

by David Baldwin

Do you remember when each town or community had a proper bank manager? Hilary, Deidre and Jane all had very good jobs as secretaries for those managers but unfortunately their jobs went as their bosses had less power, their decisions were computerised and they started to type their own work and used automated systems. The women all had to take redundancy packages and, even though they ended up paying off most of their mortgages, they still had to take part time jobs or temp work doing typing or even bar work. Deidre and Jane were both divorced and Hilary was free again after several relationships. They were all in their forties and remained friends. Jane wondered why Hilary and Deidre seemed to be better off than her, especially as Hilary could afford to holiday in Greece. Then Deidre invited Jane for coffee at her flat and she said that there was a rewarding job offer to consider.