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March 13th, 2015

The Appointment

A girl has an appointment with her form mistress

By Carla A Williams

As she descended the stairs, Judith Walker looked across and saw the school secretary, Mrs Ballinger, and her younger assistant, Jenny Knowles, both seated at their desks and tapping away at their computer keyboards. Judith smiled at them as they looked up, and they both smiled back.

“Appointment with Miss Harper,” Judith explained, then went across to one of the low armchairs reserved for visitors and girls waiting to see staff members.

Mrs Ballinger nodded, Jenny Knowles gave Judith an odd look.

The small selection of magazines on a nearby coffee table caught Judith’s eye but none of the titles appeared sufficiently enticing for the eighteen year old to choose one.

February 5th, 2015

A Spanking in Time

A girl thinks nothing of it when a teacher asks to speak to her after school

By Carla A Williams

The empty corridors felt strangely eerie as I climbed the stairs and headed towards Miss Clark’s room on the south side of the building. It was already ten past four and the school was all but empty. My shoes clip-clopped on the hard tiled floor as I idly peered into each vacant classroom I passed through the two windows separating corridor and classroom and then the glass in each door.

Finally I hesitated at the window through which I could see Miss Clark sitting at her desk, engrossed in marking a pile of exercise books. I moved to the door and tapped gently.