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July 12th, 2019

Repeat Offenders

Two girls are dealt with by the headmaster

By Brian Melville

As Ellen-Mari Duncan and  Ella-May Alister sat on the grass behind the swimming pool puffing on a chesterfield menthol cigarette each, chatting about Ellen-Mari’s boyfriend who’s studying law at Oxford university, they didn’t hear or notice the head boy, Simon Bernard, approaching. Simon was just in time to see the two fellow sixth formers take a puff from their respective cigarettes.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” Simon snapped.

Ellen froze as Ella tried to nip and hide her cigarette behind her back, but both girls realized that it was too late and that they had been caught red-handed.

April 15th, 2019

James Steward, Deputy Headmaster

A new deputy headmaster starts a new regime

By Brian Melville

Fifty year old James Steward was a man of five foot eight inches, with grey hair, brown eyes, and a rather big stomach. He entered his study at Sydmore College for Girls on the south coast of England where he transferred to about ten years ago when he was promoted to Deputy Headmaster by the Department of Education. At the time, the only available position was at the all girls school.

He was a formidable, strict but fair, man, and loved by all three hundred and twenty-seven girls at the school, as well as all thirty-six members of staff.

April 4th, 2019

No Apology Needed

A girl gets herself and her best friend in trouble.
By Brian Melville

St Johns Secondary School was situated in the east of England and was known for its strict discipline policy as it was the only school in the area where corporal punishment was still administrated to both boys and girls.

As Venessa Barnes  stood next to her best friend, Melissa Chase,  with the tips of their noses firmly pressed against  the  cream  coloured wall of the headmaster’s study, she couldn’t believe that she had  been so stupid to convince her best friend to not only skip  their mathematics  class earlier,  but they  also  skipped school the previous  day, and wrote  fake sick notes from their mothers.

December 27th, 2018

The New Girl

A girl finds herself in serious trouble during her first day at her new school

By Brian Melville

When Mr and Mrs O’Rayen decided to relocate from Ireland to England, they had to find the perfect school for their eighteen year old daughter, Kelly, to finish her final year of school, as they did not want their daughter to go to a boarding school which might be far from home.

The O’Rayens decided on the exclusive St Mary’s Secondary School for girls, which was a private school in their new neighbourhood in the south of England.  St Mary’s had a rich tradition of producing well educated, well disciplined young ladies, due to the high standard of education and extreme scrutiny of all new students.

December 17th, 2018

Sixth Form Field Trip

Two girls get into trouble during a field trip

By Brian Melville

Eighteen year old Madeline May and Jessica Lawton were best friends since they could remember, and they were always in the same class at school since first form. Now the two friends are in sixth form and looking forward to the yearly sixth form field trip to a chocolate factory in the neighbouring town.

Maddy’s and Jesse’s, as they were known by their friends, story starts during a beautiful sunny day  during the summer of 1990, as the two tall, slender, leggy, blonde friends met up at the corner cafe about three blocks from school, like they did every morning on their way to school.

November 19th, 2018

Miss Michaels

Two girls get on the wrong side of a new teacher

By Brian Melville

Eighteen year olds Annabelle Rose and Danielle Victor were best friends since they met in pre-school at the age of five. The two had been in the same class since first form straight through to upper sixth form at Dickson Grammatical School, right on the eastern border of London. Dickson Grammatical catered for boys and girls, with a strict disciplinary code whereby both boys and girls could get Friday detention, corporal punishment or both, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Corporal punishments included the slipper, cane, and even the wooden spoon some female teachers liked to use on the palms of naughty girls. There were also some first form girls who got sent to the deputy headmaster who had apparently pulled them over his lap and spanked their bottoms with his big, right hand.

November 16th, 2018

Touch Your Toes

A normally well behaved girl gets the slipper and her friend gets the cane

By Brian Melville

Oak Hill Secondary School was a school for boys and girls in the far north of England where both boys and girls were subjected to corporal punishment when they misbehaved. The deputy headmaster was the only member of staff that was allowed to administer up to twelve strokes of the slipper and eight strokes of the cane. All punishments were administered across the seats of the girls’ school skirts or trousers, as well as the seats of the boys’ short or long trousers.

Oak Hill had a very traditional school uniform for the boys, which was grey school trousers, white shirt, black blazer, grey socks and black school shoes. During winter, a black pullover could be worn under the black blazer. Sixth form boys wore a special sixth form maroon blazer and tie.

July 22nd, 2018

Smoking Pajamas

 Middle of the night punishment for two girls at boarding school
By Brian Melville

Melony Hastings and Claire Harper were both attending St Helena’s boarding school, an exclusive all girls school in the far west of London where corporal punishment was still used. Both the housemaster and matron were authorised to use the cane if felt appropriate. The headmistress herself refused to administer corporal punishment.

Melony and Claire were both in the upper sixth form and were sharing a room. For upper six form girls there were only two in a room, whereas for the lower forms there were six to a dormitory. As the two girls had been in the same dormitory ever since first year, so they became best friends, doing everything possible together, including playing netball for the schools first team.

July 20th, 2018


What started as a bit of fun has consequences

By Brian Melville

Cindy Barnes and Cindy Baxter are both students attending the sixth form at Pennington Hill Grammar School for Girls, in the far east of London. Pennington Hill is one of only a few private schools in London where corporal punishment is still used regularly. The deputy headmistress, using her size 12 plimsoll slipper, and the headmaster, using one of his four crook handled canes, are permitted to use corporal punishment applied to the girls’ bottoms.

Pennington Hill Grammar School for Girls has a very traditional summer and winter school uniform for all students from first to sixth form. The summer uniform consists of a maroon skirt, maroon blazer, maroon V neck pullover and jersey, white long sleeve blouse, maroon knee socks, black Mary Jane school shoes with the strap and silver buckle over the top of the foot. The winter uniform consists of only two changes, the maroon skirt and knee socks making way for maroon trousers and ankle socks. At Pennington Hill, all students are known by their surnames, and all female staff are addressed as ‘Miss’, while male staff are addressed as ‘Sir’.

January 31st, 2018

A Twigging for Three

Three best friends get into trouble at school

By Brian Melville

Marybeth Thomas, Amelia Nichols and Christina Underwood have been best friends since they can remember. With their parents also being close friends for many years, the girls were more like sisters than friends.

All three girls were sixth form students at St Peter’s Catholic School for girls, situated in the west of England. The hundred year old school had a rich tradition and a very high standard when it came to discipline. Teachers had the authority to give any girl up to six strokes with the slipper across the seat of her skirt, and the headmistress could give up to a dozen strokes of the slipper. She was also the only member of staff to cane any girl, across the seat of her gym knickers, anything from one to eight strokes, with her three foot long, crook handled cane, in her study.