Two teenage girls play around at a swimming pool

By Jo Green

Mary and Alice went to their local outdoor pool. The summer of ’76, where the sun shone and the rains didn’t come, any relief from the heat was a blessed relief.

Like most teenagers, the two 17-year-olds used to hang out in the park. Luckily for them, their park had an old-fashioned outdoor lido swimming pool. Most of the time they would not entertain the thought of going there, but in this heat? Yes please. Sadly, everyone else had the same idea so sessions were being limited to 2 hours per person so everyone could have a turn, as the pool only had a 200 capacity. Having queued for 30 minutes, the pair were bored and very hot and desperate to get into the cool water when the next session crowd was allowed in. In the end, they were very lucky as only six more after them managed to get in for this session, and the pool was already very full. Like most people, they had their bathing costumes on under their shorts and tee-shirts, knowing there were very few changing cubicles at the poolside.

The two girls grabbed a spot just in the shade and popped their towels and bags down, stripped off their outer clothes, and clad now in one piece swimsuits, they made their way to the pool side. As usual, there was a huge sign, common at all pools of that era designed to spoil the fun over everyone under the age of 30; no diving, no bombing, no running, no heavy petting (whatever that did actually mean!), no running, no food or drinks, no ball games. It might as well just say, ‘Have no fun’ and be done with it. Lifeguards, or sentries as the kids referred to them, enforced the rules with an iron hand. They always on duty; today 2 male and 2 female. The males were 20 or 21, well-tanned, not an ounce of fat on them and rippled muscles. Surely, they were as big a draw amongst the throngs of young women as the water. The 2 females were both mid to late 30’s, muscular and usually with faces that made them look like they had just sucked a lemon or were chewing a wasp. Never an acknowledgement or smile to be had.

Once in the water, the girls began to enjoy themselves and, oh, the relief of the cool water was so refreshing. It wasn’t long however before a shrill whistle went off.

“Oy! Stop that, now!” bellowed Tim, one of the guards, pointing at two lads, one giving the other a lift to full height on his shoulders before both fell backwards into the water, almost wiping out a mother and two small daughters in the process. “You’ll end up drowning someone doing that and I for one don’t want all the paperwork that goes with it, thank you very much. Any more and you two are out. I’m watching you!”

Sheepishly, the lads put up their hands and apologised. “Sorry mate, we weren’t thinking,” said one of the lads. They turned and sheepishly made their way to the opposite end of the pool.

Soon the whistle went again. This time three girls were pulled up for water bombing and again warned as to their future conduct by one of the female guards. All three had dark blue swimsuits, just like Mary and Alice. The sun was getting hotter and hotter.

“Come on, Mary,” said Alice. “Race you to the ice cream stall, and the last one pays for the 99s,” shouted Mary as she swam to the side of the pool. Once there, she jumped out, ran for her bag and legged it to the ice cream stall, closely followed by Alice.

“I’m not telling you two again!” shouted the female lifeguard at the two of them.

The two girls looked at each other, bemused, and shrugged their shoulders.

“Two 99s please, both with raspberry sauce, please,” Alice said to the young girl running the stall that day.

“What’s eating her?” Mary said, shooting a stiff stare at the lifeguard who was clearly not in the best of moods. “Probably wants to be in the pool, not on the poolside in this heat, I suppose.” They thought no more about it as they tucked into their ice cream cones trying to eat the melting treat before it ended up on their feet and the floor.

“Come on, let’s get back to the pool, “said Alice as she finished the chocolate flake from the 99, which was also turning rapidly to liquid in the 85° heat. The girls put their bags back on their towels, turned and ran and jumped in the pool at full speed, making two fabulous examples of a water bomb.

The whistle blew once again and the girls knew it was for them. The same lifeguard pointed at them and just said, “Out! Office, now!” and marched off to the brick building at the entrance to the pool.

The two girls looked at each other, realising they had been stupid, climbed out of the pool and followed her to the office. Once there, the lifeguard closed the door and glared at the two of them angrily.

“How many times do I need to tell you two today? Three times is too many. Water bombing twice, and running at the poolside. The rules are there to keep everyone safe; that includes you. That’s it, I’ve had enough,” she lectured.

“Three times?” queried Alice. “Only twice, actually. That other time wasn’t us,” she said cockily, which was bound to annoy the already annoyed lifeguard further, which of course it did.

“Don’t give me any of that sort of cheek, young lady. You’re in enough trouble as it is!” scolded the lifeguard.

“She’s right. We saw you tell off the group of three earlier, but we were not with them,” Mary pitched in, also sounding cocky, and well beyond her 17 years.

“Rubbish! I know what I saw, and I saw you two,” insisted the lifeguard, getting redder in the face by the minute. “I’m not going to argue with you. You can either go and get your things and leave, and have your photograph put on the wall of shame so you’re banned for a calendar month,” she said, pointing at the pin board behind her with 14 or 15 polaroid pictures on each with a date written in magic marker on the edge. “Or we can take a more direct approach and you will only be banned for today,” she said cryptically.

“Why should we? We’ve done nothing. Well, not as much as you said, anyways. You have no right to ban us, or anything else for that matter!”

“Firstly, you have admitted to two breaches of our code of admission, as shown on the large boards around the pool and at the entrance gate. You dispute a third, but get obnoxiously cocky about it, and then question my authority to impose the rules of this pool which are there for the protection and safety of all our patrons.” The lifeguard was now in full flow. “So, young ladies,” she said in a condescending way. “I have every reason I need to ban you.” The lifeguard picked up an instamatic camera and checked there was film still left in it. “So, what is to be?” she asked, pointing at the camera first and then her chair.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean,” Mary asked.

“Me neither,” Alice added her voice.

“We get a lot of kids like you,” the lifeguard explained. “You mess around and break all the rules. We know you don’t mean any harm. You’re just enjoying yourselves. Correct?”

“Correct,” both girls replied together.

“So, the staff here have come up with two ways of dealing with people like you. There’s the official way, and the unofficial way.”

“Sorry, the official way is, what exactly?” Alice asked.

“You’re banned for one month, and we enforce the ban with your photos up on this board.”

“And the unofficial way?”

“You take a spanking and you’re just barred for the rest of today. You have a free choice. Either way is fine with me.”

“Are you joking with us?” Mary exploded. “You are, aren’t you? No way can you be thinking of spanking us. You can’t! We are too old and you have no right to do that to anyone.”

“You are partly right,” confirmed the lifeguard. “In my view, no one is too old for a spanking. And no, I have no actual right to do it either. However, you do have the option of having your bottom spanked, leaving the pool today and being welcomed back tomorrow if you wish. Or, you can take the month’s ban. As I said, either works for me. Just make your mind up. I need to get back to the poolside,” she stated resolutely.

“OK, take the picture,” Mary responded and the lifeguard did so without issue or further comment on the matter.

The developing photograph, which after a couple of minutes was dry enough to write on, had the date printed on the side.

“That’s the date you will be allowed back in,” stated the lifeguard. “OK? And you?” she asked, addressing Alice.

“It’s OK for you, Mary,” Alice replied. “You are going away for three weeks at the end of this week. I’ll be stuck without access to the pool with our other friends,” she addressed Mary. Then, looking at the lifeguard, Alice continued. “Reluctantly, I will take the other option.” Alice found it too difficult to say outright, ‘spank me please,’ to the lifeguard.

“Is that your final answer?” the lifeguard asked.

“Yes,” came the sullen response from the late teenager.

“Very well, let’s get this over with.”

The lifeguard sat on the chair she had indicated earlier to the girls. “I am sure you know the form,” she said. “Bend over my knee, please, and place your hands flat on the floor and leave them there.”

Still not really believing she was doing this, Alice obeyed and draped her still damp body across the lifeguard’s muscular thighs. Her thin one-piece bathing suit was still wet, and the fabric hugged her bottom tightly and offered little protection.

“Hold still!”

Without a moment’s warning, the lifeguard raised her hand and brought it down on Alice’s bottom with a wet smack sound. Alice yelped in pain and shock.

As she lay across the firm thighs of the lifeguard, Alice continued to question her decision to allow someone to do this to her rather than accept not being able to go swimming for a month. Maybe the heat was getting to her. It was certainly getting to her bottom, as the second and third smacks landed in rapid succession, and all in the same spot on her left bum cheek. Three more followed on the right cheek.

Alice began bucking and twisting as her bottom became more and more sore and the fire spread across her bottom. Six more well-aimed smacks eventually completely covered the surface of her bottom and tears were streaming down her face as the pain became overwhelming.

Then suddenly the room was silent except for the gentle sobbing emanating from Alice.

“OK, up you get up now,” the lifeguard said curtly. “You and your friend here, go and pick up your things and get out!” she instructed. “I will wait here and make sure you leave,” she added.

The two girls hurried back to pick up their belongings. They heard some quiet tittering as they moved quickly across the grass.

“What are they laughing at?” Alice asked as they passed through the crowded walkway.

Mary looked around and could see people staring at Alice’s backside and upper thighs. Then she heard a couple of comments and realised they were remarking on the red soreness evident on Alice’s lower bottom cheeks, clear tell-tale evidence of the spanking that went before.

“They seem to know you’ve been spanked,” Mary finally said, hoping she could at least stop her friend from wondering.

Bright faced and red bottomed, the embarrassed Alice threw her shorts and tee shirt on quickly and marched as swiftly to the gate as she could. Mary struggled to keep up. They passed the waiting lifeguard in silence and walked quietly most of the way home.

“I can’t believe you let her do that to you, Alice. You’re not a child,” Mary finally spoke her mind.

“I’m not going to be stuck at home for a month in this heat, Mary. I see the sense in you taking the ban as you are away for most of the time anyway. It was just a spanking; no big deal.”

“It still seems odd to me. Do you think she has a thing about spanking girls?”

“Mary, it’s over with! Okay? Forget it, and don’t mention it again, please. I didn’t see anyone we know there today, but I’m just praying nobody saw my bottom was that colour who will pass the word to our friends. I would just die of embarrassment,” she said glumly.

Mary put a friendly arm around her and said, “Come on, let’s get back to mine and have some cold juice out of the fridge. “Mum has put the cushions out on the patio furniture so you’ll at least be able to sit in some comfort!” she joked.

“Ha, ha, ha! Very funny! Let’s see how you like it,” laughed Alice as she landed one almighty stinging swot on Mary’s bottom. Alice chased Mary all the way back to her house as she tried to land a second, but without success.

The End

© Jo Green 2021