Two girls accuse each other of snitching when they each get slippered by the robust gym mistress. But all is not as it seems and two more girls suffer even worse punishment – with a little extra thrown in.

By Kenny Walters

When Jennifer Adamson approached the metal mesh gates to the west cloakroom, the school was already practically deserted even though less than ten minutes had passed since the four o’clock bell which signified the end of another school day. As she passed through the open gates, she heard voices at the far end of the cloakroom.

“What’s up? Haven’t you got homes to go to?” The blonde haired girl asked to no-one in particular of the three classmates she found grouped at the back of the cloakroom, near to where the steps led up to the gymnasium.

“Sarah just fancies doing a bit of extra gym. work actually.” Alison Hardcastle answered.

“Really?” Jennifer hoped her voice sounded suitably surprised as her eyes fell on the sight of a tall, athletic, dark-haired girl standing in just brief white pants and bra.

“No, not really!” Fiona Medhurst retorted. “Sarah’s got an appointment with Miss Henderson in the gym. at four-fifteen.”

“Oh dear.” Jennifer answered. “Been a naughty girl, have you Sarah?”

Sarah Stedman ignored Jennifer, extracted a white games shirt from her duffle bag and threaded her arms through the sleeves. When Sarah pulled the garment over her head, she gave Jennifer an extremely contemptuous look.

“Sorry, Sarah.” Jennifer tried a different tack. “I didn’t realise. What happened?”

“If you must know, Miss Henderson caught me smoking in the bushes behind the tennis hut.” In her search for the white games shirt, Sarah had also pulled out black plimsolls, white ankle socks, white shorts and a towel from her duffle bag. She sat down on the long wooden bench that ran below the line of metal pegs and began putting the socks and plimsolls on.

“Oh dear, that was bad luck.” Jennifer said, her voice sympathetic to her classmate’s unfortunate situation.

“Sarah’s not so sure it was just bad luck.” Alison Hardcastle, a pleasant girl with light brown hair, commented as the three girls watched Sarah fold her towel and put it back in the duffle bag. “Sarah reckons Miss Henderson made a beeline straight for her.”

“Meaning?” Jennifer queried.

“Meaning she was rather too well informed.” Fiona Medhurst replied, running a hand through her long chestnut hair.

“Oh, come on!” Jennifer snapped. “I can’t believe anyone would snitch to Miss Henderson.”

A sudden silence fell on the three girls until Sarah, holding her white games shorts, said: “Not much point putting these on.” The shorts were quickly folded and returned to the duffle bag.

“What’s the time?” Alison asked, but looked at her own watch. “Oh, it’s time, Sarah.”

“Right, better get up there then.” Sarah stood up and checked her attire.

“You do look rather fetching like that, actually Sarah.” Jennifer observed as all three girls looked at the unlucky victim, standing in black plimsolls, white ankle socks and the white long-sleeved games shirt which almost, but not quite, concealed the brief white knickers she wore underneath.

Sarah didn’t answer, the angry look cast in Jennifer’s direction leaving no doubt as to her feelings, and began climbing the stairs that led to the first floor gymnasium.

“You shouldn’t tease her like that, Jen.” Fiona rebuked.

“No, especially as she reckons you might be the one that tipped off Miss Henderson.” Alison added.

“Me? Ridiculous!” Jennifer answered. “Besides, I did think she looked rather cute in her white shirt and little white knickers.”

“Might as well take the weight off our feet.” Fiona sat down on the long wooden bench and was soon joined by the other two as they awaited Sarah’s return.

Murmured voices, both female, one older than the other, from the gymnasium above kept the three girls silent as they struggled in vain to make out what was being said. When the faint sounds went silent, replaced moments later by a distinct ‘bang’, then another, then another, led Jennifer to speak.

“We should have gone up the corridor stairs and had a look in through the other door. Those little windows in the door would have given us a good view.”

“Yes, and we’d have got an even better view if Miss Henderson had caught us!” Alison responded. “She’s bound to be looking for us to do just that.”

“Yes, perhaps not the best idea.” Jennifer admitted thoughtfully. “Good old Miss Henderson.”

“Why do you say that?” Fiona asked.

“Just that she’s so predictable. Anyone else would have sent Sarah straight to the headmaster but not dear old Miss Henderson. Oh no, she’d always want to deal with the matter herself.”

“True.” Fiona replied.

Alison remained silent, allowing herself just a suspicious glance in Jennifer’s direction.

The girls’ conversation meant they failed to notice the series of bangs from up in the gymnasium had ceased, and it was only the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs that alerted them. Within moments, Sarah reappeared looking distressed with tear stained streaks down each side of a pained face and both hands clutching her bottom through brief white knickers.

The three girls seated on the long wooden bench looked up anxiously. Sarah didn’t speak, but breathed out noisily as she frantically rubbed an obviously sore bottom.

“How was it?” Alison asked gently.

“How do you think!” Came the irritable reply.

“Oh do come along, Sarah.” Jennifer ignored the girl’s mood. “Tell us all about it. How many did you get?”

“Jennifer!” Fiona tried to silence her classmate.

“If it’s important to you,” Sarah answered. “I received eight whacks of the slipper. It was Miss Henderson’s favourite size twelve plimsoll – you know, the black one. I had to bend over the vaulting horse. Okay? Anything else you’d like to know?”

“Pants up or down?” Jennifer persisted.

Sarah blushed, noticeable even through her distressed appearance. “Up, actually!”

“Oh, right!” Jennifer cooed.

“Eight whacks! That’s awful!” Alison was more sympathetic. “Poor Sarah.”

“Yes, well. It was better than being sent to the headmaster.” Sarah explained. “That would have been much worse. Anyway, I’d better get dressed.”

The following week, a sneak preview of the lunch menu brought several girls in Jennifer’s class to the conclusion that an illicit visit to the local bakery for sandwiches was distinctly preferable to the advertised cauliflower cheese. The idea was that one girl would make the trip while the others would cover for her in the unlikely event a member of staff questioned that girl’s apparent absence. By choosing lots, Jennifer was elected to go on the shopping expedition.

After taking the other girls’ orders and collecting their money, Jennifer left the school premises via a small gap in the fence at the rear of the gymnasium where the distance from the school buildings to the perimeter was at its shortest. The walk to the bakery took just a few minutes and Jennifer was soon back at the school perimeter, the sandwiches safely stored in a carrier bag.

As she clambered back through the gap in the fence, Jennifer struggled to avoid some thorny brambles which helped hide the hole but risked snagging her pale grey trousers and black blazer. It was during this tussle with the brambles that Jennifer had her back to the school building for some moments.

“Can I help?” A voice came from behind.

“Oh, thanks.” Jennifer replied without thinking, then froze as she recognised the owner of that voice.

“Allow me.” It took Miss Henderson just a few moments to extricate the hapless schoolgirl from the thorns, then Jennifer felt herself being pulled to her feet by a firm hand gripping her arm.

“Most girls find the main school gate quite convenient, Jennifer.” The robust Miss Henderson looked Jennifer firmly in the eye. “That is, unless they don’t have permission to leave the school premises.”

“Yes, miss.”

“Dare we ask what you have in that bag, Jennifer?”

Jennifer opened the bag and showed Miss Henderson the contents.

“Sandwiches, eh? The school meal not to your liking, perhaps?”

“No, miss.”

“On an errand for one or two others, by the look of it.”

Jennifer made no comment.

“Looks like you’ve got a choice to make, young lady. Doesn’t it?”

“Sorry, miss?” The eighteen year old blonde girl queried.

“Whether you’d like to report to the headmaster at four o’clock this afternoon, or whether you’d prefer to see me in the gymnasium, suitably changed into your PE kit.” The middle-aged, rather stocky gym mistress had a leering smile on her face that Jennifer found quite repulsive. “Not that you’ll be doing much PE, of course.”

Jennifer blushed deeply. For a moment or two she considered opting for a meeting with the headmaster. Known as a strict disciplinarian, Mr Edward Foster had never actually been known to cane any girl. At least Jennifer had never heard any such story, just one or two unconfirmed rumours. No, that was too risky.

“I’ll report to you miss.”

“Good. Then I shall see you this afternoon at four-fifteen. In your games kit, please. For now, you’d better get back into school. We don’t want your friends going hungry, and we don’t want to waste good food, do we?”

Jennifer started walking unhappily towards the school building. As she did so, she cast her eyes up towards her form room window to see if any of her classmates had seen her predicament. She just caught sight of Sarah Stedman stepping back out of sight.

“This form’s proving rather a good hunting ground for Miss Henderson.” Alison Hardcastle commented after Jennifer had told of her capture on the way back into school. “Don’t worry, Jennifer, Fiona and I will be there to give our moral support.”

“Thanks, but that really won’t be necessary.” Jennifer replied.

“Nonsense! That’s the least we can do.” Fiona Medhurst said firmly.

Thus, at just after four o’clock, when Jennifer hung her blazer on the peg in the cloakroom she had Alison and Fiona watching her every move.

“You can get off home if you like.” Jennifer made one last attempt to remove all witnesses to her ordeal.

“No, we’ll wait for you.” Fiona tried to sound reassuring before adding a warning: “Better get changed, time flies and it’s already seven minutes past.”

Jennifer took heed, and quickly removed her tie and hung it over her blazer on the peg. Her white blouse soon followed, leaving her standing in grey trousers and white bra. Delving into a large blue sports bag, the blonde girl soon found the white games shirt she was seeking and put it on.

Even though her classmates had seen her undressed many times before, Jennifer still found it comforting the games shirt was long enough to conceal her bottom when she unzipped her trousers and took them off. She searched in her sports bag again, and found a pair of white games shorts. Almost immediately, she felt the back of her shirt being lifted.

“They’re nice.” Alison Hardcastle commented as she and Fiona eyed Jennifer’s rather brief dark blue panties. “I don’t think I’d bother putting the shorts on, Jennifer. Not for the short distance up to the gymnasium.”

“I agree, Jennifer.” Fiona added. “It’s not worth it.”

“You don’t know Miss Henderson will take my shorts down, do you?” Jennifer snapped, rather angrily.

“Dead certainty!” Alison replied.

“You’ll be lucky to even keep your pants on, I reckon.” Fiona added.

“So, how come you two are such experts on the matter?”

Before either girl could reply, approaching footsteps alerted them to someone else entering the cloakroom. It was Sarah Stedman.

“What the Hell are you doing here?” Jennifer snapped.

“Oh, I was just wondering whether the rumour was true.”

“What rumour?”

“That Miss Henderson had caught you out of bounds after a little shopping expedition.” Sarah’s shoulder length dark hair framed her pretty face that almost glowed with delight at what she was seeing. “I presume from your state of undress that it is true.”

“What’s the matter, Sarah?” Jennifer snarled. “Couldn’t you persuade the rest of the class to come along as well?”

“There’s no need to be like that! It’s not my fault you were caught misbehaving.”

“Oh really?” Jennifer’s anger was about to boil over.

“It’s time!” Alison Hardcastle interrupted. “You need to be up in the gymnasium, Jennifer. Like now!”

Alison and Fiona Medhurst quickly grabbed Jennifer’s arms and pushed her firmly in the direction of the stairs leading up to the gymnasium. After a look round, and seeing again the sneering smile on Sarah Stedman’s face, Jennifer disappeared up the stairs.

As the three girls still in the cloakroom sat down on the long bench, so Jennifer reached the top of the stairs. An open door led straight into the gymnasium.

“Ah, Jennifer Adamson. Do come in.” Miss Henderson, wearing a black track-suit that did little for her fuller figure, stood in the centre of the gymnasium leaning against an old brown leather vaulting horse. A large black plimsoll, known by all the girls to be a size 12, even though Miss Henderson’s foot size was more like a size 4 or 5, was held pointedly in the games teacher’s right hand.

Jennifer’s plimsolled feet rapped noisily on the wooden floor as she walked across towards the vaulting horse that had been set lower than for when it was being used for its correct purpose.

Miss Henderson chuckled as the blonde girl approached. “I see you’ve come well prepared, Jennifer.” The games mistress commented as she looked down at Jennifer’s chosen attire. “No silly shorts to get in the way, eh? I’m presuming you still wish me to deal with you, Jennifer. In preference to the headmaster, I mean?”

“Yes, miss.” Jennifer answered meekly, blushing slightly from the older woman’s remarks about her state of dress.

“Good!” The games teacher stood away from the vaulting horse and patted the top surface. “It will be eight whacks. Bend over.”

Jennifer manouvered herself round so she was facing the end of the vaulting horse and leaned over, getting right down until she was resting on the top surface of the thick leather.

“Pull your top well up, Jennifer.”

The blonde girl reached behind and pulled the hem of her white games shirt well up her back, making her feel even more vulnerable with her bottom barely covered by the thin, brief, dark blue knickers.”

“Stick your bottom out, girl.”

Jennifer thrust her bottom back a little, hoping this would comply sufficiently with the teacher’s instruction. Miss Henderson made no further comment, just silently tugged up Jennifer’s knickers so that even more bare bottom was exposed.

“Hold tight!”

Jennifer wrapped her arms around the vaulting horse as far as she could and braced herself. The first swing of the slipper followed almost immediately, and the blonde girl felt her bottom explode with smarting pain. After just a few seconds, the slipper crashed into her bottom again, repeating the stinging dose of retribution.

Looking behind her, carefully out of the corner of her eye, Jennifer noticed Miss Henderson concentrating fully on her task of wielding the large size twelve plimsoll as hard as she could across the sparsely protected bottom that was presented for her. This was not going to be a pleasant experience!

By the time she’d taken four strokes, Jennifer’s bottom was on fire. Even before the punishment had begun, Jennifer had steeled herself not to cry out or show any sign of the effectiveness of the punishment, but a couple of tears running down her face rendered that impossible.

“Sounds like she’s getting quite a hiding.” Alison Hardcastle commented, as the three girls listened to the unmistakable sounds of Jennifer’s slippering that filtered down to the ground floor cloakroom.

“Yes, poor Jennifer.” Fiona Medhurst cooed in sympathy.

“Serves the bitch right!” Sarah Stedman wasn’t so compassionate.

“I know I’d hate to be on the end of such a thrashing from Miss Henderson.” Alison continued, apparently oblivious to Sarah’s remark.

“Me too!” Fiona added.

“Huh!” Sarah retorted as she looked at the other two. Both were leaning back against the wall, their faces smiling thoughtfully as they listened.

Upstairs, Jennifer’s bottom was burning up under the intense hammering it was taking from the large plimsoll, with the games teacher using all her strength to administer a firm punishment.

“Last one, Jennifer.” Miss Henderson said, but Jennifer knew from comments made by other girls not to regard that as hope, just a warning that this next stroke was going to be even worse than all the others. She braced herself as best she could.

After a few anxious seconds as she waited, Jennifer finally heard a shuffle from behind her, and knew the big final stroke was on its way. A moment later, and it had crashed into her poor sparsely protected bottom.

“Ooooouucchh!!!” Jennifer couldn’t prevent herself from crying out, nor could she stop another spurt of tears from slipping down the sides of her face.

“Think yourself lucky it wasn’t the cane, young lady!” Miss Henderson transferred the large plimsoll to her left hand, then roughly yanked Jennifer’s pants down. “Well, that’s certainly given you a good sore bottom, hasn’t it girl?”

“Yes, miss.” Jennifer wailed, then felt her pants being put back vaguely in place.

“Come along, get back down to the cloakroom and get changed. Time you were getting off home.” Miss Henderson gave Jennifer a firm smack across the bottom with the palm of her right hand.

“Yes, Miss.” Jennifer painfully hauled herself up from the vaulting horse and, as Miss Henderson stood watching, made her way back to the door leading to the stairs.

“Here she comes!” Alison Hardcastle announced, rather unnecessarily, as Jennifer trod unsteadily down the stairs. As soon as she reached the bottom, she felt Alison’s comforting arms around her and found herself being led gently back to where her clothes hung on a peg.

“Better check the damage.” Fiona Medhurst said from behind Jennifer, who then felt her dark blue pants being yanked down for a second time.

“Fiona!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“Ooh, that’s very red.” Fiona ignored the protest. “Better get some cold cream on that as soon as you get home.”

Sarah Stedman, meanwhile, stood watching the scene in front of her, and Jennifer, for the moment, was too preoccupied with her own suffering to worry. Jennifer had to endure the indignity of the others watching her dress before they all made their way home.

The following morning, in the corridor near their form room, Jennifer caught up with Sarah.

“Just a minute! I want a word.” Jennifer seized the other girl by the shoulder and pulled her round.

“Get off me!” Sarah replied, pushing Jennifer’s arm away. “What do you want?”

“You tipped Miss Henderson off, didn’t you? You told her that I’d gone down to the shops, didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t.” Sarah protested her innocence. “Anyway, it would have served you right if I had. You snitched on me when I went out for a smoke, didn’t you?”

The argument quickly descending into a shoving match, which then developed into an all-out fight with the two girls rolling on the ground as they struggled. Jennifer caught a brief glimpse of Alison and Fiona peering at them from round a corner in the corridor, but neither came to her aid.

“What on earth is going on here?” The two girls on the ground stopped fighting as they saw the bulky figure of Miss Henderson standing over them.

Later, just before lunch, Alison Hardcastle and Fiona Medhurst received a message that Miss Henderson wanted to see them both. They found the games mistress in her small office to one side of the gymnasium.

“Ah, thanks for coming to see me, girls.” Miss Henderson greeted them. “Only I believe you saw Jennifer Adamson and Sarah Stedman fighting in the corridor earlier today.”

“Er, well, sort of.” Alison replied, feeling decidedly uncomfortable at being called to testify against two of her classmates in such a blatant fashion.

“Well, I know there was a little bit of a disagreement, miss.” Fiona felt equally awkward, and played unconsciously with her long chestnut brown hair.

“I’m asking you because both Jennifer and Sarah have suggested it was comments made by you two that caused them to have their argument. In fact, they’re rather blaming you two for the whole incident.”

“What?” Alison was speechless.

“No, miss. That’s not true.” Fiona’s denial came out more strongly.

“You both deny it, then?”

“Yes, miss.” The two girls spoke in harmony.

“Do you know what I think, girls? I think you’re both lying to me.”

“No, miss!” Alison refuted the charge angrily.

“That’s not true, miss.” Fiona, too, hotly contested the allegation.

“So, can you explain how it is always you two who are around when other girls are caught misbehaving? And how is it that you two are always to be found in the cloakroom when they are changing for their punishments? That’s a couple of very strange coincidences, wouldn’t you agree?”

“I don’t know, miss.” Alison answered for them both.

“You can’t deny it was you two who told me Jennifer and Sarah were fighting, can you?

“We were worried they’d hurt themselves, miss.” Fiona justified their action.

Miss Henderson ignored the explanation and continued. “Nor, indeed, can you deny it was you two who gave the game away when I caught Sarah smoking and Jennifer out of bounds. I thought at the time you had merely let slip the information accidentally but now, when I think about it, I’m wondering whether it was accidental at all.”

“That was just an unfortunate slip of the tongue, miss.” Alison said.

“But then I could mention a number of other instances, Alison. Other examples where again you have accidentally ‘let slip’ something that got other girls into trouble. And how come it’s never either of you that get caught?”

“We don’t misbehave, miss.” Fiona shrugged her shoulders in a display of innocence.

“Now, Jennifer and Sarah were fighting in the corridor outside your form room. Is that correct?”

“Yes, miss.”

“So why did you go all the way to the other end of the building, all the way to my office next to the gymnasium, past the staff room where you could have sought help from any number of teachers including your own form teacher, to fetch me?”

Fiona shrugged. “We didn’t think, miss.”

“It wasn’t because you knew I’d slipper the pair of them, whereas some of the other teachers might have opted for detention or something else a little more sublime?”

“No, miss.” Alison played nervously with her short, light brown hair while Miss Henderson studied them both closely, obviously thinking carefully.

“For your information, girls, the fight between Jennifer and Sarah wasn’t a real fight at all. It was staged deliberately to see what you two would do.”

“Sorry, miss?” Alison queried, now looking quite worried.

“Apparently Jennifer and Sarah had a little chat last night on their way home, and began putting two and two together. Then they came to see me first thing this morning. I agreed to this little charade never expecting either of you would really come all the way to fetch me when other staff were much handier. But it turned out to be true, didn’t it girls?”

“Yes, miss. I mean, no miss.” Alison struggled to get the answer correct.

“Fiona and Alison. I think the game is up. It would be much better for the two of you to come clean now and own up.”

Alison looked at Fiona, who was contemplating another effort in defence of the allegations. Fiona, aware Alison was awaiting her response, thought better of it and nodded to her accomplice.

“Very well, miss. We admit it.” Alison answered simply.

“Why? Why on earth did you do it?” Miss Henderson stared up at them incredulously.

“Well, miss.” Alison explained. “The others are all better at games than us, which means we always end up being picked for teams after everyone else. So, we thought we’d get a little revenge. Then, when we found it all quite exciting listening to the others getting whacked, we thought we might as well continue.”

“And that’s the truth?”

“Yes, miss.” Both girls answered.

Miss Henderson sighed. “This really ought to go to the headmaster, you know. I shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t end up getting expelled for this. You do realise this is an extremely serious matter, don’t you?”

“Yes, miss.” The two eighteen year olds answered together.

“I suppose the only saving grace is that the girls were generally guilty of misbehaviour, although I strongly suspect you did your best to egg them on, didn’t you?”

“Yes, miss.” Both girls murmured.

“You clearly both have to be punished most severely. You do realise that, don’t you?”

“Yes, miss.”

“Apart from the matter of simple justice, when this gets around the school there’s going to be some very angry girls wanting a word with you. They’ll be wanting their revenge for sure.”

“Yes, miss.” Both Alison and Fiona frowned as they considered how they were going to face the others.

“Hopefully, if we can make the punishment suitably severe, the matter might blow over in time. Unless we expel you. Do you want to be expelled?”

“No, miss.” Both responded similarly.

“So, what do we do with you then? Any ideas?”

“Could you slipper us, miss?” Fiona suggested, and Alison gave her an angry glance.

“I’m very tempted, Fiona. Very tempted.” Miss Henderson answered. “But I really don’t think that is enough. You two really have been very stupid.”

“Perhaps if you did it on our bare bottoms, miss?” Fiona spoke very quietly. Alison’s face expressed her total disbelief at the suggestion.

Even Miss Henderson baulked as she asked herself whether she’d heard correctly.

“Well, at least you’re trying to help us with a solution, Fiona.” The games teacher expressed her scorn with a pointed look at Alison, who turned her head away. “Very well, twelve strokes of the slipper on your bare bottoms. Do you accept?”

“Twelve, miss?” Fiona questioned with some shock. “Yes, okay miss. I accept.”

“Alison?” Miss Henderson turned to the other girl.

Alison nodded.

“Okay, well you two know the drill only too well. I’ll see you in the gymnasium at four-fifteen this evening.”

When Alison and Fiona returned to their form room after lunch, they met with a hostile reception. Fiona tried to calm them down.

“For your information, girls, Alison and I are to report to Miss Henderson at four-fifteen for twelve strokes of the slipper.” A pause in the clamour enabled her to add: “And Alison and I would like to offer you our sincere apologies for all the nasty things we’ve done to get you into trouble. Wouldn’t we, Alison?”

“Yes, absolutely.” Alison answered, unable to think of anything better to say.

Thankfully, the other girls left them alone and the afternoon’s lessons commenced.

Just after four o’clock, Fiona and Alison made their way to the cloakroom below the gymnasium.

“Do you think the others will be there to meet us, Fiona?” Alison asked.

“Oh God, I hope not.”

When the two girls passed through the metal grill doors of the cloakroom, they found just Jennifer and Sarah waiting for them.

“Hope you don’t mind us being here, girls.” Sarah greeted them.

“No, it’s fair enough.” Fiona conceded, as she put her sports bag down on the floor.

“This is awful.” Alison commented as she too put her bag down and began peeling off her blazer.

“It’s what we had to go through.” Jennifer retorted.

“Yes, but twelve whacks and on the…”

“There’s no need to remind us, thank you Alison.” Fiona cut in, as she too started to get undressed.

“No.” Alison mused. “We just have to accept our punishments, don’t we?”


Soon, both girls were stripped down to their underwear – Fiona in pale blue brief panties and matching bra, Alison in high cut white knickers and white bra.

“What’s the time?” Fiona asked, as both girls were pulling on their white games shirts.

“Ten past four.” Jennifer volunteered, looking at her watch. “Another five minutes yet.”

“Fine.” Fiona, with a distinctly nervous edge to her voice, pulled her games shirt well down so it acted more like a short dress and sat down on the long wooden bench. Alison followed suit.

“It’ll be just the two of you here, when we get back?” Fiona queried.

“Don’t know.” Sarah answered, avoiding looking Fiona in the eye.

“Right, I see.” Fiona answered. “Oh well, it’s fair enough, I suppose.”

“What?” Alison asked anxiously, knowing there was something going on she wasn’t aware of.

“I suspect there will be a little treat waiting for us when we get back, Alison.” Fiona said. “A cold shower, perhaps?” The slim light brown haired girl looked up at the standing Sarah and Jennifer.

“Something like that, I imagine.” Jennifer answered.

“What? Oh no, not that as well.” Alison exclaimed.

Ignoring her accomplice, Fiona looked up at Jennifer. “You will strip us first, won’t you? It’s just that I’d prefer it if my underwear and games kit didn’t get soaked as well.

“We’ll see.” Jennifer answered with the first sign of compassion either of the two girls had seen since their trickery had been exposed.

They sat in silence for a short while until Sarah announced: “Okay girls, it’s time.”

Immediately, Alison and Fiona stood up and headed for the stairs.

“Haven’t you forgotten something, girls?” Sarah asked.

“You know?” Fiona responded with another question, to which Sarah simply nodded.

“Okay.” Fiona sighed, then reached under her games shirt and pushed her pale blue panties down her shapely legs.

“Come along, Alison. Get them down.” Jennifer encouraged the other girl, who was rather more reticent. It was Alison’s turn to sigh, but she too then removed her white knickers and tossed them on the bench.

The ascent of the stairs took just moments and then the two girls were confronted by the open door to the gymnasium. When Fiona peeked through, she was spotted by Miss Henderson.

“Come along, girls. everything is ready for you.”

With Fiona leading, the two girls sauntered slowly across to where the games teacher waited by the side of the old leather vaulting horse. A large black plimsoll was firmly held in the teacher’s right hand.

“Twelve whacks each?”

“Yes, miss.” They both murmured.

“Do either of you have knickers on under your games shirts?”

“No, miss.” They whispered together.

“Well, at least you’re showing a bit of sense at long last.”

“I hope you both realise this is going to be quite a spanking.” Miss Henderson warned them.

“Yes, miss.” They both answered extremely miserably. Alison, in particular, was looking very pale.

“Who is going first?” Miss Henderson asked.

Fiona looked at Alison, who seemed not to want to volunteer. “Me, miss.” Fiona confirmed.

“Okay. Bend across the vaulting horse and pull your games shirt well up out of the way.” As Fiona bent herself over the vaulting horse, the games teacher turned to the other girl. “Alison, it might be better if you waited down in the changing room. Fiona will send you up when I’ve finished with her.”

Alison stood rooted to the spot for some moments, until Fiona had pulled her white games shirt right up, exposing her bare bottom and most of her back. Only then did Alison turn and head for the door. She was barely a third of the way down the stairs before she heard the first bang that could only mean Alison’s punishment had begun.

The second bang came just as Alison reached the bottom of the stairs. She turned and found Jennifer and Sarah looking up from the long bench, surprised to see her back down so soon.

“Fiona chose to go first.” Alison offered by way of explanation. “I’m to go back up when she comes down.”

“Right.” Jennifer replied, then all three sat in silence as they listened to the next bang.

“Uuuh!!” Fiona grunted as the third stroke of the large black plimsoll crashed across her naked bottom. She squirmed on the top of the leather vaulting horse to try and ease the scorching sting.

“Do keep still, girl. We’ve hardly started.” Miss Henderson chided, bringing the next stroke down even harder.

“Uuuuhh!!” The chestnut brown haired girl held on tightly to the vaulting horse as she concentrated on keeping as still as she could. For a moment she reconsidered whether she’d made the right decision in electing to go first, but then hadn’t Alison forced her hand by being so reticent herself?

As another bang filled the ears of the three girls waiting down in the changing rooms, Alison too had doubts about her hesitation. If only she’d shown a little more courage then she wouldn’t have had to sit here knowing full well she was just minutes away from having to climb those stairs and go through what Fiona was enduring now.

When Miss Henderson swung the slipper down for the sixth time, aiming a little to the left of the centre of Fiona’s soft round bottom, her only concern was that already they were halfway through this girl’s punishment.

Yes, Fiona had a good backside, nicely rounded and firm, milky in colour with a distinct gap between the lightly sun-tanned thighs and the lower back, except where the slipper had been doing its work. Another stroke to the left of centre continued the games teacher’s determination to turn those milky curves into a red blotchy morass.

As Fiona continued to cling onto the leather vaulting horse for all she was worth, her games teacher decided it was the right side of her bottom that was to receive attention from the slipper.

“Ooohh!!” The girl with the long chestnut hair squealed with surprise. Already she had lost count of the number of whacks she’d received, and therefore how many there were to go. Then again, Fiona reflected, she was totally at the mercy of Miss Henderson.

If Fiona was feeling very sore, Alison was sitting down in the changing room feeling very anxious. She, too, was not sure just how many times the slipper had fallen on Fiona’s bottom, but she knew it could not be long before her accomplice would be coming down the stairs. Another sharp bang from upstairs increased her apprehension.

Jennifer, sitting next to Alison, could also sense the mounting tension, made even worse when she heard footsteps approaching.

“How are we doing?” Rachel Matthews, a tall girl with short dark brown hair asked as she and two others came up to the seated girls.

A loud bang from upstairs preceded Sarah’s reply.

“Fiona’s being done, Alison has yet to go.”

“Miss Henderson’s in fine form, really whacking the slipper down.” Veronica Potter, another tall girl with short but blonde hair, spoke without concern for Alison’s feelings. “We had a quick look through the window on our way down.”

“She must be nearly done with Fiona.” The third new arrival, Nicola Wilson, short, slim and blonde, commented as she looked towards the stairs. “Are we going to do Fiona as soon as she gets here, or shall we wait for Alison and do the two together?”

“What?” Alison asked tetchily, as she listened to another bang from upstairs.

“Your cold shower.” Jennifer whispered in her ear.”


Bent across the vaulting horse, Fiona’s bottom was feeling exceedingly sore and she wondered just how many more strokes she would be able to take before she just had to get up and soothe her poor backside. Just at that moment, Miss Henderson chose to deliver the hardest stroke so far to the very centre of the chestnut haired girl’s red sore bottom.

“Yeeeeooouucch!!!” She cried, finding it really hard to resist springing up from the vaulting horse and clutching her hands to her bottom. She contemplated asking the games teacher for a pause so she could gain just some minor respite from the never ending rain of blows across her naked behind.

Just then, though, Fiona felt Miss Henderson’s hand on her bare back, just above waist level.

“Right, that concludes your punishment, Fiona. Take a few moments to regain your composure, then you may go down to the changing room and send Alison up.”

Fiona gulped in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she carefully stood up and began rubbing her sore bottom, gently at first and then more vigorously. As the burning smarting sensation began to ease, so she became more aware of Miss Henderson watching her with interest, not to mention some pleasure. Fiona quickly tugged her games shirt back down and headed for the door.

While Alison looked up anxiously as she began to hear footsteps on the stairs, the other two, Jennifer and Sarah, got to their feet. Moments later, Fiona was back in their midst.

“You’re to go up now.” Fiona said, looking down at Alison.

“Right.” Alison replied in a murmur, getting clumsily to her feet.

As Alison clambered up the stairs, Fiona began rubbing her tender bottom quite briskly again in total oblivion to the other girls, Jennifer, Sarah, Rachel, Veronica and Nicola now all standing and encircling Fiona. If Fiona had not been distracted by the throbbing in her bottom, she might have found their presence quite intimidating.

“Come along, Alison.” Miss Henderson pointed to the leather vaulting horse with the large black plimsoll as soon as Alison peered nervously through the open door.

Alison clomped noisily across the wooden floor and placed a hand on the vaulting horse as soon as she reached it, looking round at the games teacher and silently asking whether she was to bend straight over. The confirmation soon came.

“Yes, bend across the vaulting horse, Alison, and pull your games shirt well up.”

Alison soon bent across the vaulting horse, and immediately pulled her white games shirt up, neatly folding it so the hem finished tidily about an inch above her waist.

“I said well up, girl!” Miss Henderson barked, and Alison pulled the shirt up further, just as Fiona had done. Now she felt extremely vulnerable, being naked from her shoulder blades to her white ankle socks.

Alison could here a slight shuffle from behind her, and presumed Miss Henderson was already lining up the first stroke. She clung tightly to the vaulting horse.

“Ouch! That hurts!” Fiona shouted as four of the five girls grabbed her and lifted her off the floor. Then, as she found herself being carried in the direction of the showers, she added: “You will strip me, won’t you? I don’t want my clothes getting soaked.”

The first bang came from upstairs just as they entered the shower room.

Alison felt her bottom smarting. Not a complete stranger to the odd whack from a slipper following some minor misdemeanour in class, over uniform skirt or trousers and underwear, the light brown haired eighteen year old was already aware a slippering on the bare bottom was a whole new experience, and there were still eleven whacks to go. She clutched the vaulting horse even more tightly, knowing things were going to get a lot more painful.

Fiona, meanwhile, was dropped rather firmly in the shower area floor, a none too comfortable experience, bearing in mind her already sore bottom and the cold hard porcelain of the floor.

“Please take my clothes off.” She begged, but too late. The cold water began streaming out of the shower heads and Fiona knew there was no point in trying to either clamber out as the other five would simply push her back in. She thought about taking her own clothes off, but that might lead the others into some extra retaliatory action. No, all she could do was lay there and suffer the icy cold water until her classmates felt she had suffered sufficiently.

By this time, Miss Henderson had inflicted another two strokes of the slipper to Alison’s naked bottom, both aimed right at the centre of the girl’s slim firm backside, and the light brown haired girl was already feeling very sore.

A fourth stroke landed on the right side of Alison’s bottom, giving her mixed feelings as to the efficacy of having the punishment spread across her entire backside.

Fiona was feeling quite miserable. The water was freezing cold and her long chestnut hair was drenched and moulding itself around her face and eyes causing them to sting as painfully as her bottom was still smarting. Her five classmates stood watching her, their faces showing very little emotion. Fiona hoped this torment would at least mean they harboured no ill-feelings towards her once they had let her go.

The banging sounds from upstairs in the gymnasium meant that Alison’s punishment was in full flow, and Fiona consoled herself that soon they would have another victim to concentrate on. She wondered whether they would keep her here and throw Alison in with her, but then the flow of water suddenly stopped and Jennifer threw her a towel.

“You’re done.” Jennifer announced, then followed the other four out of the shower room.

Fiona slowly stood up and began drying herself, then stepped out of the shower area. Her white games shirt and bra were soaked and the shirt clung uncomfortably. She pulled it off with some difficulty, then removed her bra. Even her plimsolls had filled with water, so they too came off with the wet white ankle socks. Wrapping the towel around her, she squeezed as much moisture as she could from her clothes, wrapped the towel around her and headed back to the changing room.

By now, Alison knew her own punishment was beyond the halfway stage. Her bottom was smarting with the stinging sensation caused by the massive whacks from the slipper and she continued to cling to the vaulting horse as though it offered her some comfort. More to the point, she knew she didn’t dare move or in any way obstruct the punishment, and a good grip on the vaulting horse was the surest way of preventing herself from leaping up and rubbing her aching backside.

Yet another hefty stroke brought more scorching, particularly to her left buttock as, with some difficulty, Alison reckoned up the number of strokes she thought she’d received and placed it at nine. Into the home straight, she thought.

Downstairs, the other girls just sat and watched as Fiona dropped her wet clothes onto the floor near her sports bag, then removed the towel. She found another towel in her bag and continued drying herself, standing stark naked in front of the others.

As another hard stroke of the slipper landed across the centre of her bottom, Alison began wondering how her classmates were treating Fiona. Would they have given her the cold shower now, or were they waiting to do the two girls together? No, with just the five of them, they’d have to do the girls individually.

“Aaaahh!!” Alison gasped as the slipper crashed hard across her bottom yet again.

The seconds passed, and both Alison and Miss Henderson knew this was going to be the last, and the hardest. Alison closed her eyes. The games teacher, though, focused carefully on the firm round naked bottom that lay in front of her across the vaulting horse. How soon, she wondered, would it be before she had the opportunity again of such a luscious victim?

It had to be done, and Miss Henderson hurled the slipper down to bring Alison’s punishment to a conclusion.

“Oooooooocchh!!!” Alsion cried as the large slipper whacked her so hard across her poor bottom. Her back arched involuntarily and she longed to reach back and soothe the soreness, but knew she daren’t.

“Okay, Alison.” The disappointment was evident in the games teacher’s voice. “That’s it. Take a moment or two to compose yourself, then you’d better get back down and get changed. Get off home as soon as you’re ready.”

“Thank you, miss.” Alison replied, not at all sure why she was thanking her teacher when her bottom felt so sore. Nonetheless, she eased herself up and began gently massaging her smarting bottom. Finally, a quick tug brought the games shirt down to cover herself, and she headed for the door.

“Here she comes.” Someone said as Alison arrived at the bottom of the stairs and came face to face with her classmates.

“How do you want me? Stark naked or as I am?” Alison held her arms out at shoulder height, in a form of surrender.

Four of the other girls quickly grabbed hold of her and lifted her off the floor.

“That’ll be clothed, then.” Alison added, to no-one in particular.

Fiona watched as her accomplice was hauled off to the shower room, just as she was putting her blazer on. She had no appetite to assist the others in Alison’s further torment but elected to follow them and at least witness the ceremony.

Alison offered no resistance as she was placed on the hard porcelain surface below the shower heads, and merely waited for the water to be turned on. Fiona stood alongside the others and watched as the cold water spurted out and quickly drenched Alison as she lay there. To play the game, Alison even turned herself over so the freezing water could also soak her back as equally as her front. And then the water stopped, and it was over.

Fiona stayed, while the other five turned and left, and waited and watched as Alison stood up and dried herself with the towel that had been given her. As they finally turned to go back to the changing room for Alison to retrieve her clothes, they found Miss Henderson standing silently.

“Get yourself changed, Alison, then both of you get off home as soon as you can.” The games teacher waited for them to leave.

Back in the changing room, Fiona looked round to make sure they were truly alone. “How much do you think she saw?” She whispered.

“Everything?” Alison answered, by way of another question. “She does like the formalities to be observed, you know.”

The End