A young wife has her doubts removed in an unusual way

By Lorna Brand

The gentle breeze shook the cherry blossom from the tree like confetti. Monica lifted her face up towards the tree, gently shutting her eyes so she could feel it as it fell against her soft cheek. The blossoms speckled her hair and floated on to the grass all around. It was hard for her not to let her mind wander back to her wedding day; only eighteen months earlier she was so happy and full of hope. She could never have seen what was to play out. Her life had completely changed but certainly not how she expected.

Monica had imagined that once Liam and her were wed their days would be filled with ‘I miss you’ heart emoji texts and their evenings with romantic dinners in their own stylish apartment. Unfortunately she had probably watched one too many sitcoms where the care-free, devoted couple lived in a bubble with their cheerful, pretty friends always dropping by and the only disaster they faced was always short lived and fantastically funny in the end.

But, as it turns out, married life is nothing like that. Married life was hard, complicated and hard. It was full of compromises and diplomacy which had never come that easily to Monica. Her fantasy dinners had slowly turned in to debates, her heart emojis were few and far between. In reality, she received more reminders to pick up toilet paper on the way home than ‘I miss you’ texts.

Standing under the blossom tree alone brought a sadness. Somehow the fact that the memory of their wedding day was so incredibly happy only made her grief stronger. Monica was grieving for the marriage she missed, the marriage that was supposed to be all fun and romance.

She had left the house, as she always did on a Sunday, for a jog after moaning about the pile of dishes in the sink and the growing pile of washing in the bathroom. This was the only day they were both off together, but working every hour just to pay the bills had turned them into flat mates sniping about stupid stuff and passing each other in the hallway in between shifts.

The more Monica thought about it the more she worried if this was it. Was her marriage really over? After all, she left hours ago with Liam glued to some sports and he hadn’t even called her to check on her. How could he not have noticed she wasn’t home yet? How could he be so engrossed in TV that he hadn’t even thought of her? Or maybe he just didn’t care? Happy to get rid of her for the day so he didn’t have to listen to her moaning about the mess.

The park was so peaceful and relaxing, Monica wanted to stay there forever in her own little world daydreaming about where it all went wrong, hoping he would call and tell her how much he missed her but she hadn’t even received a ping of a text. The warm, sweet air was starting to cool and since she had stopped running her thin lycra jogging bottoms and vest top were not keeping her warm. It was time to head home.

Monica had no idea how long she had been out as her key turned in the door but as dusk was settling in it had certainly been a good chunk of time and he still hadn’t bothered to check on her. He definitely didn’t care about her the way she needed and deserved in their marriage. The spark had well and truly left them.

“Where the Hell have you been?” Liam flew towards her the second she stepped inside; grasping her arm as he scolded her. His eyes bore through her like molten rock, his voice shaking with anger as he tried to control its volume. “I have been calling you all day. Do you know how close I was to calling the police? Are you hurt?”

“What are you talking about? I am fine! You never called me!” Monica was confused as she untied her phone from her arm. How dare Liam be upset at her when he is the one that doesn’t care? “My phone didn’t ring once! I had it with me the whole time.” She tapped at the screen looking to get into the call logs to prove her case but nothing happened. “My battery! I must have forgotten to charge it.” She sighed with relief; he had called after all.

“Really! You just forgot. That’s it? No apology? I have been going out of my mind with worry. You know, when I was four I ran off from my mum in a shopping centre. I wanted to go to the sweets, and do you know what she did? She took my pants down there and then and smacked my bum! I never ran off again.”

With his grip tight, he pulled Monica towards the sofa.

“What are you doing? This is insane! I am a grown woman not a kid!” She protested, digging her heels into the carpet.

Despite her athletic frame, Liam could easily drag her along behind him like a child with a rag doll. Pulling away didn’t help as she tried to regain control, but she didn’t believe he would go through with it. He was clearly just playing and had gone too far.

‘This is just a sick joke,’ she thought as he effortlessly pulled her down over his knee, one hand raised high in the air, the other holding firmly onto Monica’s wrist in the small of her back.

She wiggled and squirmed but still believed he would stop at any moment. Suddenly a deep heat spread over her tightly clad bottom as a quick succession of slaps rained down upon her. Monica’s legs kicked out behind her as she bucked and thrashed to get free, shouting and screaming that he had “no right to do this”. In a matter of seconds her bottom felt like it was on fire and Liam had stopped.  Monica stopped kicking, expecting to be released from her hold.

“That’s right, you better let me go!” She hissed at him in a righteous tone.

The words rang in Liam’s ears as his grip tightened once more.

“You still think that I am in the wrong? Really? You have learned nothing!” He fumed.

His hand slipped into the elastic waist band on her jogging bottoms and slid over her hot, soar ass freeing it from its thin veil of a covering to reveal the damage he had inflicted.

“This isn’t funny, now stop it!” Monica demanded. “Liam, did you hea…?”

She was stopped in mid sentence by a scorching blow causing her to gasp.  She couldn’t breath; the shock of the pain froze her. Unable to fight back, the sound of her bare bum being slapped hard and methodically echoed around the room as each deliberately placed strike burned throughout her whole being until Monica finally let out the most primordial sound she had ever made. It was uncontrolled and deafening but it didn’t stop Liam. Each blow he delivered had the same amount of force and precision as the last.

Suddenly it occurred to Monica that he really was scared and worried for her. It wasn’t the polished, sparkly marriage she had expected, but it was the all consuming love that she needed and deserved. Monica stopped fighting as the wave of guilt hit her almost as hard as Liam. Laying there limp, accepting her fate, Liam finally released his grip while delivering his final strokes on to the tops of her exposed thighs. Her frantic cries had turned to soft sobs by the last slap.

Monica stayed bent over Liam’s knee for some time with her swollen, bruised bum exposed as he gently soothed her. Eventually Liam broke the silence and helped Monica to her feet. She felt completely ashamed standing before him, not because she had been punished like a bratty child or because she was still in a state of undress, but because she had doubted him and their marriage. She had been so focused on what they didn’t have she forgot to look at what they did have. Complete, complicated, all consuming love which she will never doubt again.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2017