A father helps his daughter’s studies

By Paul Tecres

Jessica pushed against the seat of the chair and raised herself up to a standing position. This brought a small amount of relief as the top of the chair back was no longer digging into her abdomen. Even with that discomfort eliminated, there was still the burning, throbbing sensation enveloping the lower half of her bottom. Her jeans suddenly felt way too tight. She silently decided that if she ever had to do this again she would wear something more loose-fitting next time. She used her fingers to push the remainder of her shoulder length, brown hair out of her face. She would also be putting that in a ponytail next time. Though she was going to make a concerted effort to ensure there wouldn’t be a next time.

Her dad set his belt down on the desk for now instead of putting it back on immediately. Attending to his daughter in distress was his current top priority. He hugged Jessica and dried her eyes with tissues from the box on his desk.

“I’m sorry it had to be such a difficult ordeal,” he said.

“It’s okay dad. I knew what to expect.”

Jessica’s father never liked spanking her, and would only do so as a last resort. However, when it couldn’t be avoided, he always knew how to make it a highly effective form of discipline. This spanking had been especially rough for both Jessica’s backside, and Dad’s emotions.

A few weeks earlier they had discussed Jessica’s academic performance issues. She excelled at subjects she was interested in, but the ones she found more mundane she often neglected when it came to study time. She knew herself well enough to know that she needed an extra incentive to keep her on track.

She also knew that a reward-based incentive wouldn’t work either. There had to be serious consequences. The kind that she would dread experiencing, and do whatever she could to avoid. Her and dad both reluctantly agreed there was one such consequence that worked without fail. He then devised a formula that would scale according to the grades on her report card.

Any grade below C- would be considered unacceptable. There would be three licks given for every D, and five for every F, plus an additional five to reinforce the lesson.

Jessica was understandably upset when she had to bring home a report card bearing two D’s and an F. When she’d arrived home, she went straight to dad’s office to get it over with as quickly as she could. They talked briefly and, to ensure her math skills were maintained, he’d made her calculate how many licks she’d be getting. Jessica had always been good at math and it took her barely any time at all to arrive at the total of sixteen. She couldn’t recall a time when she’d gotten that many. Now she was determined to never repeat the experience.

After spanking her, dad spoke again. “Do you need anything, sweetie?”

“No, I just need a moment to myself, and I’ll be fine.”

“I understand. Go ahead and do whatever you need to. I’ll talk to you later on.”

Jessica picked up her report card from the desk and exited the room.

She was walking past the dining room when she saw that mom had arrived home, and was having a cup of tea.

“Hi mom.”

“Hey honey,” mom replied with a smile.

Mom then remembered what day it was.

“Jess, why don’t you come sit down, and show me your report card?”

Jessica hesitated for a moment.

“Um, mom, I can’t sit down.”

Mom was a little perplexed at that response.

“Oh? Why not?”

“Because I just showed dad my report card.”

The End

© Paul Tecres 2022