Stephanie joins the sixth form

Continuing the series ‘Girls of St Mary’s

By Penny Morton

Part 1

Stephanie Pickering was very pleased that she seemed to have settled into life at St Mary’s so quickly. She was the only new girl in the sixth form and she was rather apprehensive about going to boarding school for the first time.

Headmistress Miss Gregory had seemed quite nice when Stephanie and her parents had attended for interview. Miss Gregory explained how the double room system with two sixth formers sharing had been abandoned following a slight fall in disciplinary standards. Senior girls would now be in dormitories of between six and eight girls. After offering her a place at St Mary’s, Miss Gregory had given Stephanie a booklet containing the school rules.

“We place great emphasis on good behaviour and hard work at St Mary’s, Stephanie, but your references suggest you are a sensible girl.”

“Thank you Ma’am.” Replied Stephanie politely.

“However I would advise you to learn the rules and the sanctions for those who break them young lady. We have a very vigilant head girl with a team of prefects waiting to punish girls who forget the rules or misbehave. My teaching staff share my view that good discipline is an essential prerequisite for learning. I keep a number of canes in my cupboard and I am not afraid to use them should the necessity arise. It’s also common knowledge that the slipper is available in the prefects’ study for any girl who needs reminding of the school rules.”

“Well darling,” said Stephanie’s Mummy. “You will have to remember the rules carefully won’t you?”

“Yes Mummy,” replied Stephanie.

The headmistress’s talk about punishments, the cane and the slipper made her shiver but wanting to now more. Surely the St Mary’s girls weren’t really whacked with the cane or the slipper were they?

Although they had only just met, Stephanie felt she had known the girls in her dormitory for quite a long time. Her room-mates were Charlotte Miller, Liz Cooper, Amanda Watson, Milly Hetherington and Jennifer Brown. The girls were sitting on their beds in their dormitory in the break between the end of prep and suppertime. They were all wearing their short, green uniform skirts and their white blouses with their green and gold striped ties.

The conversation turned to the recent six weeks’ summer holidays.

“Did you have a good time Liz?” Asked Amanda.

“Yes thanks, we had a fortnight in Benidorm. Lots of boys but with Mum, Dad and my sister there I couldn’t have much fun!”

“Oh bad luck Liz,” Amanda sympathized.

“But at least nobody has smacked my bottom for six whole weeks.” Said Liz with a grin.

“You were lucky darling.” Said Charlotte. “Mummy spanked me twice. I know I had broken her house rules but she likes to demonstrate how strict she can be with me. Sort of, showing off to Granny.”

“What had you done wrong to deserve a spanking Charlie?” Asked Milly Hetherington.

“Well Mummy let me go out with Paul twice, he’s the chap from the Grammar School I met at our dancing classes.”

“He’s rather dishy and good at snogging isn’t he?” Asked Milly.

“Not half!” Grinned Charlotte.

“How come you got spanked?” Asked Amanda.

“The first time I came home with my lipstick smudged and the second time I missed Mummy’s ten o’clock curfew. Both spankable offences in Mummy’s opinion.”

“Did she put you over her knee Charlotte?” Asked Stephanie hardly able to believe what she was hearing.

“Yes and she took my pants down with Granny watching. She also threatened to report me to Miss Gregory and I don’t know if she carried out that threat. I might get a summons from her majesty, Miss Gregory, at any minute.”

“But Charlie you are over eighteen.” Said Stephanie.

“We all over eighteen, darling, but it doesn’t make any difference here.”

“So all that Miss Gregory said at my interview about naughty girls, even sixth form girls, getting the cane and the slipper is really true?”

“’Fraid so Steph.” Said Liz Cooper with a grin. “We’ve all been slippered many times and most of us have been caned too. Poor old Charlie has even had the birch haven’t you darling?” Liz smiled at her friend.

“Yes I got twelve, er no, thirteen strokes from old Fanny Benstead, er sorry, I mean her highness, Dr Benstead who’s at least a hundred years old. She’s Chairman of the Governors and used to be headmistress here.”

“What had you done to get the, er, the birch?” Asked Stephanie, still unsure as to whether to really believe the girls.

“Well Jane Menzies – she’s left now – and I wrote an anonymous letter to the school governors saying there was too much corporal punishment here. It caused allsorts of problems including Miss Gregory going berserk.” Explained Charlie with a smile. “Jane and I had to confess to save innocent girls being punished.”

“Gosh! How dreadful to get the birch! You poor thing!” Sympathized Stephanie.

“Yes, it wasn’t much fun, especially having it on my bare bottom in front of an audience.” Charlotte wrinkled her nose at the memory.

The bell went for supper and the girls trooped out with Stephanie feeling rather dazed but excited about the punishments that seemed to be used at St Mary’s. She still wasn’t really sure whether the other girls were pulling her leg.

After supper the discussion continued with Stephanie asking more questions about punishments from staff and prefects. The girls explained that Miss Gregory was quite keen on using her canes. Since Miss Gregory strained her caning arm last term Miss Helen Howarth had been appointed Mistress in Charge of Discipline and was available assist the headmistress with canings.

“Yes Stephanie, watch out for little Miss Howarth, she’s pretty handy with the slipper too.” Warned Liz Cooper.

“She could slipper for England if ever there was a contest.” Continued Liz as Stephanie listened in horror. “In fact I think she should be called Miss Force equals mass times acceleration Howarth.”

“Why would you call her that Liz?” Asked a puzzled Stephanie.

“Well little Miss Howarth teaches maths and is good at physics too.” Explained Liz.”

“Yes and she uses her scientific knowledge to really make the slipper sting more than usual.” Chipped in Amanda. “To really make the slipper hurt she chooses the biggest one she can hold in her little hand and then runs and accelerates towards you with it before she whacks you.”

“Gosh.” Said Stephanie quietly. “What about the other mistresses do they give the slipper too?”

“Yes just about all of them except Maggie Mackenzie.” Replied Charlie. “She uses her nasty Scottish strap on your hands.”

“Oh and we mustn’t forget our dishy schoolmaster, Rev John Perkins, I am sure he fancies me and he tried to give us the slipper once, didn’t he Charlie?” Said Liz.

“Yes he did. I’m sure he fancies me too, and I am sure he is plucking up courage to slipper us again.” Replied Charlie.

“Golly gosh,” said Stephanie. “What about the prefects? Surely they are not allowed to give the slipper too?”

“Sorry to tell you, Steph, but a) yes they are allowed, and b) yes they jolly well do so very frequently!” Liz was enjoying Stephanie’s surprise.

The first warning bell for lights out sounded as the girls were chatting.

“Come on girls, lets beat the others to the bathroom.” Suggested Jennifer. “Oh and by the way have we haven’t elected a dormitory monitress have we?”

“Well it can’t be Steph because she’s new, but what about you, Amanda, you can be quite bossy?”

“Well I will if nobody else wants to but you must promise to behave yourselves.” Agreed Amanda.

‘What does the dormitory monitress do?” Asked a confused Stephanie.

“Well she keeps us in order and is responsible to the prefects and matron for keeping the dorm tidy.” Explained Jennifer. “If she fails to keep us in order and the dorm is untidy she can be punished herself.”

“Sorry to keep asking questions.” Said Stephanie, feeling even more confused. “But are you allowed to punish us too Amanda?”

“Well yes, I can report untidy girls to the duty prefect for punishment which almost certainly means the slipper or, if you prefer it, I can spank you myself.”

“Gosh! Oh, er, thanks.” Stephanie felt shivery again.

There was a tap on the door and head girl Felicity Matthews looked in.

“Lights out girls. Good night everyone. No more talking.”

“Hi Felicity. Can we have a dispensation to talk for another ten minutes now we’re sixth formers?” Asked Charlotte.

“No you can’t, Charlie.” Smiled Felicity, now coming right into the dormitory.

The girls could see that she was carrying a black plimsoll which she held up as she warned: “Anyone who talks after lights out gets a smacked bottom.”

“Oooh Felicity you sound so strict. I’m really scared.” Said Charlie in a ghostly sort of voice.

“Girls who are impertinent also get smacked bottoms, Charlie.”

“Sorry Felicity.”

“Goodnight everyone.” Felicity closed the door.

There were a few more whispers before the girls dropped off to sleep. Stephanie had a great deal to think about. She had never been spanked at home or at school. She felt she had missed out on experiences that the other girls were very familiar with. If possible, and if she was brave enough, she would quite like to be punished in this way too.

Two days later Amanda told Stephanie off for her corner of the dormitory being untidy. Her duvet was not straight, her dressing table was untidy, her pyjamas could be seen under her pillow and her wardrobe shelves were disorganized.

“The duty prefect noticed and said that either I should punish the girl responsible or she would.” Said Amanda.

“Oh Gosh!”

“So Steph, either I can spank you now or you can go to the prefects’ study for the slipper tomorrow.”

“Oh Gosh.” Shivered Stephanie. “Er, could I have a spanking please?”

“Yes. We better go into the box room at the end of the dorm. OK?”

“Yes Amanda.”

Amanda opened the box room door to reveal a pile of cases and a small upright chair. She held the door open and Stephanie walked in.

Amanda sat on the chair and patted her lap.

“Come and bend over my knee Stephanie.” She ordered in a quiet voice.

“Oh Gosh.” Said Stephanie, and she got into position across Amanda’s knees. “I’ve never been spanked before.”

“Get over a bit more so your bottom is right on my lap.” Ordered Amanda, resting her left hand on Stephanie’s back.”

Both girls were wearing their short green uniform skirts and Stephanie was conscious of the fact that, as she bent, her bare thighs were touching Amanda’s.

Amanda lifted Stephanie’s skirt and pulled her pants half way down her thighs.

“Gosh,” said Stephanie.

“Why do you keep saying Gosh, Steph?”

“Well it’s rather embarrassing and I can’t think of anything else to say.” Explained Stephanie.

“Right, I’m going to give you twenty four spanks for having an untidy corner of the dorm.”

“Gosh.” Said an anxious Stephanie.

Amanda gave her a hard spank and said: “Stop saying Gosh Stephanie.”

“Ouch, Sorry.” Replied Stephanie with her head close to the floorboards of the stock room. Her fingers, her feet and her long blonde hair were just touching the floor.

The spanking began with Amanda landing hard spanks on alternate sides of Stephanie’s bare bottom.

Stephanie gasped a quiet “Ow” after each stroke and was grateful when Amanda paused after twelve strokes.

“Half way through, Steph. Is the message getting through?” Asked Amanda.

“Gosh yes, Amanda, it really stings.”

“You said ‘Gosh’ again, Steph. That’s two extra spanks.”

Two hard spanks were given near the junction of Stephanie’s bottom and thighs.”

“Sorry Amanda.” Stephanie said quietly. She was beginning to feel very hot, her bottom was stinging like mad and she was conscious of tears in her eyes. Amanda resumed the spanking landing twelve more resounding spanks on Stephanie’s plump bottom.

“Right, that’s your spanking, Steph, and I would advise you to keep your part of the dorm tidy in future. You can get up now.”

“Thank you, Amanda.”

Stephanie got to her feet and replaced her pants. Her face was very red and tear stained. She had survived her first ever spanking and besides having a sore bottom she felt excited and relieved that she had survived.

“Gosh, Amanda, you are jolly good at spanking.”

“Well I’ve had lots of experience with my sister.”

‘Gosh. She must be very naughty,” observed Stephanie.

“Don’t keep saying gosh, Steph!” Amanda gave Stephanie’s right thigh two hard spanks just above her knee.

“Sorry, Amanda, and I will keep my part of the dorm tidy in future.”

Stephanie and Amanda went back into the dormitory and found the other girls had just come in.

“I’ve just had my first spanking.” Announced Stephanie proudly as she massaged her burning bottom.

“Let’s see your bum.” Said Charlie.

Stephanie turned and looked over her shoulder as Charlie lifted her skirt and eased her pants down.

“It looks jolly red from here and it really stings.” Said Steph.

“Good, well that’s your first spanking, now only the slipper, the strap and the cane to go.” Said Charlie.

“Gosh yes.” Said Stephanie with a squeak as Amanda spanked her thigh again.

“She’s not allowed to say Gosh, are you Steph?”

“Ow! Sorry Amanda.” Apologised Stephanie, as she rubbed her thigh.

“Come on let’s go and get some tea.” Suggested Liz.

Stephanie sat carefully and slightly proudly on her recently spanked, warm, glowing bottom.

“The next thing in your St Mary’s acclimatization programme is to organize a slippering for you.” Said Charlotte.

“That would be nice, er, sorry Charlie, er, I didn’t mean the slipper would be nice but I mean to be able to experience it would make me feel more like one of the girls.”

“I know what you mean.” Replied Charlie. “Well Cheryl Jenkins is taking prep two days from now and as you know you are not allowed to talk during prep. Anyone who talks automatically gets the slipper, either straight away in front of everyone in prep but usually in the prefects’ study the next morning.”

“So what should I do Charlie?”

“Well if you and I sit near the front and after ten minutes or so you ask me a question without getting Cheryl’s permission. Almost certainly she’ll tell you to be quiet and then order you to report to her at morning break tomorrow for punishment.”

“Thanks Charlie. That sounds fairly straightforward.”

Two days later Stephanie put the plan into action during prep. She asked Charlotte a question and was warned by Cheryl that talking was not allowed. Stephanie apologized and concentrated on her work.

About ten minutes later Cheryl spotted two other sixth form girls talking at the back of the classroom.

“Holly and Alison report to me at break tomorrow.” Ordered the prefect.

“Sorry, Cheryl, we forgot where we were.” Apologised dark haired Holly with her hand over her mouth. “Please let us off.”

“See me in the prefects’ study at break tomorrow in your PE kit.” Said Cheryl firmly. Holly and Alison made a face at each other being almost certain that they would get the slipper at break tomorrow.

Towards the end of prep Stephanie plucked up courage to ask Charlie another question even though she realised she was letting herself in for the slipper.

“Stephanie, I warned you about talking earlier. You had better report to me at break tomorrow wearing your PE kit.”

“Yes Cheryl.”

Stephanie realised her fate was sealed and she would achieve her ambition of getting the slipper in the morning. A cold shiver ran up her spine and then down again, fanning out onto her bottom.

The following morning, mid morning break was only 15 minutes away and Stephanie kept glancing at the classroom clock as the history lesson progressed. In 15 minutes time she was going to be slippered for the first time. Cheryl Jenkins was going to punish her for talking in prep yesterday evening. Her mind went over again and again what she had to do before being punished. Change into her PE shorts and blouse with no pants underneath her shorts and report to Cheryl. Charlotte had explained she would then be told off and sentenced to six of the slipper.

The slipper might be given immediately or, if Cheryl was having her coffee, Stephanie would be sent to stand in the corner waiting for Cheryl to come and punish her. She would then have to bend over the back of a chair ready to be spanked. Cheryl would give her six whacks with the slipper and then she would be allowed to stand and thank Cheryl before escaping from the study. It would be very embarrassing but also exciting as it would be a completely new experience! Stephanie felt herself blushing and her heart racing at the thought of the coming humiliation and punishment.

“I better go and get ready to have my bottom smacked.” Said Stephanie as the morning break started. “Do you think I should change into my PE shorts now?”

“Yes I should.” Replied Liz. “If you don’t, Cheryl will make you go and change.”

“Thanks. Will you guys wait for me please?” Asked Stephanie anxiously.

“Of course we will darling but don’t forget no pants are allowed.” Replied Charlotte, giving Stephanie a friendly pat. “We’ll come with you to the prefects’ study too if you like.”

“Gosh thanks, Charlie, that would be super ‘cos I’m really very nervous. I’ll go and change.”

A few minutes later Stephanie appeared in her PE gear. Her legs and arms were pale, her face was pink and her long blonde hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. Her shorts were quite tight fitting, emphasizing her slim waist and her broad hips and rounded bottom.

“Shall we go girls?” Asked Stephanie, patting her bottom with a nervous smile. “I hadn’t realised how little protection these shorts and no pants will give me. My poor little botty!”

“That’s why they make you wear those shorts, darling.” Explained Charlotte.

The girls linked arms and walked round to the prefects’ study. Just in front of them the two girls, Holly and Alison, who had also talked in prep, had knocked and were called into the study by the junior ‘waitress’ girl on duty. Several other girls were hanging out near the dreaded study to watch naughty girls come and go.

“Shall I knock now?” Asked Stephanie. “Then say I’ve come to see Cheryl?”

“Hang on a moment, things sound a bit busy in there.” Advised Liz. A loud ‘whack’ was heard followed by another.

“That sounds a bit like slipper on bottom doesn’t it Liz?” Commented Charlotte.

“Afraid so,” replied Liz as the girls heard four more loud whacks.

A few seconds later, the door of the prefects’ study opened and Alison emerged with tears running down her pink face, walking on tip toes with both hands clasped to her bottom.

“God it stings! Cheryl isn’t half laying it on today!” She said.

Six more whacks were heard and Holly emerged also with a tearful face, her hankie in one hand and clasping her bottom with the other. The two sixth formers hugged each other and then headed towards the changing rooms, vigorously rubbing their bottoms.

“Gosh, look at those two. Their bottoms really hurt. Oh dear, I had better go and be slippered too.” Stephanie said bravely.

Liz and Charlotte wished her well, gave her a little kiss and waited to hear the all too familiar sounds of the slipper landing on a thinly covered female bottom.

“Can’t hear anything can you?” Asked Charlie.

“No. Perhaps she’s still telling Steph off.” Replied Liz.

A few minutes later Stephanie emerged holding several pieces of lined writing paper and not showing any signs of having the expected sore bottom.

“What happened Steph?” Asked Charlotte. “Didn’t she slipper you?”

“Well no, because I’m a new girl and it was my first offence Cheryl decided to let me off the slipper but she gave me some lines instead. I’ve got to write out ‘Talking in prep equals six of the slipper.’ 200 times by break tomorrow.”

“I had better go and change.” Said Stephanie, smiling bravely. “I’m disappointed in a way not to have had the slipper from a prefect but, after seeing the effect it’s had on those two girls, perhaps I was lucky.”

Charlotte and Liz waited as Stephanie changed. There was just time for a quick coffee before the next lesson.

“I would still like to experience the slipper while I am at St Mary’s.” Said Stephanie thoughtfully. “Perhaps I should talk in prep again when Cheryl is on duty?”

“I am beginning to get an interesting idea.” Grinned Charlotte. “I’ll think about it during the English lesson and let you know later.”

“Thanks Charlie.” Said Stephanie. “You are a real pal.”

“Gosh that’s the bell,” Said Liz “We better get to English or Maggie Mackenzie won’t be a happy bunny.”

“Hurry up and settle down girls.” Ordered Miss Mackenzie in her fierce Scottish voice as the sixth form girls assembled for English.

“Oh I see we have got a new girl.” Miss Mackenzie was looking with a faint smile at Stephanie who quickly got to her feet.

“Your name girl?” Asked the small grey haired mistress, wearing her gown.

“I’m Stephanie Pickering, Miss.” Replied Stephanie, getting politely to her feet.

“Come out here girl.” Ordered Miss Mackenzie, leaning forward to shake Stephanie’s hand with what felt a rather feeble handshake.

“It’s nice to meet you, Miss.” Said Stephanie, politely conscious that she was blushing.

“We will be working on Hamlet this term.” Said Miss Mackenzie. “I believe you already have some experience of him, Stephanie.”

“Yes Miss, we did some work on the play at my last school.”

“Good! Now perhaps I should warn you that we run a tight ship in English, don’t we girls?”

“Yes Miss Mackenzie.” Chorused the sixth form.

“Do you know what that means Stephanie?”

“Er, yes Miss, I think it includes hard work and good behaviour.” Said Stephanie.

“Quite right, and although we’re doing English we insist on Scottish law and order in my lessons, don’t we girls?”

“Yes Miss Mackenzie.”

‘We also use Scottish punishments for people who talk, fail tests or don’t pay attention, don’t we Charlotte?”

Charlotte had not been listening and was concentrating her mind as to how best to arrange a slippering for Stephanie. A quick dig in the ribs from Liz focused her mind.

“Sorry Miss, er, I beg your pardon?” Charlotte got anxiously to her feet wondering what on earth the mistress had been saying.

“I was saying we use Scottish punishments for those who fail to pay attention. Can you name a girl who wasn’t paying attention to me, Charlotte?”

“Er, I think it might have been me Miss, sorry.” Replied Charlotte politely.

“Well we had better give you some Scottish punishment, hadn’t we, to show Stephanie what I do with naughty girls?”

“Do we have to Miss? I’m really sorry.” Charlotte pouted attractively.

“Come out here Charlotte. Get my strapping stool and then get Sebastian out.”

Stephanie looked on anxiously not quite sure what was going to happen.

Charlotte fetched a low four-legged stool from behind the teacher’s desk and then took a leather strap out from one of Miss Mackenzie’s drawers. She passed the strap to Miss Mackenzie.

“This is Sebastian.” Said Miss Mackenzie to Stephanie. “Most Scottish school straps have names and of course they are also known as belts or tawses. Because I’m small, I need my stool to stand so I can give myself extra height from which to wield my strap when I’m dealing with taller girls. Do you see?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Now Stephanie, go and sit in the front row so you can see what Scottish teachers do with naughty girls.”

Miss Mackenzie climbed onto the little stool sidewise on to the class and ordered Charlotte to stand in front of her.

“Pass me my glasses, Charlotte, so I can see what I am doing.”

“Yes Miss.” Replied Charlotte quietly.

“Hold out your left hand.”

Charlotte obeyed, supporting her left hand with her right.

Miss Mackenzie rested the strap over her shoulder and then lashed it down on Charlotte’s hand.

“Owwwww” Squeaked Charlotte, shaking her hand and blowing on it desperately trying to reduce the sting. “Owwww. Please Miss, couldn’t I have it on my bottom instead?”

“You can have Miss Gregory’s cane on your bottom if you prefer it.”

“No, thank you Miss. Sorry Miss.” Replied Charlotte, extending her left hand again to receive another lash equally hard as the first.

Stephanie looked on with a mixture of horror and excitement at the punishment poor Charlie was receiving for what seemed a minor offence. Charlie’s face was very pink and her left hand was trembling and Stephanie noticed her knees were trembling too.

Miss Mackenzie gave Charlotte a third stroke on her left hand and then three more on her right hand. After each stroke poor Charlotte squeaked: “Owww,” and shook her hand furiously before bravely holding it out again.

“Right Charlotte, I hope that has taught you to pay attention in my lessons and that it will be a warning to the rest of you.”

“Yes Miss,” replied Charlotte and the class quietly. Charlotte returned to her seat with tears in her eyes and her hands tucked under her armpits.

Stephanie shivered as she wondered what it would be like to get the strap. She had been spanked and was hoping to be slippered soon and possibly, if she dare, receive a caning.

Charlotte showed Stephanie her hands at the end of the lesson. They were very hot and red and still very tender.

“Have you had the strap on your hands before Charlie?” Asked Stephanie.

“Yes, several times, worst luck. I hate the strap on my hands. You have to watch it coming towards your hand and it’s extra if you snatch your hand away at the last minute.”

“It must be very painful.” Said Stephanie sympathetically.

“Yes it is. Old Ma Mackenzie doesn’t half lay Sebastian on, even though she’s quite small.”

“Shush! Charlie, be careful what you say! Don’t be disrespectful!” Cautioned Liz. “You know there are prefects with eyes and ears everywhere!”

* * *

Part 2

“I think I’ve thought of a certain way for you to experience the slipper, Stephanie.” Said Charlotte with a smile.

Charlotte had been working on a plan since prefect Cheryl Jenkins had given Stephanie lines for talking in prep, even though she had given two other sixth form girls a very sound six of the slipper for the same offence.

“Cheryl is on dormitory duty on Friday evening and will come round warning people about lights out.” Said Charlie, looking thoughtful.

“What have you got in mind Charlie?” Asked Stephanie. “It must be something really naughty by the way you are smiling.”

“Well, just before Cheryl comes round to warn us to stop talking I am going to arrange a pillow fight in the dormitory.”

“A pillow fight!” Squeaked an excited Stephanie. “Gosh that would be fun. It sounds like something out of an Enid Blyton boarding school book.”

“Being caught in the act of pillow fighting is a sure way to get the slipper.” Said Charlotte with a broad grin.

“But if we’re caught, that means you will get the slipper too.” Said Stephanie.

“Six of the slipper doesn’t worry me too much darling, especially six from Cheryl. She’s too nice to hit us hard. She’s actually an old friend; we went to nursery school together.” Explained Charlie.

On Friday evening Charlie put her plan into action.

“I hope you’re right that we’ll get the slipper for this, Charlie, but don’t forget how those two girls looked when they came out of the prefects’ study the other day.” Said Stephanie.

“You worry too much.” Grinned Charlie, landing a direct hit on Stephanie with her pillow.

“Right!” Said Stephanie as she chased Charlotte before scoring a glancing hit with her pillow.

There was a gentle tap on the door and Alison and Holly, whose own dormitory was just across the hallway, came in.

“Are you having a fight?” Asked Alison. “Can anyone join in?”

“Yes, the more the merrier.” Giggled Charlotte, now throwing caution to the wind.

“I think Holly and I would like to show you how to have a real pillow fight, wouldn’t we, Holl?”

“Yes, Ali, we’re the professionals!”

“Grab a pillow then chaps.” Said Charlie, and the two other girls, also wearing their pyjamas, grabbed a pillow each from the nearest bed.

“I know what, why don’t we have an inter-dorm contest?” Suggested Charlie.

“OK then.” Said Alison with a loud excited giggle. “We’ll show you what a real pillow fight is all about! Can I introduce Holly and me as the champion pillow fighters of St Mary’s?”

“Sorry, Alison. I think we could claim that title, couldn’t we Steph?”

“Well you could, Charlie. I’m just a beginner, but very keen to learn,” replied Stephanie, swinging her pillow excitedly.

“Alright then, challenge accepted, let the best year win!” Replied Alison.

A noisy fight ensued as the four girls chased each other round the dorm, shrieking as they enjoyed the inter-dorm pillow-fight battle. After a few minutes an enthusiastic hit by Charlie on Holly caused her pillow to burst, releasing a shower of plastic beads over beds and the floor.

“Gosh Charlie.” Panted Alison. “I hope matron doesn’t come in and catch us.”

“Don’t worry.” Shouted an excited Charlotte, grabbing another fresh pillow. “I’ll stuff everything back and cobble it up tomorrow morning.”

“Are you girls ready to surrender?” Asked Holly.

“Not bloody likely.” Screeched Charlie, launching herself into battle with complete abandon. “Not while we’re winning!”

A number of other sixth year girls had come quietly into the dormitory watching the battle and egging on their dormitory.

“What’s going on here? Stop it at once!” Said prefect Cheryl Jenkins in a steely voice from the doorway.

Charlie and Alison were still battling furiously and didn’t hear Cheryl’s order. Stephanie and Holly had heard the prefect’s voice and were waiting anxiously to see what would happen.

“Charlotte and Alison, stop it at once.” Ordered the prefect.

Amanda, who had just come into the dorm, went forward and tapped the fighters on their shoulders.

“Stop it, you two. Cheryl’s here.”

“Amanda.” Said Cheryl. “You, as the dormitory monitress, should have been keeping order in here. Go and ask Matron if she could spare a minute to come and inspect the damage.”

“Sorry Cheryl I have only just got here. We were all chatting in the bathroom. But I’ll go and get Matron now.” Said Amanda, wondering if she was going to get into hot water too.

A few minutes later Matron arrived with Amanda.

“Hullo Matron, sorry to disturb you but I thought you should see this and help me decide what to do with the girls involved.”

“H’m.” Said Matron. “What a mess, and what’s happened to this pillow? Have a group of first formers been in here?”

“Sorry Matron.” Apologized Charlotte with a friendly smile. “It sort of came apart in my hands.”

Matron, who was in her early forties and had short blonde hair, had seen the results of pillow fights before.

“Did it now, Charlie Miller?” She said. Why am I not surprised that you are involved. Obviously the pillow was not strong enough for a young ladies’ dormitory and certainly not strong enough to take part in pillow fights.”

“Yes, perhaps we ought to get some stronger ones?” Suggested Charlotte helpfully.

“What a good idea, Charlie! Perhaps I should ask your parents to buy some for your personal use.” Suggested Matron with a grim smile at the girl she knew from long experience as one of the naughtiest in the school.

“What do you think I should do with them Matron?” Asked Cheryl.

‘Well, Cheryl, I think that Charlotte should go and get a broom from the cleaners’ cupboard and sweep the contents of her pillow under the bed. She and I will meet straight after lessons tomorrow to refill the pillow and sew it up.”

“Right, Matron, I’ll report to you tomorrow after school.” Said Charlotte with a smile.

“Then.” Continued Matron thoughtfully. “I suggest it’s smacked bottoms for all concerned.”

“Thanks Matron.” Said Cheryl. “Now who was actually involved in the pillow fight?”

Charlotte, Stephanie, Alison and Holly, who were all quite hot after all their exercise, immediately owned up.

“OK so it’s the slipper for you four then.” Said Cheryl.

The naughty girls exchanged anxious glances and Charlotte gave Stephanie a tiny wink.

“Right then.” Said Cheryl. “Find me a slipper somebody quickly please. I prefer the right hand member of the pair.”

Several plimsoles were produced after the sixth form girls had rummaged in their wardrobes but Cheryl rejected them all after inspecting and flexing them.

“None suitable.” She said grimly. I’ll just go to my study to fetch one.”

Charlotte slipped out to fetch the broom and quickly swept up the contents of her pillow.

“Golly, the slipper’s going to hurt with just our pyjamas isn’t it?” Said Holly, grimacing at her friend Alison.

“Yep, I’m afraid so. Do you think we should remind her that we had the slipper from her earlier in the week and our little bottys are still a bit tender?” Asked Alison.

“We could try.” Said Holly. “What do you think Matron? Could you suggest our poor little bottoms are too tender for another dose of the slipper and ask Cheryl to let us off?”

Matron smiled indulgently at the girls she had known since they first came to St Mary’s.

“Sorry girls, but I think your bottoms are quite capable of receiving another good dose of the slipper. You are lucky that Cheryl isn’t sending you straight to Miss Gregory.”

Cheryl came back into the dormitory carrying a large white plimsole. It looked very like the one that was in frequent use in the prefects’ study.

“Right you four are getting six of the best each.” Said Cheryl. “We’ll have you each bending over this chair in turn and you all, perhaps excepting you Stephanie, know the rules for receiving punishment.”

“Cheryl, before you start, do we have to be punished? Could you just put it down to youthful exuberance and let us off?” Asked Charlotte.

“Charlie, the best cure I know for youthful exuberance is the slipper.” Replied Cheryl with a very slight smile.

“Holly, we’ll start with you. Come and bend over the chair.” Ordered the prefect, pointing to a low backed wooden chair.

“Cheryl, could Ali and I remind you we had the slipper from you at the beginning of the week and our bottys are still a bit tender. Please don’t spank us too hard this time.” Pleaded Holly.

“You should have thought about your tender bottoms before you joined in the pillow fight. Come and bend over quickly!”

“Is that the same slipper you used on us last time?” Asked Holly as she bent over the back of the chair holding the seat with her hands. “It really hurt last time.”

“Yes it’s the same one.” Said Cheryl.

As she bent, Holly’s pyjamas tightened across her plump rounded bottom covering it like a thin layer of skin.

Whack! The slipper landed resoundingly low down on the right side of Holly’s bottom.

“Owch! Gosh it really stings.” Gasped Holly, as her face screwed up in pain.

Whack! Holly received her second stroke on the left side of her bottom.

“Ow! Owch! Please Cheryl, it stings! Please not so hard. I’m really sorry!”

Cheryl ignored Holly’s pleas and slowly completed the punishment, landing hard strokes with her slipper low down on alternate sides of Holly’s bottom. The other girls looked on with mixed emotions.

Alison thought she would be next in line and anxiously pushed the tops of her pyjamas as far down inside the bottoms as possible. Stephanie wondered what she had let herself in for and if she would survive this severe punishment. Charlotte had advised her to try to think of other things during the punishment and look forward to the last stroke. Charlie was pleased she organised Stephanie’s wish for a prefect’s slippering but hoped Steph would be OK. Cheryl was really laying the slipper on hard. Charlie anticipated her own punishment with resignation and hoped she would be able to avoid shedding tears.

“Right Holly get up.” Ordered Cheryl, patting the slipper against her palm. “Go and stand against the wall.”

Holly got to her feet and her hands went immediately to try to sooth her bottom. She rubbed desperately and danced on her toes as she moved slowly towards the wall. Her face was hot and tear stained.

“God it hurts, God it stings.” Holly sobbed.

“Alison come and bend over.” Ordered Cheryl.

As Alison bent, the tops of her pyjamas pulled out from the bottoms leaving her bottom with just a single thin layer of protection. She received six of the best equally as hard as those given to Alison. She joined Holly by the wall, her hands clasped to her bottom. Charlotte gave her a sympathetic pat on her shoulder.

Cheryl glanced at Matron. “How am I doing Matron?” She asked quietly. “Am I being too severe with them?”

“No, I think you are being very reasonable and quite lenient. I hope these naughty girls will learn their lessons.”

The four naughty girls could see no sign of leniency and the two girls already slippered had experienced no evidence of leniency at all. They wisely decided to remain silent as they tried to sooth their stinging bottoms.

“Stephanie, come and bend over.” Ordered Cheryl. “Have you had the slipper before?”

“No, I haven’t, Cheryl.” Answered Stephanie, who already had tears in her eyes. She bent over the back of the chair and tried to think about the much-loved puppy she had at home.

Whack! The fast moving slipper landed on her thinly covered bottom.

Whack! A second, equally hard, stroke landed on her bottom filling her mind with unbelievable pain. Thoughts of her puppy disappeared and she automatically jumped to her feet both hands furiously rubbing her bottom.

“What are you doing, Stephanie?” Asked the prefect.

“Bend over again Steph, darling.” Whispered Charlotte. “You’ve got more to come.”

“Sorry, Cheryl. Sorry, I just didn’t believe that anything could sting so much. Gosh. Sorry I’ll bend over again.”

“If you get up again I will give the stroke again and another as a penalty. OK?” Warned the prefect.

“Oh Gosh! Yes, I understand Cheryl.” Whispered Stephanie.

Stephanie glanced at Charlotte and received a sympathetic and encouraging look. She tried unsuccessfully to think again about Tommy her puppy but the sting of the slipper as her punishment resumed again invaded all her conscious thoughts. She gripped the chair seat tightly and managed to stay in position until her punishment was complete.

“Stand up, Stephanie, and go and stand with the others.” Ordered Cheryl.

Stephanie looked slightly disorientated and Charlotte came forward and gently led her to join the other girls and gave her a hug before leaving her.

“Thanks, Charlie.” Whispered Stephanie between her sobs as she desperately massaged her bottom, accompanied by numerous ‘Ows’.

“Charlotte, come and bend over.” Ordered Cheryl, thinking what a nice but silly girl Charlie was. They had been friends since nursery school.

Charlotte came and obediently bent over as instructed, a position she had been placed in very frequently during her time at St Mary’s.

Cheryl was feeling a little warm after punishing the first three girls and took off her green school blazer and rolled up the sleeves of her blouse.

Some of the other prefects had said that Charlotte’s bottom was ‘made for the slipper’ and Cheryl could see what they meant. It was round, plump and vulnerable in the bent position and accentuated by a slender waist and the very tight fitting pyjamas.

Freed from the slight constraints of her blazer, Cheryl walloped the first stroke down. Whack! Charlotte gasped a very quiet: “Owwch!”

Five more hard and well spaced out strokes followed with Charlotte managing to keep very still and quiet, although she wiggled her bottom slightly after the fourth stroke.

“OK Charlotte, you can get up.”

Charlotte obeyed and immediately massaged her frequently spanked bottom. She whispered a quiet: “Thank you, Cheryl. I’m very sorry,” before joining the other girls.

Cheryl smiled inwardly. She knew dear Charlie was sorry; she always was after being punished for being a naughty girl, but she knew that she would bounce back and be getting into trouble again soon.

“Right.” Said Cheryl. “Now get tidied up and into bed with no talking.”

“Sorry Matron.” Said Charlotte sweetly. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Come here, Charlie.” Ordered Matron. “Turn round.”

She spanked Charlotte hard twice on either side of her burning bottom.

“You are incorrigible, Charlie!”

“Ouch! Sorry Matron.” Came the quiet reply with a brave smile.

The rest of the girls got ready for bed, and in the sixth form dormitory Charlotte and Stephanie were lying on their tummies. Alison and Holly were doing the same in their dormitory.

Stephanie was pleased that she had survived the slipper, even though her bottom was still very tender, sore and glowing.

Halfway through the autumn term, Saturday afternoon was slightly warmer than usual. Stephanie accepted an invitation from Charlotte and Liz to jog up to the vicarage and see how the curate, Rev John Perkins, was getting on. The course on sociology that the curate had given them in the lower sixth had been completed and they seldom saw him much now. The girls changed into their gym blouses and shorts and plimsolls and began to jog gently up towards the vicarage.

“It will be good to see John again, won’t it?” Said Liz. “I wonder if he’s missed us?”

“You shouldn’t refer to him as ‘John’ darling.” Charlotte reprimanded her friend. “He’s ‘Mr Perkins’ or ‘Sir’ to us.”

“Well you know I think he fancies me and if he ever gets round to asking me out I couldn’t call him ‘Sir’ or Mr Perkins then, could I?”

“Gosh, I can’t wait to meet the curate.” Observed Stephanie, who had heard a great deal about him from the other girls. “But Charlie, I thought you said he fancied you?”

“Well I think he fancies us both, darling, and hasn’t quite decided which one of us to form a relationship with.” Smiled Charlie.

The girls were slightly out of breath when they arrived at the vicarage and rang the doorbell for the curate’s flat.

“Good afternoon girls.” Said the curate, blushing deeply and drinking in the vision of three quite scantily clad young ladies.

“Hullo Sir, we were just passing and thought we would call to see if you were alright.” Said Liz with a smile.

“Yes Sir, and we really miss your sociology classes.” Added Charlotte.

“This is our friend, Stephanie.” Said Liz. “She’s a new girl at St Mary’s and unfortunately missed your classes last year, Sir.”

“But I’ve heard a lot about you, Sir.” Smiled Stephanie, shaking the Curate’s proffered hand. “I’m really sorry I missed your classes.”

“How are you, Sir?” Asked Liz. “We know you live alone and wanted to be sure you were looking after yourself.”

“I’m fine thanks Liz and I’m quite used to living alone.”

“But you lack the female touch, don’t you Sir?” Charlotte grinned naughtily.

“Er, would you like a cup of tea girls?” Asked John Perkins. “I’m just putting the finishing touches to my sermon for tomorrow.”

“Oh yes please Sir, we are all a bit thirsty.” Said Charlotte, as the girls crowded round the curate.

“Come in then. I’m afraid my flat I quite small. Let’s go into my sitting room.”

The curate’s sitting room was very small with one easy chair, a smaller chair, a bookcase and a desk with a neat pile of papers on it.

“I’m sorry, I haven’t got enough seats for everyone.”

“Don’t worry Sir, we’ll kneel on the floor won’t we girls?” Said Liz with a smile.

The girls knelt down in a row facing the curate. They were so attractive the curate couldn’t help feasting his eyes on them, their pretty faces, their well filled tight fitting gym blouses and their nice little white shorts which emphasised their beautiful legs and bottoms. Mr Perkins also knew they could be naughty and manipulative and could remember them bending over for the slipper during his lesson last term. Luckily he was ‘rescued’ by Miss Howarth who punished the girls on his behalf.

He coughed nervously and went to get the promised tea.

“I’ll come and help, Sir.” Said Liz.

“No thanks, Liz. Er,.there’s not much room in my little kitchen.” Explained the curate, realizing he was blushing even more deeply. Perhaps it had been a mistake to ask them in.

“It’s OK Sir, I’m not very big and I’m quite domesticated.” Liz grinned rather suggestively as she went to help.

The kitchen was tiny and the curate had to squeeze past Liz trying not to make contact with her quite prominent bust and her well-developed bottom.

“You could really do with a regular girlfriend, couldn’t you Sir?” Said Liz with a smile.

“Well actually I have a close friend who is a girl.” The curate blushed deeply again.

“Oh Sir! You’re blushing again! Do you see her often?” Asked Liz.

“Yes, she might even pop in later this afternoon.”

“Ooooh! Will she be cross if she finds you talking to three girls?”

“I hope not. Er, actually she knows a lot about schoolgirls.” John replied.

He was very relieved when the kettle boiled and he could pour tea into the four mugs.

Liz reached round him from behind, squeezing him slightly as she said: “I’ll carry two of the mugs through, Sir.”

“Thank you, Liz.” Said the curate breathlessly.

“It’s no trouble Sir. I like being useful and I said I was domesticated although you didn’t believe me, did you John? Oh sorry, I mean Sir.” Liz pouted sweetly.

“Oh sorry, I did believe you Liz.”

“Thank you, Sir,” replied Liz, approaching the curate. He thought for one awful moment she was going to kiss him.

“Have you started sociology classes with the new lower sixth girls Sir? Asked Charlotte. “There are some rather naughty girls in that group.”

“Yes, there are some rather cheeky and disruptive girls in the group.”

“Have you had to punish anyone yet, Sir?”

“Yes, two girls have had the slipper so far this term.”

“Did you spank them yourself, Sir?” Asked Liz.

“Yes. I am much better at it now. Miss Howarth kindly gave me some lessons. I know what to do now.”

“What were they doing to get the slipper, Sir?” Asked Stephanie.

“Talking and not paying attention.” Replied John Perkins.

“Perhaps you weren’t keeping them interested enough, Sir?” Suggested Charlotte.

“What do you mean, Charlotte?” Asked the curate.

“Well Sir, I think you should talk about the important things in sociology, like relationships between boys and girls.” Charlie grinned suggestively. “You know, things like how far you should let your boyfriend go on a date, and should you wait until you are married, Sir?”

John Perkins blushed deeply. The small room felt rather warm, claustrophobic and full of very attractive, quite scantily clad girls.”

“Charlie!” Said Liz loudly. “You naughty girl! You have made Sir blush! I really think you should punish her for that, Sir. She deserves it.”

“Er, well, I’m not sure I…” John Perkins cleared his throat.

“Have you got a slipper handy, Sir? I think Charlie deserves a good spanking for embarrassing you.” Said Liz.

“Er, yes.” John opened a drawer in his desk and took out an elderly plimsoll.

Liz took it and flexed it before holding it between her hands and resting across her bare thighs as she knelt on the floor.

“Gosh, that looks like a slipper that could sting a naughty girl’s bottom.” Said Stephanie, wondering what it would be like to be spanked by the curate. “I’ve never been spanked by a male teacher.”

“Mr Perkins is ever so strict, aren’t you Sir?” Said Charlie. “I go all shivery when he’s got a slipper in his hand.”

“My bottom is tingling with anticipation.” Said Liz.

“Gosh I think mine is too.” Added Stephanie.

“Right ladies, you think you should all be spanked?” Asked the curate.

“Yes Sir, I think we have all been a bit cheeky.” Agreed Charlie.

“You can choose between the slipper from me now or from Miss Howarth at school.” Said John.

“Oh, definitely from you now please Sir!” Chorused the girls.

“Right we’ll all go out into the little yard behind the flat. There’s not enough room here to swing a cat let alone a slipper.”

“Shall we wash the mugs up first, Sir?” Asked Stephanie.

“Yes please.”

The girls crowded into the tiny kitchen to deal with the washing up. “Are you scared, Charlie?” Asked Stephanie anxiously. “I think I am.”

“No, I think John is too kind to really hurt us.” Grinned Charlotte.

“Hurry up girls! Out here quickly.” Called John.

“Oooh Sir! You sound so fierce. I’m really scared.” Said Liz.

“I’ll start with you then, Liz. Bend over and touch your toes.”

Liz obediently got into position.

John Perkins gave her a hard whack on the right side of her bottom.

“OWW! Oh, Sir, that’s much too hard.” Protested Liz as she looked round accusingly from her bent position.

“Nonsense girl! You won’t catch me out like that again.” Commented John Perkins, landing another hard stroke on the left side of Liz’s bottom.

“What are you doing Mr Perkins?” Asked an elderly voice from over the fence.

“Oh Hullo Mrs Johnson. Er, I’m just punishing three girls for being cheeky. There’s not enough room to deal with them in my study so I will have to do it here.”

“Are they some of your girls from St Mary’s?”

“Yes they are and they are getting six of the slipper each.”

“Good! I am so pleased that St Mary’s still gives sensible punishments because I have seen some of their girls misbehaving in the cinema.”

Charlie listened anxiously, as she and Liz had recently been told off by an elderly lady for talking and eating crisps noisily at the cinema.

“In fact,” Mrs Johnson continued. “Now I can see the faces of these two I think these were the very girls who were cheeky to me.”

“Just a second.” Said John. “I’ll just complete this girl’s punishment and we’ll look into the matter.”

John gave Liz four more strokes.

“Ow Sir, that really hurt.” Protested Liz frowning at John as he gave her the last two strokes of her sentence low down on the right and left sides of her bottom.

“Yes, two of them at least are the noisy girls from the cinema.” Said Mrs Johnson.

“I don’t think it was us Sir.” Said Charlie innocently.

“I must get on with these punishments as I am expecting my girl friend any minute.” Said John.

“Have you got a girl friend Sir?” asked Charlie hoping for a negative answer.

“Yes. Er, I think you will recognize her.” Replied John. “Stephanie, come here and bend over and touch your toes.”

Stephanie got into position and received her six strokes. Her bottom felt burning hot but didn’t sting quite as much as it had when Cheryl had slippered her in the dormitory.

“Right, Charlotte, come and bend over!”

Charlie came forward quite eagerly and bent over with a smile. She looked over her shoulder and pouted as she said: “Please don’t be too hard on me Sir. You know I am a founder member of your fan club.” John flexed the slipper as he viewed the target area of Charlotte’s beautifully rounded bottom.

“Charlotte, you are a very naughty girl and deserve a good…”

“Hullo, John, it looks as if I have come just in time.” Said a voice everyone recognized.

Miss Howarth came into the yard and gave John a little kiss.

“You better give me that slipper John. If little Miss Miller has been a naughty girl she needs a really sound dose of the slipper which I will be happy to give her.”

Charlotte stood up and turned round in dismay and then burst into tears. She was looking forward to being spanked by the dishy curate who she was sure fancied her. Now the dreaded Miss ‘Force = mass x acceleration’ Howarth was going to punish her instead.

“Please Sir it’s not fair.” Sobbed Charlotte. “You punished the others yourself and I should get the same.”

“She has got a point Helen. I’ll deal with her myself,” said John.

“OK, but lay it on John. I don’t think Little Miss Miller has much feeling in her bottom.” Commented Helen Howarth.

Charlotte was temped to protest but dried her tears and bent over for the curate to punish her.

Whack! The first stroke landed accurately on the right side of Charlotte’s bottom. The sting made Charlie gasp as she realised the curate had gained greatly in confidence and skill.

“Try to whack her a bit harder John.” Advised Miss Howarth.

“Ow.” Said Charlie quietly as John took his girl friend’s advice with the second and the following four strokes. “Oh Sir, that really hurt! I’ll never be able to sit down again.” Pouted Charlotte as she stood up.

All three girls were rubbing their bottoms thoughtfully and looking accusingly at the curate.

“What about punishment for their bad behaviour at the cinema, Mr Perkins?” Asked Mrs Johnson from her side of the fence.

“Are you sure it was these girls?” Queried John.

“It was those two,” Mrs Johnson pointed accusingly at Liz and Charlie. “I recognize their voices and their faces. I spoke to them in the interval when the lights were on. They were wearing their green school uniforms.” She added grimly.

“Oh no.” Whispered Charlie to Liz. “What an end to the afternoon!”

“I seem to remember this lady telling us off for being noisy, and I think we were a bit cheeky.” Said Liz.

“I think we’ll have to own up, don’t you darling?” Whispered Charlotte, feeling very anxious and conscious of already having a tender bottom.

Liz nodded in agreement.

“Right you three, what do you have to say about Mrs Johnson’s accusations?” Asked Miss Howarth.

“Well it was us, Miss, just Charlie and me.” Said Liz. “Stephanie wasn’t there with us.”

“Right, you can have a choice; the slipper from me now or see Miss Gregory for the cane tomorrow.”

“But we’ve just had the slipper, Miss. Won’t that be enough?”

“No, that was for being cheeky to Mr Perkins. This is for letting the school down with bad behaviour in a public place.” Explained Miss Howarth. “Now what is it to be?”

“Could we have the slipper Miss?”

“Yes, but not with this elderly plimsoll. I’ve got my special slipper in the car.”

“Please Sir, could you ask her to let us off?” Asked Liz, rubbing her bottom carefully.

“It won’t do any good. You know how determined she is.” Replied John.

Miss Howarth was back quickly carrying her slipper. She grabbed Liz by an ear and, leading her forward, said: “Come and bend over here girl, touch your toes and keep touching them.”

Miss Howarth took several paces back from the bending girl and then ran with her slipper, landing a loud hard whack across the middle of Liz’s bottom. Five further strokes were given. Liz gasped an: “Ow Miss,” after each stroke and struggled to keep her hands on her toes.

Then Charlie was lead forward by her ear and dealt with in the same way.

Stephanie looked on with alarm and was relieved that she was not going to be a victim of Miss Howarth.

“Right you three.” Said Miss Howarth. “I’ll drop you off at the school.”

“It’s OK, thanks Miss, we’ll walk.” Said Liz.

“No, get in the car so you don’t get up to mischief on the way home.” Replied the mistress.

The girls got carefully into the car and sat on burning bottoms as they returned to school.

Miss Howarth stopped at her small house in the school grounds and tooted her horn.

A flustered, hot looking Jessica, wearing her maid’s uniform, ran to the car and curtsied. She looked very attractive in her short black dress and her little white lacy pinafore and cap.

“Straighten your cap girl!” Ordered the mistress. “Have you completed your cleaning?”

Jessica quickly adjusted her cap. “Yes Ma’am, but I’ve had one breakage.”

“What have you broken girl?”

“One of your best cups, madam.” Jessica confessed with tears forming in her eyes. “I’m sorry Ma’am.”

“You will be.” Miss `Howarth said ominously. “Go and wait for me in the kitchen. I’ll deal with you when I get back shortly.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jessica curtsied to her mistress and walked quickly back to the house.

Miss Howarth drove on to St Mary’s and stopped to let the girls out. “I hope you girls have benefited from your afternoon out.” Said the mistress.

“Yes, thank you Miss.” Replied three warmer and wiser girls as they went up to their dormitory.

Jessica was waiting anxiously for her mistress, who was clearly not in a good mood, when she returned from dropping the girls at school. There was an inquiry as to how one of Miss Howarth’s best cups had been broken. It became clear that it was through Jessica’s carelessness as she had turned round and the hem of her short black dress caught the cup and knocked it to the floor. Jessica was told she would be punished at bedtime.

“What will you do to me, Ma’am?” Asked Jessica, thinking about the slipper waiting in her bedroom. “Will it be the slipper, Ma’am?”

“No I think not on this occasion.” Said Miss Howarth with a wintry smile. “You were a cheerleader at college, weren’t you Jess? Well I’ve got something specially designed for naughty cheerleaders, especially ones with quite large bottoms.”

Later at bedtime, Jessica had to bend over in her pyjamas for six of the best with a maple wood sorority paddle. The first two strokes were given with Miss Howarth using one hand only. Jessica gasped at the intense sting of the paddle. The last four were much harder with the mistress using both hands to grip the paddle.”

“Right now girl get me another coffee and then you may go to bed.” Ordered Miss Howarth. “That’s how cheerleaders are punished in the States.”

A tearful Jessica fetched coffee for her mistress and retired to sleep on her tummy yet again. Despite her discomfort, she felt lucky to have such as strict mistress as Helen Howarth.

* * *

Part 3

A few weeks later, Charlie asked Liz and Stephanie if they fancied some fun.

“Will any boys be involved?” Asked Liz.

“Quite possibly.” Smiled Charlie.

“Could we get into trouble Charlie?” Asked Stephanie anxiously.

“No it’s 100 per cent safe.” Charlotte assured her friends.

“Are you sure we won’t end up with smacked bottoms?” Said Stephanie.

“No chance.” Promised Charlie.

“Lead us on then darling. Let’s have all the gory details.” Said Liz.

Charlie smiled and wrinkled her nose as she unveiled her plan.

“I don’t know about you two but I think the dancing classes this term have been really frustrating.” Said Charlotte. “Every effort has been made to stop us having any fun, especially snogging our partners. You are not even allowed to leave the hall with a boy and prefects guard at every doorway.”

“On the positive side.” Said Liz with a grin. “You haven’t been punished for snogging this term like you have in the past.”

“Well I think having a passionate snog with a boy is worth getting six of the slipper, or even the cane.” Said Charlie thoughtfully.

“I agree with you about the slipper but I am not sure if I would swop a snog, unless it really was a good one, for a caning.” Said Liz. “What do you think Steph?”

“Well I have never had a chance to snog with a boy or be caned so I’m not sure.” Replied Stephanie.

“Your education is severely lacking then, darling.” Said Charlie. “You simply must learn how to snog. It’s really good fun!”

The girls walked round the playing field as Charlie set out her plans. They would involve her dancing class friend Paul, Liz’s friend Richard and they would bring a nice boy called Harry for Stephanie.

Two weeks later, the three girls wearing their green school uniforms bought tickets for the back row of the balcony at the Empire Cinema where there were double seats for courting couples. The main feature was a James Bond film. Each girl was carrying a bag as they excitedly found their double seats in the dark during the first feature cowboy film. A few minutes later three boys joined them and Stephanie was introduced to Harry, who seemed slightly shy. Charlie and Liz greeted their boy friends with loud juicy kisses. Stephanie shook hands with Harry.

“Right boys.” Said Charlie after a few minutes. “You stay here; we’re just going to change.”

“Can you keep your voices down?” Said an elderly lady from the row in front. “I’m trying to enjoy the film.”

“Sorry, we’ll be as quiet as possible.” Promised Charlie as the girls headed for the ladies cloakroom.

They quickly discarded their uniforms and, with giggling and excited chatter, changed into leisure wear. Charlie wore her golden coloured mini dress and Liz wore a light blue cropped top and a very short matching miniskirt. Stephanie wore a sleeveless flowery mini dress. There was more excitement as the girls applied lipstick, make up, eye liner and perfume to their pretty smiling faces. They packed their school uniform into their bags and went back into the cinema to rejoin the boys.

The boys were delighted at their appearance and kisses and cuddles meant that not much of the film was watched. Stephanie realised how inexperienced she was but by watching her friends and with Harry’s help she was soon enjoying herself too. The interval seemed to come quickly and as the lights went up Liz volunteered to fetch ice creams to cool everyone down.

“Crickey!” She said when she came back with the ices. “Guess who I saw sitting in the front row?” She said anxiously.

“Paul, please wait ‘till the lights go down.” Said Charlie as she tried to listen to Liz. “Who did you see, Liz?”

“It was Miss Meredith and I think she recognized me.” Said Liz.

“She wouldn’t recognize you in those clothes darling.” Said Charlie confidently.

“Well she looked really hard at me and I was quite close to her.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be OK and anyway the main film is starting. We’ve only got another hour or so to have some fun.” Said Charlie as she gave Paul a passionate kiss.

Murmurs and giggles ensued and the elderly lady turned round to ask for quiet again. “You’re not St Mary’s girls are you? I thought I recognized the uniforms earlier on.”

“Oh no, we’re not girls from that posh school. We’re just having an afternoon out with our boyfriends.” Replied Charlie.

“There were some St Mary’s girls here when we came in.” Lied Charlie. “But they moved to other seats.”

“I don’t think the St Mary’s girls would dare to behave like you have. They have some pretty severe punishments there.”

“Oh really?” Said Charlie innocently.

“Yes, I saw some girls getting the slipper the other day. It really taught them a lesson, and I think the cane is still used too.”

“I’m glad I’m not a schoolgirl anymore.” Charlie said quietly.

About fifteen minutes before the film ended, the girls discussed going to change back into their school uniform.

“We can’t do that.” Whispered Liz. “The old biddy in front will know we are St Mary’s girls and it would make it easier for Miss Meredith to spot us.”

“We don’t want you to change.” Said Paul. “We think you look smashing like you are.”

“Thanks Paul, I suppose we could go to that cafe down the road for a cuppa and change in the loos there.” Said Charlie. “And we could watch the rest of the film now and have a final snog. But no more love bites Paul. I’ve had two already and they will show up in PE.”

The lights came on at the end of the film. Miss Meredith walked past but fortunately didn’t recognize her pupils.

Mrs Johnson looked suspiciously round from the seat in front. “You do look like those naughty girls John Perkins was dealing with the other week.”

“It definitely wasn’t us, ma’am.” Said Liz, and the party quickly headed for the exit.

The girls were chatting, giggling and holding hands with the boys as they walked out into the sunshine.

Suddenly they heard someone say: “Hullo girls. How pretty you look in your leisure wear. How was the film?” After a pause she added: “Introduce us to your young friends.”

To their horror it was a smiling Miss Howarth with Jessica, waiting to go in for the next showing. Charlotte was aware of an intense tingling feeling in her bottom which she knew would suffer for this adventure that had now gone badly wrong despite her careful planning. She introduced the boys to Miss Howarth and explained they had come from the Grammar School.

“I take it you have now left St Mary’s, girls.”

“No Miss, we are still there.”

“Why are you not wearing your school uniform then?” Asked Miss Howarth.

“I’m not sure. They are in our bags, Miss.” Said Charlotte lamely. “We thought, er, we, er, sorry Miss. We can explain, Miss.”

“I’m not going to discuss this matter anymore now. Jessica and I are going in to see the film.” Said Miss Howarth. “You three will report to the headmistress’s study at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, wearing the clothes you have on now.”

“What a bloody disaster.” Said Charlie, as she, Liz and Stephanie sat in the cafe with their boy friends after being caught by Miss Howarth. “I really thought we would be completely safe with our careful planning.”

“What do you think will happen to you now?” Asked Liz’s friend, Richard.

“I reckon it’ll be the cane don’t you Charlie?” Replied Liz gloomily.

“Yes, and I’m really sorry we got caught.” Replied Charlotte. “At least Steph, you will discover what a caning feels like even if you weren’t planning to experience one quite so soon.”

“Gosh yes.” Said Stephanie with a shiver. “Gosh I’m really scared.”

“Don’t worry too much.” Commented Charlie. By this time tomorrow we will have been lectured, caned, have very sore bottys but we’ll still have memories of the super fun we have had today!”

“Old Ma Gregory won’t cane us on a Sunday before church, will she Charlie?” Asked Liz.

“That’s a point darling. I guess it depends how cross she is.” Replied Charlotte.

“Oh Gosh. Oh Crickey.” Stephanie looked rather pale.

Just after ten on Sunday morning the three girls in their party dresses but without make up were standing in a row in front of Miss Gregory’s desk. Miss Howarth was sitting next to the headmistress and Jessica was standing near the cupboard where Miss Gregory kept her canes.

After looking angrily at the girls for what seemed ages, Miss Gregory sipped from the glass of water on her desk.

“I hardly know where to begin.” She said. “In all my years at St Mary’s I have never heard such a story of bad behaviour, deception and gross disregard of school rules as the one Miss Howarth has told me about you three. I simply can’t believe that any of my girls could be capable of what you three did yesterday.”

Miss Gregory paused took another sip of water and continued. “Have you anything to say for yourselves before I decide what punishment to award you.”

There was a long pause when nobody could think of anything to say and Miss Gregory prompted with: “Well?”

Charlie thought she should say something. “I think we’re all very sorry Madam.” She said. “What was just going to be a little fun with our friends from the dancing class didn’t go quite as we planned.”

“Oh I see.” Said Miss Gregory sarcastically. “What about the rest of you?”

“We’re ever so sorry too Madam.” Said Liz, and Stephanie nodded her agreement.

“I can assure you that you will all be even more sorry when I have punished you.” Said Miss Gregory ominously. “You will be interested to know that I have spoken to all your parents this morning and they have all pleaded with me not to expel you. They are thoroughly ashamed of you and have asked me to administer an exemplary punishment to you all.”

The girls stirred anxiously as they wondered what their fate would be.

“Your parents, Stephanie, were particularly disappointed to know that you faced expulsion after just a few weeks at St Mary’s. You had always been so well behaved and they wondered if you had got into bad company here. Have you anything to say, girl?”

“Well no Madam.” Stephanie replied nervously. “I have been very happy with my friends here and I am responsible for what happened too.”

“I also phoned Dr Benstead this morning.” Continued Miss Gregory. “To ask if she could possibly find time to come in and birch all three of you. She agreed that the birch would be an ideal punishment for your offences. However she has visitors today and is going on a conference tomorrow and so can’t find time to come in.”

The girls felt slight relief at that news; Charlie in particular as she had been birched before.

“As you know, I have had trouble with my right arm, the one I use for caning, and although I am a lot better and have caned a number of individual girls, this term my physiotherapist has forbidden me to cane three girls at the same time.”

The girls were not sure how to take that news. Was it good or bad?

“You will be pleased to know that Miss Howarth has kindly agreed to give you each a double caning.”

The girls exchanged glances and were ordered to face the front and stand up properly.

“Please Madam, what is a double caning?” Asked Liz in a very worried voice.

A double caning is eight strokes on a bare bottom now followed by another eight strokes in a week’s time, also on a bare bottom.”

“Oh Miss, that’s really severe.” Said Charlotte, her voice slightly shaky.

“Well you can all be expelled if you wish to avoid a caning.” Said Miss Gregory.

All three girls agreed (albeit reluctantly) to be caned.

“Would you like to go ahead, Miss Howarth?” Said the headmistress.

“Certainly Miss Gregory.” Said Miss Howarth, getting to her feet and walking towards the cane cupboard. She was wearing a white blouse with a black tie and a mid calf length black skirt partially covering her knee length high heeled black boots.

“If it’s any consolation to you.” Observed Miss Gregory, glancing at her watch. “Your boy friends are being caned just about now. Mr Harris, their headmaster, thought he would have time to thrash them before preaching at the school service.”

“How horrid” Thought Charlie. “Poor Paul and the others. Fancy the headmaster caning them and then going off to be all holy at the school service.”

“Jessica, open the cane cupboard.” Ordered Miss Howarth, and Jessica quickly obeyed with a curtsy. Her own bottom was still tender after the paddling given at bedtime yesterday. She knew she could also be caned herself for any serious mistake.

Miss Howarth looked at the girls she was about to cane and then selected a pale yellow very flexible cane about 30 inches long.

“Right this is what is going to happen.” Announced Miss Howarth. “I’m going to deal with you one at a time. Liz you first, then Stephanie and finally Charlotte. Understand?”

“Yes Miss.” Replied three very quiet voices.

“Liz, stay here, and you two get out and wait until Jess calls you.” Charlotte and Stephanie waited nervously outside the door, listening for any evidence of what was happening to Liz. Inside the study, Jessica was ordered to bring a low backed chair close to Miss Gregory’s desk.

“Come here girl, and stand behind the chair. Now take your pants down and bend over. Bottom out, head down.”

Liz could feel the chair back touching her bare tummy and Jessica pinned her short skirt up to give Miss Howarth unimpeded access to her bare bottom. Liz had been caned before but had never received more than six strokes at a time. She heard Miss Howarth lash the cane through the air twice and shivered as she felt the cool cane tapping her bottom. It disappeared and then whistled through the air before landing quite high on her bottom. She had been caned before and knew that the full pain of the stroke would quickly invade her bottom. The pain was intense and she shrieked ‘Owwwww’ in an anguished voice.

The girls outside, cuddled together, heard the lash of the cane and poor Liz’s cry of anguish. The caning continued with the skilled Miss Howarth gradually working her way down Liz’s bottom.

“It sounds dreadful, Charlie. I’m really scared and I don’t think I want to be caned.” Whispered Stephanie.

“I know, darling, but I’m afraid we’ve got to be punished.” Said Charlie, giving Stephanie another little hug and then a gentle kiss. “It’s very painful but try to think it will soon be over and we’ll be just outside while you are being caned.”

“Thanks Charlie. I’ll try not to let the side down but I know I’m going to cry.” Replied Stephanie her eyes already full of tears.

“Please no more, Miss.” Begged Liz from her bent position, after her sixth stroke had landed on the tender area between her bottom and her thighs. “Please Miss surely six is enough.”

“Silence girl!” Ordered Miss Howarth, tapping the cane on the same tender area. “The last two will be the most painful – what I call the deterrent strokes.”

“Owww!” Shrieked Liz as the seventh stroke landed and shrieked: “Owwww!” Again as the last stroke landed.

Jessica unpinned her dress and Liz carefully pulled her pants over her tender bottom.

“Wait outside, girl.” Snapped Miss Howarth lashing her cane again. “Jess, take her out and bring Stephanie in.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Jessica bobbed a curtsy.

Liz fell into Charlie’s arms in the corridor. Her face was red and tear-stained but she managed to whisper: “Good luck Steph,” as Jessica led Stephanie to face the wrath of Miss Howarth.

“God she’s laying it on this morning, the little bitch.” Sobbed Liz.

“Shush darling, the door is quite thin.” Warned Charlie as they heard Stephanie’s first stroke whistle and land.

Stephanie had been prepared in the same way as Liz. Her little flowery mini dress was pinned up and she was ordered to take her pants down and bend over. She felt very nervous and gripped the seat of the chair very tightly, willing herself not to get up too soon. As Miss Howarth tapped her bottom she told herself she had survived being spanked and slippered and a caning was just the next logical step. But an eight stroke caning was very challenging.

Stephanie squeaked an anguished: “Owwww,” after the first two strokes but after that shrieked: “Owwww,” followed by a: “Gosh it hurts,” after each stroke. Tears were running down her hot face.

After six strokes Miss Howarth said: “These last two will be the hardest and most painful, Stephanie. They are deterrent strokes and will encourage you never to behave like this again.”

“I’ll never ever be a naughty girl again Miss. I promise.” Sobbed Stephanie. “Please don’t make the cane even more painful Miss.”

Stephanie didn’t think any strokes could hurt more than the first six had, but the last two given at the sensitive junction of her bottom and her thighs were much more painful.

She was allowed to get up and replace her pants and Jessica unpinned her little dress.

“Wait outside, girl!” Ordered Miss Howarth. “Jessica, bring Miss Miller in.”

Charlotte gave Stephanie a quick kiss and received a quick hug from Liz before she followed Jessica into the head’s study. Charlotte looked very vulnerable in her pretty golden mini dress. The dress accentuated her neat bust, her slim waist, her beautiful bottom and her strong thighs.

“Right Charlotte.” Began Miss Howarth. “You will be pleased to know I am ready to give you a really good caning. I’m nicely warmed up and so is the cane.”

“I am sure you were the ringleader, Charlotte.” Observed Miss Gregory who was still sitting at her desk. “I think Charlotte is the naughtiest girl in the school, Miss Howarth. Deal with her severely please.”

“Come and stand behind the chair, girl!” Ordered Miss Howarth. “Pin her dress up, Jessica, and bare your bottom Charlotte.”

Charlotte lowered her matching golden pants to her ankles.

“I don’t think she’ll be sitting comfortably for some days, Miss Gregory.” Observed Helen Howarth as she lashed her cane through the air and then tapped Charlotte’s beautifully rounded and firm but very vulnerable bottom.

Charlotte hoped the two love bites Paul had given her didn’t show on her shoulders as she bent over for the cane.

“Thwick” The first stroke landed and Charlotte gasped: “Owwww,” as the overwhelming sting of the cane invaded her bottom. She had been caned on quite a number of previous occasions but the intensity of the sting still surprised her.

The punishment continued with Charlie gasping: “Owww,” as each stroke landed. Miss Howarth worked her way down Charlotte’s bottom leaving just a small area of un-marked bottom. After the sixth stroke she uttered a louder: “Owww it hurts,” and wiggled her bottom from side to side over the chair back as she tried unsuccessfully to dislodge the sting.

“Keep that bottom still girl.” Warned Miss Howarth. “Unless you would like me to start again.”

“Sorry Miss. Please no Miss.” Squeaked Charlotte, desperately hoping to avoid extra punishment.


“Stick that bottom out, Charlie, so I can lay these last two deterrent strokes on properly.” Ordered the mistress. “Stick it out further, girl.”

Charlotte struggled to obey. This was probably the hardest caning she had ever had and she wondered if Miss Howarth was getting even with her because she had played up the curate.

“Thwick” The cane lashed down for the seventh time making Charlotte squeak again.

Stephanie and Liz, outside the study, worried about their friend as Miss Howarth seemed to be prolonging the caning.”

“The last will be the hardest, Charlotte. Hold on to the chair!” Warned Miss Howarth.

The mistress took two paces back and then stepped forward, lashing the cane hard on the junction of Charlotte’s bottom and thighs. She made Charlotte wait for almost a minute before she allowed her to stand and clasp her bottom with both her hands as she gasped: “Owwwwwwww.” Her eyes were brimming with tears and her face was damp and hot but she just managed not to weep. Jessica unpinned Charlotte’s pretty golden dress and gently helped her replace her matching pants.

“Wait outside girl.” Snapped Miss Howarth, who had beads of perspiration on her own pale face.

Charlotte joined her friends who kissed her sympathetically.

“Geewiz, that hurt.” Said Charlie through trembling lips.

Inside the study, Miss Gregory congratulated her junior colleague on three excellent canings and added: “I think even young Miss Miller may have learned her lesson. Call them back in, Jessica.” Ordered Miss Gregory, and the three girls filed uncomfortably back into the study. They stood with their hands behind their backs but being careful not to press on their tender bottoms.

“I hope that has taught you all a lesson and that you will never do such dreadful things again. Has it?”

“Yes Madam.” Replied three subdued voices.

“I’m sure you would like to thank Miss Howarth for punishing you.”

“Thank you, Miss, for punishing us.” Chorused the girls quietly.

“You will now go up to see Matron, who is expecting you, to have some cream on your bottoms. You will change into your proper school uniform and then go quickly down to chapel in time for morning service where I will allow you to sit on cushions. The curate is preaching on the importance of good behaviour.”

“Yes Madam.”

“You are also grounded and banned from dancing classes until the end of the term. You will all wear yellow sashes and be on head girl’s report. In a week’s time you will come back to be caned again. If the head girl’s report is exemplary for all of you I will ask Miss Howarth to give you six strokes instead of eight. If any of you has committed any offence you will all receive ten strokes instead of eight. Is that clear?”

“Yes, thank you Madam.”

“Get out.”

“Gosh that was awful” Sobbed Stephanie as she tried unsuccessfully to soothe her bottom.

“I agree, darling.” Said Liz.

“Yes, but we did have some fun didn’t we?” Said Charlie, as they headed for Matron’s room and the cold cream.

Ten minutes later, they borrowed cushions from the sixth form common room and walked uncomfortably to the chapel. Sitting down and other movements were very uncomfortable but the girls cheered up a little when the curate entered the pulpit to begin his sermon.

“He is rather dishy isn’t he?” Whispered Liz as she spotted Miss Howarth a few rows ahead looking up admiringly as her boyfriend began his address.

“I still think he really fancies us.” Smiled Charlie.

“Yes, but shush Charlie, don’t forget we’re on head girl’s report and Felicity Evans is just behind us.” Advised Stephanie.

All three girls tried unsuccessfully to sit comfortably as the sermon on Good behaviour began.

The End