Friends socialising leads to some spanking good fun

By Julie Baker

My name is Carla Jenkinson. I am 32 and a stay-at-home mum looking after two small children. What I want to tell you about happened to me five years ago when my life was very different.

I met my husband, Mike, in my last year at Durham University. We were both studying Law but had only vaguely known each other in our early student days. We then embarked on a whirlwind romance and married in the July after we graduated. We both got jobs with law firms in London and rented a flat together in Fulham. Our careers developed rapidly and after three years we were able to buy a house on the outskirts of Harpenden. We commuted in to London each day during the week and developed a great social life with new friends we had made in the town.

We initially got to know our neighbours, John and Rosie, who were similar ages to us, worked in the banking sector and also commuted to the City during the week. Through them we got to know other young professional couples and within a year we had settled into a reasonably self-contained social group of six couples all living in the town of Harpenden. We had a doctor, a futures trader, a teacher, an accountant and various other occupations all represented within our group. Nobody had children at this stage and each household enjoyed a good standard of living with high disposable incomes.

For a few years we did everything together. Winter skiing holidays, summer breaks in the sun, weekends away in this country and endless days out and parties. We all got on brilliantly and there was almost never a time when we were at odds with each other. We didn’t indulge but some of the other couples had what you might call ‘open marriages’. We know that some partner swapping went on but it was always very discreet and didn’t involve Mike and myself. To sum it up, using an old expression, ‘we worked hard and played hard’!   We all went away on a short break to Barcelona in the summer of 2010. One evening someone came up with the idea that during each of the winter months one couple would organise a themed party at their house. Anything legal would be allowed and the idea was to introduce members of the group to new ideas or experiences. The parties would run from October to March and it would be a way of enjoyably passing the time until the following spring. Everyone thought this was a great idea.

We did a ‘Thai food and culture’ evening for the first party night in October which got us off to a reasonably safe start. Another couple did a body massage event in November with a professional masseur hired to show us a few techniques. This inevitably involved some removal of clothes as did December’s event which can only be described as an old fashioned pyjama party.   This then took us to January 2011. There was one couple called Marcus and Bryony and they were on for the first event of the New Year. They lived in a fabulous house on the other side of town. They had good jobs but I suspect that they must have had family money to afford such a great place while still in their 20s. They made no secret of the fact, because they were happy to tell us, that their big passion in life was all matters to do with corporal punishment. We knew they had another circle of friends to give them an outlet for this but they did not push any of our group to participate in these activities. Until, that is, it was their turn to host one of our winter parties.

Details of each party were circulated amongst us the previous month by email. Marcus and Bryony’s invitation came through just before Christmas. They were to organise a general knowledge quiz and the losers would be subjected to some form of corporal punishment. They asked us to trust them. We would learn a bit about the world of BDSM and any punishments delivered would be meaningful but a long way short of severe. The invitation concluded by saying ‘Don’t enter the quiz if you can’t take the punishment!’.

Mike and I were a bit taken aback. This wasn’t really our kind of thing although Mike seemed a bit more relaxed about it than me. We didn’t want to refuse, though, because we were all in this together and we didn’t want to sit at home while all of this was going on. A bit of me was curious to see what was going to happen and I was confident that I could beat most other people in a general knowledge quiz anyway. My academic career was at the top end and I’m generally first pick when anyone is putting together a pub quiz team. On this basis we were up for it.

So we arrived at Marcus and Bryony’s house on the second Saturday in January, looking forward to an entertaining evening. The first thing we noticed was that on a side table they had laid out six implements of punishment which was an uncomfortable reminder of the theme of the evening. There was a nasty looking cane, a white plimsoll, a picture of a hand, a heavy leather belt, a riding crop and a leather strap with a split in the end which we discovered later was called a tawse. There were soon twelve of us in their large sitting room and Marcus got up to tell us about the format for the evening. He explained that we would do the quiz before dinner in the sitting room. We would then eat in the dining room and then return to the sitting room for the losers to be punished.

“Anyone want to pull out at this stage?” He asked.

The room was silent.

“OK, here are the rules.”

He handed round a sheet of A4 paper for everyone to read. I have kept my copy and it is reproduced below:

Marcus and Bryony’s Punishment Quiz

  The Ten Golden Rules

  1. Marcus and Bryony are the organisers of this quiz and must be obeyed at all times.
  2. There will be two teams consisting of five boys and five girls in each team.
  3. There will be four rounds of the quiz consisting of famous people, capital cities of the world, spelling and mental arithmetic.
  4. The boys and girls competitions will run in parallel.
  5. It will be a knockout format with the winner of each round dropping out.
  6. If there is a tie for the winner of any round elimination will be settled by rolling a dice. Highest score wins.
  7. The person left in after round four will be deemed to be the loser and will be punished after we have had dinner.
  8. Bryony will punish the losing boy and Marcus will punish the losing girl.
  9. Each punishment will be administered to the recipient’s bottom.
  10. The form of the punishment will be determined by rolling the dice. This will require each loser to roll the dice three times.

  The first roll will be for the implement:

  1. = cane         2= belt         3 = hand spanking         4 = slippering         5 = riding crop         6 = tawse

The second roll will be for the number of strokes:

As per the number displayed on the dice

The third roll will be for the level of protection:

1 or 2 = two layers permitted         3 or 4 = underwear only         5 or 6 = bare bottom

This really brought home to me that this was for real. I was confident I would win through the quiz easily although my only concern was the mental arithmetic that has always been my weakness. There was a buzz of nervous chatter after we had all read the rules and then Marcus called us to order.   With a somewhat devilish grin on his face he addressed us all.

“This is the last chance for anyone to drop out. If you are not happy then say so now. Otherwise you are in and will have to accept the consequences!”

A few glances were exchanged but nobody spoke and the quiz began. The first round consisted on ten questions about famous people. Things like ‘who discovered penicillin?’ or ‘who was the first president of the United States?’. Quite straight forward and I was pleased to score a maximum 10. Mike scored 10 and none of the other boys matched him, so he was out. However two other girls also scored a perfect 10 so we had to roll the dice. I threw a 2, one of the others got a 3 and the final girl threw a 6. Unlucky, but I suppose the odds were against me. I scored another 10 in the capital cities round including what I thought were some pretty tough questions. Another girl also got all correct so it was another play off with the dice. I lost again.

At this point I was beginning to get a little more concerned but I knew that the spelling round was to come and this would really play to my strengths. Three of us left in and I still felt confident. Marcus read out ten words and I was pretty sure that I had got all correct. Then disaster struck. In my nervousness I had managed to misspell ‘labyrinth’. I know perfectly well how to spell the word but I had managed to get it wrong. One other girl had made a different mistake but the third girl got full marks and was out. So two of us left and I could feel my stomach tightening with only the mental arithmetic round left to save myself from a spanking.

Suddenly my confidence had evaporated. I was staring defeat in the face. Marcus read out a series of maths questions and I knew that I was in serious trouble. I tried with the numbers like I had never tried before but I could only score five out of ten. The inevitable happened and I had lost the quiz. I couldn’t believe it. I had come first twice and second twice, if you include my defeat in the last round. Yet I was still the only one left and was now faced with the consequences. The boy’s round had also concluded and our neighbour John was the unlucky contestant.

He seemed quite relaxed about his fate but I was quite apprehensive and hoped for a good outcome from the dice throwing section. John went first and threw a 2, followed by a 5 and finished with a 4. This entitled Bryony to use the plimsoll on him and give him five whacks on his bottom with trousers lowered but underwear in place. That seemed to be a reasonably middling result for him.

Then it was my turn to step forward and roll the dice. There was some good humoured ribbing going on, as you would expect, and I opened up with a 2; the leather belt. It looked pretty substantial and would no doubt deliver quite a bit of pain but at least it wasn’t the cane. I then threw for the number of strokes and got a 4. Just above average but again it could have been worse. 4 licks of the belt didn’t sound great but even I could see that rolling a 1 would have spoilt the occasion somewhat. However it was the next dice roll that made me truly nervous. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to throw a 4 or less.   I got a six.

As the dice came to rest and the outcome became clear I blushed and I could feel sweat running down the side of my face. There was a massive cheer and some laughter but all I could manage was a weak smile. Already there was a bit of me that was feeding off the nervous tension but four strokes of the belt on my naked bottom was not an outcome that I could have contemplated in my wildest dreams half an hour before. I had never been spanked by anyone in my whole life and now I was about to find out what it was like.

Bryony called us through to the dining room for dinner and I managed to get a quiet word with Mike.

“Are you OK with this, Mike?” I asked.

“OK with me,” he replied in a low voice. “We are strong so I’m not worried.” He gave my hand a little squeeze.

I maybe wasn’t that chatty over dinner. Displaying my naked bottom to my friends didn’t worry me too much as we had shared some fairly intimate moments within this group and also I knew that I was in good shape physically. At Mike’s request I’m clean shaven around my pubic area and I am proud of my body shape. Tennis has always been my sport and I have regularly been complimented over the years on the shape of my legs and occasionally on my bottom if briefly displayed when my tennis skirt rides up. These comments weren’t always welcome but it does help to build your confidence.   The meal finished and Marcus and Bryony excused themselves to go and make preparations for the rest of the evening. We chatted amongst ourselves and after about 10 minutes they returned. We had all dressed very casually for the evening. I was wearing my trademark high-waisted skinny blue jeans with trainers and a short white tee shirt which left a little bit of bare tummy exposed. However Bryony had now changed into a very short, tight black leather skirt with fishnet stockings, high heels, white blouse and a short purple jacket. She looked great and Marcus had changed into a dark suit with collar and tie which made him look very authoritative.

”Would everyone now come through to the punishment room please?” Marcus requested.   I had already decided that seeing John get slippered wasn’t going to help me so I announced that I was going to await my fate seated in the kitchen. I therefore exited through the other door in the dining room directly into the kitchen. Rosie then said that she was going into the kitchen to give me moral support but I suspect she also didn’t want to witness Bryony using the plimsoll on her husband.

The party was therefore briefly split. Rosie and I made cups of coffee and we sat at the kitchen table talking about the events of the evening. However, as each minute went by I was becoming more confident and soon realised that I was up for this experience and wouldn’t now want to swap my place with any of the other girls. I had decided that I was going to put on a display of being in control which meant taking my time, holding my head up, smiling and engaging in plenty of eye contact. However painful the belt was going to be I was determined not to cry out and I would thank Marcus at the end for my spanking. My final preparation was to deal with my shoulder length blonde hair which I normally wear loose. I realised, though, that I would be required to bend over to receive the belt and that my hair would therefore be falling over my face. I normally wear my hair up for tennis and Mike often comments that this look is good for me anyway. I had borrowed some clips from Bryony and managed to do a good job ensuring that my hair would stay out of my eyes during the time I was getting the belt.

So we were sat there in the kitchen listening to the low rumble of talking next door when suddenly the room fell silent. We heard five sharp cracks as Bryony landed the plimsoll on John’s bottom and then a round of applause followed by laughter. The door from the sitting room burst open and Marcus was suddenly with us.

“OK, Carla, your turn now. Are you ready?”

“Yes Marcus, I’m ready,” I said.

Rosie and I followed him back into the sitting room.   I got a bit of a shock when I got in. All of the furniture had been pushed back against the walls and the room was entirely lit by candles. To begin with I thought that nobody would be able to see but I had just come out of the bright kitchen and after a few moments my eyes adjusted. Everyone would be able to see me fine. The other noticeable change was that in the centre of the room was a small spanking stool. It looked like it was a folding piece of apparatus with two red leather pads to kneel on and a higher padded surface to rest your upper body on. I could see that when I got on it my hands would be on the floor in front and my bottom would be perfectly presented to take the belt.

I stood beside the stool waiting for John to make the next move. He walked over to the table with the various implements on display and picked up the leather belt. He quite deliberately folded it in half and then folded the loose and buckle ends again to form a type of handle to grip. It looked pretty menacing. I have a slim physique. My bottom is quite small with not much spare flesh on it so I was hoping that he wouldn’t be too severe. Funnily enough, the fact that I knew this was John’s passion gave me some reassurance. I felt that he probably knew what he was doing and that in his own way he would be looking after me.

“Please get yourself ready, Carla,” instructed John when he was ready.

This was my moment to put on a bit of a show. I bent down and undid the laces on my trainers. I removed them and my socks, which I placed inside my shoes. I then walked over to the door into the kitchen and placed them on the floor. I again stood by the stool and carefully undid the button on the waistband of my jeans and lowered the zip. At this point I gave my audience a little smile and looked them all in the eye before slowly easing my trousers over my hips and down my legs. I stepped out of them, carefully folded them and then placed them on the top of the spanking stool. At this point I was dressed only in my bra and short tee shirt with my legs and white satin panties in full uninterrupted view.

You could have heard a pin drop. The tension in that room was incredible. I placed my thumbs in each side of my knickers and gently lowered them to the point where they fell to the floor on their own. I stepped out of them and bent down to pick them up. Clearly everyone could now see my naked bottom but I was not rushing. I folded my panties in half and placed them on top of my jeans. I then took this small pile of clothes across the room to place them under my socks and trainers.

Not a word had been said during this whole process and I wanted to remain in control. I didn’t wait for any instruction from Marcus. I walked back over to the stool and placed both knees on the lower pads. I then carefully lowered my upper body onto the main platform and stabilised my position by placing my hands on the floor. I was in position and lay there waiting for Marcus to take over.   ”Carla, you lost the girls’ section of the quiz and your punishment is to receive four strokes of the belt on your bare bottom. Do you accept this punishment?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“Yes, Marcus.”

I could see him move into position and then I could feel the belt resting against my bottom. He gently rubbed the belt against my skin and I could sense that my ordeal was about to get underway. I was feeling strong and I felt ready to take what was coming. However the first stroke totally took my breath away. The belt cracked into my unprotected bottom and it felt like my entire body had erupted in flames. The noise from the impact was considerable and I could hear a few sharp intakes of breath in the room.

I was better prepared for the next one which arrived after a gap of about 30 seconds, but came in lower down this time. Still massively painful though.

”Half way, Carla,” said Marcus in little more than a whisper. “Do you want to rub your bottom?”

“Thank you,” I replied.

I then had the luxury of putting my hands onto my bottom and gently easing the pain. After a few moments I resumed my position.

Number three followed shortly afterwards. The pain was actually beginning to build as Marcus was returning to areas that were already sore from previous blows. By this stage I was breathing heavily and I knew that my eyes were starting to water. However, only one more to go. But the last one was always going to be the worst and it didn’t disappoint.

Another loud crack as the belt landed and it was all I could do not to cry out.

I was through it and felt quite exhilarated despite my throbbing bottom. I was annoyed because I did have some tears rolling down my cheeks but I stood up and thanked Marcus for my punishment. I then turned and on the way over to the door into the kitchen gave my poor bottom some additional little rubs. I collected my clothes and returned to the bright lights of the kitchen.

Rosie immediately followed me back in and she got a mirror off the wall to show me the damage. There was a bright red area across the middle of my bottom and a distinct belt mark lower down which I concluded must have come from the second stroke. One or two others, boys and girls, drifted in but I made no effort to rush to put my jeans back on. Bryony offered me some cold cream and she gently rubbed this in to help with the residual pain. She warned me that I would be reminded of my spanking for a few days every time I sat down and that I would get some dark bruising that would probably last about a week.

So that was that. I eventually got dressed and we all went home at the end of the evening. We continued to function as a tight knit social group for about a year and then the babies started to arrive. Children inevitably change your freedoms and attitude to life so we all gradually drifted apart. When I became pregnant with our first child we decided that I would take a career break and that we would move back to London so that Mike would see more of his children. We now live in Primrose Hill with new friends and a different type of social life.

However that evening proved to be a bit of a turning point in the relationship between Mike and I. We have become much more adventurous in our sex life and spanking role play is something which we now very much enjoy. We are nowhere near the level of intensity that is right for Marcus and Bryony but what we have works for us. We are very happy with what we have got and unluckily losing the quiz that night has proved to be a blessing in disguise.

The End

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