Spanked or Grounded

Brattish behaviour gets a girl into trouble. US setting.

By Holy Diver

Lucy is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and a curvy figure. She looks more like a young woman than a teenager. Lucy is fancied by most of the boys in her class, in particular a boy named Tommy. Lucy and Tommy would hang out together after school, much to the displeasure of Lucy’s parents.

Lucy had been achieving poor grades at school, so her parents imposed a curfew on their daughter. She was supposed to come home directly after school. But Lucy would not listen.

One day, Lucy came home at 6.30 pm, later than usual. Lucy’s mom was waiting for her.

“What time do you call this, young lady?” She asked her daughter.

“It’s only half past six. Can’t you tell time?” Replied Lucy sassily.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that! I’m your mother. I told you that you had to come straight home after school, and you’ve been arriving home late every day this week. Where were you?” Asked her mother.

“What business is that of yours?” Retorted Lucy.

Her mother was getting angrier. “You watch your tone or I’ll smack your bottom.”

Lucy snorted. “I’d like to see you try.”

Her mother growled, grabbed Lucy, turned her round and smacked her jean-clad bottom. Lucy squealed and rubbed her bottom. “For your information, I was with Tommy.”

“I still don’t like your tone,” said her mom in a warning tone. “If you don’t watch yourself, I’ll spank you properly. You know that you are not supposed to meet your friends until the weekend.”

Lucy was getting brattier by the minute.

“Shut up, mom. You’re not the boss of me. Besides, you can’t spank me. That smack you gave me didn’t even hurt.”

Before her mom could reply, Lucy stormed upstairs to her room.

Her mom felt sad. She knew herself that she couldn’t bring herself to spank her daughter. Lucy had not been spanked in several years. However, her dad had secretly bought a paddle when Lucy turned thirteen, in case she became bratty during her teenage years. This paddle was about to see the light of day.

At 7 pm, Lucy’s father came home from a busy day at work. He noticed his wife looked upset.

“Hi, what’s the matter?” He asked his wife.

“It’s Lucy. She’s been a total brat today. She arrived home at 6.30, after being out with Tommy, even though she is under a curfew. Then she was cheeky to me, saying it was none of my business, that I wasn’t the boss of her and then making fun of me for not being able to spank her.”

“What?” said her husband, sounding outraged. “I’ll deal with her. Lucy! Get your butt down here!” He roared.

Lucy ran down the stairs feeling worried. She was no longer angry, but scared because she knew there would be consequences for her actions.

“Well? Is it true?” Demanded Lucy’s father.

“Is what true?” Asked Lucy innocently.

“Is it true that you broke curfew this evening?”

“Yes, I was only seeing Tommy.”

“And is it true that you were cheeky to your mother?”

“What, no!” Pleaded Lucy.

“Don’t lie to me, Lucy. Your mother has told me everything you said. I am very annoyed at you. Nothing gives you the right to talk to your mother in that insolent manner.”

Lucy felt ashamed.

“You are going to punished for this. You will either be grounded this weekend and every weekend until the end of term, or you will be paddled. Your mother may be unable to spank you, but I certainly will. So what’s it to be?”

Lucy considered her options. She didn’t like spankings because they made her bottom sore. But she didn’t like the idea of staying in all weekend. Lucy decided the paddle was the lesser of two evils.

“OK, I’ll be paddled then.”

Lucy’s father went off to fetch his paddle. Lucy felt a little worried because she knew the paddle was notorious for bruising. She hoped her father would go easy on her.

“Right, Lucy, I want you to take your jeans and panties down and bend over, holding your ankles.”

Lucy felt embarrassed. She didn’t expect to be paddled on her bare bottom, but she obeyed her father and bared her bottom.

“You will receive five swats. I hope this will teach you a lesson.”

Lucy braced herself for her first smack. Whack! Lucy felt a strong stinging pain in her bottom.

 “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,” repeated Lucy under her breath.

The second swat came. This was sorer than the first. Lucy yelled. Then came the third swat on her unprotected buttocks. By the fourth swat, Lucy was starting to cry. The pain in her bottom was too much to bear. The fifth swat was the hardest and Lucy let out a full-blooded yell. Her hands went up to rub her poor bottom.

Her father waited. “Now, Lucy, I want you to apologise to your mother.”

“Sorry, mom,” said Lucy, sniffling.

“And I want you to promise that you will be back home every day after school. And that you will study hard.”

 “Yes, Dad.”

Lucy’s father then hugged his daughter and rubbed her back. “OK, I want you to go upstairs and study.”

Lucy found it hard to study, sitting on a sore bottom. What was worse, she didn’t know how to break it to Tommy that she wouldn’t be able to hang out with him, or tell him that she had been spanked. Yet, she had learned to respect her parents.

The End

© Holy Diver 2014