A wife Katie honours her marriage vows

By Paul S

Mark and Katie were a married couple in their 40s with no children but a small Staffordshire terrier dog called Bella who was 3 and very lively, but kept out of the master bedroom.

Mark was about 45 and medium build, about 5 foot 9 inches with dark hair and hazel eyes. Katie was younger and also medium build and a bit shorter at 5 foot 6 inches, with blue eyes and ash blonde mid length hair, and originally with 34-26-36 vital statistics.

They had been married about 15 years, and for the first 10 years or so were very happy. Then Katie decided to indulge in extravagant spending habits and rudeness, possibly as a result of being unable to conceive a child and becoming frustrated in her aim to start a family. At first, Mark was very understanding, but as Katie’s spending and behaviour grew more excessive, he reminded her to take it easy and that with her marriage vows she had agreed to honour and obey her husband.

Mark gave Katie the option to take back items Katie bought which were excessive in price, or have her credit cards taken away. This did not seem to deter her, and she continued with her wayward behaviour.

Then one day Mark’s resolve was broken and he told Katie that any more extravagant spending or rudeness could result in a spanking. Katie was horrified at first, and was full of attitude, telling her husband where to go. Mark didn’t take kindly to being treated like this and reminded his wife of her marital obligations.

It was Saturday morning, and after a hard week’s work Mark and Katie had a lie in until about 8am. Mark then asked Katie to go and make the tea, as he was still feeling tired. Katie was quite rude and told him to go and make it himself.

Mark said: “Right, young lady, that’s enough!” He then pulled back the bedclothes, exposing her legs and nightie.

Katie said: “What are you doing?” She was looking a bit worried.

Mark said: “I am going to give you what you need!”

With that, he pulled her up by the legs causing her nightie to fall away, exposing her bare bottom.

He then gave her 20 spanks in the diaper position, lifting her slightly to ensure her bottom was clear of the bed for spanking.

Katie protested, saying: “Stop, please!” But Mark continued spanking until he had finished.

Katie then got up and walked across to the wardrobe mirror to casually inspect the damage, raising her nightie with one hand to expose her lightly reddened and tingling bottom.

Mark then said: “I am going to make some tea if you want some,” and disappeared downstairs briefly.

Katie returned to the bed, got out her latest paperback book and started reading it. She lay sideways on the bed with her nightie pulled up and her lightly reddened bottom partly exposed.

Katie wasn’t stupid. She knew Mark worked in an office with younger, fitter women than her, and had to offer Mark something they couldn’t; a loving and submissive partner.

Whilst she didn’t like spanking per se, she would tease her husband to maintain his interest. However, she realised that occasionally she would have to fully submit to his wishes and when Mark was around the master bedroom she would often remove her panties altogether in expectation.

Katie and Mark had come to an agreement that if she overspent, then she would get a 50 stroke hand spanking at his discretion. If she seriously overspent or misbehaved, then an additional 10 strokes of the strap would be applied to teach her a lesson.

Mark returned from making the tea and placed one cup by Katie’s bedside. He couldn’t help noticing her lying on her side with her nightie pulled up with her bare behind on full display.

Mark said: “Is the book any good?”

Katie said: “Yes, actually it’s the paperback version of the TV series ‘Victoria’. It’s a fascinating read about her love life, Victorian society in general and the strict discipline that was imposed back then. For instance, she had one of the maids spanked for dropping the soup at the dinner table all over the carpet in the royal dining room.”

Mark said: “Sounds interesting.” He leant over and gave his wife a small kiss, ran his hand across her well rounded bottom and said: “Perhaps we need to see about disciplining this maid too?”

Katie said: “Oh, do we have to?”

Mark said: “Yes, I think it’s necessary, darling, don’t you?”

Katie said: “OK, 25 then.”

Mark said: “50.”

Katie then said: “OK, if you let me buy a Chanel jumper next week, I’ll bend over for a hundred. And I want it done properly; no messing about.”

Mark said: “OK, you’re on.”

With that, she put her book face down by the bed and cup of tea on the unit before Mark pulled her hip up, forcing her face and hands down onto the counterpane. He then raised her nightie and fully exposed her bottom in the air whilst kneeling on the bed.

Mark said: “Are you ready?”

Katie said: “You know me; I’m always ready.”

With that, he spanked her thoroughly. She maintained her position for the first 50, but couldn’t help but gyrate and gasp towards the end as the heat and stinging grew in intensity. Towards the end, she was tossing her hair in the air, gasping and panting heavily after each stroke.

After 100, Mark released Katie and she got up and wandered over to the mirror to inspect her now well reddened rear end.

Mark ran his hand over her bottom and said: “That’s hot!”

Katie said: “Yes, and stinging all over, thanks to you.”

Mark went downstairs to make a coffee and asked Katie if she wanted one.

She said: “Yes, please.”

Katie then returned to reading her book and found she had reached the chapter where the maid was being sent to the master bedroom to await punishment.

When Mark returned, he gave Katie a fresh coffee and said: “We haven’t discussed the fact that you spent over £500 this week on luxuries without my agreement. That deserves an additional 10 with the strap in line with our agreement, doesn’t it?”

Katie said: “Oh, can’t we let that go, just this time?”

Mark gave her a little kiss and said: “I can’t just go letting you off, you know.”

Katie opened the drawer by the bed and said: “OK,OK,” and handed Mark the short red double thickness leather strap she had purchased for exclusive use across her bottom when very naughty. Without being asked, she then raised her nightie and bent right over the edge of the bed, exposing her already red and tingling bottom.

Mark lined the strap up across her seat and applied 10 firm strokes across her hot rear end, drawing gasps from a now panting Katie, and cries of ‘Ouch!’ after each stroke. Katie found it hard to stay still, bending her knees and squirming to try and absorb the penetrating sting of the lash.

Mark then released Katie who scurried across toward the mirror to examine her now smarting behind.

Mark asked if she was OK.

Katie said: “Yes, but it stings like hell.”

She then said: “Excuse me, but I really have to bend over and rub my seat,” giving her husband an eyeful.

She then said: “Why does the strap have to be so damned effective across my plump backside?”

With that, she returned to the bed and lay on her side to continue reading her book and sipping her coffee. Katie noticed a warm glow was now penetrating her erogenous zones making her feel hot and very naughty indeed.

Mark asked if she wanted him to rub cold cream into her sore behind.

She said: “Oh, that would be nice,” and leaned forward for him to apply the cream to cool her well-tanned behind.

Katie then said: “You wouldn’t go off with any of those younger women in the office, would you?”

Mark said: “Of course not. Otherwise there would be no-one to tan that sexy bottom of yours, darling, and we can’t have that now, can we?”

Katie’s vital statistics had now increased to a more womanly 36-30-40, and she had admitted to Mark that her bottom was ‘fair game’ if she misbehaved.

Mark continued rubbing in the cold cream, and Katie said: “Why do you have to be so damn good at this? How do you manage to get it so red hot and smarting every time?”

Mark just said: “Years of practice?”

With tha,t he gave his wife a little kiss and a slap on her bare behind, and said: “I have to go out now, darling. See you later on.”

The End

© Paul S 2016