Caught drinking alcohol, a girl is close to being expelled

By Robert Roberts

“Brian, What’s the problem?” asked Edith Thomas, slightly concerned at receiving an unexpected phone call from her friend, landlord of the Rising Sun, a public house in the village.

“The problem is, I have one of your girls in my office, having made a scene in the bar, shouting and crying and distracting customers. I’ve calmed her down, but now I want her off my premises. Her name is Wendy. It was either ring you or ring Veronica Strong, the Headmistress.”

Edith Thomas, sixth form teacher at the Hill Top Private Boarding School for Girls, was taken aback and, for a couple of seconds, was unable to answer. She gathered her thoughts. Her first responsibility was to collect Wendy and return her to the safety of the school, and then the inquest could begin.

“Brian, I’m on my way. Give me twenty minutes.”

It was Friday afternoon and lessons had finished for the day. Edith, probably not the best person to handle a crisis, jumped into her car and headed for the Rising Sun, disbelieving of events as described by her friend Brian. Wendy Maynard, probably the quietest girl in the sixth form group, creating a scene in a public house? So much wrong with this.

It was 5.30 and the pub had closed for the afternoon. Edith parked her car and made her way to a side entrance. She was on familiar territory, regularly visiting the Rising Sun having struck up an unlikely friendship with the landlord.

Brian welcomed Edith with a smile, but he quickly became serious. Wendy was sitting at the bar on a high stool, head cradled in her arms, draped over the bar counter and not seeking any kind of an encounter with her form mistress.

“Boyfriend trouble?” proffered Brian. “She came in with a lad. All seemed quiet for an hour. I knew she should not be here, but that’s not my business. They had a blazing row, shouting, expletives, glasses knocked over. He left and she just cried and cried and cried. A little bit worse for drink, I’m afraid.”

“Sorry Brian, I’ll get her out of here. Thanks.”

“No problem. See you later?”

“I might have some sorting out to do,” nodding in Wendy’s direction. “I’ll give you a call.”

Edith approached Wendy. “Come on, young lady,” she said sternly.

Wendy almost fell off the stool, but was assisted by Edith and together they made it to Edith’s car.

“What were you thinking? You are in such big trouble,” said a furious Edith.

Wendy’s response did not endear her to Edith.

“I don’t care what happens to me. I love him and he’s dumped me. Nothing matters now.”

“You stupid, stupid girl,” retorted Edith. As she drove back to the school she was thinking what to do next.

‘This is above my pay grade,’ she thought to herself. ‘I really could do without this.’

She formulated a plan. “We’ll get you back to your dorm. It should be quiet. Most everybody will be at dinner. You will stay there until I get back to you. Don’t say anything to anybody. If anybody asks, you’ve got a stomach upset. Who do you dorm with?”

“Jenny,” responded the stricken Wendy.

‘Stroke of luck,’ thought Edith. ‘She can be trusted to keep quiet.’

Using a side entrance, Edith was able to get Wendy to her dorm without anyone noticing anything untoward. She now needed to find the Deputy Headmistress, Sonal Khan, and offload all responsibility on to her. Would she be at dinner or might she still be in her office? That would be best.

She made her way to the secretary’s office. Miriam, the secretary, was not there, having probably gone home for the weekend. She knocked on Sonal’s door.

“Come in,” Sonal answered, much to Edith’s relief.

Sonal would take charge and make the right decisions. All she had to do now was to bring Sonal up to speed.

“Hello Edith. How can I help?” asked Sonal in her usual friendly way.

“Big problems. Wendy Maynard. I’ll spell it out. She left the school at lunchtime without permission, and was apparently picked up by her boyfriend. They went to a public house, she in school uniform, and drank alcohol. Took part in a rowdy scene in front of the customers.

“Got intoxicated. Missed her lessons this afternoon. She is now sleeping it off in her dorm after I went and collected her. I’m sorry to heap this on you.”

“For Heaven’s sake!” groaned Sonal. “If this gets to the Headmistress, it’s mandatory expulsion. Let me think for a moment.”

Sonal pondered.

“Who knows?”

Edith replied, “I hope nobody, except me and the landlord of the Rising Sun. Of course, her roommate might know by now.”

“Who’s that?” asked Sonal.

“Jenny Carruthers-Flood.”

“Couldn’t be better. Now let me think this through. I’ve got to move quickly before the Headmistress hears on the bush telegraph. I have to severely punish Wendy and tell her she won’t be expelled, and then go to the Headmistress and tell her how I have handled the situation. She will be white-hot furious with me, but she won’t override my actions. Wendy gets to avoid being expelled.”

Edith questioned Sonal. “Why would you do that? Get yourself into trouble with the Headmistress to protect a very silly girl.”

“Just my way of doing things, Edith. Parents trust us to temporarily take over their parental duties when their daughters enrol here. We do the best we can for their daughters. I have put five years into tutoring Wendy, mentoring her and preparing her for university. I don’t feel inclined to throw it all away and possibly wreck her future.”

Edith was not convinced, but she was happy to hand over decisions to the Deputy Headmistress.

“I need to get Wendy down here for a chat before I cane her, and this has to be done before the Headmistress finds out, otherwise she will call her in and suspend her, carry out an investigation and then expel her.”

“She’s in no fit state to take a caning,” advised Edith. “Not tonight.”

“In that case it must be early tomorrow morning, preferably before breakfast. Edith. I think you have done all that you can. You should have gone directly to the Headmistress but I’m glad you didn’t. Just one more thing. Can you check on Wendy and ask Jenny to come and see me?”

Jennifer Carruthers-Flood, Head Girl, walked through the secretary’s office, tapped on Sonal Khan’s door and entered.

“Hello Jenny. How are you?”

“How am I after the spanking you gave me, do you mean? Well I’m sore.”

“I thought the unwritten law was that after a spanking that was an end to it and no further discussion,” smiled Sonal.

“You brought it up. You asked how I am.”

“I was politely asking after your general health. You’re not sulking are you?”

“Well actually, I am a bit. Anne is walking around with no problems. I’m sporting a bruise all colours of the rainbow. You must have whacked me a lot harder,” retorted Jenny, but now smiling.

“Let’s get to the business in hand. Has Wendy said anything to you?”

“She’s told me everything and she thinks she’s going to be expelled. Miss Thomas tried to tell her that you are hoping to avoid that.”

“Yes, I am, but it’s important I deal with her before the Headmistress gets to hear. If she’s not able to take the caning this evening, can you keep her in her room and bring her to me tomorrow morning at 07.30, before breakfast?”

“Well it’s not as if I’m going anywhere tonight, having been grounded by you for the weekend, so I’ll keep my eye on her and make sure she’s ready for early tomorrow morning.”


Jenny entered Sonal’s office early Saturday morning with the dejected and embarrassed Wendy close behind. Sonal was her usual bright and welcoming self, while immediately picking up on Wendy’s unfortunate situation.

“Wendy, your behaviour was reckless and you have brought this on yourself, but I do feel for you.”

“I’m very grateful to you, Miss. I don’t want to be expelled.” Wendy was now quite sober and fully aware of her perilous situation.

“I take it you have been advised of the options. A visit to the Headmistress for her to deal with you, or accept a caning from me.

“Definitely a caning from you, Miss.” Wendy was certain of that. “Will it be the maximum six?”

Sonal smiled sympathetically. “I am authorised to administer eight strokes and, to try and appease the Headmistress, I will have to give you the full eight. Sorry Wendy. This is going to really hurt. The best I can do is give you a break half way through. Shall we get started?”

Wendy realised the inevitable was fast approaching. She panicked.

“I can’t do it.” Her heart was thumping and she was trembling. She desperately searched for a way out. She slumped onto the edge of the sofa, buried her head in her hands and sobbed.

Sonal sat beside her and comforted her.

“There is an alternative,” she said in a hushed tone. “I can take you to the Headmistress and explain. My guess is she will suspend you, and carry out an inquiry before expelling you. But then your parents could appeal and the likelihood is you would be reinstated because of your excellent record, but the downside is you would have to take twelve strokes of the cane from the Headmistress. Is that what you want?”

Jenny intervened and took hold of her friend.

“Come on Wendy, it will take just a couple of minutes and before you know it we’ll be back in the dorm and I’ll be applying that lovely cool, soothing cream.”

With a guiding hand from Jenny, Wendy approached the desk where she would be required to bend over to take the caning.

“It’s got to be over your knickers, Wendy, so could you ease your jeans down to your knees?” asked Sonal.

Wendy fumbled nervously with the buckle on her belt, but eventually was able to comply.

When she had got into position, Jenny adjusted her shirt to avoid it flopping over her knickers during the caning, and then gave Wendy’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze before standing back to allow Sonal to take care of business.

Sonal dispensed the first two strokes firmly across Wendy’s rather plump bottom in rapid succession. She yelped after each stroke, but they were only little more than warm-up strokes. The third stroke was a different affair. A full strength sweeping stroke accurately located just above the two previous strokes. A full strength whack justified a full strength shriek from the eighteen-year-old, but she gamely hung on and remained in place.

“Shhhhh!” Sonal gently encouraged Wendy to quieten.

Sonal was once asked how she could she come to terms with hurting the girls she purported to care for. She was comfortable in the knowledge that the hurt would dissipate soon enough, and there was no lasting harm, but the short sharp shock could accomplish a beneficial change of behaviour.

No more shrieks came from the beleaguered girl but as the fourth whack struck home she was left gasping. The cane bit into the lower fleshy expanse of her ample bottom and it hurt.

“Take a moment, Wendy,” Sonal offered a time-out, which Wendy was more than happy to accept. Sonal thought she was coping quite well.

Although the excruciating pain was as bad as anything Wendy had ever suffered in her young life, with just four strikes left she felt it was manageable. She struggled to her feet and took the opportunity to massage her chafed bottom, drawing strength from the encouraging smiles of Jenny and her persecutor.

Wendy voluntarily returned to the required position, determined to show she could take the remaining four with some dignity. Sonal took her time, carefully spacing out each strike to avoid overlapping. But she realised Wendy had seriously offended and leniency was not appropriate. Also, she herself was going to be facing the wrath of the Headmistress in a few minutes, and although she never administered corporal punishment in anger she felt justified in giving Wendy the full experience because of the situation Wendy’s behaviour had brought upon her.

The final stroke was a good stinging blow that made Wendy cry. Jenny immediately went to her to offer comfort and then rearrange her shirt and assist her to pull up her jeans and ease them over her sore and swollen bottom. Quite a difficult task.

Sonal put away her cane, leaving Jenny to attend to Wendy’s aftercare. She now had other matters to urgently address. A visit to the Headmistress was going to be uncomfortable. Jenny realised Sonal was not her usual calm self and understood the reason.

“You do know all us sixth formers love you and appreciate how you look after us, don’t you?”

“Says the girl I spanked so hard she complained,” smiled Sonal.

Sonal headed for the Headmistress’s office.

The End

© Robert Roberts 2020