Three girls face their housemistress for a deserved punishment

by Robert Roberts

Sonal Khan, a Housemistress at the Hill Top Private Boarding School for Girls, relaxed in her armchair and smiled pleasantly at the three sixth-form students. They were not smiling.

“So tell me, why are you three young ladies standing here in front of me like naughty schoolgirls?”

“You know why we’re here, Sonal. Can you at least try and stop looking as though you are enjoying yourself,” answered Head Girl Jennifer Carruthers-Flood.

The mild rebuke from the Head Girl caused Sonal’s smile to widen even further, revealing her perfect pearly white teeth.

“But I want to hear it in your own words. Your chance to give me an explanation why the Headmistress should send the three of you to me for a spanking. Anne, please describe the events that led to this.” She looked directly at Anne Huxley, who out of the three girls, could just about see the funny side of this, if there was a funny side to getting a spanking.

“We missed the last bus home. I think it was running early. Anyway, after waiting at the bus stop for ten minutes we decided we would have to walk, which would take us half an hour and we would miss curfew by a few minutes. Just our luck. Headmistress was patrolling the corridors and caught us out. She must have been in a bad mood. I’ve known her to turn a blind eye. She said we were arrogant and deserved to be spanked and to report to you this morning. That’s about it.”

“Yes,” said Sonal, still smiling. “The good news is she was quite jovial and told me a good spanking for each of you would be enough to conclude the matter. So here we are. Any thoughts?” she asked.

Jenny was quick to respond. “But you don’t actually have to spank us, do you? You could give us a good talking-to and that would be a win-win for all of us.”

“Thus denying me the fun and pleasure of spanking your lovely bottoms? Seriously. The Headmistress is bound to ask me and I’m not prepared to lie to her. So, ladies, prepare yourselves.”

The three girls looked at each other. Slightly embarrassed and slightly nervous.

Sonal addressed Katie. “You’re very quiet, Katie. Have you got anything to say for yourself?”

Rather timidly, Katie proffered, “I’ve never been spanked, Miss.” Katie was one of the few sixth-formers who was not comfortable addressing her Housemistress by her forename, despite being encouraged to do so by her.

“Well, I have!” interjected Head Girl, Jennifer. “You gave me a spanking in the third year and it was the most painful experience of my life,” she said seriously.

“You do have the reputation of being the hardest spanker in the school,” confirmed Anne. “Some girls say they would rather get the cane from the Headmistress than a paddling from you.”

“Really?” replied Sonal, almost disbelievingly. “I didn’t know that. I spank every girl the same. I’ve always spanked that way.”

“Apparently it’s that flick of the wrist that does it,” suggested Jennifer, and continued by saying, “Well, if you insist on going ahead with this I hope you tone it down a bit.”

Still appearing quite jolly and now feeling just a little bit proud of her newly found reputation, Sonal said, “OK, girls. Let’s move on. You’ve got classes to go to. The question is, how many swats would be appropriate. What do you think?”

Jennifer was straight in with her suggestion. “I think a token one swat would keep everyone honest,” she stated, rather more in hope than with any conviction.

Sonal ignored the one swat suggestion. “The most I’ve ever given is ten for truancy and bullying. Usually, I give five over trousers or skirts, and three over gym shorts or knickers.”

“You are not thinking of giving it to us over knickers, surely? challenged Jenny.

Once again, Sonal smiled, still not taking things too seriously. “That really would make your day, wouldn’t it? Dropping your trousers for a spanking? Let’s settle on five over your trousers.”

“Come on, Sonal. Cut us some slack. We’re not just students. We’re friends as well, aren’t we?” enquired the Head Girl.

Sonal, enjoying the scenario, laughed. “Wondered how long it would take to play the friends card.”

Her mood changed. “Right, let’s get down to business. We’ll make it three across your trousers. No further negotiations. This is a proper punishment awarded by your Headmistress, so I want us to be serious for the next few minutes. Can you step up first, please Jenny?”

“Yes, Miss,” said Jenny attempting sarcasm by addressing her Housemistress as ‘Miss’ rather than by her first name.

If Sonal recognised the sarcasm, she did not react. She opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out her supple leather paddle. Truthfully, she wished this was not happening, but she would always take her responsibilities seriously.

Jenny was now resigned to a humiliating and painful spanking as she bent over the desk. Her mind went back to a spanking Sonal gave her over her gym shorts in her first year at the boarding school. She had moved to the boarding school when her parents were forced to move abroad because of her father’s job requirements. Rules at her old school were very relaxed with almost no corporal punishment, but she was soon to learn life was rather different at Hill Top.

She very soon transgressed the rules, resulting in a sound spanking delivered by Sonal. The shock, the humiliation, the fear and the pain had her crying for two days before Sonal came to her and wrapped a friendly arm around her with kindly words and advice.

An explosive thwack resounded around the room. Sonal was not being so kind now as her leather paddle renewed its acquaintance with Jenny’s bottom after a four year absence. Her regulation school trousers stretching tightly over her ample bottom provided very little protection. Centre, left cheek. Jenny, in her role as Head Girl, felt she needed to take her painful whacking with all the dignity she could muster. A gasp, but no histrionics.

Second swat fired in, centre, right cheek.

‘My God! She means business,’ groaned Jenny to herself. If she hadn’t been sure whether she would really be suffering a stinging and bruised bottom for the rest of the day, she was certain now.

Sonal’s third swat landed fair and square across Jenny’s bottom. Catching the two previous strikes, it had Jenny leaping to her feet, clutching her blazing rear end. Glaring rather angrily at her perpetrator, she made her feelings known.

“That was out of order,” she gasped.

“Sorry, Jenny, it had to be done. And I’ve got to tell you that you’re grounded for this weekend. Headmistress’s orders.”

Jenny, feeling none too pleased, departed. “I’ve got to get off to my maths lesson,” she said and made for the door still rubbing her tortured bottom.

“Yes, of course, Jenny. Let’s catch up this afternoon. We’ve got some school business to discuss.”

Jenny left without making any further comment and Sonal turned her attention to Anne Huxley.

Displaying fortitude which she hoped she would maintain during her thrashing, Anne presented herself over the desk.

“I know how much this hurts,” said Sonal. “I used to get it regularly back home. School teacher, father, uncle, even younger brother. I was twenty-two before it stopped when I came over to this country.”

‘Like I’m interested,’ thought Anne. ‘Just get on with it.’

Three swats rapidly followed to the same pattern and intensity as Jenny’s application.

“That’s it, thank you Anne,” after delivery of the third swat. “Not too painful I hope,” she smiled.

Anne was not crying out but couldn’t prevent tears trickling down her cheek. She had taken a few spankings over the last four or five years, but none more hurtful than this one.

“Sorry, Anne.” Sonal appeared concerned and, trying to offer sympathy, lightly touched Anne’s arm.

“I’d better get to lessons,” whimpered Anne, hoping to hold back on sobbing until she left the room. “Good luck,” she whispered to Katie, who had observed the two spankings in a state of almost panic.

Sonal detected Katie’s fear and tried to reassure her.

“A new experience for you then, Katie. It’s really not as bad as it looks. By tonight, you will be laughing about it with your friends. Trust me.”

As the shock of the first swat hit home, Katie thought, ‘It really is as bad as it looks.’

She yelped and reached behind to try and massage away the excruciating pain. Sonal patiently waited without comment. Katie prepared herself for the second strike. Not a yelp this time but a piercing shriek which, despite her experiences of dispensing many spankings, took Sonal by surprise.

“Are you OK?” she asked, slightly concerned, and placed a hand on Katie’s shoulder, who was now sobbing uncontrollably.

“I think that’s enough for a beginner,” she conceded. “Up you get,” and assisted Katie to her feet.

Sobbing and tenderly rubbing her raging buttocks, Katie mumbled, “Sorry Miss. I didn’t take that very well,” and shuffled towards the door.

Once again, Sonal smiled as she had done throughout most of the proceedings. “The shock of the first spanking, I guess. Let’s hope it’s first and last.”

The Housemistress put away her leather paddle and picked up the phone to her Headmistress. “Hello Veronica. Job done. Your three miscreants dealt with.”

“Thank you, Sonal. Perhaps I was a bit harsh, but I don’t like these older girls taking things for granted. How did they take it?”

“OK, I suppose, but they were definitely disgruntled. I’ve got some bridge-building to do. Might invite them to a barbecue next weekend.”

The End

© Robert Roberts 2020