We’ve had several enquiries recently from people thinking about submitting stories to overthedesk.com, so this hopefully will prove useful. Several people have contributed, but it’s not an exhaustive list. If anyone has further questions, or perhaps needs some help, please always feel free to contact Kenny at kennywalters@hotmail.com.

The type of story we’re looking for:

This site concentrates on females being the subject of punishment. Punishers can be male or female. We like the main characters to be aged 18 or over, although we occasionally allow age 17 if it’s necessary for the story.

By far the most popular stories feature school or judicial punishments. Domestic discipline such as father/daughter discipline is perhaps the third favourite.

Romantic interest, husband/wife spankings, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc are not at all popular and we usually reject this type of story. Fun spankings similarly are not well received by readers.

We like a believable storyline. Of course, judicial corporal punishment, except for a few countries, is not realistic but we find our readers accept and like this imaginative type of story as long as it sounds ‘real’, whether it’s set in the UK, USA or wherever.

School punishment stories are fine as long as they too sound convincing. Male staff punishing females on the bare bottom does not work for us. It would be a very unwise teacher/head teacher who attempted that and would almost certainly land them in court. We know stories of this type were once commonplace in spanking literature, but those days have gone and they are no longer accepted, at least by our readers.

Our Audience:

A slight majority of our readers are female, and they are certainly just as welcome as our male readers. There are some who think this type of website is the preserve of males. Times have changed, and for the better in my view. It is something writers should consider.

From the emails we receive, we now reach over 70 countries, 73 at the last count, and all are very welcome. We do appreciate this means some will have English as a second language so writers should consider this, especially when using colloquial, regional or slang terms.

Which format to use:

We can accept most formats, although very occasionally one catches us out and we may have to ask a writer to send the story in a different form. The most popular ways to send a story are either as an attachment to an email (Microsoft Word probably the easiest for us to handle) or as text in the bulk of an email.

Please use standard margins and standard layouts. Some customised layouts we’ve had recently have caused problems. Arial 12 point is good for us, but by no means essential.

It is helpful if the author’s pen name is shown after the title at the start of the story and also at the end.

Style of writing:

Stories can be told in three ways; in the first person (I walked down the street, etc), the third person (Jane walked down the street, etc) or the second person (you walk down the street, etc). Most stories are told in the third person, but sometimes the first person makes things a little more dramatic and pulls the reader into what’s happening. Stories told in the second person makes the reader a character in the story and can be difficult to make work, but it might be worth an experiment if a writer is feeling bold.

The way a writer uses punctuation varies, probably dependent on when and where they were educated. We like to use the same style most newspapers and publishers use, sometimes referred to as Chicago style, but it’s not essential. We do sometimes have to change punctuation to suit the website. Dots, brackets and a few other symbols can make the website refuse to upload a story, so we have to make changes sometimes.

Long bouts of plain text can be hard to make interesting. Dialogue (speech) helps to make the telling of the story interesting and should feature regularly.

Punishments should be realistic. Punishments in UK schools ranged from a single stroke of the slipper up to maybe twelve strokes at most, the cane from one or two up to a usual maximum of eight, although I have heard of twelve being used. Judicial punishments may be a little more severe. American schools mainly use three or five strokes of the paddle. I have heard of other numbers being used, but it seems to be rare.

Most punishments in our stories feature the implement being used on the bottom, but some UK schools did also cane on the hand, and this can still produce a good story. Some schools around the world still cane on the hand.

Can a writer construct a good story set in another country? It does seem to work as long as a reasonable attempt is made to be accurate for that country.

Some other thoughts:

If you have a true recollection to tell, we do have the sister website otd-memories who will be pleased to hear from you. If your story is fictional then overthedesk.com is the place.

A good number of stories on the overthedesk.com website are based on fact but perhaps have been amended to add interest, and that’s fine for this fiction website.

Some writers who started writing for this website have moved on to writing ebooks for sale, and we are always pleased to help.

Some writers are happy to communicate with readers (I do), others prefer not to. Some writers add an email address at the end of their stories to assist with communicating, most do not. You can always see if a writer would be willing by contacting us.

Why only females being punished? Simply because it’s what the vast majority of our readers want. We have thought about a similar site for males, or maybe even males and females together being punished, but time to run it is one problem. The other is that experiments have not shown a great audience out there.  Maybe someone would like to set up such a site, or run one with us?

I suspect these guidelines might raise more points where people would like clarity. Contact us, and we can always revise these notes.

Finally, many thanks to all who visit the site.