Two stepsisters coincidentally in trouble at the same time

By Brian Melville

Jennifer Atkins is a slender, tall, eighteen year old girl, with black shoulder length hair and brown eyes. Her stepsister of the past month, Christine Hobbs, is a skinny, medium height eighteen year old with her Chinese bob haircut, blonde hair, and blue eyes. They are both sixth form students at Lovemore Grammatical School for Girls, in the very north of London.

Jennifer’s dad, and Christine’s mom got, married about a month ago and they are now all living together in the Atkins’ house. Jenny and Chrissie get along very well, although they are not in the same class in school.

The school has five hundred plus students, with the first to fifth formers wearing the traditional uniform, consisting of: a red skirt, white blouse, red tie, white knee socks, red pullover with three white pin stripes across the chest, red blazer with white edging and black shoes. The white knee socks may be changed to thick black stockings during winter.

The six form has a special uniform, so as to differentiate them from the rest of the school, which they normally wear, consisting of traditional grey school trousers, red blouse, white tie with red pin stripes, white pullover with three red pin stripes along the neck, white blazer with red edging and the black school shoes.

Lovemore Grammatical also have a less conventional gym uniform, consisting of white shorts with red edging, red vest, red knee socks with a double white pin stripe at the knees, and white tennis shoes.

Slipperings in front of the class are given at Lovemore, usually across the seat of skirts or trousers, but if a girl from the first to fifth form gets sent to the deputy headmistress for either the slipper or cane, she is expected to change into her full gym kit before reporting to the study of Mrs Bates, the deputy headmistress. These visits are limited to first or second break, or after school at 3:45 pm.

As for the sixth form girls, these rules don’t apply if they are wearing the sixth form uniform.

The stepsisters story starts during first break at Lovemore Grammatical on a cold Wednesday morning, during April of 1978.

Jenny and Chrissie both smoked and their parents knew all about it. To an extent, they were fine with it, but at Lovemore Grammatical it was an automatic caning offence. The girls’ parents did tell them not to complain if they got caught smoking at school and ended up with a well caned bottom.

Jenny saw her stepsister, Chrissie, puffing on a cigarette behind the bike shed and realised she had left her own cigarettes at home.

She asked her stepsister: “Hey, Chrissie, I accidentally left my cigarettes at home. May I borrow one from you? I will give it back once we get back home, after school.”

Chrissie replied: “Sure, Jenny,” and took one from her packet of twenty, handing it to her stepsister.

“Thank you!” Jenny replied and walked off to her little secret spot where she smoked her cigarettes at school, behind the swimming pool.

Jenny had just lit the cigarette when she heard a stern voice behind her.

“Smoking is an automatic caning offence, Jennifer!”

Jenny jumped, and as she turned around she saw the familiar figure of Mr Davids, her geography teacher. The teacher took the cigarette from her mouth and stepped on it, before picking it up.

He said: “You can go and wait outside the deputy headmistress’s study, Jennifer! I will inform Mrs Bates about your smoking and that you are waiting for her. I am sure the deputy headmistress will be more than willing to deal with you.”

Jenny did not even try to argue as she knew it would not help pleading with Mr Davids, so she turned and made her way to the deputy headmistress’s study. As Jenny approached the study of Mrs Bates, she saw the head girl, Charlotte Gardner, a short, plump, ash blonde girl, with big blue eyes waiting for her with a grin on her face.

As Jenny approached Charlotte said: “Come on Jenny, get a move on!”

Jenny then hastily made her way towards the head girl. She said: “Oh I have a babysitter, I see!”

Charlotte smiled and said: “Yes, you see Mrs Bates wants all naughty girls to stand in a certain position while waiting for her to deal with them. So Jenny, let’s get you into position.”

Jenny sighed and rolled her eyes as she replied: “Ok, ok, Charlotte! Where and how do you want me to stand?”

Charlotte snapped: “Stand there, to the left of the door, with your nose to the wall and your hands on your head! You are in for a caning, Jennifer, so you may just as well stop that cheek.”

Jenny looked at the head girl and said: “Really?”

The head girl smiled and motioned for her fellow sixth former to assume the position.  Jenny was hardly in position, with her nose close to the wall, when she heard footsteps.

Then Charlotte spoke to the approaching person. “What did she do this time, Natalie?”

Jenny looked round to see who the new arrival was. Natalie O’Moore, a friendly, tall, athletic girl, almost doll-like prefect, with long, curly, blonde hair and pale blue eyes, was escorting a girl to the deputy headmistress’s study.

Natalie replied: “I found her taking a few puffs behind the bike shed, Charlotte. She still has almost a full pack of twenty cigarettes in her blazer pocket.”

Charlotte replied: “Well done, Natalie! Christine Hobbs, here you are again!”

Jenny almost fainted as she heard that it was Chrissie who was joining her for a visit to the deputy headmistress. Chrissie did not realise at first that it was Jenny standing against the wall, until Charlotte snapped: “Well, Christine, take your place next to your fellow smoking sixth former, Jennifer Atkins, over there, while we wait for Mrs Bates.”

Christine looked at the head girl then at Jenny, in shock, before she assumed the same position as her stepsister, about a foot to the right of Jennifer. With the girls in position, the two prefects sat down on the wooden bench against the opposite side of the corridor, so they could keep a watchful eye on the smokers.

Jenny and Christine were feeling rather silly, having to stand like that with the entire school able to see them. The girls heard footsteps approaching and the two prefects also stood as a teacher approached.

The teacher spoke to the prefects: “Mrs Bates will be here shortly, she is just busy with an important telephone call in the headmistress’s study.” It was the voice of Mr Davids.

Charlotte replied: “No Problem, sir. Natalie and I will wait here till Mrs Bates arrives to deal with Atkins and Hobbs.”

Mr Davids turned and with a: “Thank you, Charlotte and Natalie.” He returned to the staff room for his tea.

Charlotte then came and stood behind the two girls and said: “Well, you heard Mr Davids. So, stand up straight, keep your noses to the wall and your hands clasped on your heads. Don’t move and keep quiet.”

The prefects then went to sit on the bench again and chatted softly with each other. Every now and then one of them would snap at the two teenagers standing against the wall.

“Stand up straight!”

“Stop fidgeting with your hair!”

“Keep your feet together!”

Christine stood trying not to think about the prospect of being caned, while her stepsister, Jenny, was trying to calm herself as her nervousness increased.

Then more footsteps approached, female, judging by the sound of click-clacking heels on the tiled floor. They heard the prefects standing up as the steps drew closer, then Charlotte and Natalie spoke together.

“Morning, Mrs Bates!”

Mrs Bates replied sternly as she passed the two prefects and entered her study. “Morning, girls. You two prefects follow me, and you two stay as and where you are, till told otherwise!”

The prefects followed the deputy headmistress into the study, with Natalie closing the door behind them. After a few minutes, of muffled conversation between Mrs Bates, the head girl and the prefect, the door opened and Charlotte spoke to the two teenagers, who were still facing the wall.

“Mrs Bates will see you now. Both of you.”

The two stepsisters lowered their hands to their sides and passed the smiling head girl as they entered the study and went and stood in front of the desk. Charlotte closed the door and took her place next to Natalie by the door.

The deputy headmistress looked at the two girls in front of her and then sternly addressed the two smokers.

“Would you please remove all cigarettes and matches or lighters from your pockets and place them on my desk.”

Jenny took the half smoked, squashed cigarette and a pink lighter from her blazer pocket and placed them on the desk in front of her. Meanwhile, Chrissie took her packet of cigarettes, containing 16 cigarettes and a box of matches from her blazer pocket and placed them on the desk as well.

“Good! So, you now have no excuse as you both have cigarettes in your possession, and were caught red handed by Mr Davids and Natalie smoking one each. Which brings me straight to your punishment, girls. As you are aware, smoking merits an automatic caning.”

The deputy headmistress opened a drawer and took out the punishment register. As she opened it at the last entry, the two stepsisters could actually read the entries on the last two pages.

Jenny could see her name on the left page as she was sent to Mrs Bates for repeatedly talking in class with her friend, Bianca Nortman, five weeks previously.

’Jennifer Atkins, 6B, talking in class, 6 strokes of the slipper over trousers.’

‘Bianca Nortman, 6B, talking in class, 6 strokes of the slipper over trousers’

Christine was quite surprised when she noticed her stepsister’s name in the punishment register as Jenny had not told her about it. Then she saw her own name only three names above the last entry.

’Christine Hobbs, 6D, disruptive behaviour in gym class, 3 strokes with medium cane across seat of gym shorts.’

Christine blushed as Jenny glanced at her.

The deputy headmistress looked at the girls and pronounced their punishment.

“You are both senior girls at this school and should know better than to smoke on school grounds. Therefore I am going to give you both a good hiding. Six strokes with a senior cane across the seats of your school trousers!”

Jennifer’s eyes started to water up immediately as she heard the news, and Christine got very nervous, knowing just how much it hurt from her previous encounter. The two prefects’ smiles grew even bigger.

Mrs Bates made the entry:

’Jennifer Atkins, 6B, smoking, 6 strokes with the senior cane, over school trousers.’

‘Christine Hobbs, 6D, smoking, 6 strokes with the senior cane, over school trousers.’

Then the deputy headmistress continued, just as the bell rang announcing the end of first break: “Charlotte and Natalie, you may now return to class, and please advise your respective teachers why Hobbs and Atkins will be late, thank you.”

The two prefects, feeling quite disappointed, having hoped to see the two smokers get their just deserts, turned and left the study, with Charlotte closing the door.

Mrs Bates got up from her comfortable chair and walked over to a cabinet, unlocked and opened it, revealing the four crook handled rattan rods hanging from hooks inside. She took the 3 foot long, ¼ inch thick, dark brown coloured one on the right from its hook, turned and flexed it between her hands, showing just how supple the  rod was to the now very nervous looking teenagers in front of her desk. She placed the cane on her desk in full view of the two girls, then took a chair standing to one side, between two filing cabinets, and placed it next to her desk, with its back facing the girls.

Mrs Bates took a few practise swings with the cane as she walked around her desk towards the two sixth formers and snapped: “Right! Christine Hobbs, you are going first. Remove your blazer and place it neatly on my desk.” She pointed with the cane to a clear space on the big oak desk.

Chrissie complied without hesitation, but did not make any eye contact with her stepsister.

Mrs Bates continued: “Go stand by the back of the chair, feet together, then bend over the back and hold on to the front legs, Hobbs. Get a move on, girl!”

Christine sighed and did as the deputy headmistress instructed. Christine, being the shorter of the two teenagers, found it quite uncomfortable as she held on to the front legs, with the chair’s back digging uncomfortably into her stomach, but she was grateful for having the chair to hold on to, instead of the usual ‘touch your toes’ position often used.

The deputy headmistress took another few practice swings and, as the cane swished through the air, Jenny couldn’t help but to notice just how small Chrissie’s bottom looked under the tightly stretched grey trousers.

Mrs Bates held the cane firmly against the well presented target and said, while tapping the teenager’s bottom lightly:  “Listen carefully, both of you! You will stay in position until I tell you otherwise. If you move from your position or try and cover your bottom, I will add two extra strokes to your punishment! Jennifer, stand with your back against the wall behind you, keeping your hands on your head, girl!”

The tapping stopped and, with a single movement, Mrs Bates drew the cane back and whipped it down hard. With a thwack, the senior cane landed across the centre of Christine’s bottom, causing the girl to let out a rather loud: “Uurrgghh!” as the intense sting of the first stroke caught Chrissie off guard.

Ten seconds later, after another few taps, swissh, thwack! Met by an: “Ouch!” from Christine. The second searing stroke of pain found its place on the girls bottom, just below the first.

Tap, tap, tap, swiisshh, thwacckk!

Chrissie whispered, as she sniffed back the tears: “Oww! It hurts!”

Mrs Bates took her time, giving the first three strokes time to sink in, just tapping the cane all over the girl’s bottom. After a full minute, the deputy headmistress swung the cane with force down across the top of Christine’s bottom.

Swwiissh, thwwack!  Met with another: “Ouch, miss!”

Jenny could not get herself to watch anymore and closed her eyes, as her heart pounded and her mouth went dry, palms sweating, knowing she was next.

Christine Hobbs’ bottom was now throbbing with pain, as the fourth stroke settled on her already very sore bottom, causing the teenager to shift her weight from foot to foot.  Mrs Bates noticed the slight movement of the bent over girl and snapped: “Keep still, girl! This is your final warning. If you move again, I will add the promised two extra strokes!”

The now crying Christine Hobbs replied meekly: “Sorry miss! It hurts, miss!”

Mrs Bates ignored the teenager’s comment and tapped her bottom again as she prepared to deliver the final two strokes of the girl’s punishment.   With a swift movement, the cane hissed through the air with an almighty, ssswwiisshh, landing with a cracking thhhwwacckk! just above the natural crease where bottom meets thighs.

This caused the teenager to shriek: “Oww, oww, oww, miss!”  as her head jolted back from the impact.

The deputy headmistress took another full minute, just tapping the girl’s bottom, before she drew the cane back for the final time, and with a swwwiisshh and an echoing thwacckk, the final stroke landed.

“Ow, ow, argh!” Came from Christine Hobbs as she used all her willpower to stay in position, till the deputy headmistress let her stand and soothe her very sore, throbbing bottom.

After a full minute, Mrs Bates snapped: “Stand up, Hobbs!”

Chrissie stood and her hands flew to her well punished bottom, frantically rubbing it, to ease the pain. Mrs Bates gave the teenager a few minutes to compose herself, while she addressed Jenny.

“You are next, Atkins! Remove your blazer, girl!”

Jennifer Atkins complied without resistance, holding her blazer in her hands.

The deputy headmistress continued: “That’s enough now, Christine! Put your blazer back on and change places with Jennifer!”

Christine did as instructed and, as she and Jennifer exchanged places, the two girls just glanced at each other.

“Hands on your head, Hobbs! Stand still while I deal with your partner in crime!” Snapped the deputy head.

As soon as Mrs Bates was satisfied with Christine’s position she turned her attention to Jenny, who was nervously fidgeting with her hair as she stood by the chair.

“Bend over, Atkins! Right over, and hold on to the front legs!” The deputy headmistress continued.

Jenny turned and bent over the chair with ease, feeling her trousers stretching tightly across her now up turned bottom. Jenny felt rather self-conscious about her bottom, and blushed as she waited for her punishment to start. The teenager flinched as the cane was firmly pressed across the centre of her bottom, before the deputy headmistress started gently tapping the well presented target with the cane.

Christine stood against the wall while trying not to concentrate too much on her still madly throbbing bottom. She was amazed at just how perfectly shaped and well proportioned her stepsister’s bottom was.

Mrs Bates continued: “Right, Jennifer! Same rules as I told Hobbs, earlier! Keep still and keep those hands gripping the legs of the chair! Understood?”

Jenny replied: “Yes, miss!”

“Good! Now, let’s warm your bottom the same way we did Christine’s!”

Mrs Bates took a few practise swings by just slashing the cane through the air behind the bent over girl, then without any warning; swish, thwack! The first stroke landed across the centre of Jennifer Atkins’ bottom. For a second or two Jenny felt nothing, and then, as if a fire was lit under her bottom, there was this explosion of stinging pain, which turned into an intense throbbing pain a few seconds later.

Jenny just closed her eyes, gritted her teeth and took the first stroke in silence.

Chrissie was totally surprised by the way her stepsister took the first stroke.

Ten seconds, and a few taps later, and swwissh, thhwacck! The second stroke landed right at the top of Jenny’s bottom, with only an: “Ow!” Coming from the teenager.

Tap, swwwiiisshhh and a resounding thhhwwacck! The third stroke found its place in the middle of the first two, causing Jenny to arch her back a little as she yelled out: “Oh my gosh! My bottom hurts! Ouch, miss!”

Mrs Bates smiled and snapped: “It’s supposed to hurt, Jennifer! Now keep still, girl! Only three more to go!”

The deputy head waited a full minute before she tapped the girl’s bottom again, with a swwissh and a firm thhwackk! The fourth stroke landed just below the first, met by an even louder: “Oouucchhh!!”

Jenny really had to grip the front legs of the chair as tightly as she could, as the throbbing pain across her bottom got almost unbearable. She began to cry.

Chrissie was surprised at just how well her stepsister was taking the thrashing.

Mrs Bates then tapped the girl’s bottom right on the natural crease where bottom meets thighs and swept the cane down hard.  Swwwiisshh, thhwaacckk! Jenny almost lost her grip on the legs of the chair, as she yelled in a high pitched voice: “Ow, miss! Please stop! It hurts too much!” Mrs Bates ignored the girl’s plea for mercy, and with only a single tap of the cane, she let it rip through the air with a swwwiisshhh. It landed just above the previous stroke with a thhwwacckk! The teenager’s head jolted back, legs bending slightly and hips swaying.

The deputy tapped the cane again across the girl’s bottom and snapped: “Hold your position, Atkins! Or do you want the extra two strokes?”

Jenny immediately straightened her legs and stopped swaying her hips. “No, please, no more, miss!” As she sniffed back the tears.

A full minute later, Jenny got to stand and soothe her bottom. Chrissie could not help smiling at the sight of her stepsister rubbing her bottom while hopping from foot to foot.

“That’s enough, Jennifer! Put your blazer back on, and get your hands on your head!”

Once Jennifer had her blazer back on and her hands clasped on her head, Mrs Bates addressed Chrissie.

“Christine, come stand next to Jennifer, please!”

The two girls now stood side by side, sniffing back tears and trying to stand still while their bottoms throbbed, while the headmistress continued.

“Let that be a lesson to both of you! Now get back to class!”

The two well punished girls left the study in silence and made their painful way back to their respective classes. Fortunately, the teachers did not ask any questions and both girls were allowed to stand for the rest of the class.

During second break, the two stepsisters met in the bathroom and compared marks. Both agreed that Jenny’s bottom looked worse than Chrissie’s, as it was blushing red with six angry, raised, bright red welts covering her small, round bottom.

The rest of the school day went without incident and, as the two girls made their way home, they passed the deputy headmistress’s study. Mr Davids was standing there with two packets of ten cigarettes. Then two girls, dressed in their gym uniforms, came from the gym.

“Hurry up, girls! I don’t have all afternoon! Natalie, over here, nose to the wall, hands on head! Charlotte, over there, next to O’Moore! Stand up straight, and don’t move! Mrs Bates is on her way!”

To Jenny and Chrissie’s surprise, the two girls were Natalie O’Moore, the prefect who caught Chrissie, smoking, and Charlotte Gardner, the head girl, who Mr Davids got to keep an eye on Jenny till the deputy headmistress arrived to cane her. Mr Davids must have caught them smoking, too!

That evening, the two girls told their parents about their canings earlier at school and both Mr and Mrs Atkins told the girls they had warned them not to smoke at school, so it was their own doing they were now nursing sore bottoms.

The next morning at school, Jenny and Chrissie heard that Charlotte and Natalie both got six of the best for smoking, plus an extra stroke for Natalie as she was a prefect, and an extra two strokes for Charlotte as she was the head girl.

The End

© Brian Melville 2017