Middle of the night punishment for two girls at boarding school
By Brian Melville

Melony Hastings and Claire Harper were both attending St Helena’s boarding school, an exclusive all girls school in the far west of London where corporal punishment was still used. Both the housemaster and matron were authorised to use the cane if felt appropriate. The headmistress herself refused to administer corporal punishment.

Melony and Claire were both in the upper sixth form and were sharing a room. For upper six form girls there were only two in a room, whereas for the lower forms there were six to a dormitory. As the two girls had been in the same dormitory ever since first year, so they became best friends, doing everything possible together, including playing netball for the schools first team.

Both Melony and Claire had found themselves on the receiving end of Mr Simon’s, the deputy headmaster’s, cane a couple of times, but had never been in trouble at the boarding house. They were too scared of their housemaster, Mr Ross, as he was known throughout the boarding house as an expert caner.

The girls’ story starts on a humid and very hot summer’s afternoon during the summer of 1982. The bell rang at exactly three-thirty to announce the end of the school day for the four hundred girls of St Helena’s. As Claire and Melony made their way to the boarding house just a couple of hundred yards from the school, they chatted about the head girl, Nicola Smith, getting the maximum of eight strokes for bullying a little first form girl. The girl’s mother had come to the school to complain to the headmistress.

As they got to their room on the far end of the second floor corridor, Claire said: “I now so badly need a smoke, Melony!”

Melony looked at her friend and replied, while closing their bedroom door: “Not so loud, Claire, you don’t want matron or the housemaster to hear you!”

“Uh, oh, sorry! But I need a cigarette!” Claire replied as she slumped down on her bed.

Melony changed into her much more comfortable pink tracksuit and some white socks, before laying down on her bed.

“Where can I get a smoke?” Claire asked again.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can sneak out later to the garage around the corner and go buy a packet to share?” Melony replied with a smile.

Claire blurted out: “Great idea, girl! But we need to get studying for tomorrow’s biology test, unless you want to find yourself in trouble with old Ross again!”

Melony sighed as she got out her books and started going through her notes. Before the girls knew it, the bell rang to announce dinner time. They put their books away and made their way to the dinning room. After dinner the two girls slipped out the front door and made their way to the convenience store on the corner. Claire bought the packet of ten cigarettes and they made a bee-line back to the boarding house.

They slipped back in without being noticed, and made their way to the showers. By seven o’clock, they were back in their room puffing on a cigarette each by the open window, with Melony spraying some air freshener every now and then to prevent anyone passing their room smelling the smoke. Time passed slowly as the girls again took the opportunity to go through their biology notes again, when the bell rang for bed time.

The girls got into bed and, shortly after, they heard matron passing as she opened each door, taking a peek inside to make sure everyone was in bed, and then switching off the light and closing the door, before moving on to the next room.

The two friends tossed and turned for hours as neither of them could fall asleep. Eventually Claire sat up, opened the curtain in front of the open windows and reached into the drawer of her bedside table for the cigarettes. Melony looked at her watch as turned on to her side so she faced her friend.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, Claire! You know old Ross likes to do his ghost patrols this time of night. It is midnight already!” Melony warned her friend.

“Oh, stop worrying so much and have a smoke with me, Melony! We just spray some air freshener regularly and no one will know!” Claire said as she sprayed some more air freshener.

At that moment, Mr Ross came up to the girls’ room and smelled the lavender air fresher. He immediately thought it was a very odd smell for that time of night, so he decided to investigate. He swung the bedroom door open as he switched the light back on, just as the girls took a puff on their respective cigarettes.

As soon as the light came on, Claire froze, and Melony tried to hide her cigarette, but it was too late. The housemaster stood in the door, furiously staring at them.

“What is going on here?” Mr Ross snapped.

“Sorry sir!” Claire blurted in shock.

Melony sat up in her bed, just holding the cigarette in her right hand and staring at the housemaster.

Mr Ross snapped: “On your feet, both of you!”

The two eighteen year olds jumped to their feet with the lit cigarettes still in their hands.

The housemaster continued: “Put those filthy cigarettes out and hand them to me!”

As the girls nipped their cigarettes over the little stainless steel ashtray on Claire’s bedside table, the housemaster continued: “And the packet and lighter as well, please! Quick about it, girls!”

Claire quickly turned and lifted her mattress, taking the packet with six remaining cigarettes and a blue lighter inside, handing it to the angry housemaster. Mr Ross looked at the two miscreants standing side by side between their beds.  The dark blonde, blue eyed, medium built, Claire Harper, the shorter of the two, was dressed in lime green pajama shorts and matching vest, and stood with her hands behind her back. To her left stood her partner in crime, the tall, slender, brown eyes and hair, Melony Hastings , dressed in her light pink pajama shorts and red vest, with her hands clasped in front of her. Both were staring at the wooden floor in front of their toes.

“Right, let’s…” Mr Ross started his sentence but was interrupted.

As the girls looked up they saw the bright yellow pajama shorts and vest of Danielle Harvey, the pretty blonde, blue eyed, slender, and almost six feet tall, house captain, standing just outside their door. Danielle was woken by the commotion in the bedroom next door and had come to investigate.

Mr Ross addressed the house captain: “Ah Danielle, I caught these two smoking in their room!”

Showing the two nipped cigarettes and packet in his right hand to the pretty girl, he continued: “You two will go to my study, where I can deal with you in private and without waking up the entire corridor. Danielle, you can take Melony and Claire to my study and keep an watchful eye on them while I finish my rounds.’

With a nod of the head, Danielle snapped: “You two, follow me!”

She turned and started to walk off towards the housemaster’s study.

As the girls passed Mr Ross, he snapped: “Oh Danielle, make sure they wait in the normal position till I get there, please.”

“Will do, Sir,” Danielle said with a smirk on her face.

As the three girls walked down the corridor towards the stairs, Mr Ross couldn’t help but notice the difference in the girls’ bottoms. Danielle had a well toned, firm, round little bottom. Melony had a slightly bigger, round, fleshier bottom and Claire had a similar fleshy round bottom. Mr Ross closed
the girls’ bedroom door and continued on his rounds.

The three girls approached the study and as soon as the came to the oak door with the copper plaque reading ‘Housemaster’s Study’ on it, the house captain snapped: “Over here, Melony!” She pointed to a spot just to the right of the door.

As Melony took her place, Danielle snapped again: “You, next to her!”

The two girls stood looking  nervously at their house captain for the next instruction.

“Turn around so you face the wall! Stand close to the wall and place your hands on your heads! Take two steps to the left Claire, so you don’t touch one another! Stand up straight with your feet together and don’t move!” Danielle barked the instructions like a military sergeant.

After about five minutes, which felt like hours for the two miscreants,
Danielle spoke again, to the two smokers. “I must just tell you two that I am so glad I’m not you. When Mr Ross gets back, he will surely cane you both and let me tell you, those pajama shorts will offer no protection whatsoever.”

Claire rolled her eyes and snapped: “How do you know we are going to get the cane? You’re not old Ross, Danielle!”

“I know because I’ve been here not so long ago for the same thing, and I got six strokes across my pajama shorts, Claire!’ Danielle said with a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Melony immediately replied: “How long ago is not so long ago to you, Harper?”

“About two months ago,” Danielle replied, blushing.

This caused both girls to look at each other for a few seconds until they heard the house captain barking orders again.

“Hey, you are suppose to face the wall! Now do as you are told and keep quiet!”

The two girls complied and, after ten minutes, they heard Mr Ross approaching the study.

As he came to Danielle, standing three feet behind the other two girls, he said: “Would you wait here till I’ve finished with these two and take them back to their room, please Danielle?”

“Yes, sir!” The girl replied with a smile.

Mr Ross opened the door to his spacious study with its shining wooden floor, big desk, comfortable black leather office chair and two plush black arm chairs for guests. It had floor to ceiling bookshelves along the wall opposite the door and five filling cabinets behind his chair. There was also a table with six high backed chairs opposite his desk with a rather big open space in between the arm chairs and the backs of the chairs around the table.

Although no other person knew it, the space was left for one reason only, and that was to give the housemaster enough space to have a girl bent over and to get a proper swing with the cane. The cane he used, a
two and a half foot long, 1/4 of an inch thick, crook handled, golden brown coloured, very springy rattan rod, hung on a hook behind the door. Mr Ross knew all to well that neither of the two smokers had ever been before him for a dose of the cane.

He sternly addressed the girls: “Harper and Hastings, inside!”

The girls stepped into the study and went to stand behind the chairs facing the desk.

“Harvey, you may sit on one of those chairs while you wait!” The housemaster said as he closed the door and took his seat behind the desk, with the two girls now standing nervously in front of him, just behind the two arm chairs. He just sat looking at them for a full minute, and noticed how Melony was staring at the cane behind the door, while her friend Claire nervously cast her eyes towards the cane every few seconds.

Mr Ross then placed the cigarettes and packet on his desk, opened the bottom drawer on the left side and took out a book with a red cover, placing it on the desk in front of him. The girls could see the writing on the cover, from where they stood. ‘Register of Corporal Punishment for St Helena’s Boarding House’, or in short the punishment book.

He opened it and had to turn a few pages to get to the last entry, which was quite a surprise for Melony. The last entry contained five names, and the third name left Melony speechless and very surprised.

The entry read as follows:

Dianne Archer, Form 5, Eating in dormitory after lights out, 4 strokes of the cane, over blue pajama shorts.

Veronica Carstens,Form 5, Eating in dormitory after lights out, 4 strokes of the cane, over pink pajama shorts.

Emily Hughes, Form 5, Eating in dormitory after lights out, 4 strokes of the cane, over white pajama shorts.

Sarah Parker, Form 5, Eating in dormitory after lights out, 4 strokes of the cane, over pink pajama shorts.

Melissa Smith, Form 5, Eating in dormitory after lights out, 4 strokes of the cane, over red pajama shorts.

Emily Hughes, a short, plump, red headed seventeen year old girl, being Melony’s cousin and a real miss goody-two-shoes, according to everyone
who knew her, had never been in trouble at home or school, up until three days ago, that is. Emily was the daughter of Mrs Hastings’ older brother. As the housemaster entered their names into the punishment book, Melony wondered what uncle Steven would have to say about Emily’s caning.

Mr Ross entered the girls’ names into the book.

Claire Harper, Form 6, Smoking in bedroom after lights out, 6 strokes of the cane, over lime green pajama shorts.

Melony Hastings, Form 6, Smoking in bedroom after lights out, 6 strokes of the cane, over light pink pajama shorts.

Then he stood and went over to the door, taking the cane from its hook and, as he returned to stand by his desk, he addressed the two trembling girls.

“Right you two, since neither of you have been before me for punishment I want to explain to you what I expect of you. You will bend over in
alphabetical order for 6 strokes of my cane, and I expect you to stay in position and keep your legs perfectly straight with your bottom pushed out. Keep looking in front of you, as you have nothing to see behind you. You just need to feel the sting of my cane across your bottoms.”

He allowed some time for his words to sink in, before he snapped: “Understood?”

“Yes sir!” Claire replied.

“Yes sir!” Melony answered meekly.

Mr Ross then took the cane in both hands and flexed it as he moved around the two girls so he now stood behind them.

“Melony, stand over there facing the bookshelves, hands on your head, while I deal with Miss Harvey!”

Melony made her way to the bookshelves and assumed the prescribed position.

Once she was settled, the housemaster addressed Claire: “Right, Harper, over here girl!” As he used the cane to point to a spot on the floor, he continued: “Turn around so you are facing Hastings’ back, feet slightly apart and bend over!”

Claire turned and took a deep breath as she bent herself over from the waist, and placed her hands just above her knees, feeling her pajama shorts stretching across her firm rounded bottom as she looked directly at Melony’s bottom.

“Lower down and straighten your back, Harper!” The housemaster snapped as he pressed slightly on the girl’s arched back.

Claire lowered herself more, till her hands were about an inch below her knees, when Mr Ross snapped: “There we go! Much better! Now keep still Claire!”

As he took up his place slightly behind and to the left of the poor girl, he placed the cane across the center of the soft target. Claire closed her eyes and grit her teeth as she waited for that first stroke. Ten seconds went by and then; swish, thwack! The first stroke cut into the soft flesh covered by the thin and very tightly stretched pajama shorts. It caused an instant: “Ouch!” in reaction to the intense sudden sting across the girl’s bottom.

Again the cane was placed just below the first stroke and, ten seconds later; swish, thwack! This was followed by a rather loud sigh from the girl, as the second stroke fell right on target.  Ten seconds later and; swish, thwack! Stroke three fell where it was aimed, just below number two. This caused some heavy breathing from Claire.

Thirty seconds went by with Mr Ross just holding the cane right below the third stroke, before stroke four sliced into the upturned bottom. Swish, thwack! Bang on target again and much harder than the previous three. It was met with a trembling: “Ow, ow, ow, it hurts!”

Ten seconds and swish, thwack! The fifth stroke fell just below the fourth, low down on Claire’s bottom, and causing her to shriek, as she bent her knees slightly for a split second as she tried to come to terms with the ever intensifying pain across her bottom. Claire just gasped for air in reaction and regained her original position seconds later.

Melony wanted to sneak a peak at what was happening behind her but did not want to get herself in more trouble or, even worse, get extra strokes added for a silly peak.

Claire was very surprised at how well Mr Ross could aim with the cane, but feared the final stroke as she knew it would be right at the base of her bottom on the natural crease where buttocks meet thigh. She knew from previous experience it really hurt when you were caned there. Claire braced herself for it and, after a full minute and a half, with no contact between bottom and cane, there was a swish followed by a cracking thwack! Claire shot up right, hands flying to her bottom as she yelled in agony.

“Ow, ow, ow! My poor bum!”

Before the housemaster could react to the girl’s behaviour, Claire Harvey regained her composure and forced herself back into position as if there were still some outstanding strokes. Mr Ross waited two minutes before addressing the bent over girl in front of him.

Meanwhile, outside in the front office, the pretty house captain could
basically hear every word and sound from inside the study. Danielle Harvey enjoyed listening to her fellow six form students getting caned.

“Good! Get up and chance places with Hastings, Harper!”

Claire got up and instantly rubbed her sore bottom through the thin lime green shorts.

“Quick about it, ladies! Change places!’ The housemaster snapped.

The two friends took a quick glance at each other as they changed places. Melony stood about a foot from the housemaster, looking at him while they waited for Claire to settle into her position with her hands on her head.

Then the housemaster snapped: “Over here, Hastings!” He pointed to the same spot on the floor.

“Right, bend over young lady!” He continued.

Melony Hastings gave her bottom a last soothing rub before bending over with her hands just above her ankles.

“Straighten those legs, Melony! Keep still!”

The final instructions came from the housemaster as he placed the cane firmly across the center of the girl’s bottom, which was firmer and smaller than her friend.

Ten seconds ticked by and; swish, thwack! There was an instant, very intense sting across the center of Melony’s bottom, met with a uffled: “Ow!’

After ten more seconds; swish, thwack!

“Ouch, sir!” The second stroke made its mark just below the first. Ten seconds, and; swish, thwack! Stroke three fell right below stroke two, met with a gasp for air and a rather loud: “Ouch! It stings!”

Thirty seconds went by before the fourth stroke; swish, thwack!

It was met with a shrieking: “Argh!”

The fourth and hardest stroke yet cut into the flesh of Hastings’ bottom, just below the previous stroke, and very close to the crease where buttocks meet
thigh. A worried Melony braced herself, as she did not know where the final two strokes would land on her now very sore, stinging and up turned bottom covered in those very thin and extremely, tightly stretched light pink shorts.

Mr Ross, being an expert with the cane, knew this. He let the cane rip through the air; swish, thwack! Stroke five struck the smoking girl’s bottom, right above the first stroke, on the fleshiest part of the girl’s bottom. This time Melony did not make a sound, her bottom muscles tensing automatically from the stinging sensation.

Mr Ross waited a full minute before placing the cane right on the crease between bottom and thigh and, ten seconds later, there was an almighty swish and a resounding thwack as the final stroke fell across Melony’s bottom. It took all the girl’s will power to not leap into the air or cover her bottom, but she managed to stay bent over with only a muffled: “Ow, Not so hard sir!”

Two minutes later, Mr Ross snapped: “Get up, Hastings!”

Melony leaped up and gave her burning bottom a frantic rub with both hands.

The housemaster snapped: “Stop that! Hands on your head! Harper, come join your friend over here.”

Within seconds, the girls found themselves standing side by side again, with smarting, striped bottoms and their hands on their heads.

Mr Ross addressed them sternly. “May that be a lesson to you girls! If you are caught smoking in my boarding house again, I will make your pajama bottoms smoke with my cane!”

He waited a few seconds for his words to sink in before placing the cane back on its hook behind the door.

He opened the door and said: “Harvey, get in here girl!’

Danielle Harvey jumped to her feet and almost sprinted into the housemaster’s study. As she did, she noticed Melony and Claire standing in clear discomfort.

Mr Ross snapped: “Take them back to their room and make sure they are in bed with the light out, then get yourself back in bed very quickly Harvey. I
will be doing some more rounds in a while.”

Danielle replied: “Yes Sir! Come along ladies!”

As they left, Mr Ross sternly warned: “I will not hesitate to cane you if you don’t do as you’re told, Danielle! Even if you are the house captain!”

This made the pretty house captain tremble in her pajamas, as she answered meekly: “Yes sir!”

As soon as they were out of sight of the housemaster, the two caned girls again started to soothe their bottoms. Daniielle Harvey hastily
marched them to their room, snapping orders like: “Come on, walk faster, girls!  Don’t waste time, walk! You will have enough time to rub those bottoms once you are in your beds. Come on, I don’t want to feel what you felt, so hurry along!”

They arrived at their bedroom door and switched the light on.

Danielle ordered: “Get in your beds, girls!”

Both girls stood by their beds rubbing their bottoms, much to the irritation of Danielle, who snapped: “Get in, face down now! Or do you want to return for another caning?”

This was enough to encourage the two girls, and they fell face down on their beds. Danielle switched the light off and closed the door with a last
sarcastic comment:

“Sleep well, naughty girls! Your bums will be stinging for a while yet, so get use to it and get to sleep.”

The door closed and they heard the house captain scamper to her room. The two friends eventually fell asleep after lying in bed in absolute silence as the tried to deal with their sore bottoms.

The next morning when the bell rang for the girls to wake up, the girls made their way to the toilets and then returned to get dressed for school. They took some time to look at their bottoms in the mirror and inspect each other’s damaged rears, being very amazed at how well old Ross could line the strokes up across their bottoms. Claire had 6 angry red welts evenly spaced out from the center to the crease where buttocks meet thighs. Melony sported the same welts as her friend from just above the center to the crease as well, all perfectly straight and parallel to each other.

During breakfast Danielle asked: “How’s the bottom feeling and looking this morning, Claire?”

Claire answered: “My bum is doing fine and I am pretty sure you know all too well what it looks like, Danielle!”

Danielle smirked and carried on eating her porridge. Later that day at school, Melony’s cousin, Emily, met up with her and Claire. The girls discussed the canings they got respectively from the housemaster.

The End

© Brian Melville 2018