Two girls get into trouble during a field trip

By Brian Melville

Eighteen year old Madeline May and Jessica Lawton were best friends since they could remember, and they were always in the same class at school since first form. Now the two friends are in sixth form and looking forward to the yearly sixth form field trip to a chocolate factory in the neighbouring town.

Maddy’s and Jesse’s, as they were known by their friends, story starts during a beautiful sunny day  during the summer of 1990, as the two tall, slender, leggy, blonde friends met up at the corner cafe about three blocks from school, like they did every morning on their way to school.

The girls attended Pink Oak Secondary School for girls, an exclusive all girls school situated east of London. The school had a boarding facility as well, and catered for a total of four hundred girls aged between thirteen and eighteen years of age. Pink Oak Academy had a rich history of producing top academic achievers due to their above average standard of education and strict disciplinary policies, with the cane being the preferred weapon against any misbehaviour. Only the deputy headmaster was allowed to administer the cane to the seat of a naughty girl’s skirt or trousers, with the headmistress occasionally feeling the need to deal with particular miscreants herself.

The school uniform consisted of a junior and a senior uniform, with the junior uniform being compulsory for first to fourth form girls. The senior uniform was an optional uniform for fifth and sixth form girls. The junior uniform consisted of a red and white check skirt, white long sleeve blouse, red tie, black blazer, white knee socks, and black school shoes without a heel. The senior, optional, but tremendously popular, uniform consisted of black trousers, white long sleeve blouse, red tie, red blazer, black ankle socks and black school shoes with a one inch heel.

The day of the much anticipated field trip finally arrived and the fifty-two sixth form girls could hardly wait to get on the school bus for the one and a half hour trip to the chocolate factory. The girls, all smartly dressed in the optional uniform, lined up in a neat single line to board the bus under the watchful and very stern eyes of Mr Abbot, the deputy headmaster, and the prefects. Once everyone was seated on the bus, they were finally on their way, with the trip going smoothly and without any incidents.

The bus stopped in the parking area in front of the factory, then the deputy headmaster had a quick word with the senior girls.

“Right girls, as you all know we are here to learn about the making of chocolates and I, no, the school, expects your best behaviour at all times, especially in public. So, we don’t want any form of misbehaviour. If any one of you should misbehave, you will be finding yourself in my study as soon as we arrive back at school for the cane! Are we clear on that, girls?”

“Yes-s sir-r-r!” Echoed the reply from all fifty-two girls as they answered the deputy headmaster.

The girls then followed the deputy headmaster and their two form teachers from the bus and made their way to the factory in two neat lines. The factory was huge inside and the tour was very interesting, but then Maddy and Jesse slipped off to have a quick smoke in one of the factory rest rooms. The girls rejoined their fellow sixth formers without being noticed, or so they thought.

The tour took about two hours and at the end each girl got a little gift pack from the factory staff, packed with their full range of ten different chocolates and five packets of sweets, before boarding the bus and heading back to school.  The trip back also went without any problems and, once they were back at school, they were allowed to go home early that day.

On their way home, Jesse and Maddy laughed about their little slipping away stunt during the field trip.

“Never knew three teachers and ten prefects could be so blind that they didn’t even notice us slipping away. I mean, Samantha was actually looking my way as we sneaked off!” Jesse said, laughing.

“Yeah Jesse, I saw Sam looking in our direction and thought that we would actually get caught right there and then!” Madeline replied.

Sam, or Samantha Carter, was the Head Girl of Pink Oak Academy, and had the nickname of ‘Miss Eagle Eyes’, as nothing went without notice from Sam. As they came to the corner café, the girls said their goodbyes and made their separate ways home.

The following morning, the two friends met at their usual spot and made their way to school. They chatted about their afternoon and evening at home, and the up-coming biology test during the last period of the day.

The girls first three periods went without incident until about twenty minutes before first break when there was a knock on the door of the friends’ mathematics class. Miss Williams, their maths teacher, stopped her explanation of the algebra homework of the previous day and turned to the door as she said: “Come in!”

The door opened and Mrs Harding, the school secretary, entered.

“Morning  Miss  Williams, my apologies for interrupting your class, but the deputy headmaster wants to see Madeline May and Jessica Lawton in his study, straight away, please!” The secretary said.

“Morning Mrs Harding, of course! I will send them immediately!” The teacher replied.

The two friends glanced at each other as they heard the entire conversation between the secretary and their teacher, wondering why the deputy headmaster would want to seem them so urgently.

The mathematics teacher turned to the class and said: “Jessica, Madeline, you heard Mrs Harding! Pack your cases and make your way to Mr Abott’s study!”

The two friends packed their bags and, just as they were about to get to their feet, the teacher snapped: “Quick about it, ladies! You don’t want to keep the deputy headmaster waiting!”

As soon as they got to their feet, the secretary said: “Follow me, girls!”

The two girls made their way out of the class, following the secretary. They made their way down the corridors in silence with Maddy about three steps behind the secretary and Jesse two steps behind her. As they got closer to Mr Abott’s study, the anticipation grew as they tried to think of a possible reason why they were summoned to him at this particular point in time.

As they got to the door of the deputy headmaster’s study, Madeline noticed that Jesse was wearing the junior school uniform and not the senior uniform as herself.

“You girls  can  have a seat on the bench over there, while I go inform Mr Abott that you are here!” The secretary said as she stepped right up to the door.

Once satisfied that the miscreants were seated on the bench, she turned and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, there was a reply from inside.

”ENTER!” Came the familiar, but slightly muffled, voice of Mr Abott through the closed door.

The secretary opened the door and disappeared inside as she closed the door behind her. Maddy looked at her best friend for a few seconds as they sat on the bench waiting to be called in, and finally find out why they were summoned to see the deputy headmaster. Neither of the girls were strangers to the deputy headmaster’s study as they had found themselves visiting the deputy headmaster on several occasions for various offences in the past.

Jesse had last been a visitor for the cane at the end of fourth form for being caught out of bounds by the then Head Girl, when she quickly ran to the shop around the corner from the school. That earned her three strokes of the cane across the seat of her skirt.

Madeline had been on the receiving end of the cane on the very first school day of being a sixth former for running in the corridors and being caught by Mr Abott himself, earning her four strokes of the cane across the seat of her senior uniform trousers.

The two girls sat on the bench in silence as they knew better than to even dare talk to each other. Five minutes later the door opened and Mrs Harding stepped out of the study.

She said: “You two can go inside! The last one must close the door behind her, please!”

The girls got up and as Jesse passed the secretary she replied: “Yes miss!”

Jesse entered the study with its plush grey carpet, floor to ceiling bookshelves and cabinets along two walls, a big oak desk with comfortable, reclining black leather chair for Mr Abott to sit on, two comfortable black arm chairs in front of the desk for visiting parents or staff members, two large windows overlooking the sports fields and swimming pool area of the school. Maddy followed three steps behind her. Maddy closed the door and joined her friend standing behind the chairs facing the deputy headmaster. To the girls’ surprise there was an elderly lady sitting in one of the chairs in front of the deputy headmaster’s desk, causing both to wonder why the lady was there.

“So, Madeline May and Jessica Lawton, do you know why you were summoned to my study this morning?” The deputy headmaster said as he placed his tea cup back on its saucer.

“Not really, sir!” Madeline replied as she looked at the deputy headmaster.

“And you, Jessica?”  Mr Abott snapped.

“Uh, uhm, I can’t think of something, sir!”  Jesse replied, looking at the carpet in front of her shoes.

“Well, maybe a little clue will help you remember!  This is Mrs Reed, the personal assistant to the owner of the chocolate factory! Does this clue help you girls remember?”

These words made the two friends glance nervously at each other, as they realized that they may have been spotted sneaking off. Both girls hoped that the lady did not actually see them smoke in the bathrooms.

“So, anything you want to tell me, girls?” The deputy headmaster continued.

The girls just stood with their now bowed heads, staring at the carpet in front of them.

After a few seconds of silence, Mr Abott snapped: “Mrs Reed found this in the rubbish bin when you left!”

The deputy headmaster took something from his drawer and placed it on his desk. It was an empty cigarette packet and match box. Maddy wanted to kick herself for actually dumping the empty pack into the rubbish bin as she had written her name on the packet, knowing now that is how they were caught. Jesse also felt rather silly as she wrote her name on the match box, during history class two days before.

“I can tell you that Mrs Reed saw you smoke a cigarette each, so I am not even interested in your excuses, girls!” The deputy headmaster snapped.

Then he just looked at the two miscreants for a few seconds, before he continued.

“While I see Mrs Reed to her car, you will stand facing the wall to the right of the door with your hands on your heads! I will organize a prefect to keep an eye on you while I am not here!”

To the two friends’ horror, Mr Abott then summoned the Head Girl, Samantha Carter, to his study.

“While we wait for Samantha, the two of you can assume your positions by the wall!” Mr Abott snapped, pointing to the wall.

The two girls did as they were told without hesitation, and felt rather silly having to stand like that in Mrs Reed’s presence. About three minutes passed when there was a knock on the door.

“ENTER” The deputy headmaster snapped.

The door opened and Sam entered the study, closing the door behind her.

“Ah, Samantha. I want you to keep a watchful eye over these two while I see this lady to her car, please!”

“Of course, sir!” A grinning Samantha replied as she recognised the two girls.

The deputy headmaster and Mrs Reed left the study, closing the door behind them. Samantha went and sat on one of the arm chairs looking at her two unfortunate fellow sixth formers for a few seconds before noticing the empty cigarette packet and match box on the desk.

“Oh dear! You were caught with cigarettes! You will not be sitting down comfortably anytime soon, after old Abott has finished with your bums!” Sam couldn’t resist rubbing some salt into the wounds of her fellow senior pupils.

“Oh shut up, Sam!” Jesse snapped as she rolled her eyes.

“You are in no position to tell me to shut up, Jesse, since you are one of two who is about to feel old Abott’s cane sting your bum!”  Sam snapped back, sarcastically.

“Just ignore her, Jesse!” Madeline snapped.

Jesse glanced at her friend and then glanced over her shoulder at the Head Girl seated behind them.

Samantha decided to ignore the two naughty girls and, three minutes later, the door opened and Mr Abott returned to his study, taking a glance at the two naughty girls facing the wall and the Head Girl
standing between the two arm chairs. Mr Abott took his seat again, addressing the Head Girl as he did.

“Thank you, Samantha! You may return to your class for now but would you please return here as soon as the bell rings for first break?”

“Yes Sir!” Sam replied with a smirk on her face as she made her way out of the study, closing the door behind her.

The deputy headmaster then opened a drawer and took something out, placing it on his desk before addressing the two girls again.

“Right, you two can come stand in front of my desk, facing me!”

The girls turned as they made their way to the desired spot. They dropped their hands to their sides, causing the deputy headmaster to snap: “Keep your hands on your heads!”

They placed their hands on their heads again, as they stood in front of the desk.

“Right, I am going to give each of you six of the best with the cane, across your clothed bottoms for sneaking off and smoking during a field trip!” Mr Abott continued.

The two girls glanced at each other in absolute horror, as they heard their punishment. The deputy headmaster opened the book in front of him, clearly marked: ‘Corporal Punishment Register’ and entered their names and details of their punishment into the book.

Jessica Lawton, 6B, Sneaking off and smoking during field trip, 6 strokes with cane over seat of school skirt, bent over desk.

Madeline May, 6B, Sneaking off and smoking during field trip, 6 strokes with cane over seat of school trousers, bent over desk.

While the deputy headmaster made the entries, Madeline noticed the last three entries before their names:

Dianna Jones, 6A, Bullying of first form girls, 8 strokes with cane over seat of school trousers, bent over desk.

Melony Micheals, 5B, Skipping gym class, 4 strokes of the cane over seat of school trousers, touching toes in gym class.

Sarah Jane Kellermans, 5A, Skipping gym class, 4 strokes of the cane over seat of school trousers, touching toes in gym class.

To Madeline, the entries of Sarah Jane and Melony was no surprise as the two red   head   fifth  formers  were well  known as regular visitors to old Abott for a sore bottom, and everyone knew that any girl caught skipping gym class was caned in the gym class in front of her fellow classmates and the gym mistress. However, the entry of Dianna Jones came as a surprise to Madeline as Dianna was a real miss goody-two-shoes, and hardly ever got into any trouble. She was also deputy Head Girl to Pink Oak Academy.

Madeline’s thoughts were quickly interrupted as the deputy headmaster suddenly snapped: “Right May, move those chairs to the back wall please!”

Madeline immediately did as she was told and once the chairs were out of the way she assumed her position next to Jesse, who was still facing the deputy headmaster’s desk with her hands firmly clasped on her head. Mr Abott then stood and walked over to the familiar cabinet in the corner behind him. After he opened it he took out the three foot, 1/4 inch thick, crook handled cane hanging from the rail. He turned and made his way around the desk towards the two girls, leaving the cabinet open so that the size 11 slipper was in full view of the miscreants, flexing the cane between his hands to show the flexibility of the rattan rod.

“May, keep your hands where they are and move back till you are standing with your back against the wall behind you!” The deputy headmaster snapped as he swished the cane through the air.

Madeline did as she was told as she did not want to give old Abott any reason to add extra strokes to her already severe punishment. The deputy headmaster then cleared an area on the desk with his one free hand.

“Right, you are first, Lawton, so bend over the desk and hold on to the edge on the other side!” The headmaster snapped.

Jessica Lawton cringed as she took the three steps to the edge of the desk and lowered herself onto the polished surface. Her skirt, being on
the short side, rode up quite a bit as it stretched tightly across her plump, round little bottom. Mr Abott noticed the girl’s skirt being shorter than the school’s uniform regulation and addressed the girl sternly.

“Lawton, why is your skirt so short? It hardly covers your bottom, girl!”

Jesse wanted to get up but Mr Abott interrupted the pretty blonde girl: “Stay bent over, no need to stand up, Jessica!”

“Sorry sir! My mother will only be able to buy me a new skirt today, sir, as my parents were away for a week, sir!” Jesse replied meekly.

“I will give you the benefit of the doubt for it, but I will be verifying your excuse with your parents as soon as I have finished with the two of you!” Mr Abott snapped.

“Yes, sir!” The nervous teenager replied.

“And you will be back here for more if your parents don’t confirm your story, girl!” The deputy headmaster snapped.

“Yes sir!” Jessica Lawton replied, wishing that old Abott would just finish caning her well presented bottom, as she was feeling nauseous in anticipation of the waiting punishment.

Then, without another word, Jesse felt the cane tapping against the centre of her bottom a few times, followed by a swish and a resounding thwack, as the cane sliced across the centre of her bottom, causing an immediate stinging sensation covering her entire bottom. Jesse shifted from foot to foot in an attempt to deal with the pain.

Five seconds later, swishh thwackk, the second stroke settled just below the first, causing the girl to give a rather loud sigh as she swayed her now sore bottom from side to side. Ten seconds went by and swwissh tthwackk, the third and hardest stroke yet landed just below the second stroke, causing the poor girl to reply with a rather loud: “Ouch, it stings!” She swayed her hips from side to side while shifting her weight from foot to foot.

Madeline was surprised at the severity of the strokes that the deputy headmaster was giving her best friend and was not looking forward to when she had to bend over for her punishment.

“Keep still, Lawton!” The deputy headmaster snapped.

“Sorry sir!” Jessica replied meekly.

“Feet together and straighten those legs, girl!” Mr, Abott snapped as he tapped the cane against her bottom.

Jesse complied without a word, and as soon as the deputy headmaster was satisfied with her position  there was a swishh followed by a thwackk as the fourth searing stroke found its spot about half an inch below the third stroke on the girls up-turned bottom.

This was met with an teeth gritting, “Arghh!”

Fifteen seconds went by before there was another swishhh, thhwacckk as the fifth stroke fell just below the fourth and just above the natural crease where bottom meets thigh. This was immediately followed by another swwisshh thhwacckk as the sixth and final stroke fell right on the natural crease. These two strokes almost caused Jesse to lose her grip on the desk as her head jerked back and her knees buckled as she stomped her feet on the carpet, while  she  gave a muffled: “Ow, ow, ow, ouch!” as she began to cry softly in absolute agony.

The deputy headmaster waited a full minute before he addressed the well punished girl. “You may get up and go stand next to May, Lawton!”

Jesse got back to her feet as her hands flew to her very sore bottom and she gave it a fierce rub with both hands. This relieve was short-lived when Mr Abott snapped at the girl again.

“No rubbing! Hands on your head and get back there with May, girl!”

Jesse cringed as she placed her hands on her head and took her place next to Madeline, who had an petrified look on her face as she knew she was about to receive the same treatment very soon.

“Right May! Your turn to bend over the desk, girl!  Quick about it!” The deputy headmaster snapped at the blonde girl.

Madeline May stepped forward and bent herself over the desk, gripping the edge on the other side firmly with both hands.

“Legs straight and get your chest on the desk, May!” Mr Abott snapped at the girl.

The girl did as she was told and could feel her trousers being stretched very tightly across her firm, round little bottom in this very familiar but unlady-like position. Mr Abott tapped the cane against the centre of the girl’s bottom a few times, followed by a resounding swisshh and a thwackk as the first stroke seared across Madeline’s bottom. The girl took it without any fuss.

Five seconds later, swish, thwackk, the second stroke found its way across her bottom, just below the first, causing the girl to give a loud, “Ouch!” Ten seconds went by and swwisshh tthwaackk the third and hardest stroke yet landed just below the second stroke, causing Madeline to gasp for air as she swayed her hips from side to side.

“Keep still, May!” The deputy headmaster snapped.

“Uh, uhm, Yes sir! Sorry Sir!” The girl replied meekly.

The deputy headmaster tapped the girl’s sore bottom a few times before he let the cane rip through the air with a swissh thwwack as the fourth stroke caused the stinging pain to intensify even more across the poor blonde’s upturned bottom.

There was just a soft, “Ow!” Escaping Madeline May’s lips.

Fifteen seconds later and the final two strokes fell in quick succession, swwissh, tthwwack, one right on the natural crease where bum meets thigh, and the other right between where the fourth and fifth strokes had landed.

This caused Maddy to howl in pain as she lost her grip on the desk for a few seconds, but she regained her composure before the deputy headmaster could react to her behaviour.

The deputy headmaster waited a full minute before addressing her.

“Up you get, May!”

Maddy leaped up and couldn’t resist to give her stinging bottom a fierce but quick rub with both hands.

“Hands on your head girl and face my desk! Lawton, come stand next to May!” The deputy headmaster snapped as he returned the cane to the cabinet, and went to sit behind his desk again.

The two girls stood with bowed heads as they sniffed back the tears, when they heard the bell ring to announce the beginning of first break.

“Let that be a lesson to the two of you! You will spend first break kneeling on two chairs outside my study while facing the wall! The head girl will supervise you!” The deputy headmaster snapped.

Then there was a knock on the door.

“ENTER!” Mr Abott said sternly.

Samantha Carter, the Head Girl, entered the study.

“Samantha, thank you for being so punctual! Would you please go fetch two chairs in the school hall and bring them to the wall next to the door to my study, please?” Mr Abott asked.

“Of course, sir!” The Head Girl replied with a grin on her face.

Sam closed the door and, after a few minutes, she returned and knocked on the door again.

“ENTER!” Mr Abott replied.

As Sam entered the study, Mr Abott snapped: “No need to come inside, Samantha! Follow me outside, girls!”

The two girls followed the deputy headmaster outside into the corridor. As they got in the corridor, the deputy headmaster snapped: “Place the two chairs with their backs against the wall, about three feet apart, Carter!”

“These chairs aren’t for me, sir!” Samantha Carter chirped as she quickly moved the two chairs into position.

“Carter! Speak to me in that tone of voice again and you will find yourself bent over for the cane quicker than you can say: ‘Six of the
best!’ Are we clear, girl?” Mr Abott snapped.

“Yes sir! Sorry sir!” Sam meekly replied, realizing what she just did.

Maddy and Jesse were shocked at the Head Girl’s behaviour and glanced at each other for a few seconds. Once the chairs were in position, the deputy headmaster snapped: “Lawton, kneel on this chair, facing the wall, and keep your hands on your head!” He pointed to the chair closest to the door.

Jesse quickly stepped forward and assumed the position. As soon as Mr Abott was satisfied with her, he turned his attention to Maddy.

“May, do the same as Lawton on this chair, girl!” He pointed to the chair three feet to the left of the one Jesse was kneeling on.

Maddy quickly assumed the same position as her best friend and heard the deputy headmaster addressing the very lucky and cheeky Head Girl sternly:

“Carter, you can have a seat on the bench over there, and keep an eye on them for me till I return from my tea break. If either of them dare to move or utter a word, send for me!” The deputy headmaster snapped as he turned and made his way to the staff room.

“Yes sir!” Sam replied with a mile long grin covering her face.

As soon as Mr Abott was out of sight, Samantha asked sarcastically: “So how many did old Abott reward your bottoms with, ladies?”

“It’s got nothing to do with you, Sam!” Jesse snarled.

“Hey, you want me to call old Abott back, and tell him you were talking?” Sam snapped right back.

“No need for that Sam! We got six of the best each, and yes it hurts!” Madeline replied.

”Good for old Abott!” Sam snapped.

Maddy glanced at Jesse and motioned with her lips to her friend to just ignore the Head Girl. Then Dianna Jones came past and saw Sam sitting on the bench. As she came closer, she noticed the  two girls kneeling on  the chairs.

“Hi, Sam, who are you babysitting for old Abott?” The deputy Head Girl with her long, straight black hair and olive brown skin asked.

“It’s Maddy and Jesse from 6B, Dianna! They got six each for sneaking off and smoking during the field trip, yesterday.”

“Oh dear, did old Abott damage your bums  with his  cane, Jesse?” Dianna sarcastically asked the blonde girl.

“Oh shut up, Dianna!” Jesse snarled.

“Don’t be so mean, Jesse. I didn’t tell you to sneak off for a cigarette!” Dianna Jones replied.

Madeline decided to put a stop to the bickering before they got into more trouble.

“Dianna, why don’t you tell us about the eight strokes you got about two weeks ago for bullying little third form girls?” Maddy snapped.

This caused the deputy head girl to blush bright red as she said: “Sam, aren’t you going to say something? They are getting out of hand!”

Samantha looked curiously at her fellow prefect before she snapped: “Shut up, both of you, and get your noses against that wall! Firmly against the wall, and don’t move or peep, as I will send Dianna to go get old Abott if you dare to move!”

The two girls did as the Head Girl instructed without any hesitation as neither of them wanted any further punishment. The twenty-five minutes of first break ticked by slowly and eventually the bell rang to announce its end. More than half the school went past the two kneeling girls on their way to their next classes, before Mr Abott returned to his study.

“Right, girls, get up!” He snapped.

Once they stood before him, he continued.

“Samantha, would you please accompany them to their next class and then return to yours?”

“Yes, sir!” Samantha replied.

“Thank you, Samantha! As for you two, you are dismissed!”

The girls made their way to their next class and, after Sam briefly explained to their class teacher why they were late, the girls were ushered to their desks. Sam then made her way back to her own class as well.

The two girls got a lot of looks and were thoroughly questioned about their punishment by their classmates during second break. After school, the two friends met up in the school bathroom and inspected the damage. Both were very surprised at how accurate Mr Abott was with the cane.

This was unfortunately not the last time Madeline and Jesse found themselves on the receiving end of Mr Abott’s cane, before the end of their school careers, but both girls never smoked again.

The End

© Brian Melville 2018